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Play fun car games and cool racing games for children, teens & Big Kids to play on Enjoy some of the best car games, buggy & kart games - From classic-style to the newest. 

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Parking Car

Parking Car is a fun game where you can drift into parking spots and avoid obstacles like a pro!

This game is simple yet fun and is great for anyone who wants to drift around in some super cool sports cars! While your goal is as simple as getting from one point to another, the levels get harder and give you more things to drift and drive around for maximum fun! Time your start carefully and get to the parking spot safely! Some levels will even include moving obstacles or multiple vehicles! How far can you go in this cool driving game?

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Ferrari Track Driving

Ferrari Track Racing pondrá a prueba tus habilidades de control del coche como nunca antes. Este emocionante juego de alta velocidad acelerará tu corazón (literalmente) con sus increíbles gráficos y física. ¿Estás preparado para el desafío? Ponte el casco, abróchate el cinturón y prepárate para la carrera.

El objetivo del juego es completar una vuelta a la pista lo más rápido posible. Cada vuelta será cronometrada, así que intenta mejorar continuamente. El coche es difícil de controlar, después de todo es un Ferrari, uno de los coches más potentes y rápidos que existen. Así que asegúrate de que tienes todo tu ingenio. Este juego pondrá a prueba tus habilidades con el teclado, ya que deberás reaccionar con rapidez ante un derrape girando o pisando a fondo el freno. Si eres un segundo demasiado lento, ¡harás un trompo o chocarás contra los muros laterales!

Cómo jugar: Selecciona en qué Ferrari quieres correr y ¡listo! Utiliza las teclas WASD o las flechas del teclado para controlar el vehículo. Pulsa W/Arriba para acelerar, A/Izquierda para girar a la izquierda, D/Derecha para girar a la derecha y S/Abajo para frenar. También puedes pulsar la BARRA ESPACIADORA para usar el freno de mano y crear esos increíbles derrapes. Pulsa C para cambiar de cámara. Buena suerte, controla el coche lo mejor que puedas e intenta no chocar contra el muro. Prepárate corredor, ¡vamos!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac, pero lamentablemente no funciona en dispositivos móviles.

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Rush Race

There is nothing as exhilarating and liberating as taking to the wide-open road, one removed and far away from the chaotic streets of the city. Only in Rush Race, things are so idyllic and it’s all to blame because of you! As you drive along the desert roads of Rush Race your goal is to reach the finished line at the end of each round as quickly as possible to earn more prize money, which you can use to upgrade your car or unlock others. Don’t worry if the first levels are too easy, the further you go, the harder they will get!

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Rally Point 2

Leave the comfort of boring street circuit racing for the heart-pumping and unpredictable experience of outdoor rally driving. In Rally Point 2, will compete across 6 different tracks with the goal of completing each track in the fastest time possible. Each track will have its own unique challenges and settings, a feature that will hopefully keep you playing through the whole game. What’s more, you can also unlock up to 6 different racing cars to play around with and experiment with. Rally Point 2 is a great casual game to relax with after a long day.

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Fast Line Furious Car Racing

Fast Line Furious Car Racing is a fast car racing game where you have to drive down the highway like a fruitcake, amassing as many near misses as you can before time runs out! This full-force action driving game is highly addicting, super-slick and impossible to stop playing! Enjoy!

Okay, you are tasked with driving down the highway as fast and as dangerously as possible...yes we are not joking, the faster the better! This will require excellent nerve, skill and commitment to the cause. If you are going to crash, you may as well crash hard right? But, if you crash it will be game over unfortunately, so try and find the delicate balance between pure speed and precision. Get more points for going super fast and on the other side of the road as well!

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Old City Stunt

Take a ride in Old City Stunt, an apocalyptic street and stunt racer that will shift up your heart rate and leave you short of breath. Race against the clock in “Racing” mode and see if you have the skills to finish all 7 of their sky-bound racetracks, each more difficult than the last. Or do whatever you want and explore the city in “Free Driving” mode, letting you go wherever you want. If that wasn’t enough, both modes allow you to play with a friend in two-player mode for even more fun!

