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Putnam Science Academy:
Located in Putnam, CT, Putnam Science Academy is a private boarding school for boys offering a comprehensive college preparatory program focusing on science, mathematics, and technology. PSA is a small structured school delivering a rigorous, innovative educational program. Our school offers small classes and a unique advisor program.

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Photo of Boarding High School for Boys in ConnecticutBoarding School Programs for boys in Grades 9-12:
We provide a full high school program 9th-12th with a complete curriculum in each school. Offering traditional courses and extracurricular classes such as AP Math, SAT, ESL, JAVA, 3D Modeling, Web Design. Advanced Placement Program. High School Intensive English Program, Summer ESL Camp.

Science Department

The Science Department course offerings are designed for students planning to go to college or to enter the world of work after graduation. The program objectives emphasize the development of concepts and skills students need to demonstrate a reasonable command of a science knowledge base and to interpret the world around them using a scientific approach.

The science program fosters the development of a personal interest in and an understanding of the impact of science on society as a whole. The normal sequences of courses are as shown below:

Introductory College
- Grade 9 - Introductory College Physical Science
- Grade 10 - Introductory College Biology
- Grade 11 - Introductory College Chemistry
- Grade 12 - Introductory College Environmental Science

- Grade 9 - College Physical Science
- Grade 10 - College Biology
- Grade 11 - College Environmental Chemistry
- Grade11 - College Quantitative Chemistry
- Grade 12 - College Physics

- Grade 9 - Honors Biology
- Grade 10 - Honors Chemistry
- Grade 11 - Honors Physics
- Grade 12 - Advanced Placement Biology
- Grade 12 - Advanced Placement Chemistry
- Grade 12 - Advanced Placement Physics

Mathematics Department
The purpose of the Mathematics Department is to provide a sound, contemporary, and comprehensive mathematics curriculum that offers each student an opportunity to realize his potential as a critical and logical thinker.

The department strives to provide experiences that stress the concepts and skills necessary for success in today’s society as a citizen, student, worker, consumer, and provider.

Image of Boarding High School for Boys in ConnecticutComputer Science Department
Personal access to computing power is increasing. Access to information and to channels of communication are important aspects of life in our society.

The power of computers as a medium for providing and communicating information has made the ability to use information technology a vitally important skill.

Putnam Science Academy offers students computer skills, graphics editing, web design , database programming and visual programming courses according to their grades.

Each end of the year ,our students take final integrated project about what they learn during the year. Our programs are designed for students to develop their design, analyze and programming capabilities.

English Department
The English Program has a strong focus on composition and literature while instilling intelligent habits of speaking and listening. Our first concern in composition is to assist students in writing honestly and developing styles with authentic voice.

Emphasis is placed on personal, technical, and analytical forms of writing as well as those skills necessary to enhance our scientific curricula. 

Social Studies Department
The Social Studies Program at Putnam Science Academy aims to prepare students for their future roles as voting citizens of a democratic world power. It is our hope that our students will have a positive influence in world affairs over the decades ahead.

Students will be introduced to the historical and cultural influences, which have shaped the present day world, in both the United States and elsewhere.

They will be assisted in developing and applying the intellectual and analytical tools of the social sciences to deepen and broaden their understanding of past trends, current events, and potential future developments.

Fine Arts
The main goal of the Art Department is to explore the various media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and printing in an effort to provide a well-rounPhotos of Putnam Science Academyded addition to the scientific pursuits of the core curriculum.

While accomplishing this, all students will develop creative expression through their art. Both Art I and Art II are studio courses. Although the main emphasis of the program is on the production of art, the students will be exposed to art history as a sources of examples for analysis and inspiration. 

Foreign Language
Since there has been a great emphasis on issues pertaining to international relations and diplomacy, the study of foreign languages has become vitally important.

Effectiveness of improved communication among peoples of the world depends on the ability to understand each other’s language and culture.

PE & Health
The aim at Putnam Science Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to play sport at any level. The main objective is to participate at the level where each individual is challenged, has enjoyment and has success. Success at PSA is not measured by winning or losing, but by a sense of achievement.

The School provides a wide and varied sporting program, and facilitates sport throughout the year. Putnam Science Academy has built many fine international links and is able to offer students the opportunity to participate in tours of other countries. Information on upcoming tours can be found on the accompanying web page of Calendar of Events.

