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Marianapolis Preparatory School:
Situated in Thompson, Windham County CT (1 hour from Boston), Marianapolis Preparatory School (MPS) is an accredited, co-ed, college preparatory day & boarding school offering Grades 9-12 and a postgraduate year. Academics are the heart of a Marianapolis education, and each student thrives within a rigorous college preparatory course of study. Marianapolis nurtures students to become responsible and independent learners, as well as challenges students with an exciting and extensive program emphasizing breadth of intellectual exposure, depth of study, and significant out-of-class preparation.

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Co-ed Day & Boarding School Programs for Grades 9-12 & Postgrad:

Computer Science:

Educational technology skills are integrated throughout the Marianapolis curriculum. Mastery of computer skills, such as keyboarding, mouse skills, word processing, graphics and spreadsheets, is assumed.

The Marianapolis curriculum mandates word processed papers, spreadsheets for laboratory reports, and other course-specific technology-based programs. School publications and arts programs provide additional exposure through newspaper/yearbook page layout and graphic arts presentations.


The goals of the English as a Second Language Department are to prepare non-native English speaking students to focus their learning on the nature and structure of language; to refine their language skills so that they will be able to achieve the appropriate TOEFL and SAT scores necessary for placement in a U.S. college or university and to develop their linguistic proficiency for entry into a U.S. college or university with no ESL assistance.

The Marianapolis ESL Program is structured to test students for their English skills and then place them at appropriate levels from beginning to intermediate, advanced, and transitional levels of ESL.

In conjunction with the current standards prescribed by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCCS) and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Marianapolis Preparatory School History & Social Studies Department has developed a curriculum based on the premise that history and humankind are shaped by the past.

The goal of the Marianapolis Mathematics Department is to develop in every student a firm grounding in the basic facts and skills, to extend these skills to advanced topics, and to encourage the initiative required for the solution of mathematical problems. Students are encouraged to think analytically and creatively about the world surrounding them.

The student will develop skills in order not just to report answers but to explore mathematical ideas in four ways: algebraic, numerical, graphical and verbal. The curriculum is flexible; a variety of courses is offered to accommodate the needs of all students, including those who are highly accelerated.

Modern Language:
In the required levels of a chosen language, all four language skills are equally stressed: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of vocabulary, the fundamentals of grammar and on the development of cultural awareness, sensitivity and appreciation. Classes are conducted in the target language; the use of English is kept to a minimum.

The Music Department offers students the opportunity to perform in a variety of ensembles, both choral and instrumental. Traditional and contemporary literature is studied and performed in school concerts as well as in performances off campus.

In our choral and instrumental groups, our goal is to educate students in the rudiments of music in order to be literate and proficient in reading and performing from various historical periods and musical styles.

Performing Arts:
Participation in the Arts encourages us to react to, record and share our impressions of the world. The goal of the Arts Department is to enable students to experience, understand and enjoy the Visual and Performing Arts, including studio art, drama and music.

The program encourages individual creative expression, development of specific skills in each area, communication with the public through exhibitions and performances, and appreciation of all art forms.

Students at Marianapolis are required to take three years of science, each including a laboratory component. Electives are encouraged during the junior and senior years, and most are offered as semester courses in order to increase the diversity of electives for the student.

Our goal as a Department is to encourage curiosity, foster a sense of wonder, show the applicability of science in daily life, and provide the student with the background needed to make informed decisions in a world increasingly affected by science and technology.

The Theology Department aims at complementing and enhancing the spiritual and moral life of the Marianapolis community. The courses offered are designed to instill an understanding and knowledge of a belief system.

Although the courses are taught from a Catholic/Christian perspective, the Department seeks to motivate the exploration of the student’s own beliefs and principles.

Visual Arts:
In studio art, students are guided to fulfill their individual potential by acquiring and developing skills and techniques in a variety of media, including the resources of new kinds of technology, while solving problems and thinking creatively.

They learn to communicate their ideas and emotions in an original, personal style. Aesthetics, art history, art criticism and contemporary developments are introduced in classes and through field trips.

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Address: 26 Chase Road, Thompson, Windham County, Connecticut , USA
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Forman School, Litchfield
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At Forman, our students feel safe and the School becomes a second home. We are a community where relationships matter and where we watch out for and support each other. The sense of community and independence is evident every day, in all that we do.

Our program does not support students with a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers, nor does it support students with behavioral or emotional difficulties.
College Preparatory Curriculum (grades 9-12 + PG):

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Our school is an optimistic place that provides a structured, supportive and challenging environment, celebrates diversity, and awakens untapped potential. Marvelwood is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

With 170 students, the school is small enough for everybody to know everybody else. That also means that every person plays an important role in the life of the school. Students can find roles they are comfortable in as well as responsibilities that challenge them.
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At St. Thomas More you will learn an essential truth: the more you apply yourself, the more you will accomplish. In the small, familial community that is our school, we expect you to do more because we do more for you.

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College Preparatory Curriculum for Boys (Grades 7-Postgrad)

- Grades 8 through postgraduate for US students

- Grades 7 through postgraduate for international students

Subjects include:
- SAT preparation
- Fine Arts & Theology
- History
- Mathematics
- Modern Languages
- Science
- English
Oxford Academy
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Located in Westbrook, Middlesex County CT, Oxford Academy is a private boarding school offering individualized instruction to boys in Grades 8-12+ who have academic weaknesses or wish to accelerate their high school programs.

Through one-on-one instruction, students are able to work at their own pace and achieve success. In some instances, students are able to complete the equivalent of two years of high school in one year at Oxford.

Since 1906 Oxford Academy has provided young men ages 13-20 with a successful educational experience through one-to-one instruction in a structured boys boarding school with a close caring community of teachers and peers.

The rolling admissions policy allows Oxford to address each student's application immediately, on a first-come, first-served basis.
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