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Bus Parking 3D

Bus Parking 3D is a fun parking game, where the twist is that you'll have to maneuver a huge bus into little spaces! Get behind the wheel of a single decker bus, and navigate the crowded roads of the city to get to the right spaces. You'll need to avoid pedestrians, walls, and other cars to park in the shaded space within the short time limit. The quicker you can do so, the higher your score!

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Lucky Vegas Roulette

Step into the glitz and glamour of the casino world with Lucky Vegas Roulette! This immersive game transports you to the heart of Las Vegas, where you can experience the thrill of the roulette wheel from the comfort of your own home. Choose your preferred table, place your bets, and let the wheel of fortune decide your fate. Will you be the one to hit the jackpot?

Playing Lucky Vegas Roulette is not just about luck, it's also a great way to develop and enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game encourages players to analyze patterns, calculate odds, and make informed decisions based on their observations. It's a test of patience, risk assessment, and quick thinking. Moreover, the game's realistic graphics and sound effects provide a sensory experience that enhances hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

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Helicopter Parking Simulator

Helicopter Parking Simulator is a challenging helicopter-flying simulation game where you have to park different types of helicopters using slick piloting skills. Or you can choose a checkpoint race and complete missions in time. You earn points for every successful mission and you can use those points to purchase better helicopters.

Follow the arrows that will guide you to the nearest checkpoints but the battle against time will make this helicopter simulator game even more challenging. You have to take control of what’s yours. You have to fly a police helicopter and complete two missions on time. If you choose a mission - you have to follow arrows and pass through the red O rings.

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City Helicopter Flight

In City Airport Flight, take to the skies in a helicopter. Complete a wide variety of missions, from free flights to protecting the president! Completing missions earns you coins you can spend on bigger, faster, and cooler helicopters to fly round the city even faster!

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Archer Master 3D Castle Defense

Welcome to Archer Master 3D Castle Defense! Defend your castle from wave after wave of enemy attacks with your expert archery skills! Learn how to use your bow on the training field by hitting train targets in preparation for the hordes of enemies that will attack your fortress; scouts, archers, knights, witches, wizards and even dragons will try to beat you! There are lots of cool missions to play too, the enemies will not let you relax. Whether it is winter or summer, whether it is rainy or sunny, you must be ready to repel the attacks.

Your mission is simple. Defend your castle at all costs! Fire your way through the missions and try and complete them all, without being defeated! A top tip is to aim your shots, and don't forget the further your shot, the more the arrow will dip so keep this in mind when aiming! You will need good peripheral vision to keep an eye on all sides of your castle, and use your determination to make sure you keep fighting for as long as possible! You must have solid awareness of what is happening around your character, to best stand a chance of surviving the attacks.

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Moto Real Bike Racing

Introducing Moto Real Bike Racing, the 3D bike simulator where you can race your superfast superbike around different maps, climbing different obstacles and earning coins along the way! Earn your coins and spend them on bike modifications, entirely new bikes and test them out either in free play, or in the missions. What are you waiting for, come and burn some rubber in a game that will blow you away!!

The aim of the game is to progress through the missions and earn coins along your way! Spend these coins on modifying your bike with custom upgrades, colour changes to the bike and the tyre smoke! Take on the jumps and ramps to earn more money! Playing this game will need you to be determined and ensure you develop your perseverance skills. The more effort you put into this game the more you will get out of it, an extremely valuable attitude to have!

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Real Drone Simulator

Experience the thrill of piloting without leaving your seat with Real Drone Simulator. This immersive game offers a realistic drone flying simulation, complete with 3D game art animations. Whether you're a drone enthusiast or a novice, Real Drone Simulator allows you to navigate through different terrains and complete various missions. Choose from a variety of drones and explore the world from a bird's eye view, scanning building parts or passing checkpoints in three different modes.

Playing Real Drone Simulator not only provides an exciting gaming experience but also helps to develop and enhance a variety of skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities as you strategize the best routes and methods to complete your missions. Your motor skills are also put to the test as you navigate your drone through different environments, requiring precision and control. Additionally, the game fosters problem-solving skills as you figure out how to overcome obstacles and challenges that come your way.

