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Free online ball games for young children & Big Kids to play at home on Enjoy some of the best and newest flash games in one area. Play fun football games, soccer, baseball, basketball, pool, online golf, as well as strategy ball games, and more.

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Basketball Street

Prove yourself as a street basketball superstar in this highly-addicting, aiming and accuracy-based ball launching game playable on mobile, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Basketball Street is a straight-forward, free-throw basketball simulation game where you must shoot the ball from various places on the court into a basket! See how many rounds you can complete! 

This HTML5-based, online basketball / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. Key skills required: Sharp hand-eye coordination, anticipation skills, and a fair understanding of angles, power, and trajectory. A willingness for trial and error is also important as it may take a few turns to fully get to grips with the aiming / throwing mechanism. Keep playing, and try to beat your high score with each attempt! 

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The Black & White

A dual puzzle experience, The Black and White expects some inverse thinking.

Two small beings have been sucked into a portal and are trying to find their way home. You have to help them by navigating them over the different terrains and back into their portals. Black into the black portal and white into the white portal. They will each start on opposite ends of the screen and will need to navigate over to the other side. What makes the game tricky is once you figure out the one way, you have to then think about how to navigate the other, but this time in reverse. The soothing music does little to alleviate the tension as you try and puzzle your way out the tricky terrain.

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Minigolf Master

Mini Golf Master: Come and challenge your golf skills in this exciting addictive yet incredibly simple game! You must put the ball in the hole in some funky designed courses. You will be given the details of how many shots is required to make par, and then you will get a birds eye view of the course. Plan your approach and become the next global golf superstar! Progress up through every increasing levels of difficulty to add to the challenge. Good luck!

Put the ball in hole through the lawns with the minimum number of shots. You will need good coordination and a steady hand on the mouse. A lack of nerve or a wobbly hand will result in your shot going wide or maybe going too long. Judge the power required and act accordingly. A tip is think about putting more power into your shot to bounce off the walls and into the hole first time!

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Retro Ping Pong

Step back in time and experience the nostalgia of classic arcade gaming with Retro Ping Pong. This game is a delightful blend of the timeless table tennis game with a modern twist. Whether you're a fan of the classic mode or up for a thrilling new challenge in the action mode, Retro Ping Pong offers an immersive gaming experience that will keep you on your toes. With fireballs, blasters, gravity wells, and more, each round presents a unique challenge that will keep you coming back for more.

As you navigate through the electrifying world of Retro Ping Pong, you'll find yourself honing a variety of skills. The game is a fantastic way to sharpen your reflexes and hand-eye coordination as you strive to keep the ball in play. It also enhances your strategic thinking and decision-making skills as you decide when to play defensively or go for that risky shot. Moreover, the game's fast-paced nature and unpredictable elements can help improve your adaptability and quick thinking.

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Aquapark Balls Party

Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic fun with Aquapark Balls Party. This game takes you on a thrilling adventure down a water slide, where you control a group of balls, navigating through math gates, soaring off ramps, and racing to the finish pool. With the option to play in 2 player mode, you can double the excitement by challenging a friend. Don't forget to visit the shop to customize your balls with new skins and add a personal touch to your game.

Playing Aquapark Balls Party is not just about the thrill of the slide, it's also a fantastic way to sharpen your cognitive and motor skills. The game encourages quick thinking and decision making as you navigate through the math gates, adjusting the number of balls in your group. It also enhances your hand-eye coordination as you control the balls' movements, ensuring they stay on the slide and reach the finish pool. The competitive element of the game, especially in 2 player mode, fosters strategic thinking and planning, as you aim to outmaneuver your opponent and reach the finish line first.

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Neon Dunk

Use fast-tapping and reaction skills to keep a floating basketball in play, and maneuver it through ascending hoops! Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC / Mac, Neon Dunk is a very challenging, survival and timing-based skill arcade game for kids, teens & adults where you must keep control of a falling basketball by clicking or tapping on the play area to keep it airborne and consistently dropping through the hoops that are randomly placed along the narrow play area. The rules are simple and strict; the basketball cannot touch the spikes at the top or bottom of the game screen, and it MUST travel through each hoop in order to keep the action going. 

This is a HTML5-based, "one level, repeat play", interactive reactions / skill game where your task is to defeat your own top score with each new attempt (You score one point for each hoop cleared). The game file should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. 

In addition to accurate and tactful screen tapping (or mouse clicking) skills, high levels of focus and concentration are vitally important here. There are no second chances or fancy power-ups – one mistake, and you're done! Great patience and dogged determination are required when you start playing because the controls may take a few attempts to get used to. Enjoy the tricky action!