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Supercar Racing

Set back with Supercar Racing, a racing game with a classic tried and true formula. Race through a city track whilst competing against three other drivers in up to 5 different game modes! Supercar Racing, while not being the most taxing or challenging racer, is a perfect game for the kids to start with, offering various modes for them to practice with and enough of a challenge for them to have fun.

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Parking Slot

Parking Slot is a parking simulation game. You’ll need to park your jeep in the exact right spot quickly and accurately to complete these challenging levels of parking fun! At each level, you have a designated spot (which is marked with where exactly your wheels have to be, and which direction you have to face). Park in it without crashing or going offroad. The faster you do so, the more stars you can collect.

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Rocket Racing

In Racing Rockets they turn tractors into bad-ass rides!

This game’s high-energy and epic soundtrack will quickly pull you into the fun! With tractors for the choice of ride, you’ve probably haven’t recently picked up such a unique racing game. Pick a character, pick a name, and then you’re off to the races! It plays like a 2D game from left to right and you better keep your tractor under control, as getting first will be the least of your worries. Spinning out, losing fuel, or hitting obstacles are common occurrences. So for the first couple of races, just try and survive. After you’ve completed a couple of races, head on back to the garage and trick out that ride, or get a brand new one! The graphics are fun, and a little cuter than you’d expect!

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Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero, you control a racing car and you need to try and win the races! No more Mr Nice Guy need to be ruthless and do anything to win! This addictive game is perfect for kids and teens who enjoy cars and racing!

The aim of this game is to try and win the races and to collect coins to upgrade your car! The races start off easy and then get progressively more need to respond by upgrading your car to cope with the increased level of difficulty. This game will test your decision best to spend your coins and on which upgrades? Also, you will need good reaction skills to react to the turns in the track and to collect the coins at the end...nifty fingers on the arrow keys will also be crucial here! Good luck!

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Off-Road Racing Adventure

Offroad Racing Adventure es un juego de carreras de coches en 3D lleno de adrenalina de la vieja escuela con un paisaje encantador como pista de carreras. Te sentirás como un piloto de rally profesional a los pocos minutos de jugar a este juego. No tendrás tiempo de frenar ni de tomar una curva equivocada. ¡Déjate llevar por la adrenalina y la emoción! ¡Disfrútalo!

El objetivo del juego es ganar la carrera. Competirás contra oponentes controlados por ordenador, ¡así que asegúrate de que eres tú quien cruza la línea de meta en primer lugar! Este juego desarrollará tu instinto de victoria y tu mentalidad competitiva. Haz todo lo que puedas para ganar, ¡y con todo nos referimos a todo! Sigue la pista lo mejor posible, pero como estamos en el campo, ¡toda la montaña puede ser la pista si lo deseas! ¡Tus habilidades con el teclado también se desarrollarán, ya que esto es vital para poder controlar el automóvil de manera efectiva y mantener altas velocidades mientras giras!

Cómo jugar: Elige la carrera en la que deseas participar y, una vez en la parrilla de salida, ¡ya puedes empezar! Para conducir, utiliza las teclas de flecha izquierda y derecha o A y D en el teclado de tu ordenador. Pulsa la Flecha Arriba o W para acelerar y luego pulsa la Flecha Abajo o S para frenar.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Racing Rocket 2

Get ready for the ultimate racing experience with Rocket Racing 2! The popular mobile game has even more excitement and adrenaline-pumping action than ever before. Use the gold you win from races to upgrade your car and even purchase powerful new vehicles, giving you the edge you need to come out on top. With a variety of customization options, you can tailor your ride to your personal style and preferences.

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Drag Racing Club

Drag Racing Club: Do you want to feel like a real car racer or a “2 Fast 2 Furious” movie star? This adrenaline-filled, action-packed car racing game requires you to change gears at the most suitable times to gain maximum speed. Have a fun and thrilling drive in this fast-paced, dynamic car game!

You must press the gear selector at the right time when indicated to maximize performance! This way you will hopefully finish ahead of your opponent. This game above all else tests your timing skills. The difference between a badly timed gear change can be the difference between winning and losing, so make sure you pay attention! Upgrade your car to have an edge over your opponents, save up some cash to buy better cars that have greater capabilities!

