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Italian Course in Verona, Northern Italy

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Lingua It, Verona:
LINGUA IT is an Italian language school Realising that a language is more than a series of grammatical formulas, the teachers at LINGUA IT strive to immerse their students in a multi-faceted learning experience, one that comprises not only structured lessons and cultural tours but also the security of an easy-going and approachable ambient where students can let themselves go, in a home away from home.

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The school is located in the historic heart of Verona, just a short walk from the beautiful Piazza Erbe and myriad other exquisite monuments. The intimacy of a small city such as Verona offers visitors a personal and accessible introduction to the Italian way of life in an aesthetically beautiful environment. Strategically located, Verona is also a great base from which to explore many of the other wonderful cities of Northern Italy and Europe. Venice and Milan are each one hour away by train and Paris, Berlin and Prague just two hours flight from Verona’s international airport.


Standard Italian courses; Duo Italian courses; Company Italian courses; Special week-end Italian courses; Private Italian lessons; Foreign resident Italian courses; Preparation courses for the CILS exams; Courses for study in Italian universities; University and school groups.

Our methodology:

The teaching methodology employed at LINGUA IT, Italian language school, is based on the most current educational techniques and texts available. Finely tuned to meet the specific needs and interests of different classes and students, each language course focuses simultaneously on the four components on which all language is built: oral expression and comprehension (speaking and listening) and written expression and comprehension (writing and reading).

In addition to traditional grammar instruction and speaking exercises where focus is given to the linguistic form and characteristics of Italian, students are encouraged to participate in less structured activities that promote spontaneous, sub-conscious learning, developing communication skills in a natural and instinctive manner.
Photo of Italian Course in Verona, Northern Italy
In a relaxed and informal environment, over an extended period of time, students at LINGUA IT quickly improve and loose their fear of speaking a new language, frequently surprising themselves with the speed at which they become competent and confident with Italian. The teaching method adopted at the school encourages active class participation and interaction by all students. Always grouped with others of a similar skill level, students need not be fearful of class participation. After a day at the school, students invariably relax into the routine of lessons and find the presence of other students a help rather than a hindrance to the learning process. Outside the regular morning classes, students of different levels are brought together for the optional cultural courses (guided tours, lectures on art and history, cooking courses etc). The naturally informal nature of these events makes the merging of different levels comfortable and easy and benefits both beginners and advanced students alike.

The final objective of the teachers at LINGUA IT is to equip students with the necessary tools and techniques that will guide them in their self-study.


Image of Italian Course in Verona, Northern ItalyVerona is the perfect place to learn La Lingua Italiana while simultaneously immersing yourself in the art, culture, style and culinary traditions of Italian life. Walking through the streets of the city is a rich sensory experience as you pass by the palaces, churches, bridges and ancient stones that speak of an extraordinary history. Picture a great piazza with a Roman Amphitheatre at its centre. This is Piazza Bra, the heart of Verona. Here, between the porticoes and the ribbon of outdoor cafés, the Arena stands testament to the city’s ancient past. On summer nights, the magical sounds of the open-air Opera performed here infuse the city with life and a sense of spectacle that is unique and unforgettable.

Surrounded by green hills and the meandering Adige River, Verona has a special relationship with nature. Only a short distance from Lake Garda with its fjord-like landscape and Mediterranean vegetation, the lake influences not only the climate of Verona but also the lifestyle of its people. Nestled in the rolling hills of Valpolicella (a region famed for its production of quality wines), Verona is perfumed by the surrounding countryside and the nearby alpine mountains - both of which, as they change through the seasons, affect a change upon the city centre.

The romance of Verona is palpable. The unexpected surprises found around each corner and at the end of every cobbled street; the beautiful vistas of the surrounding landscape that can be glimpsed between the ancient buildings; and the warm amber glow of lights in the evenings, instantly remind all who visit here of the magical love story Romeo and Juliet, set in Verona by Shakespeare in his famous 16th century play.

Verona's geographic position makes it the perfect departure point (by rail, road or air) from which to explore the rest of Italy. Excursions to other cities of art and culture can easily be arranged during your stay: you can reach Venice and Milan in one-and-a-half hours by train; Trento, Padova, Mantova and Ferrara in one hour; Vicenza and Brescia in half-an-hour. A fast train will get you to Florence in three hours and Rome in five. Verona’s airport, just a few kilometres from the centre of town, provides quick and easy access to the rest of Italy and Europe.

We also offer guided tours (wineries, olive oil refineries, art galleries, museums) and guided visits to near-by cities (Venice, Vicenza, Mantova, Padova as well as many other beautiful locations).

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Address: Via F. Emilei 24 - 37121, Verona, Italy
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- Italian for Business & Commerce
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We provide qualified Italian language teachers, modern facilities, small groups, cultural events, pleasant and friendly atmosphere. During Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons, the Dante Alighieri Institute organizes picnics and outings in the most beautiful and historic parks in Rome so the students can learn to appreciate the culture and customs of the Italians.

In winter, the school offers well organized lectures on the History of Films and the History of Italian Art and culture.
Italian language courses for all levels from beginners to advanced:

- Standard Italian language group courses (2 and 4 weeks)
- Evening Italian language courses
- Summer Italian language courses
- Italian language preparation courses for the CILS Exam, an Italian language certificate (officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education)
- Semi-individual Italian language courses
- Private, one-on-one Italian language courses
The Language House
Courses / Programs
The Language House is a cross cultural program that offers Italian language holidays and Italian immersion programs for adults and teenagers in Florence, Milan and Genoa, Italy. Our Intensive Italian language courses take place all year round, from Monday to Friday, usually from 9am to 1pm (20 hours a week). Students take a placement test in order to be placed at an appropriate level.

Our classes are very small (max.10 people) and no matter the location are held in the city centre. We feel that small class sizes are essential to facilitate the learning process and ensure that focus is placed on the learning requirements of the individual student, and on helping him/her to overcome any difficulties in a friendly environment. The range of courses offered allows the student to adapt the program to their individual needs.

Our clients also take advantage of immersing themselves for several months with our Multi-Country Adventure Program where you can combine language training in more than one country as well as include our TESOL course and/or a short-term internship.
Intensive Italian courses at seven levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency according to European standards.

We also offer:
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