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Family Relics

After inheriting a beautiful estate it’s up to you to return it to its former glory in Family Relics. Clean, set up structures, irrigate your farm and tend to your animals, the real farm life experience all on your device. The game offers a variety of mini-games and side activities that guarantee hours of fun for players of all ages.

The game is visually stunning with gorgeous 3D graphics and high levels of detail. Build your farm from the ground up planting crops and subsequently harvesting to sell turning a profit. The game also features a rich map that allows you to visit as well as expand your farm in this top of the line farming game.

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Real Car Parking

Show off your slick car handling skills in this tricky 3D parking challenge! Real Car Parking is a good driving simulation game for older kids & teens where you must carefully and safely park cars against the clock. Featuring small cars, convertibles, vintage cars and more, you must methodically work your way around a busy city parking area, completing as many parking tasks as possible before the timer runs out.

This high-intensity, car driving game requires a very steady hand, good keyboard control, patience, determination, and a calm head under pressure. The cool 3D graphics and handling controls also provide a pretty realistic experience. You must remain in complete control of your vehicle; causing excessive damage is obviously a big problem! So, are you ready to prove your worth behind the wheel? Happy parking!

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Drone Pickup service

Drone Pickup service is a UAV flying simulation game for kids and teens where you control and direct a small, remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV / drone) from a starting point to a special designated landing and pickuparea. You must maintain complete mastery over your 4-propeller drone aircraft. Avoiding buildings, trees, and other objects is absolutely essential here, and one tiny mistake could result in a damaging crash!

This tricky, interactive, virtual skill-based game requires a deft hand, smart key tapping skills, and a high level of concentration. Cool graphics and a realistic UAV flying environment make this a good introduction for young enthusiasts interested in one day operating a real remote-controlled drone for real at home or perhaps in an exciting future career as a UAV Pilot! Ok, let’s see what you can do!

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Idle Mole Empire

Step into the subterranean world of Idle Mole Empire, an engaging idle tycoon simulation game. As the mastermind behind a burgeoning mole empire, your task is to construct an intricate network of tunnels, each tailored to the needs of your mole customers. From farms and gyms to bars, science labs, and grand halls, your mole empire will be a bustling hub of activity. Control your mole workers, transport goods via elevators, and cash in your earnings at the Mole sales office. This game is not just about becoming a mole billionaire tycoon, but a mole trillionaire tycoon, designed for those with grand ambitions and big dreams.

Playing Idle Mole Empire is not just about fun, it also helps to enhance a variety of skills. The game encourages strategic thinking and planning as you decide which types of tunnels to build and where to place them for maximum efficiency. It also enhances your multitasking abilities as you manage your mole workers, ensuring goods are transported and sold in a timely manner. Additionally, the game fosters patience and perseverance, as building a mole empire from scratch is a gradual process that requires consistent effort and dedication.

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Park The Taxi

Hot driving skills required: Park the Taxi is a very challenging driving & parking simulation game where you must complete increasingly difficult parking tasks in order to make the grade as a quality taxi cab driver. You play the role of a trainee yellow cab driver and have to navigate through narrow streets, clogged car parks, tricky obstacle courses and more on your quest to be certified as a quality cabbie. There are no fancy tricks, power-ups, or shortcuts – This is simply a stern test of your virtual driving capabilities.

Your taxi cab reacts very sensitively to even the slightest keyboard touch, and this means that you need to be on tip-top finger-tapping form in order to progress. There is literally no room for error – One tiny mistake, and you have failed, no matter what! Although there is no clock timer, you will likely still feel under pressure. Expert focus, unerring concentration, great patience and determination are all really important skills required here as you try to inch your way toward the final parking spot. Ok Cabbie, it’s time to prove your worth behind the wheel!

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Archery Master

Archery Master is an immersive 3D sports game that offers a realistic archery experience. With stunning animations and simple controls, this game challenges you to hit the target and pass each level. Will you rise to the challenge and become the best archer or bowman?

Playing Archery Master not only provides an exciting gaming experience but also helps to develop and enhance various skills. It sharpens your focus and precision, as hitting the target requires keen attention to detail. The game also improves your hand-eye coordination and motor skills as you aim and release the bow. Additionally, it encourages strategic thinking as you have to consider factors like wind strength and target movement.

