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Learn4Good Games lists free online sports games for children and Big Kids. Play football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf games, pool, darts, bowling, curling, air hockey, snowboarding, skateboarding games and more, with your family and friends. Enjoy the action! 

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Pool Clash: Ball Billiards Snooker

Pool Clash 8 Ball Billiards Snooker is an amusing and realistic 8-pool game, where you can play against a computer, multiplayer games, or complete challenges to see how good you are at billiards. There are several difficulties when playing against the computer and as many as 120+ challenges.

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Head to Head Soccer

Play as some of soccer's brightest stars in the wacky game of ‘Heads Arena’ – where players face off against each other on a confined football field, and try to force the ball into the opponent's goal during a pinball-style frenzy of ball ricocheting action! Head to Head Soccer is an awesome, high-energy, bobble-head, football-based skill game – playable on iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! In crazy 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 match-ups against the computer or your friends or family, you play as bobble-head caricatures of famous footballers, and must out-score your opponent in a game that combines the mayhem and fun of soccer, pinball, air hockey, volleyball, and table tennis all in one!

Skills required: This fun, addictive and highly stimulating, reactions-based ball game places great emphasis on sharp reflexes, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, timing, and your ability to react to a fast-moving ball in a confined space. The sheer unpredictability of the ricocheting soccer ball means that you must be completely focused and concentrated at all times if you want to combine attack and defense to triumph over your opponent.

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Basketball Simulator 3D

Are you ready for a truly difficult basketball challenge? If so, then pull on your virtual sneakers, and do some warmup – It’s time to take on one of the most challenging basketball games online! Basketball Simulator 3D is a tricky virtual sports game where you have the whole court to yourself and a load of basketballs, your aim is to score as many points as you can in 90 seconds.

Set in a cool 3D full-court simulation environment, this basketball game may well take you a few attempts to master. Getting your shots perfect is a hard skill to master, so to start off you should run closer to the basket and get used to shooting the ball. Once you have taken your shot, you need to quickly run back and pick up a new ball and shoot again until your time runs out. For this game, you will need to be resilient as there will be plenty of shots you will miss if you are a newbie. It's all about your cursor aim and determining the power required for the ball to reach the hoop. Enjoy the challenge!

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Ultimate Baseball

Ultimate Baseball is a fun casual game that should be just perfect for baseball fans as well as for the kids. Step in the shoes of the batter, as you try to score as many home runs as you can through timed sequence events. Don't worry if you miss it just keep trying until you get the hang of it!

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See if you have what it times to become the next king of the BMX scene in this thrilling stunt game. BMX Kid is an extreme stunt BMX game that will have you test your skills across its 40 obstacle-filled and hazardous levels! Collect as many blue stars as you can to unlock power-ups, usage items, other characters and fun costumes. BMX Kid is a great game that manages to strike the right balance between challenge and casual fun! Fun which you can experience in both of the game’s two game modes (Arcade and Survival).

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Ultimate Robo Duel

Ultimate Robo Duel 3D is the ultimate robotic fighting game! Progress through a range of levels in career mode or simply play against the computer or a friend. The realistic sounds, effects and atmosphere will make you think you're actually in the arena! The multiplayer mode allows you to battle your friends and find out who's the ultimate robot fighter. Test and improve your reaction times and motor skills by using combinations of different fighting moves. With many different moves to try, the sky's the limit.

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Soccer Cup Touch

2018 Soccer Cup Touch is a fun and challenging soccer game brought right to the palm of your hand!

Become a champion in this mini version of the great game of soccer! Pick your favorite team and go up against the computer. You get three moves per turn and you can move one of your characters per move. Reposition and kick the ball to try and score goals, but don’t just hit opposing players! That will count as a foul and automatically end your turn! Can you beat all of the other teams and be number one? Play today and find out!

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Sprinter Heroes

How fast can you run? Do you have what it takes to win a foot race? That is the question you will answer with Sprinter Heroes. This sports game will have you running faster than a gold medalist Olympian in no time.

Choose your runner and choose the country you want to run in. Then it's time to lace up your running shoes and beat the competitors. When the race begins, tap the A and D keys repeatedly as quickly as you can to make your character run. If you are playing in two-player mode then the friend you're playing alongside will be using the let and right arrow keys at the same time, allowing for you to compete against your friends in real-time.

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Football Kickoff

Step into the cleats of a pro kicker in Football Kickoff, an immersive and thrilling game that brings the high-stakes world of American football right to your fingertips. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you take the field, the crowd's cheers echoing in your ears, the game's outcome resting on your shoulders. With the wind whipping around you, the goalposts in sight, and the scoreboard ticking, it's time to show the world what you've got. Can you kick your way to victory?