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Address: 18 Maple Street, Putnam, Connecticut , USA
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Our Beacon Pathway Program and English Summer Immersion Camps offer students an opportunity to experience a comprehensive U.S. college preparatory curriculum while improving their English language skills, and living in the United States.

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Beacon’s mission is to provide an inspirational learning environment where students are free to be themselves, follow their passions, stretch their imaginations, and foster integrity.

Our students play an integral role in the development of their programs; we have found that by enlisting them in the educational process, we can instill in them a sense of ownership and personal direction.
Beacon Pathway Course:
- College Preparatory Coursework
- Intensive English Language
- Grade Appropriate Math, Science & History
- Athletics & Arts Electives
- Highly Regarded Test Preparation
- Double occupancy rooms for boarders

- Students leave Pathway with one year’s worth of credits at a US high school and admission to the best-fit school for you.

English Summer Immersion Camp:
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Our school is an optimistic place that provides a structured, supportive and challenging environment, celebrates diversity, and awakens untapped potential. Marvelwood is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

With 170 students, the school is small enough for everybody to know everybody else. That also means that every person plays an important role in the life of the school. Students can find roles they are comfortable in as well as responsibilities that challenge them.
College Preparatory Boarding School Programs for Boys & Girls (Grades 9-12)

Subjects & programs include:
- English
- History
- Science
- Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry)
- Foreign Languages
- Arts/Electives (including Ethics & Public Speaking)
- Athletics
- Community Service
- Advanced Placement (AP) classes
- Honors credit available
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Choate Rosemary Hall (Choate) represents the best in American secondary education.

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Our balanced curriculum offers students a firm grounding in the fundamentals of clear thinking and expression — with emphasis on individual development.

Students new to Choate sometimes ask what they need to do to "fit in." The answer is simple: Be yourself and get involved. Choate is a community that has long embraced students and faculty of many backgrounds, cultures, races, and beliefs.

What binds everyone together is not just the shared commitment to superior teaching and learning but the supportive atmosphere in the community. There is pride in the fact that there is no "typical" Choate student.
Boarding & Day Programs (Grades 9-12)

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Located on picturesque Gardner Lake in Oakdale, in New London County CT, St. Thomas More School is an accredited college preparatory Catholic boarding school for boys. We offer Grades 8 - postgraduate for US students, and Grade 7 - postgraduate for international students.

Our current student population is approximately 200 students representing 15 states and six countries. Our school was founded in 1962 to serve young men with ability who have not yet fulfilled their potential.

At St. Thomas More you will learn an essential truth: the more you apply yourself, the more you will accomplish. In the small, familial community that is our school, we expect you to do more because we do more for you.

Classes are small, on average 11, so you can expect to learn more. We offer over 50 different courses in our high school curriculum with individual help available and a monitored evening study hall.
College Preparatory Curriculum for Boys (Grades 7-Postgrad)

- Grades 8 through postgraduate for US students

- Grades 7 through postgraduate for international students

Subjects include:
- SAT preparation
- Fine Arts & Theology
- History
- Mathematics
- Modern Languages
- Science
- English
Forman School, Litchfield
Courses / Programs
Forman School in Litchfield, CT is a coeducational college-preparatory boarding and day school offering grades 9-12 and postgraduates to students with identified learning differences including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADD/ADHD.

We are located in the scenic Northwest Hills of Connecticut, just 2.5 hours from New York City by car. Our community is comprised of 215 students from 25 states and 16 international countries.

A Forman education is based on the knowledge that students learn differently. An average class size of six and student-faculty ratio of 3:1 makes it possible to prepare each student for college and beyond. A strong close-knit community provides a secure place to live and learn.

At Forman, our students feel safe and the School becomes a second home. We are a community where relationships matter and where we watch out for and support each other. The sense of community and independence is evident every day, in all that we do.

Our program does not support students with a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers, nor does it support students with behavioral or emotional difficulties.
College Preparatory Curriculum (grades 9-12 + PG):

- English; Mathematics; History, including U.S. History; Science, Executive Functioning, Thinking and Writing; Strategies Instruction, Perspectives in Learning, Arts; World Language, Winterim, Community Service.

Extracurricular Activities:

- 26 competitive athletic offerings, extensive visual and performing arts programs, boat building, sign language, rock and jazz band, theater, videography and photography, and the Costa Rican Rain Forest Project.