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Five Nights At Old Toy Factory

See if you have what it takes to brave and survive the horrors of the abandoned and haunted toy factory in Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020. Make your way through the maze-like factory, doing your best to survive the onslaught of monsters that are hunting you. Kill monsters and see if you can last all five nights!

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Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator

Online parking simulation games usually involve maneuvering cars and trucks into tight parking lot spaces. Well, how about we step it up a notch - and see whether or not you've got the nerve and skills required to park a helicopter in a city filled with sky scrappers! Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator is an immensely challenging and engrossing simulation activity where you have to carefully guide the helicopter from one spot to another spot on the other side of the city before the clock runs out. Complete all 20 levels and then try the checkpoint race. You will be given a time limit to reach all of the checkpoints in the city. This, of course, is easier said than done, it is a very tricky game. You will need great determination and good hand-eye coordination in order to succeed in this game. For each completed mission you will receive coins, use these coins to buy better, faster and more agile helicopters. 

This game is designed for laptops ad PCs but you could play this game on your mobile phone or tablet if you connect a keyboard.

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Maze Game 3D

Get ready to put your spatial awareness skills to the test with Maze Game 3D! In this challenging game, you'll navigate your way through 15 levels of increasingly difficult 3D mazes. Each level is bigger and more complex than the last, so you'll need to stay focused and think strategically to find your way out.

As you progress through the levels, you'll need to use your spatial awareness skills to keep track of where you are and where you need to go. You'll also need to use your problem-solving skills to find the key and then locate the door to advance to the next level.

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My Burger Biz

Set up your burger restaurant and perfect your recipe and marketing strategy to make some profit. Work your way up and acquire real estate in busier areas where you can get more customers to increase your revenue in this challenging, in-depth, customer service game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC / Mac. My Burger Biz is a fun, interactive diner / restaurant management simulation game and educational activity for aspiring tycoons (older elementary school kids, middle and high school students) where your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and maximize your profits.

Work out what the secret formula is for maximizing profits by trying different combinations of tactics. Advertise your business to gain popularity, figure ou what burger recipe is most admired by the general public, keep an eye on your stock as there is no point running a burger business if you have no burgers, this will only damage your popularity. When buying stock, check what the prices are per item, because it will most likely be cheaper for you to buy a bigger batch, this way you'll save money in the long term. See how much you can charge your customers (don't get too greedy) before they start to complain about the price, this will allow you to make bigger profits.

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Taxi Simulator 3D

Take control of the classic yellow taxi in City Taxi Simulator 3D! Pick up your passengers and take them to their destination in style, and speed! Learn the notoriously difficult trade of being a taxi driver and master the roads. Take on progressively difficult missions and earn cash from each one, and then upgrade your taxi accordingly!

Your mission is simple! Get your passenger to their destination safely, but do not run out of time! Trying to cut through the water will see you fail so that is not recommended as a shortcut! Complete the mission and earn money, use that money to upgrade to a faster taxi to take on more demanding missions! Park your taxi in the park zone and then drop off your passenger in the drop off zone! This game will test your ability to control the car under a time pressured environment. Make sure you are able to multitask, keep one a look on the clock and the fuel level, and focus on the road to gauge direction. Using your navigational skills, follow the arrow on the map to help you get to your destination.

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Galactic War

It’s time for a futuristic spacecraft simulation game that will really test your piloting skills! Galactic War is a straight-forward spaceship flying game for kids where you have to navigate a futuristic one-man spaceship through a series of challenging levels. You play the role of a daring astronaut, and have to get your ship to an exit portal while trying to avoid the rockets and bullets flying at you being shot from enemy spacecraft! Shoot them down to help you! Collect and use your powerups to help you as well! You have to be extremely careful - one wrong move, and your spacecraft is toast!

Reach the end of each mission without getting destroyed by the enemy spaceships and their rockets. This fun and frantic space adventure will really test your quick reaction skills and how steady your hand is as you have to quickly maneuver around the flying bullets and rockets while your futuristic ship is quite difficult to control. However, if you’ve got the slick piloting skills needed for this task – there should be no problem at all! Good luck out there – and may the force be with you!