Football Kickoff isn't just a game; it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. As you navigate the challenges of wind direction, angle, and power, you'll be honing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game's fast-paced nature will also test and improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. So, whether you're a football enthusiast or a casual gamer, Football Kickoff offers a fun and engaging way to sharpen your cognitive and motor skills.

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Skateboard Master

See if you are worthy to be crowned the ultimate street shedding master in Skateboard Master! In Skateboard Master, you will compete against dozens of other pro skaters as you race and swerve along an endless skate track! Skate through speed tiles for an extra boost, jump tiles to launch you into the air, just make sure to avoid the slow down tiles or the dangerous crates that lay around. Slam into one crate and it’s game over. But enough of that, go and see if you can beat the competition and claim the title of skate master.

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Gully Baseball

Gully Baseball is a fun street baseball game, in which you’ll go one against one to score the most points from the same throws as your opponent! You play on the streets, and good hits that smash windows behind the pitcher will score bonus points. If you’re winning, you’ll get a champion’s crown, and if you still have the most points at the end of the level, you’ll be able to take on new opponents!

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Basketball Shot

Feel like playing a game of basketball but all the web ones are too easy? Why not give Basketball Shot a shot instead; a fun, casual and relaxing game while still giving you some challenge. You make as many shots as you want, but you will only have 9 "lives", so try not to miss. The goal? See how many points you can get, show your friends, challenge them and see if they can beat it.

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Snowboard Betty

Master the intricate and spectacular art of snowboarding in this quick-fire snowboarding simulation game! Snowboard Hero is a fun, mouse control-based skill game where you control a highly-talented snow sports specialist as you slalom downhill on an obstacle-filled mountain course. The speed will increase as you progress further making it more difficult! Can you handle the speed and avoid the obstacles? Good luck!

Reach as far down the mountain as you can, whilst avoiding the obstacles! You will need to make sure you have sharp reactions, hand-eye coordination skills, steady mouse control, good anticipation skills, and a flair for the spectacular if you want to succeed at this game! Repeat the run to increase your score with each attempt.

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8 Ball Billiard Pool

Do you love the action and intensity of pocket billiard sports? If so, get a load of 8 Ball Billiard Pool, a fun and fast-paced version that combines some basic snooker rules, pool, and super-fast cue action! Take on awesome challenges where you have to pot the balls. While this difficult ball game is based on the break-building skill of snooker, it takes place on an American-style pool table – which adds to the unpredictability and fun! These billiards balls fly around the table!

The aim of the game is to complete the task within the number of lives specified! This ball-potting extravaganza requires a little appreciation of physics and angles; predicting the path of each ball as they ricochet off the sides is vitally important. You need to be totally focused – you always see snooker superstars in deep concentration – and this is no different! Each challenge tests different aspects of your potting ability – you need to pocket those balls quickly, accurately, and skillfully. Ok Potting Shark, that’s your ‘cue’ to show us what you can do!

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Police Stickman Fighting Game

Police Stickman Fighting Game is a simple yet very challenging finger-sports game for kids and teens where you have to try and clear the streets of danger as a police officer. This will give you first hand fighting experience which may one day be required for working in the police! Are you a natural born fighter, or a keyboard warrior? It is time to find out!

You are taking the role of a police officer and gone are the days of weapons...this has gone back to classic hand to hand combat! Follow and complete the objectives and it will certainly involve some fist fighting! Are you ready? This will require expert skills on the keyboard to effectively land shots on your enemies. The more shots you land the more damage you will do, however this may leave you vulnerable to attack, so remember to block.

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BMX Online

BMX Online is a hair-raising bike game that will see you soaring off into the skies! Complete as many cool flips as possible whilst trying to win the race. Find a fine balance between flipping, and racing. Challenge your opponents and your friends to a bike race they will never forget.

The aim of this game is to win in the cycling race. Gain speed by completing flips and beat your opponents - these opponents could be your friends since they can play on the same game with you! Use your ambition and competitiveness to win at this game, make sure you complete the flips to gain speed whilst maintaining absolute control over the bike! Do not fall off as this will likely cause you to slip in the rankings.

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Top 10 Soccer Managers

Top 10 Soccer Managers is a fun soccer management game. Customise your manager avatar, choose a team from a choice of six nations (England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany or the Netherlands) and away you go in managing your team to glory. In this game, you can control everything about your team, setting match days, choosing sponsors contracts, hiring and firing players, and choosing your game day team and tactics. You will be responsible for the success or failure of your beloved team, and can take them as high or as low as your management skills allow!