Controls: Simply click or tap on the play area to ‘jump’ the basketball slightly higher. Click / tap on the left hand side of the play area to jump the ball up and to the left, and click / tap on the right hand side of the game screen to jump the ball up and to the left. You must repeatedly tap the game screen to keep the basketball in play. Don't tap too often however, as the basketball gets punctured by the top spikes if it travels too high. On PC, you can also play using the left and right arrow keys on your computer keyboard.

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Heroball Adventures

Undertake a perilous adventure in the shape of a spherical hero on a quest to recuse his captured friends in Heroball Adventures. Navigate and jump through platform-style levels while you try to avoid dangerous traps and bodies of water. Go froth and rescue all the captured friends of Heroball in this truly addictive platform game and its 16 levels.

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Red Ball 6

Experience some high-octane and thrilling gameplay in Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball. Take control of a thrill-seeking red ball as it makes its way through 4 map stages, each filled with a dozen missions. Dodge and surprise enemies, jump over and survive treacherous obstacles and use the environment to your advantage as you try to clear each level. It is gameplay like this that marks Red Ball 6 as a truly exciting platform side-scroller.

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Head Soccer

Head Soccer is a soccer themed volleyball style game, in which you compete against AI or a friend to prove who’s the best soccer head! Bounce the ball over the net without letting it touch the floor on your side to keep in the game. If it reaches the floor on your opponent’s side, you’ll score a goal. You can also collect bonuses such as extra speed or higher jumps by hitting the ball into power-up circles. The winner is the player who has scored the most goals by the time the timer finishes!

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Puppet Soccer Challenge

Puppet Soccer Challenge is a classic physics challenge game where you control a soccer star who needs to score as many goals as possible without missing any shots. Avoid obstacles and collect stars to make it through as many levels and gain as many points as you can! This game will have you addicted for hours trying to beat your high scores and trying to get through just one more level!

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Dune Surfer

Take to the skies with Dune Surfer, a thrilling 2D game that thrusts you into the skies at high speeds and as quickly as you went up will you be required to come crashing down perfectly into the waves to gather speed and momentum for the next jump. Take in the beautiful night sky as you ride the waves gathering coins to unlock cool new items

Soar into the air and time your drops perfectly so as to not crash into a dune and kill your momentum, time your drops accurately and make the most of each dune. Precise drops reap greater rewards as you will soar higher and gather more coins not to mention you get a cool multiplier with every successful launch.

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Bounce Balls

Bounce Balls is a classic-style quick reaction skill game for all the family. It sounds simple and starts off relatively easy but then quickly escalates into a full-on frenzy of contrasting colors as the games progresses and more balls are introduced. This highly enjoyable game requires super-sharp decision making skills and razor sharp vision! OK, ready for some quick-thinking ball bouncing action? See if you can cope with these crafty colors! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to get a high score by eliminating the big balls that are bouncing down, but without getting squashed by one of them. If this happens it is game over unfortunately. For this, you will need expert skills on the mouse. You must be quick enough and accurate enough to make a real impact on the big balls' health points, whilst being careful enough not to land underneath one of them!

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Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup: Come and relive the highs and lows of the cricket world cup. Choose your country and lead them to glory in the biggest cricket tournament of them all! Battle it out to determine the winner and take the crown. Have pride in leading your country. You will be batting so ensure you aim for high scores all round! Good luck.

Win the match by amassing a higher score than the opponent. Your timing skills need to be excellent here as this is what ultimately determines your performance. Will you be able to hit the ball, or are you capable of getting a 6? Come and find out. Some of the balls bowled at you will come very quickly so you must be concentrating so you are able to react quickly!

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Nballs: Come and play this all time classic arcade game! Grow your collection of balls and fire them off at the blocks that move ever closer towards you after every shot. Aim your shot so your balls bounce off multiple blocks, increasing your chance of destroying them! This is a very addictive game and will have you battling for hours with friends to see who can survive longest. Keep the blocks from hitting the bottom to stay alive. Collect bonus balls to increase your chances too!

To win, destroy the blocks by firing balls at them. Each block has a number on it and this number relates to the number of times the block needs to be hit for it to be destroyed. So a 50 block will take 50 hits from a ball before it gets destroyed. This game requires a very steady hand with the mouse, as you must have excellent aim to place your shot in the most effective place. Try hitting your ball off the wall to increase the number of bounces and contacts it makes with the blocks! There is no limit as to how many times the same ball can hit the blocks! Good luck!

