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Play simulation games for free on - interactive building simulation games, driving games, fun airplane / helicopter simulation games, as well as real-life & business strategy simulation games for teens.

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Airplane Fly 3D

Airplane Fly 3D Flight Plane will make you feel like the pilot of a plane like you always imagined you could be. You will control the entire flight from liftoff to touchdown and everything in between. Are you ready for a smooth flight or will you hit some turbulence?

The game has stellar graphics and easy controls that you can learn quickly. The learning curve isn't as steep as you would imagine and you will soon be flying like an absolute expert.

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Boat Simulator

Boat Simulator 2 is an open-world simulation game that allows you to pilot the boat of your dreams and explore the high seas. The game comes with four different vehicles to use and two different landscapes to enjoy. Go make a splash!

The game has no rules and no story and that is part of what makes it so fun. It really does allow you to just drive your boat and explore the sea world waiting for you. It is exciting and inviting and also gorgeous to look at.

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Real Parkour Simulator

Leap into a world where gravity is merely a suggestion and every surface is a path to glory in Real Parkour Simulator. Embark on an exhilarating 3D adventure that challenges you to defy the limits of your agility and reflexes. As an ambitious protagonist, you'll navigate through a vibrant and abstract landscape, mastering the art of movement to become a legend in the urban jungle of parkour.

Sharpen your mind and body as you weave through the intricate tapestry of Real Parkour Simulator. This game is a crucible for honing spatial awareness, sharpening reflexes, and cultivating a strategic mindset. As you vault over obstacles and sprint across rooftops, you'll develop an intuitive grasp of physics and momentum, enhancing your ability to anticipate and react to the ever-changing terrain. Embrace the thrill of the chase and let your instincts guide you to new heights of mastery.

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The Island Survival Challenge

Embark on the ultimate test of survival as you play The Island Survival Challenge, a realistic and gruelling survival simulator. Play as a lone survivor, armed with nothing but a spear as you hunt rabbits, kill wolves, and forge weapons and tools. Make axes to chop down trees, pickaxes to mine iron, and fires to cook meat. Do your best to conquer the outdoors and prove you have what it takes to survive!

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Photo Escape

Do you have what it takes to brave the abandoned asylum in Photo Escape, a harrowing and nerve wreaking survival and exploration game where you need to find the way out, using only your camera’s flash as a source of light! Photo Escape’s combination of photography and spooky gameplay makes it a must-play for those with nerves of steel!

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Battle Heroes 3

In Battle Heroes 3, you play as a mercenary sent to defend the border of the kingdom. Develop your hero and warriors with combat and magic skills to hold back the waves of enemies from three different factions: Order, Undead, and Chaos. You can craft items, study at weapon mastery schools, and even grow a pet dragon, cerberus, or luther. Explore the fantasy world, create magical items, and defend the city from attacks or attack caravans to free captured cities. Compete with other players in the arena, capture the kingdom, and upgrade defense towers to raise your faction rating. Enjoy an old school fantasy RPG experience with unlimited hero and warrior development and endless gameplay possibilities.

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3d Car Simulator

Rev up your engines and prepare for the ride of your life with 3D Car Simulator! This immersive and realistic driving game offers you the chance to take the wheel of three distinct cars - a vintage classic, a high-speed racing car, and a law-enforcing police car. With three different maps to explore, each with its own unique terrain and challenges, you'll feel the thrill of the open road from the comfort of your own home.

Playing 3D Car Simulator is not just about the adrenaline rush, it's also a fantastic way to sharpen your cognitive and motor skills. The game's realistic physics and controls require precision and quick thinking, enhancing your hand-eye coordination and decision-making abilities. Whether you're navigating tight city streets in the vintage car, speeding down highways in the racing car, or chasing down criminals in the police car, you'll be developing skills that extend beyond the virtual world.

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Real MTB Downhill 3D

Real MTB Downhill 3D is a high-speed bicycle game for little and Big Kids where you get to blast down a mountain race track, avoiding rocks, going as fast as you can, in order pass each level. This brand fun new virtual bicycle game provides hours of intense 3D action and excitement! It requires superb tactical riding skill and nerves of steel to make it to the finish line without getting launched downhill head first over your handlebars. You’ll need all your wits to survive this fast-paced adventure. Good luck.. as you need it!

The goal is to make it to the finish (in the fastest possible time) without crashing. Once you come off the bike it’s game over! Watch out for the big rocks – if you hit them at speed, your bike will stop but you won’t - you’ll fly into the air and then smash face-first into the ground. And in 3D! Ouch! This will test your reaction times and your quick thinking, as you must be alert to navigate your way down the hill! Ok then. Get set….GO!

