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Zombie Shooting Game Online - Boxhead 2 Play Rooms

Rating: 9.4/10 - 25717 votes

Jon Bambo is back to save the day from an army of grizzly Zombies – but this time, he could use some help! Boxhead 2 Play Rooms is the biggest and baddest game in the popular Boxhead Series. It’s still got all your favorite Zombie-blasting action, but with cool new game modes like Cooperative and Deathmatch. The aim of the game is still the same – eliminate as many Zombies as you possibly can using your vast armory. In Boxhead 2 Play, you have the option of playing with, or against, a friend or playings in 1 player mode.

If you are new to the Boxhead series, get ready for some addicting, sharp-shooting fun. The armies of the Undead are on the march, and it’s your job to stop them. You have a huge number of guns and ammo to collect as you go along. They appear in boxes throughout the game and you have to quickly collect them before they vanish. You’ll need to collect every single gun and upgrade, because those Zombies just keep on coming!

The good thing about Boxhead 2 Play Rooms is that you don’t have to do it alone! In Cooperative mode, you and a friend can team up and take on the Zombies together. Twice the ammo, twice the destruction, twice the fun! There’s also a new ‘Deathmatch’ mode, where you can take on a friend to see who can become the Zombie Master once and for all! Ready? Let's go Zombie hunting!

How to Play: There are 3 different modes so there are different sets of controls. You can choose which mode you want to play on the main menu screen. In Single Play, you play by yourself but in Cooperative and Deathmatch modes there are two players.

Single Play: This is classic Boxhead, get out there and eliminate as many Zombies as you can. You play as Jon Bambo – leader of the anti-Zombie resistance. Use your Arrow Keys to move. Hit Spacebar to shoot. As you collect more weapons, you can access them using the number keys. Alternatively, hit the comma key ( , ) to select the previous weapon, and the period key ( . ) to select the next weapon. Keep collecting boxes to upgrade weapons and replenish your health and ammo. Your health bar appears above your character’s head along with how much ammo you have left.

Cooperative: This is the same as Single Play, but there are 2 of you, so the controls are different. Before you start, choose your characters on the menu screen. For Player 1 – you still use the same Arrow Keys to move. To shoot, hit the forward slash ( / ) key. Toggle through weapons using the comma ( , ) and period ( . ) keys. For Player 2, to move use W(up); A(left); S(down); D(right). To shoot, hit Spacebar. To toggle through your weapons, hit the Q and E keys.

Deathmatch: This mode is a 2 player mode and uses the same controls as Cooperative. The only difference is that the goal is not to destroy Zombies, you have to destroy each other!

Tip: Zombies move slowly, so steady yourself and take time to aim and fire anywhere at these pests.

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