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Tenkyu Hole 3D Rolling Ball

Tenkyu Hole 3D Rolling Ball is a casual and entertaining game, where you have to guide a ball through each level to reach the goal. Carefully move the platform to guide the ball and make it move, but control your speed, and move at a good angle, otherwise, the ball will fall.

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Pinball Brick Mania

Step into the electrifying world of Pinball Brick Mania, a thrilling fusion of classic pinball and brick-breaking arcade action. This game takes the timeless charm of pinball and combines it with the addictive excitement of brick-breaking, creating an exhilarating gaming experience. With realistic ball physics and unlimited gameplay, Pinball Brick Mania offers a captivating journey of skill, strategy, and endless fun.

As you navigate through the vibrant game arena, you'll find yourself honing a variety of skills. Your strategic thinking will be put to the test as you plan your shots to maximize your score, while your reflexes and hand-eye coordination will be sharpened as you control the ball's trajectory. The game also encourages patience and perseverance, as you strive to break every brick and reach new high scores.

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Dune is a fun and addicting game, where you have to control a ball and make it run through sand dunes to get increase its speed and fly up in the air to obtain points every time you pass the line above. The higher you can reach, the more points you will be awarded.

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Pichon The Bouncy Bird

A fat bouncy bird out to grab some crystals, what’s not to love?

In Pichon the Bouncy Bird, you play as Pichon a fat birdy who bounces around the world looking for crystals. Pichon likes to bounce, and he bounces everywhere he goes, and when he bounces on green cubes he’ll jump higher, when he bounces on slime cubes he won’t jump, and when he bounces on spiky cubes or lava he’ll question his life choices. The goal of the game is to pick up a few crystals to open a door to reach the next level. Although you can’t get a game over screen, the goal idea is rather to see how quickly you can complete the level and with minimal deaths.

Pichon dies a lot in later levels. 

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Golf Master

Golf Master: This simple yet addicting golf game will eat hours of your time! You must take on challenging environments in this realistic adventure, with wind as your main hinderance. Take this into consideration, like all good golfers should, as you line up your shot. You have a maximum number of shots available which is visible in the top right corner of the screen. Lets see how far you can get! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to see how many holes you can master on this tough, snowy course. As mentioned earlier wind is your biggest concern here! It can either make or break your shot, so you need to bare this in mind when getting ready to hit the ball. A solid understanding of how the wind will affect you is vital! Also, a good perception of distance is needed so you can minimise the amount of shots taken! Are you good enough for a hole in one?

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Unblock The Ball

Unblock the Ball is an excellent puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to create a path for the ball to follow to escape the grid! To do this, you need to use forethought, determination and speed! If you get there, you’ll be rewarded with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. This game is perfect for everyone and will have you playing for hours!

The aim of this game is to unblock the ball and create a clear path from the start to the end. This is a real brain puzzler of a game, since there is definitely more than one option or method to complete each mission. Use your puzzle solving skills to decide the best and most appropriate path to build. Are you decisive enough to win at this game? Let's find out!

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Collect donuts by changing the gravity field or your Donutosaur's shape, also use the help of it's friends who can pull, push and destroy objects in this fun physics-based, problem-solving puzzler playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Donutosaur is a visual puzzle where you need to feed your character and collect as many stars as you can to get the top score.

Skills required: This tricky online brain teaser game requires problem solving skills and desire to carefully study the environment, visualize scenarios (to predict which way the objects will roll or move), and to think outside of the box when necessary. Good strategy, analytical thinking skills are essential.

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Crazy Freekick Game

Experience some football mayhem in Crazy Freekick as you try to score a freekick for your country and team. Determine how your character will kick the ball, left or right, high or low as you try and get the ball past the vigilant goalkeeper. A great game for the football fanatics.

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Soda Can Knockout

Knock down all soda cans with balls and earn all 3 stars if you manage to complete each level perfectly. This fun and addicting game has several levels for you to complete, each one is harder than the previous.

This aiming and accuracy-based skill game is playable on iOS, Android, notebook, and desktop PC, Soda Can Knockout is a physics-based aiming game where you will have to tactfully throw the balls in certain locations that would cause as the most cans to fall off using the least amount of balls. After the first few levels, you will have to take into consideration heavier cans as they require more force to fall off. Using baseballs you have to knock over all the cans that you can see, you only have a limited number of balls so don't waste them!

This HTML5, physics-based shooting game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac, laptop, notebook. An understanding of basic aiming, angles and ball trajectory is important here in order to knock over all of the cans. 

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Pool Club

Pool Club is an exciting and fast-paced game. Try to get all the balls inside the holes before the time runs out, and earn points while doing so. If you don’t get all the balls inside in time you lose the game and have to start from zero. Have fun improving your time and getting better at the game.

