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Reviews of IMI International Management Institute Switzerland

IMI International Management Institute in Switzerland is a private hospitality and business management school founded in 1991. We offer a family atmosphere and personalised learning and careers support.Programs / Courses:
- BA (Hons) Degrees in Hotel, Tourism, Events, Business, Marketing or Culinary Arts ; - MSc in International Hospitality Management ; - Postgraduate Diplomas in International Hotel and Events or Culinary Arts
Leslie Liquito ; from USA
(2011-06-08  17:50:40)
 (Highly Recommended)
I browsed many different Universities and programs online, and IMI caught my attention on many levels. From the start, all of my emails were always answered immediately with clear instructions and a personal touch. The website was very user friendly with course breakdowns, fees, application, FQ&A , and other information outlined which is crucial in the decision process. I was also encouraged to become friends with IMI on Facebook, where pictures and videos of student life are shown. All in all, IMI gave me the first impression that there was nothing to hide… everything was laid out clearly for people to know which is very important.

I chose to attend IMI where it offered an intensive 6 month MBA program. I preferred the MBA course outline at IMI over other schools here in Switzerland. Now I have completed the MBA course and my time at IMI, and I can honestly say it was everything I had hoped for and more. The professors at IMI are truly inspirational, and want only the best for each student. The experience level of the professors here is top notch, with most having PHD’s and extensive hospitality experience. It is not often that you will find a prior GM of a hotel with a PHD as your professor as I had here at IMI. You quickly adapt to new cultures (as there are over 30 different nationalities) and learn how to work in a diverse environment. The school is small and has a family feel. Everyone knows your name, everyone knows you as a person. My previous university was large with 26,000 students, and now that I can compare – I 100 % prefer the size of IMI and believe the size improved my learning experience.

I learned more in these 6 months (academically and personally) than I learned in my 4 years at a top hospitality university in the USA. I now have an international network of friends and possible future hospitality partners giving me a huge advantage in the States. The MBA program has fully prepared me to be a leader in the industry and I feel extremely confident stepping back into the workforce. I HIGHLY recommend IMI as the Hospitality University of choice.
Ilse Zehetner-Joore ; from Switzerland
(2011-06-08  02:19:43)
 (Highly Recommended)
I will start my MBA in July 2011A. I first came into contact with IMI via internet. I was looking for an MBA programme in Hospitality and IMI was one of the institutes that offers this direction. I immediately got a personal answer from Mr. Lukas Ritzel who is in charge of marketing and he answered all my questions. I checked also other Universities but I liked the subjects that IMI offers during the MBA most. The programme includes a dissertation which I think is vital at this level of studies. And not all programmes offered this. Furthermore some programmes obligate an internship afterwards, whereas I think experience I have, but I would like to deepen my theoretical background knowledge (and that is what an MBA is meant for) . The programme is acknowledged by MMU which was another important feature for me. I wanted to study in the area of Luzern (as I live here with my husband and did not want to travel too much) and the price compared with some other programmes was kind of still ok.. The Dean at IMI is a prof. in Hospitality, M. Hitchcock and other teachers have at least a Masters or PHD level.

The atmosphere is very international and `easy going` . With easy going I mean that teachers are very approachable, it is a small University and they know immediately who you are. The location is only 15 minutes by bus from the main station in Luzern, you can have a great view and the city life. The building of IMI is not so impressive, compared to what I am used to in Holland (I am dutch from origin) I was a bit disappointed. But they will move to a new building in the future, as they informed me. Of course that does not bring me something at the moment, but it is still ok I think. The view made up for the older building for sure, if you do not get inspiration here, with the lake and mount pilatus and burgenstock as a view, then you will not get it anywhere. So so far this is my experience with IMI, I am happy to join the programme and am looking forward to the career opportunities it will bring me in the future. I will update my review after the programme. Please feel free to contact me for further information on studying at IMI University Centre.
Alexandru Ursache ; from Romania
(2011-06-06  09:02:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
I first came into contact with IMI at the International Fair in Bucharest, Romania. I spoke with Alexandru Gavriliu who is a former student from the IMI University Centre. I was very impressed by his achievements and the experiences he had had because of his time at IMI. At this Fair I was in contact with other schools as well but I really liked the fact that Alexandru was representing IMI and was able to offer the student’s perspective. IMI is, for me, the best University because I feel good here, I have learned a lot, I have a very good experience with the teachers at IMI and Lucerne is a great place to live.

Before I started at IMI University Centre, I studied economics at the University in Bucharest, but something was missing. I did not want to become an accountant sitting behind a desk all the time. During the last year of my economics course, I elected to study Tourism and thought `this is it`. I love travelling, connecting with different cultures and talking to people, so I decided to move in the direction of hospitality, thus combining my knowledge of economics with the field of tourism.

IMI changed my life! I am much more organized and I use my time now very efficiently. I have structure, I am focused and I learned how to start and finish projects well and in detail. Even my parents mentioned that I have changed a lot in the last 4 months. What is important at IMI is that teachers want you to learn, not to fail. This mindset really helped me a lot during my programme. I have learned more during the 6 months of the MBA programme than during my whole three year study of Economics. The students I study with are extremely diverse and we have 30 different nationalities at IMI. Furthermore, Lucerne is a great place to live. At first, I was surprised in the morning when people, that I did not know, said `good morning` at the bus stop. It is a very friendly city. It has a very good and easy going nightlife, beautiful architecture and a lot of different cultures. All together for me it was the right decision and I am looking forward to starting my future career.
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