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Online Snowboarding Game

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There are very few outdoor sports as breathtaking and enthralling as snowboarding. Thrill-seekers from around the world descend on snowy mountains during winter to spend their days careering downhill at an awesome speed, pulling off outrageous mid-air stunts. This simply-titled Snowboarding game is a highly challenging online version aiming to simulate the high-octane freestyle action of one of the world’s most beloved extreme winter sports. Here, you take on a tremendously tricky downhill obstacle course featuring jagged rocks, steep drops, and a difficult ‘gate system where you have to steer your rider through pairs of adjacent trees to avoid time penalties. How fast can you get that board safely to the bottom of the mountain?

However, this daredevil adventure sport activity isn’t just about clocking a respectable time; you can also attempt some truly remarkable stunts in midair. A flair for the spectacular is particularly beneficial as landing one of these stunts actually knocks seconds off your time! Sharp reactions and nimble keyboard skills are also important, even the slightest mistake could see your rider falling face first into the snow (known as a ‘wipeout’!). You are staring down the barrel of one of the trickiest online snowboarding challenges ever envisaged. Now, have you got the nerve to snap down your visor and take the plunge? Good luck out there on the mountainside!

How to Play: You goal is simply to complete the challenging downhill course in as fast a time as possible (the timer is located in the bottom left corner of the game screen). Your rider automatically accelerates down the mountain. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to steer your board to the left / right. There are pairs of trees (known as gates) that you have to pass through in order to avoid time penalties. Each time you ‘miss’ a gate, 5 seconds are added to your time. Try not to collide with any trees or rocks, as this causes your rider to fall over, costing you several seconds and valuable momentum.

Press and hold Spacebar to crouch down, and release Spacebar to jump into the air. While in the air, press and hold down any Arrow Key, and then press Spacebar again to perform a trick. Make sure you press and release Spacebar while holding down an Arrow Key to complete the trick and land properly. Each Arrow Key represents a specific style of trick: Up Arrow = ‘Back flip’; Down Arrow = ‘Method’; Left Arrow = ‘Tail grab’; Right Arrow = ‘360’. Each time you complete a successful trick, an amount of time is subtracted from your total (depending on the complexity and difficulty of the trick). Perform trick combos to receive huge time bonuses! Happy snowboarding!

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