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Brain Dunk

Brain Dunk is a physics-based puzzle game that involves strategically placing lines on the page in order to put the ball into the hoop. This fun educational game is perfect for anyone (both young and old) who loves and appreciates the magic of physics and gravity! The game requires structured foresight and provides hours of mind-testing entertainment.

The aim of this game is to place the basketball into the hoop, using nothing but imaginary lines and gravity! You are able to guide the ball using gravity and lines that you can add to the page. This will take your practical thinking skills, you may need to think outside the box to achieve 3/3 stars! Get creative and use your imagination to succeed at this game! Are you up for the challenge?

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Hyper Football Kick Up Party

Hyper Football Kick Up Party is a simple and casual game where you see for how long you are able to keep a football bouncing, as well as trying to break your record with each subsequent play. Improve your reflexes and decision making as you try to set a higher and higher record.

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Bottle Shooting Game

Bottle Shooting Game is a ball shooting skill game for kids that will test your hand-eye coordination and aiming skills. This is a highly addicting game that will keep you entertained for endless hours! Come and have a go!

OK, your goal is to smash all the glass bottles that are nicely sat on their high perch. Use the basketball to launch at them and smash them away, picking up coins in the process! This game will take huge patience as you decide what the best angle is to shoot, and a good appreciation for those things too...angles! You must get the angle just right so your ball hits the bottle and not the ledge just beneath it! Think you have the aiming skills to take on this challenge?

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Mini Putt Gem Holiday

Mini Putt Gem Holiday is a festive and fun putt putt golf game that will be fun to play again and again. Through all sorts of courses and obstacles, you will learn just how wild and crazy golf can really get.

This game is super responsive to touch and the controls feel accurate. The look and feel of the game is also fun and bright and cheerful and festive. All in all, it makes for a sharp and memorable experience.

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Stickman Golf

Experience a wacky take on miniature golf in Stickman Golf Online as you play through some innovative, absurd and challenging golf courses. Your objective will be to sink the goalball into the hoe to clear the course and without running out of golf balls. Try to shoot through and collect stars along the way to unlock other fun outfits for your stick figure. Stickman Golf Online will provide you with a fun golf and logic game that is certain to keep you playing through all of its 18 levels.

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Stack Ball Fun

Stack Ball Fun is a casual game where you have to drop a ball through some platforms to clear them while avoiding touching the black spots in the platforms. Get through all the platforms and reach the goal.

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Extreme Golf

Extreme Golf is an online single player browser game suitable for all ages. The objective of the game is simple: Sink as many shots in the different holes in as few shots as possible, any missed shots cost the player a “life” out of a total of 8 lives. Extreme Golf provides the player with a game which is both easy to learn and play, while not being too overly stressful. The result is a peaceful and relaxing game which can be played during off times or on the commute.

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Soccer Target

Soccer Target is a fun soccer game where you have to hit the moving target with the soccer ball, making sure to get the correct amount of power. Get the highest score you can by hitting the target right in the middle, and remember, you only have 3 lives!

The target moves quite fast, making this game tricky, especially considering you only have 3 lives! The game will frustrate you, but you won't be able to help yourself trying again to beat your highscore! As the game progresses, obstacles will be thrown in to make it even harder!

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Ball Pass 3D

Take to the basketball courts in Ball Pass 3D, an exciting physics-based puzzle game where the object is to use your players to pass to each other and ultimately get the ball in the hoop at the end of the course. You can throw to your male and female teammates, or choose to go for glory with long shots that miss them out. Beware though, as your ball will face obstacles, from revolving saws to fans that push the ball higher. Bouncing too many times, going too high, or touching the obstacles will destroy your ball and send you back to the beginning of the level!

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American Football Kick

In American football, the kicker has one of the most pressure-filled jobs on the entire roster. His extra point or field goal kicking skills can be the difference between winning and losing entire championships! Now, let's test "your" kicking prowess with this interactive, field goal kicking simulation game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC.

American Football Kick is a fun, challenging yet relaxing, visual and timing-based skill game (for kids, teens & grownups) where you must score as many points as possible by kicking field goals from a variety of increasingly-difficult angles on the field. You earn points for how centrally you kick the ball through the posts.

This online, HTML5-based, American football-themed skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include good visual and hand-eye coordination skills, good timing, sharp reactions, patience, a cool head and determination (whether you play by computer mouse click or keyboard control by Spacebar or touchscreen tapping on your phone or tablet). Enjoy the field goal kicking challenge!