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Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulation

Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator is a fun Role-Playing-Game simulating country life on a farm. You play the role of a farmer and your mission is to help deliver the cargo on time using the tractor! This incredibly realistic game will have you choosing between speed and then finesse. Is it worth throwing your cargo about over a hill just to reach the spot in time, but potentially lose money for being late? You must decide!

The aim of the game is to deliver the cargo to the destination on time and in the same condition that you set off with! This game will test your keyboard controls as controlling a tractor is hard enough! But, coupled with rough difficult terrain and a trailer hooked to the back of you, it is very difficult to control. Have you got the control required? Also, a good sense of timekeeping is required as you must balance your speed with your time ticking down. Try not to be late to the destination.

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3D Air Racer

Take to the skies and see if you have what it takes to be a stunt pilot in 3D Air Racer! Complete each level by flying through all the rings of each course, testing your and pushing skills further as you progress across 20 different levels and unlocking new planes the further you go. A challenging and rewarding experience for avid gamers and aviation enthusiasts.

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Pizza Party

Play a tap screen or point-and-click pizzeria food service game: In Pizza Party, you serve delicious pizzas at speed to eager and hungry customers who are very particular about what their specific tastes! Playable on Android and iOS mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, this is an fast-paced, interactive customer service simulation game and restaurant management activity. 

You must earn a target amount of virtual income in each level by serving up perfectly prepared pizzas to customers who order from your popular wood-fired pizza diner. Showcase high levels of focus and discipline, and fast and accurate clicking or tapping skills as you place ingredients onto your pizzas as quickly as you can. If you serve up a pizza that is not to the customer's exact preference, or take too much time to finish making it, the customer storm's out in a huff – and that's certainly not good for business! So the heat is on!

This online, HTML5-based, tycoon / food preparation simulation game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Combine a sense of urgency, good hand-eye coordination skills, and fast reactions with high levels of concentration in order to complete each pizza order correctly. Just like working in a real-life customer service role, you must learn to listen / pay careful attention to each order, and carry out your tasks in an efficient, friendly manner! Accurate mouse clicking or screen tapping is essential here – If you add the wrong ingredient to the pizza, it's impossible to remove it! And trust us from experience, there is no one more disgruntled than a hungry person who has just received the wrong pizza order! Enjoy the fun challenge!

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Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D is a straight-forward online water-skiing game for kids where you have to guide the character as far as possible down a slippy water slide on a board. Watch out for the obstacles designed to make it difficult for you, as well as the dummy pads you need to bounce off on the jumps! Make sure the pad you are bouncing off is sturdy and bouncy! Good luck!

Get as far down the slide as possible to gain a high score! This fun sports & skill arcade game will really test your quick reactions, as the slide comes toward you at super-fast speeds. Your prediction skills will also be tested, as you have to try and guess what the safe path will be through the oncoming objects. Have you got the ability to make a splash and help the character stay on the slide for the whole journey? Only one way to find out.

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Car Driving Test

Car Driving Test -  Test your driving skills in this realistic, challenging and fun game. Can you pass the driving exam in this new world we face? The roads are full of hazards so you must pass this test first to prove you are ready! Passing this test will make you superior to the other drivers on the road! Face unusual hazards and overcome extreme challenges as you become an expert driver. Earn coins and upgrade to a nicer car as your reward!

The aim of the game is to pass the test in each level, usually parking the car in the finish bay without having any bumps and scrapes! This game will develop your sharp keyboard skills as this is how you navigate the car around the twists and turns. Be careful and nimble with your fingers as you turn round the corners, even the slightest touch of a cone or a corner will mean you have failed! Only 100% perfection is accepted here! You will need to be gentle with the buttons too, too much acceleration or reverse will lead you to hit the obstacles and therefore failing! Have you got what it takes?

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Monster Truck Driving Simulator

Ever fancied yourself as a monster truck driver? The cars where the wheels are bigger than your house! Well, now you can put your skills to the test in Monster Truck Driving Simulator! Drive around different maps such as the city or the forest, and smash your way through various obstacles and live the life of a professional madman! Collect coins along your way to purchase bigger, stronger, more exciting trucks for you to have fun with!

