Play free fantasy strategy games online with no download: The Great Siege is an awesome, medieval fantasy war and tower defense game for teenagers/ older kids. Cool RPG battle games for PC, Mac, iPad like Kingdom Rush, Epic War 4, Epic War 5 - tough fighting games, adventure games, virtual worlds.
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Free Fantasy Strategy Game - The Great Siege

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As you and your army stand huddled behind your defensive walls, you can hear them coming…. The stomping of inhuman feet, the pounding of an otherworldly drum, the fierce battle cries of an unearthly being… The siege has begun – Now, can you hold out for a final triumphant victory? The Great Siege is a tower defense-style medieval strategy and resource management game for teenagers where you have to combine defensive and attacking battle tactics in order to fend off a ghastly marching army of goblins, ogres, orcs, and other very nasty creatures. As well as firing your own catapult and sending troops onto the battlefield, you have to plan for each skirmish, build up your defenses, and generally take strategic charge of an entire city.

This intense, adrenaline-pumping war strategy game has all the hallmarks of a classic ‘Lord of the Rings-style’ fantasy; with epic battle scenes, inhuman enemy creatures, and a clear case of Good vs Evil. Utilize your cunning intellect and battle-hardened experience to ensure that you come out on the winning side. Are you ready to instill a sense of courage in your troops, stand tall, and face the enemy? The Great Siege is about to begin – can you hold your nerve in the face of such adversity?

How to Play: Build up your empire, and wage war against dark invading forces! Train & command your loyal army, prepare your battle plans, manage city construction, and weaponry production. Then, survive a series of tower defense-style battles where the enemy approaches from the right of the game screen, and attempts to break down your large wooden gate. To survive the waves of enemy troops, at first, you are equipped with a powerful catapult, with ground troops added to your arsenal as the game progresses. Strategically build your city as you earn gold and buy buildings. We recommend playing the ‘Tutorial Level’ before starting a ‘Campaign’, as this will help you to get used to the various controls.

Once you click ‘Start Battle’ in the top left corner of the city / building screen, you are brought to the battlefield where your catapult and defensive wall are located on the left of the game screen. Enemy troops (goblins, ogres, orcs etc) approach from the right. To fire a boulder from your catapult, aim using your computer mouse, and Left Click to fire. Alternatively, you can use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to aim (a gold target marker appears on the ground where your boulder will land), and press Spacebar to fire. Victory is achieved through two ways; 1) by eliminating all enemies, and 2) by surviving until the timer in the top right corner ticks down to zero.

If any opposing troops make it to your golden defensive gate, they hack away at the foundations, reducing your Health Bar in the top left corner of the game screen. Once this decreases entirely, it's game over, and you have to begin the level again. In later levels, you can add ground troops to your army. To fund your acquisition of troops and upgraded defenses, you first have to build up your city in between each battle. Click on the Strategy Tab in the top left corner, and build as many different buildings as possible. Gold earned from battle victories can be used to purchase buildings such as Palaces, Barracks, Mines, and other useful structures. Certain troops are only unlocked once you have built the corresponding buildings (For example, you cannot add ground troops to your army until a Barracks is built).

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