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GTR Drift & Stunt

GTR Drift & Stunt te proporcionará lo último en coches de carreras, donde tendrás el control absoluto. Modifica todo lo relacionado con tu coche de carreras, desde el color hasta la dirección y el manejo, pasando por los umbrales de embrague y cambio de marchas, la suspensión y la presión de los neumáticos; todo lo que quieras cambiar y retocar, puedes hacerlo. Así que siéntate en el asiento del conductor, configura tus ajustes y corre a tus anchas por una ciudad abandonada.

Cómo jugar: Una vez dentro del juego, te situarás inmediatamente en la ciudad abierta y podrás hacer lo que te plazca. Algunos controles útiles, como la conducción, se pueden realizar con las teclas WASD o las flechas: W/arriba para acelerar, S/abajo para frenar y dar marcha atrás, y AD/izquierda y derecha para conducir. Pulsa la barra espaciadora para usar el freno de mano, Y para cambiar el color del coche, F para aumentar la velocidad y C para cambiar entre uno de los tres ángulos de cámara.

GTR Drift & Stunt solo se puede jugar en navegadores de PC.

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Zero Collision

Are you ready to race? Zero Collision will put you on a fast track to fun - and danger. Drive your race car around the track and avoid a head-on collision with other cars. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and make sure to switch lanes as often as you need.

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Skull Racer

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal in Skull Racer! An adrenaline junkie and daredevil focused stunt racing game, where you hop into the seat of up to 5 awesome monster cars as you speed up rumps, crashing onto cars, and balancing over objects and wacky bridges. Skull Racer is an enjoyable stunt balancing game that is sure to become your new favorite!

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Desert Car Racing

Desert Car Racing - become the ultimate classic muscle car racing champion with this high definition racing experience. Race in awesome-looking scenes loaded with sand, mountains, and turned streets with dangerous inclines of 360 degrees. Open the four accessible vehicles from the game and test them at rapid over perilous streets. Are you ready?

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Sky Track Racing Master

Sky Track Racing Master is a simple racing game where you complete small tracks and earn money for new vehicles. Drive to the goal and finish each level.

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Parking Fury

Park your car in Parking Fury 3. Come and test your car parking skills with this fun realistic game. Imagine you’re in a busy supermarket and you can show off to everyone how to properly park a car, show them how it is done!

Place the vehicle in an empty parking spot without hitting other cars or obstacles. Make sure not to damage the cars otherwise you will lose rating! Follow the yellow arrows which will guide you to your designated car parking spot. The key is to take your time to ensure you don't crash. This way you will have a much better chance of successfully parking up safely. This will test your visual awareness skills, monitoring other cars and their movements will develop your ability to notice and pay attention to what's going on around your centre of focus.

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Bus Rally

A sweet yet fun little game, Bus Rally isn’t crazy or zany, it’s a stroll in a bus in a picturesque environment trying to solve the problem of getting to the other end of the field before you run out of gas.

Picturesque and sweet, Bus Rally takes a leisurely stroll down the park in a pretty bus - that can jump and has a nitro boost. Your goal is to get to the other end of the field before your gas tank is empty, and don’t think it’s as easy as all that. With hills and jagged points, you need to hop over your gas tank is going to get empty pretty quick if you’re not careful. Just take it easy, enjoy the scenery and maneuver your way to the next point with as little hassle as possible.

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Drift Racing

Test your drift skills on this fun, endless and addicting game! Drift Racing is a straight-forward, sports car drifting game playable on iOS & Android devices, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Your goal is to get as far as you can by drifting through every corner, to drift you have to click or tap and hold to pivot around the corner and release when you complete the bend.

The better your drift is the more coins you earn, with these coins you can unlock better cars. You also earn more coins when you 'Level Up'. Happy drifting!

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Formula Drag

Formula Drag - Are you ready for some fast racing action and high pressure driving situations? If so, this may well be the game for you. Formula Drag was created with consideration of the physical factors affecting real Formula cars which makes the game more fun to play. Feel the heat of a real F1 car as you fly around corners at high speeds, but only using science as your method of propulsion. Swing around corners and stay in the centre of the track to win. Lets see who can get the highest and most impressive score!