The aim of the game is to collect as many coins as possible along your journey, whilst causing destruction along the way! Use the handbrake to spin round in tight spots, do a ‘loop the loop’ and show the world what you are made of! The more money you collect, the bigger and more exciting a truck you can purchase and then do it all again! Playing this game you will need to have razor-sharp hand-eye coordination, to pinpoint driving through the coins using the left/right turn buttons, all whilst focusing on the screen!

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Multi Levels Car Parking

It's valet Bootcamp for you in Multi Levels Car Parking Game, an exciting and merciless parking simulator game. Work your way through 11 different levels, each outfitted with different layouts and obstacles. Get each car through sharp corners and tiny passages, making sure not to hit anything! A great degree of precision and fine motor control is required as you test yourself in Multi Levels Cark Parking.

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Real Football

Step into the world of football like never before with Real Football. This immersive, free simulation sports game offers you the chance to build your dream team and guide them to global glory. Whether you're taking on the role of a manager, leading world champions, or striving for a league or cup championship, Real Football provides a comprehensive, realistic football experience all in one package.

Playing Real Football is not just about entertainment, it's also a platform to enhance your strategic thinking, decision-making skills, and team management abilities. As you navigate through the challenges of managing a football team, you'll find yourself developing a deeper understanding of the game, improving your tactical acumen, and honing your ability to make quick, effective decisions under pressure. This game is as much about skill development as it is about the thrill of the beautiful game.

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The Chess

Immerse yourself in the world of strategy and tactics with The Chess: A Clash of Kings. This innovative game takes the classic chess experience to a whole new level, offering both traditional and unique modes that will keep you on your toes. Whether you're a seasoned chess player or a beginner, this game offers a fresh perspective on the timeless game of chess, allowing you to customize your board and pieces to your liking.

Playing The Chess: A Clash of Kings is not just about entertainment, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your cognitive skills. The game encourages strategic thinking, problem-solving, and foresight, as you must anticipate your opponent's moves and plan your own accordingly. It also helps improve your memory and concentration, as you need to remember the positions of different pieces and the rules associated with each. The game is a perfect blend of fun and mental exercise, making it a great choice for those who love to challenge their minds.

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Penalty Shooters 2

Step onto the pitch and feel the thrill of the beautiful game in Penalty Shooters 2. This immersive football penalty shootout game is a sequel to the classic, now with more leagues and an improved competition system. Choose from 360 football teams across 12 leagues, including the World Cup, Euro Cup, and national leagues from England, Germany, Spain, and more. Experience the tension and excitement of the group stage and knockout phase, where only the best teams will emerge victorious.

Penalty Shooters 2 is not just a game of luck, but a test of your strategic thinking and precision. It enhances your decision-making skills as you choose the right moment to strike or save a penalty. Your hand-eye coordination will be put to the test as you aim your shots and dive for saves. The game also fosters a competitive spirit, pushing you to improve and climb the ranks in the league.

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The Household

Step into the world of farming and family life with The Household. This immersive game offers players the chance to experience the joys and challenges of managing a farm, building a home, and nurturing a family. With its captivating graphics and engaging gameplay, The Household has become a global sensation, allowing players to cultivate their own unique home gardens and farms, form friendships with neighbours, and embark on a journey of landownership and family life.

As you navigate through the game, you'll find yourself developing a range of skills. The Household is not just a game, it's a virtual training ground for strategic thinking, resource management, and problem-solving. You'll learn to balance the demands of running a farm with the needs of your family, all while fostering relationships with your virtual neighbours. The game also enhances your motor skills as you engage in various farming activities, from planting seeds to harvesting crops. It's a fun and engaging way to sharpen your cognitive abilities and motor skills, all while immersing yourself in the charming world of The Household.

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Tiny Football Cup

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of football with Tiny Football Cup. This captivating game offers you the chance to step into the shoes of a football legend, leading your team to victory in intense tournaments and matches. With 28 different teams to unlock and play, you'll have the opportunity to prove your skills on the pitch and claim the title of the number one football player.

Playing Tiny Football Cup is not just about entertainment, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game requires you to plan your moves carefully, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your team and your opponents. It also helps to improve your motor skills, as you'll need to react quickly and accurately to the fast-paced action on the pitch. As you progress through the game, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at making split-second decisions and executing precise movements.

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