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Play sports games for free online on Learn4Good Games, with games for young children, teens and Big Kids. Enjoy popular sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, pool, golf, bowling, air hockey, skateboarding, extreme snowboarding & more with your family and friends.  

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Hoop Star

How many points can you score? How many times can you get the ball through the basket? That is the question that Hoop Star asks. It is a game all about lining up the basket with the ball and scoring again and again.

The game has accurate and quick controls that make it more fun and also more intense. You will be constantly attempting to beat your last high score and play again and again and again.

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Flip Surf

Ever wonder what competitive speed surf racing would look like? Well, if so, then is just the game you need to see and play. Compete against dozens of other surfers as you surf through a water themed racetrack filled with water ramps that will send you skyward. Try to see how many flips you can make while in the air, just make sure to align yourself before touching the water again, not doing so correctly could mean game over. Make sure you are in the top 3 to win the race and move on to the next stage.

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Mini Putt Gem Holiday

Mini Putt Gem Holiday is a festive and fun putt putt golf game that will be fun to play again and again. Through all sorts of courses and obstacles, you will learn just how wild and crazy golf can really get.

This game is super responsive to touch and the controls feel accurate. The look and feel of the game is also fun and bright and cheerful and festive. All in all, it makes for a sharp and memorable experience.

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Goal Goal Goal

Goal Goal Goal is an entertaining and simple soccer game where you have to score as many goals as you can before the goalkeeper stops you. Press to aim the ball and select the strength you can to hit it with.

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Rugby Down Hero

Rugby Down Hero is what you get when you mix the game of rugby with monsters and action movies. Is it fun you ask? Well of course it is fun! Make your way from one point of the rugby field to the other, avoiding the enemy players just long enough until you collect three battery charges. Once you've done that, the fun begins as you unleash a superpower attack, killing any player in your path. Win games to progress with the story, earning coins while you do to unlock other playable characters each with their own unique super attacks. Go forth and defeat teams from all around the world!

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The Linear Basketball

Can you get every basketball in the hoop? Play Linear Basketball to draw up your high score! But watch out for the bombs!

In this game, you have to draw lines to make sure that the basketballs go into the hoop. You have to take advantage of gravity and use it to your advantage! You can only miss three balls and you only have three lines you can draw, so use them wisely! The balls will shoot up from the bottom of the screen and it’s your job to score when you can. As the level gets higher, more balls and hoops will appear giving you a chance to score even more! But beware that this also means that it’s easier to miss balls and lose the game. Bombs will also appear at higher levels after the basketballs, so make sure you don’t let them in!

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Tower Boxer

Let's break down some buildings at rocket speed in Tower Boxer!

Playing as any of the serval possible characters, tower boxer is a quick-punch and quicker-thinking game. As you break the building down, extended porches will be coming down as well, and you have to switch out as quickly as possible before it hits you. The thing is, there isn't much time to think, a timer is ticking down, and you have to keep punching to stop it from hitting zero, slow down and the timer runs out, pick up speed and the timer will slow to a crawl and even fill up again if you're punching fast enough!

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Portal Billiards

Portal Billiards is a galactic themed take on the classic game of billiards only with a mild twist. The twist is that you can only sink the red balls into the red portals and the blue balls into the blue portals. Oh, and the portals keep changing pockets, so make sure to keep that in mind! Portal Billiards allows you to play against an AI opponent or against a friend on the same device.

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Real Football Challenge

Get ready to experience the thrill of the pitch with Real Football Challenge. This game is not just about scoring goals, it's about mastering the art of football. With its realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action. Whether you're a seasoned football fan or a newcomer to the sport, Real Football Challenge offers a unique blend of strategy and skill that will keep you coming back for more.

Real Football Challenge is more than just a game, it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. As you navigate through the game, you'll be honing your strategic thinking, decision-making skills, and hand-eye coordination. Every kick, every pass, every goal is a testament to your growing skills. The game's tactical puzzles will challenge your cognitive abilities, pushing you to think several steps ahead and anticipate your opponent's moves. It's not just about physical prowess, but mental agility as well.

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Soccer Mob

Take football rivalry to a whole other level in Soccer Mob. In this online multiplayer strategy game gather your crew of diehard fans and travel from stadium to stadium country to country and square up against fans of rival teams in real time. Build your crew and take on rival crews from all over the world with ease.