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Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Dodgeball, a dynamic water sport game that offers a variety of engaging game modes. Whether you're participating in a thrilling match, wrestling against your opponent in the water, or embarking on a career mode journey, Dodgeball promises a unique and captivating gaming experience. Customize your player and dive into the action!

Playing Dodgeball is not just about fun and excitement, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game demands quick thinking, strategic planning, and sharp reflexes, helping you to improve your decision-making abilities and hand-eye coordination. Whether you're dodging a ball or aiming for a goal in the soccer mode, you'll find your agility and precision constantly tested and improved.

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Real Tractor Farming Simulator

Real Tractor Farming Simulator is an awesome farming game where you can experience life as a real farmer! You can carry out all the day to day tasks that must be fulfilled on a farm. This family friendly game will have you playing for hours.

The aim of the game is to carry out the duties of a real farmer using the tractor. This game requires patience and a solid determination to get things done. You cannot hang around in this game as you must watch out for the fuel level, these tractors have large engines that use a LOT of fuel! So don't be too slow!

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Siren Apocalyptic

Siren Apocalyptic is a horror, survival and exploration game where you play as a special forces agent sent on a dangerous mission! Explore a monster-filled island as you try to find clues that might explain the disappearance of the previous agent. Monsters aside, beware of the terrifying Siren Apocalyptic monster who prowls the lands in search of prey, appearing and disappearing as it pleases.

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Backrooms Escape 1

Immerse yourself in a world of eerie corridors and endless mazes with Backrooms Escape 1. This thrilling game plunges you into a labyrinth of yellow rooms, filled with the unsettling hum of fluorescent lights and the damp scent of wet carpet. Your mission? To survive and escape this labyrinthine nightmare. But beware, you're not alone in this maze. Unseen monsters lurk in the shadows, adding an extra layer of fear to your quest for freedom. Can you navigate your way out and escape the monstrous loneliness of these yellow walls?

Playing Backrooms Escape 1 is not just about survival, it's also a test of your cognitive and motor skills. The game enhances your problem-solving abilities as you navigate through the maze, requiring you to think on your feet and make quick decisions. Your spatial awareness is put to the test as you use the minimap to locate hidden items and avoid lurking monsters. Additionally, your motor skills are honed as you maneuver your character through the maze, picking up items and avoiding obstacles.

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Basketball Simulator 3D

Are you ready for a truly difficult basketball challenge? If so, then pull on your virtual sneakers, and do some warmup – It’s time to take on one of the most challenging basketball games online! Basketball Simulator 3D is a tricky virtual sports game where you have the whole court to yourself and a load of basketballs, your aim is to score as many points as you can in 90 seconds.

Set in a cool 3D full-court simulation environment, this basketball game may well take you a few attempts to master. Getting your shots perfect is a hard skill to master, so to start off you should run closer to the basket and get used to shooting the ball. Once you have taken your shot, you need to quickly run back and pick up a new ball and shoot again until your time runs out. For this game, you will need to be resilient as there will be plenty of shots you will miss if you are a newbie. It's all about your cursor aim and determining the power required for the ball to reach the hoop. Enjoy the challenge!

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Grand Cyber City

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Grand Cyber City, a thrilling game that combines the excitement of vehicle simulations with the intrigue of a captivating storyline. This game offers a rich tapestry of experiences, from high-speed car chases to daring parachute jumps, all set within the futuristic landscape of a sprawling cyber city. With a variety of game modes including missions, races, challenges, and free modes, Grand Cyber City promises an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Grand Cyber City is not just a game, it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. As you navigate through the neon-lit streets of the cyber city, you'll be honing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game's fast-paced nature will also help improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Whether you're executing a daring jump with your car or outmaneuvering opponents in a high-stakes race, every moment in Grand Cyber City is an opportunity to sharpen your skills.

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Simulated Truck Driving

Welcome to the world of trucking! Simulated Truck Driving is a driving game where speed, skill and precision. However, this is no ordinary driving game. There’s a real story behind it. It’s also a race against time and all kinds of obstacles, meaning hours of fun-filled speed and destruction. Do your very best to protect the cargo and treat it as your own! Good luck and see you on the other side!

The aim of the game is to safely deliver the cargo as fast as you can. Try not to lose any cargo along the way as this will negatively affect your score. This will test your ability to control the truck. The terrain is extremely challenging from the first mission as there will be lots of humps and bumps that will try to tip your truck over. Balance this with the need for speed as you will fail the mission if you run out of time! Think you have what it takes?