The aim of the game is to get as high a score by lasting as long as possible swinging around the corners via the ropes. The longer you can stay on the track, and the more corners you manage to pass, the higher your score will be. This game will require you to have excellent timing skills as you must time your swing to perfection. You must also understand the physics of whatever angle the swing begins at, it will stay constant as you swing around the corner. Use this knowledge to your advantage as you try to aim for the centre of the track every time, giving you maximum chance of being successful.

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Elastic Car

Elastic Car gives you a fun twist on the racing endless runner genre. You are driving a car like you do in other games but this time the car is stretchy and wild.

Do what you can to avoid traffic, score points and stay on the road. Speed up and slow down and, most importantly, be smart.

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Battle Car Racing

Get ready for some really intense speed racing in 2 Player Battle Car Racing, an epic racing game that is fun for the whole family. Race and compete against some really ruthless AI drivers as you speed through and curve around tightly packed streets and sharp corners. Pick up coins along the way to unlock other epic cars. And be sure to pick up the colourful mystery boxes for super cool one-time powers. You can also challenge your friends to two-player mode on desktop browsers.

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Rally Champ

Rally Champ is where you compete across the world as you race in the Rally Car Championship. Dodge opponents, boost around twisting corners, collect coins and upgrade your car for the next race. Are you the Rally Champ? Be the ultimate rally champion in this action packed rally race game. Drift your way to the number one spot and use coins to upgrade your car to win even more races!

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Taxi Simulator 3D

Take control of the classic yellow taxi in City Taxi Simulator 3D! Pick up your passengers and take them to their destination in style, and speed! Learn the notoriously difficult trade of being a taxi driver and master the roads. Take on progressively difficult missions and earn cash from each one, and then upgrade your taxi accordingly!

Your mission is simple! Get your passenger to their destination safely, but do not run out of time! Trying to cut through the water will see you fail so that is not recommended as a shortcut! Complete the mission and earn money, use that money to upgrade to a faster taxi to take on more demanding missions! Park your taxi in the park zone and then drop off your passenger in the drop off zone! This game will test your ability to control the car under a time pressured environment. Make sure you are able to multitask, keep one a look on the clock and the fuel level, and focus on the road to gauge direction. Using your navigational skills, follow the arrow on the map to help you get to your destination.

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Road Crash

Do you have a need? A need for speed? If so, Road Crash is perfect for you. This high-speed racing game will have you whipping down the road in no time. It will also have you crashing into quite a few cars and will leave you breathless.

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Monster Truck Racing

Monster Truck Racing is an unforgiving and hardcore race game where you drive a monster truck to victory. Compete against others in deadly races to obtain victory. Collect all the coins that you can in every level to buy new trucks.

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Traffic io

In Traffic io you control the traffic, or at least you try to, they really don’t like sitting for too long, no matter if the train is coming.

The lights seem to be busted on this crossway, and you need to make sure people are respecting each other and driving in an orderly fashion. Easier said than done. Although they don’t come in at a fast pace, the train on the right side is not making things easy, and these little cars are none too patient with waiting for you - or the train. They will promptly drive off if you’ve been leaving them too long, so be sure to give everyone a fair chance, less you want a fifty car pile-up - with a train.

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Rally Point

Rally Point is here to bring you some nitrous-packed and adrenaline overloading speed racing in a racing game that throws caution to the wind in favor of more speed! Race through desert-themed racetracks, which wrap around mountains and canyons as you try to reach the finish line in the fastest possible time.

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Car Rush

Car Rush is a fun and fast-paced car driving game where you have to dodge and weave your way through traffic, and reach the end before the time runs out!. Test your skills, on mobile or computer, on this simple but addictive high speed game. That clock is running down quick, but can you drive quicker? Lets find out!

This exciting and addicting driving game requires really nifty fingers and quick reactions, as you have to quickly dodge in and out of traffic on a busy motorway. You need to exhibit slick driving skills and outrageous overtaking maneuvers to succeed. Ok master motorist, safe driving, and as always – try hard not to crash!

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TrackMania Blitz

t’s time to put your pedal to the metal in Trackmania Blitz, an extreme 2D racing game that is sure to get adrenaline racing through your body. Test your driving prowess against dozens of other drivers from around the world as you all compete to see who is the king of the driving ring! Beat the competition and race your heart out to collect coins to unlock awesome decals for your speed racers. Strap yourself in and embrace the mania of Trackmania Blitz!

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