Play a number of mini games in your pursuit of creating the largest strongest mob in the world. Sell tickets to fights, Train and most importantly fight. Take part in fights but make sure your team is strong enough to take the other team or you will suffer a defeat. The game requires a simple login mechanism to save progress to your profile

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Stickman Parkour

Get your adrenaline pumping in Stickman Parkour as you race and jump along rooftops, scale buildings, slide under gates and shoot yourself into the air to see if you can reach the finish line before anyone else. This is a game that does parkour racing right, why not try it out for yourself and get lost in the excitement.

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Air Hockey Game

Air Hockey Game is a classic game of air hockey like in the arcade. Play against the computer and try to beat it in different difficulties. Whoever reaches fifteen points first wins, don’t let the computer beat you, become the best at air hockey.

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Pro Bowling 3D

Get a taste of having your very own virtual bowling alley in the comfort of your own home in Pro Bowling 3D. Take part in an ultra-realistic game of bowling that stays true to the actual sport in every possible way. Try and accumulate as many strikes as you can in this gorgeous sports simulation game and prove yourself to be the bowling king

Position your ball, trace the path you want it to follow then flick to give it the momentum it needs to knock down the pins. Try not to fall into the gutter though, the surface is quite slippery and a miscalculated throw will lead to an undesirable outcome.

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Touchdown Rush

Touchdown Rush is the game where we can fulfill our fantasies! Arm yourself with a football and survive for as long as you can running down the field for a touchdown. Dodge and jump over oncoming defenders as they try and tackle you and see how far you can get! The further you manage to get, the higher your score will be! Don’t forget though, the further you get the more difficult it will become! Have you got what it takes? Click play and find out!

Run as far as you can without getting tackled and try to score a touchdown by racing the end of the pitch. Avoid the oncoming defenders by dodging left and right and if there is no time to do that, jump over them! On your run collect perks and upgrades too which will help you along your way, or give you a higher score! You will need excellent timing skills on this game; time your jump or dodge too early or late and you will be tackled and it will be game over! So really focus on pressing the buttons at the right time to maximise your distance covered!

This authentic virtual sports game features really good 3D graphics that make you feel part of the action while the incredibly-detailed play book could have been taken from the secret tactics manual of any top College or NFL team! Super-fast reactions with quick mouse-clicking and keyboard tapping skills are absolutely essential when the ball is in play, but your in-game management strategy is equally important. Remember, you play the multiple roles of the head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams manager of your team. All of the "awesome" tactics must come from you. Now, have you got the steel to steer your team to ultimate glory?

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Ski Jump

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a ski jumper in this simple but tricky Ski Jump game! It’s truly a rush of adrenaline as you wait for the right time to leap into the fluff of snow. You progress all the way from qualifying for the events to trying to win the competition outright! This game will test your precision timing. Soar high and press play!

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Underwater Bicycle Racing

Underwater Bicycle Racing is an awesome fun and fast-paced bicycle racing game with a are completely submerged underwater; in fact everything is! This game is set in the deepest darkest oceans so therefore you will have to watch out no big sharks come and see what's going on! Come and have a go, you won't regret it!

The aim of this game is to reach the end of the circuit by the time that the timer runs out! Collect oxygen, gems and speed boosts along your way! You will need good control of the bike here, good balance which will be achieved by nifty fingers on the keyboard. The route can get quite twisty so you'd better hope you are on your A-game for this! Good luck!

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Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Play this great penalty shootout game against a bot or play real people online and try to score and save as many goals as you can. Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is a skill and reactions-based soccer football game where you must try to score a goal against the keeper and switch after every turn to try and save the opponent's shot. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

Skills required: This fun yet challenging, soccer goal scoring game requires quick reactions, good concentration skills, shrewd decision making, an endless desire to win!

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Mountain Bike

Bike racing enthusiasts… get ready for the toughest challenge that you’ve ever faced on two wheels! Mountain Bike is a truly wild and wacky bicycle racing game for kids set in the woods and you must race to finish the course...without falling over! Sounds easy? Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to complete the course and reach the checkpoints! Once you reach a checkpoint with energy left, this is where you will restart if you crash, if you have lives remaining! Using your quick reactions and fast fingers is essential to success, as you can reach truly amazing speeds on your little pushbike. A flair for angles is also good to have as moving fast can make it difficult to stay upright at times...just use your judgment! This fun cycling adventure is simply out of this world – have fun, but try not to tip over!

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Swimming Pro

Swimming Pro will put you in the middle of an Olympic swim battle against other opponents from all over the world. Do you have what it takes to bring home the gold medal?

The game is easy to control and controls feel fantastic and the challenge is strong and fun too. This is a swimming simulator that feels wonderful on smartphones and tablets.