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Elevated Train Driving Simulator

Elevated Train Driving Simulator Sky Team Driver brings with it an interesting premise, take control of a futuristic cable car inspired train as you navigate through the city making use of roofed train tracks while picking up and dropping off passengers along the way. Switch between tracks to avoid obstacles and get to your, and your passengers', destination safely.

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Flip Parkour Pro

Leap into the electrifying realm of acrobatics with Flip Parkour Pro, where gravity is a mere suggestion, and the thrill of the flip reigns supreme. Prepare to be captivated by a world where every leap is a brushstroke on the canvas of airborne artistry, and each landing is a beat in the rhythm of exhilarating precision.

Embark on a journey that not only spikes your adrenaline but also hones your reflexes and spatial awareness. As you master the art of the flip, you'll find your coordination and timing improving, along with your ability to anticipate and react to the ever-changing challenges that each new level presents. Flip Parkour Pro is more than just a game; it's a training ground for the mind and body, a place where agility meets strategy, and every move is a step towards becoming a parkour virtuoso.

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Top 10 Soccer Managers

Top 10 Soccer Managers is a fun soccer management game. Customise your manager avatar, choose a team from a choice of six nations (England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany or the Netherlands) and away you go in managing your team to glory. In this game, you can control everything about your team, setting match days, choosing sponsors contracts, hiring and firing players, and choosing your game day team and tactics. You will be responsible for the success or failure of your beloved team, and can take them as high or as low as your management skills allow!

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Grand City Car Thief

Ever wanted to drive any car you see drive past? Well now you can with Grand City Car Thief! Act as a criminal and collect cars off this large open world and drive them back to your garage. Walk around and find the cars that are asked of you and then race them back to your garage like a true criminal, fast!
The aim of the game is simple. You will be asked to find and collect a car, find it either by running on foot or driving in another car. Once you have found the car, enter it and drive it back to your garage. You will need to memorise where your garage is and be quick to act on a car as it is driving by!

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Cargo Truck Driver

Cargo Truck Driver: This is a fun driver education simulator game for kids or Big Kids. Take on the open roads in your big truck. You will be carrying cargo and you will be against the clock so the pressure will really be on! Above all else make sure the cargo gets to the end safely. Experience the joys and the stresses of a truck driver! Have fun!

Get the end of the road before the time runs out and with all your cargo still in tact to progress onto the next stage. This game requires careful and efficient driving. This means you have to have a good control over the arrow keys, dont let the truck sway or get out of control. Good spacial awareness is needed too so you dont crash into anything or run the truck off the edge of the cliff. 

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Airplane Fly Simulator

If you have ever dreamed of sailing through a clear blue sky and reaching heights higher than a bird can, Airplane Fly Simulator is for you. It is a game that allows you to be a high-flying hot shot pilot and cruise above the clouds.

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Minicraft is a super casual and simple game that is just perfect to relax with. That said, Minicraftis also a fantastic creative world-building game that easily allows you to unleash your full creativity as you explore mountains, build houses, or even castles. With an unlimited supply of fun resources with which to build, the sky truly is the limit in this Minecraft-esque game!

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3d Moto Simulator

Rev up your engines and prepare for the ride of your life with 3D Moto Simulator. This immersive online game offers a realistic motorbike driving experience, complete with stunning graphics and thrilling sound effects. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice, this game will transport you straight to the open road, where you can test your skills on a variety of motorbikes, all from the comfort of your browser.

As you navigate through the virtual landscapes, you'll find that 3D Moto Simulator is more than just a game - it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. The game's dynamic environment and unpredictable challenges will keep your cognitive skills sharp, while the need for precision and quick reactions will enhance your motor skills. It's a thrilling ride that will keep you on your toes, and you might just find yourself becoming a more focused, agile thinker in the process.

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Airport Rush

Come in tower control you’re going to have your hands full with all the flights heading your direction. In Airport Rush, you will assume the stressful job of an air traffic control officer, tasked with the vitally important job of directing incoming arrivals and giving the go-ahead for departures. Airport Rush is a planning and management focused game where you will need to manage arrivals, refuels, and takeoffs for 2-4 planes at a time! Remember, your job is to keep everyone safe, allow one accident to happened and its game over. Airport Rush offers three exciting maps for you to play on, each arguably harder than the last.