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Penalty Shoot

Play a cool, swipe-to-shoot, flick-soccer football skills game playable on most PC browsers and Android mobile phone or tablet devices, and try to emulate the career of a true icon of the sport! Penalty Shoot is a great interactive football simulation game for kids, teens and soccer-loving grownups where your quest is to score goals! Carefully hone your shooting skills, and complete goal-scoring challenges to progress your career. Cement your legacy as a true soccer superstar!

Reasons to play: Whether you are a true soccer fanatic or just an avid player of flick and swipe-based skill games, this in-depth, football shooting simulation game provides an epic challenge to keep you entertained! Test and exercise your focus, hand-eye coordination skills, determination, and timing. Problem-solving skills also come into play when you seek to find the best way to bend and curve the ball around goalkeeper.

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Billiard 8 Ball

Billiard 8 Ball provides players with the perfect virtual pool game, ideal for these lockdown times. Billiard 8 Ball plays just the same as regular pool, although this game also gives you the option of playing in solo mode. The solo mode is great for those who want to practice their shots and get ready to test their skills in two-player mode. Just remember; sink the 8-ball or the cue ball three times will result in you losing the game.

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Squad Goals: Soccer 3d

Get ready to experience the thrill of the world's most popular sport like never before in Squad Goals: Soccer 3D! This immersive 3D soccer game offers a unique blend of simplicity and excitement, transforming every match into a high-octane ball brawl. With no fouls, no offsides, and no cards, it's all about the pure joy of the game. Whether you're sliding, tackling, dribbling, or shooting, all it takes is a single finger to dominate the field and score the winning goal!

Playing Squad Goals: Soccer 3D is not just about fun, it's also a great way to enhance your skills. The game helps to improve your cognitive abilities as you strategize your moves and anticipate your opponent's actions. It also enhances your motor skills as you control your players with precision and speed. Moreover, the game fosters decision-making skills as you decide when to pass, shoot, or dribble. It's a complete package that combines entertainment with skill development.

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Island Survival 3D

Come and test your skills with this simple, fun and addictive game, Island Survival 3D! Guide your ball across the tricky environment whilst dodging and overcoming a wide variety of obstacles, put in place to challenge you and put your brain to the test.

Your mission is to get the ball from one side to the other! Do not let the ball fall in the water or get crushed by the obstacles you come across! This fun and addicting arcade challenge tests your observation skills, problem solving skills, decision making, and quick reactions. Timing is everything as you attempt to methodically manoeuvre the ball through the pathways toward the end of each mission. Have you got the dexterous ability and determination to make it through this challenging 3D environment? It’s time to roll the ball, and find out!

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Bounce Balance

Bounce Balance is a fun physics based game, in which you bounce a ball along a track of squares as far as you can. Your job is to rotate the track, to make sure that the ball stays safe from falling off! The further you make it, the higher your score, and you’ll also collect coins which can be spent on unlocking fun new skins for your ball such as a basketball or penguin!

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Zoo Pong

One could argue that creativity is only a short ways away from weirdness, either way Zoo Pong is definitely an example of both. Zoo Pong is a wacky take on the classic pong games with its own twist being that you will play as comical animals instead of metal paddle boards. Pick from over 30 different animal players, starting with the adorable hippo, as you face off against AI opponents. Win matches to complete levels and earn coins which you can use to purchase the other animals. Zoo Pong is a challenging game with great visuals that anyone in the family would love to play.

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Slam Dunk Forever

If you like basketball and physics, then Slam Dunk Forever is the perfect game for you. Calculate the ball's trajectory to make it go into the hoop when you cut the rope the ball is attached to. Score points and earn coins to buy upgrades or help for your games.

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Bounce Color Ball

Play a really hard and fast reflex-based game to help exercise and to improve your reaction time and coordination skills. In Bounce Color Ball, you must keep a ricocheting ping pong ball in play by batting it back and forth by hitting only the same color lines on the sides that match the ball color.

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Color Bounce is a very challenging, 1-level, reactions-based skill game. The bouncing ball changes color every few seconds, and your task is to keep it in play by matching the ball to its corresponding side wall at both the top and bottom of the play area. This is a repeat-play challenge, with your task being to beat your top score with each attempt!

This HTML5-based, action / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Use your mouse to control and hold the paddle or use your touch / finger on a mobile device. Skills required and tested includes your concentration, reflexes, anticipation skills, good hand-eye coordination if you want to prolong the action for more than a few bounces! Patience, determination, and a willingness for trial and error also come into play as the game can be very tough to master at first! But, as with most tricky activities based around sharp motor skills – practice helps to makes perfect! 

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