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Ski Jump Challenge

Embrace the thrill of winter sports with Ski Jump Challenge, a game that brings the adrenaline rush of ski jumping right to your fingertips. This game is not just about the excitement of the jump, but also the precision of the landing. With its realistic graphics, advanced physics system, and immersive sounds, you'll feel like you're part of a real ski jumping competition. Whether you're a fan of the Winter Olympics or just looking for a new challenge, Ski Jump Challenge is the perfect game to test your skills and enjoy the exhilarating world of ski jumping.

As you soar through the air in Ski Jump Challenge, you're not just having fun, you're also honing your skills. The game requires a keen sense of timing and precision, helping to enhance your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. It also encourages strategic thinking, as you'll need to decide the best moment to jump and land to achieve the highest score. So, strap on your virtual skis and get ready to push your cognitive and motor skills to the limit!

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Hyper Football Kick Up Party

Hyper Football Kick Up Party is a simple and casual game where you see for how long you are able to keep a football bouncing, as well as trying to break your record with each subsequent play. Improve your reflexes and decision making as you try to set a higher and higher record.

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Baseball Hit

Ready to swing? You will need to - a lot - when playing Baseball Hit. This bright and explosive game has you swinging your baseball bat at a bunch of different objects from fruits to balls. But do not swing at the bomb or else your game is over!

This game is expertly made and is a lot of fun. You will want to play again and again. It is pretty much endless as long as you keep swinging and hitting.

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Tiny Football Cup

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of football with Tiny Football Cup. This captivating game offers you the chance to step into the shoes of a football legend, leading your team to victory in intense tournaments and matches. With 28 different teams to unlock and play, you'll have the opportunity to prove your skills on the pitch and claim the title of the number one football player.

Playing Tiny Football Cup is not just about entertainment, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game requires you to plan your moves carefully, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your team and your opponents. It also helps to improve your motor skills, as you'll need to react quickly and accurately to the fast-paced action on the pitch. As you progress through the game, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at making split-second decisions and executing precise movements.

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Skate Rush Challenge

Experience the craziness of school hallways again, just not quite as you think. Join the adrenaline-seeking and rabblerousing pro kid skater, Kick, in Skate Rush Challenge, as he skates through hallways, jumps over traps, and avoids hitting his friends. Skate Ruch Challenge is a platform scrolling game where you need to help Kick skate through all of the obstacles and reach the end safely! A great casual game that any age would enjoy!

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Minigolf Master

Mini Golf Master: Come and challenge your golf skills in this exciting addictive yet incredibly simple game! You must put the ball in the hole in some funky designed courses. You will be given the details of how many shots is required to make par, and then you will get a birds eye view of the course. Plan your approach and become the next global golf superstar! Progress up through every increasing levels of difficulty to add to the challenge. Good luck!

Put the ball in hole through the lawns with the minimum number of shots. You will need good coordination and a steady hand on the mouse. A lack of nerve or a wobbly hand will result in your shot going wide or maybe going too long. Judge the power required and act accordingly. A tip is think about putting more power into your shot to bounce off the walls and into the hole first time!

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Jumping Horse 3D

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the rider of a show jumping horse? Well, if so, Jumping Horse 3D might just be the game for you or your little ones as you compete across various tracks to see if you have what it takes. Take the reins of a beautiful show horse and prove you can clear all the hurdles and beat every obstacle thrown at you!

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Basketball Challenge

When you reflect and think logically about it, basketball is much more than just a bunch of very tall, amazingly agile athletes trying to throw or slam a synthetic ball into a hoop. If you take into account the trajectory, pace and angle calculations that come into play with each shot, it’s easy to see how physics plays a very big part in this hugely popular global sport! Basketball Challenge combines physics and basketball in a wacky, mouse-clicking, skill-based sports game and this game is definitely...worth a shot. Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to score a shot with the basketball. Get it in the hoop and enjoy the satisfying feeling of watching the netting rustle! This addicting physics-based sports game requires pinpoint accuracy, and some knowledge of angles, trajectory, and power. You have to think on your feet as each shot will be different so you have to quickly adjust your aim accordingly. You don’t have to be an NBA All-Star or even a regular basketball fan to become MVP here. This game should be a good fit for fans of fun physics-based puzzle games & online brain teasers where you have to quickly calculate the best solution! Keep your eye on the ball!

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Minigolf World

Minigolf World is a new version of the mini golf game. Come and challenge your mini golf skills in this vast expansive world. Show off to your friends how well you can compete in this virtual environment as you play your way round, with each level getting progressively more difficult. Have you got what it takes to be the next global golf superstar? It all starts here, come and have a go!