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Miami Super Drive

Miami Super Drive is a simple yet extremely fast-paced racer that is guaranteed to make you scramble for the controls as you speed around corners and bolt down those sweet straights. Pick from several different race cars as you zoom along and through the city with the goal of passing every checkpoint to win each level. Miami Super Drive is a good game that will keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

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Helicopter Flying Simulator

Helicopter Flying Simulator is a fantastically realistic and extremely challenging helicopter pilot simulation game (for kids, teens and grown-ups) with awesome 3D graphics. You play the role as a helicopter pilot, is to complete all 15 tricky flying missions without crashing. You will earn coins for successful missions and will be able to buy better, faster and more agile helicopter! 

Beginners beware! This intense and very tricky flying activity is one of the most technically difficult simulation games we’ve reviewed to date at Learn4Good. While the excellent graphics and representative controls add a huge sense of realism on board, you also have to really "switch on" your focus & multi-tasking skills – just like a real-life helicopter pilot. You will be given tasks like extinguishing fires to save ships and other transport, transport goods from one island to another and many more. It’s time to take it to the sky, we’re counting on you bigtime Captain!

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Building Rush

Building Rush is an incredible city and production management game that puts you in charge of managing a construction company. In Building Rush, as the manager of the company, you will be put in charge of handling finances, delivering building supplies to orders on time, hiring additional trucks to speed up deliveries, and most importantly, making some profit! Building Rush is all about making well-thought-out decisions, while also not being afraid to take a risk on occasion!

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Tap For Money Restaurant

In Tap for Money Restaurant, you play as a tycoon buying up all the cities to make as much money as possible.

Embrace your inner greed and help your boss make money by upgrading your buildings to the most greedy point you can manage and then watch the green roll in. Hire some lackeys to make sure you get your share (and more money) and be sure to hire some workers who will do all the real work down in your hotels and restaurants. And when you get bored? Just go on and buy yourself a new city, why the heck not? With literal quadrillions in your bank account, who’s gonna stop ya?

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Toy Horror Store

Welcome to the Play Time Horror Toy Store! You will face various challenges here, including survival, finding objects and people, defeating enemies, and escaping through the exit. There are three difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard) and three different maps to choose from. Good Luck!

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Tennis Open 2024

Step onto the virtual court and prepare to serve up some serious competition in Tennis Open 2024. This immersive game transports you to the heart of the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments, where you'll face off against top-ranked opponents in a bid for the championship title. With your racket in hand and the crowd cheering you on, it's time to show the world what you're made of. Are you ready to ace your way to victory?

As you navigate the high-stakes world of professional tennis, you'll have the opportunity to hone a variety of skills. Your strategic thinking will be put to the test as you anticipate your opponent's moves and plan your shots accordingly. Your hand-eye coordination will be sharpened with every serve and volley, and your reaction times will be pushed to the limit as you respond to lightning-fast returns. With every match, you'll find your cognitive abilities, motor skills, and competitive spirit growing stronger.

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Maze Game 3D

Get ready to put your spatial awareness skills to the test with Maze Game 3D! In this challenging game, you'll navigate your way through 15 levels of increasingly difficult 3D mazes. Each level is bigger and more complex than the last, so you'll need to stay focused and think strategically to find your way out.

As you progress through the levels, you'll need to use your spatial awareness skills to keep track of where you are and where you need to go. You'll also need to use your problem-solving skills to find the key and then locate the door to advance to the next level.

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Archer Master 3D Castle Defense

Welcome to Archer Master 3D Castle Defense! Defend your castle from wave after wave of enemy attacks with your expert archery skills! Learn how to use your bow on the training field by hitting train targets in preparation for the hordes of enemies that will attack your fortress; scouts, archers, knights, witches, wizards and even dragons will try to beat you! There are lots of cool missions to play too, the enemies will not let you relax. Whether it is winter or summer, whether it is rainy or sunny, you must be ready to repel the attacks.

Your mission is simple. Defend your castle at all costs! Fire your way through the missions and try and complete them all, without being defeated! A top tip is to aim your shots, and don't forget the further your shot, the more the arrow will dip so keep this in mind when aiming! You will need good peripheral vision to keep an eye on all sides of your castle, and use your determination to make sure you keep fighting for as long as possible! You must have solid awareness of what is happening around your character, to best stand a chance of surviving the attacks.

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Crazy Taxi Car Simulation Game 3D

Brave the insanity of busy city streets and the clam, but reckless, off roads as you pick up each and every one of your clients and get them to where they want to go in Crazy Taxi Car Simulation Game 3D. Pick up your clients and get them to their destinations safely and on time in both "Offroad" and "City" mode, each with their own 10 levels. Clear levels to earn money, which you can later use to purchase 4 other types of cars.

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