Play fun online arcade games for free, no download: Arcade games for mobile phone, Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS, android tablet, Samsung Galaxy, PC, Mac, notebook. 99 Balls game, a cool touch screen arcade game for kids (boys, girls) to play now online, free HTML5 games.
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Online Arcade Game for Mobile Phone / Tablet / PC - 99 Balls

Rating: 6.7/10 - 161 votes

Play a strategic and quirky version of breakout on your mobile, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! 99 Balls is a highly-challenging and addicting ball shooting arcade game and accuracy-based puzzler for kids, teens and adults where you must clear the game screen of colored balls by repeatedly hitting them (Each ball has a number on it which corresponds to the number of times it must be hit before it disappears). Firing multi-ball efforts from the bottom of the play area, you must creatively use angles and the trajectory of your shots to keep the emerging rows of numbered balls from reaching the bottom of the game screen.

This HTML5-based arcade game provides a fun new take on the iconic Atari Breakout / Arkanoid game concept mixed with a bubble shooter-style element, and should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Strategic planning and problem-solving skills are important here too as you figure out the best way to eliminate as many balls as possible with each shot. Other key skills include pinpoint finger swiping control (or mouse control), good hand-eye coordination, patience, determination, and a willingness for trial and error. Enjoy the ball-eliminating action!

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