Pot the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible as you try to stay below, or on, par. This game will test your judgement as you will need to judge the aim and the power so you can make your way round each individual hole. Be careful not to hit with too much power as this will make you overshoot the hole and this will affect your score!

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Extreme Jet Ski Racing

Are you feeling hot and in need of an ice cold thrill ride? Get yourself ready for Extreme Jet Ski Racing! You have to play a role as a Jet Ski Driver to drive a crazy Jet Ski Boat. Thrash your way round the tracks, either competitively or by yourself to practice. Earn money to upgrade your jet ski, and to improve your outfit and go faster as a result! What is not to like? Come and see if you have what it takes, come and take on the ultimate high speed water challenge!

The aim of the game is to win, it is that simple! Take part in different races and different modes to earn your reputation as a top tier jet ski racer! Earn coins to upgrade yourself and your jet ski, and dominate the water. You will need a good understanding of how the jet ski behaves in water to succeed at this game! It is not the same as driving a car! Turning takes longer and slowing down takes longer as well! Bare this in mind when you hop on board and try to reach the top of the racing world!

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Street Dunk

Strap on your sports shoes and experience the joy of hoop shooting, just virtually in Street Dunk, a basketball game that will test your aiming ability as well as perception skills. In Street Dunk, you will have the choice of two different game modes to play. The first is normal or high score mode, which is called “tap to play”, in this mode you basically have to sink every shot without missing once! If you do, you will need to start over from the beginning. The second mode is “training”, it plays the same way as normal mode, the only difference is that it lets you repeat the level if you miss. Street Dunk all-in-all has 48 challenging and obstacle-laden levels for you to play through and beat!

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Glow Hockey HD

Glow Hockey HD is the coolest and brightest way to play table hockey. The board is bright and luminous and the controls are great and fun. Altogether, this is the best way to enjoy a round of table hockey. Just be prepared to get sucked in because it can be addictive.

The look and feel of this game is what makes it so special and fun to play. It feels like something from a sci-fi movie and the sounds are just as good as the sights.

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Trickshot Arena

Trickshot Arena is a game similar to air hockey where you have to control your disk and hit a ball to score a goal. Score as many goals as you can before running out of balls. Every time you miss a shot, you will lose a ball, lose all three and you have to start from zero.

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Pool Club

Pool Club is an exciting and fast-paced game. Try to get all the balls inside the holes before the time runs out, and earn points while doing so. If you don’t get all the balls inside in time you lose the game and have to start from zero. Have fun improving your time and getting better at the game.

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Darts King

Step up to the oche and embrace the thrill of precision in Darts King, the ultimate digital dart-throwing experience that challenges your aim and rewards your steady hand. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of competitive darts, where every throw is a step towards royalty.

Sharpen your mind and refine your coordination as you navigate through the ranks of dart aficionados. Darts King isn't just a test of accuracy; it's a mental gymnasium where strategic thinking, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills converge. Feel your concentration deepen and your reflexes quicken with every match that brings you closer to the coveted title of the Darts King.

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Squad Goals: Soccer 3d

Get ready to experience the thrill of the world's most popular sport like never before in Squad Goals: Soccer 3D! This immersive 3D soccer game offers a unique blend of simplicity and excitement, transforming every match into a high-octane ball brawl. With no fouls, no offsides, and no cards, it's all about the pure joy of the game. Whether you're sliding, tackling, dribbling, or shooting, all it takes is a single finger to dominate the field and score the winning goal!

Playing Squad Goals: Soccer 3D is not just about fun, it's also a great way to enhance your skills. The game helps to improve your cognitive abilities as you strategize your moves and anticipate your opponent's actions. It also enhances your motor skills as you control your players with precision and speed. Moreover, the game fosters decision-making skills as you decide when to pass, shoot, or dribble. It's a complete package that combines entertainment with skill development.

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Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D is a straight-forward online water-skiing game for kids where you have to guide the character as far as possible down a slippy water slide on a board. Watch out for the obstacles designed to make it difficult for you, as well as the dummy pads you need to bounce off on the jumps! Make sure the pad you are bouncing off is sturdy and bouncy! Good luck!

Get as far down the slide as possible to gain a high score! This fun sports & skill arcade game will really test your quick reactions, as the slide comes toward you at super-fast speeds. Your prediction skills will also be tested, as you have to try and guess what the safe path will be through the oncoming objects. Have you got the ability to make a splash and help the character stay on the slide for the whole journey? Only one way to find out.

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