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Pocket League 3D

Face off against highly skilled opponents in this 1v1 or 2v2 high octane arcade game that blends Football and Cars in Pocket League 3D. Experience top of the line gameplay with absolutely stunning graphics and physics while immersing yourself in the competitive world of pocket league

Take part In matches against bots or couch play with your buddies and have a blast while you race, drift, jump and score your way to victory, You don’t have to be a good driver in real life to play all you need is some quick reflexes and sharp timing to catch your opponent off guard and outscore them before the timer runs out.

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Basketball Street

Prove yourself as a street basketball superstar in this highly-addicting, aiming and accuracy-based ball launching game playable on mobile, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Basketball Street is a straight-forward, free-throw basketball simulation game where you must shoot the ball from various places on the court into a basket! See how many rounds you can complete! 

This HTML5-based, online basketball / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. Key skills required: Sharp hand-eye coordination, anticipation skills, and a fair understanding of angles, power, and trajectory. A willingness for trial and error is also important as it may take a few turns to fully get to grips with the aiming / throwing mechanism. Keep playing, and try to beat your high score with each attempt! 

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Billiard Golf

Billiard Golf is a casual and fun golf game, where you have to complete each level with a single shot. Control the strength and direction of the ball and make it reach the hole to beat the level.

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Tennis Open 2024

Step onto the virtual court and prepare to serve up some serious competition in Tennis Open 2024. This immersive game transports you to the heart of the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments, where you'll face off against top-ranked opponents in a bid for the championship title. With your racket in hand and the crowd cheering you on, it's time to show the world what you're made of. Are you ready to ace your way to victory?

As you navigate the high-stakes world of professional tennis, you'll have the opportunity to hone a variety of skills. Your strategic thinking will be put to the test as you anticipate your opponent's moves and plan your shots accordingly. Your hand-eye coordination will be sharpened with every serve and volley, and your reaction times will be pushed to the limit as you respond to lightning-fast returns. With every match, you'll find your cognitive abilities, motor skills, and competitive spirit growing stronger.

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Stickman Boxing Ko Champion

Stickman Boxing KO Champion is a boxing game for teens where you basically have to knock out your opponent before he knocks you out in order to win each match. In this intense combat sport game, you get to fight against a wide range of brutal opponents and you need to take them down super-fast with your furious fists! To survive this heavy onslaught, you need to be quick on your toes, ruthless and relentless – an unstoppable force! Ready for some fighting action? Let’s bring it on Champ!

OK, your mission is simple. You are striving to become the stickman champion, so you will need to take out the best if you want to become the best! Knock your opponent out to win! This game will take excellent timing skills to dodge attacks and make your own as effective as possible! Plenty of power and bravery is needed behind those gloves to cause damage too! Make sure your opponent wont be getting up anytime soon! 

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Basket Slam Dunk 2

Basket Slam Dunk 2 is the basket focused game that any true fan of the sport has to play! Complete with an inviting and sleek looking pixel art design, this game is all about scoring some sweet dunks across its four game modes. Test yourself and earn some coins in “Arcade” mode, using these coins to unlock cool characters. Try your luck against the computer in “Vs Com”. Play with a friend in “1 Vs 1” or see how good you really are and play against some of the most skilled players around the world in “multiplayer”. Whatever your preferred game type, this game has you covered!

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Rugby Rush

Rugby Rush will make you feel the immense and intense wild surge of energy you would experience when on the rugby field. Run to your teammates, avoid defenders and make your way to the goal.

This game has impressive graphics and easy-to-control mechanics so you can quickly learn how to play but it will always present a serious challenge. If you are a rugby fan, you will get lost in this game and want to play for hours on end.

Rugby is an intense game and this game proves that. Make sure you are aware of all the opposing players coming your way at all times otherwise they will sneak up on you and take you down.

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Basketball Master

Prove yourself to be a true virtual basketball hotshot by scoring increasingly-difficult throws using a drag-and-drop shooting action! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Basketball Master is a straight-forward, fun yet challenging basketball simulation where you use your computer mouse or tapping action to score as many baskets in a row as possible. This can be extremely tricky with the shots becoming more difficult as you progress – with obstacles and moving targets being introduced as the shots to take on get harder and harder. There is simply no room for error in Basketball Master; one missed shot, and your game is over! Keep trying to increase your high score with each new run!

This multi-level, HTML5-based, street basketball / ball throwing simulation game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include focus, sharp hand-eye coordination, good anticipation skills and judgment of the flight trajectory, and a real determination and will to win. Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills come into play as you work to figure out the correct looping angle and trajectory for each new shot. An acceptance of trial and error is also important; if you fail on one particular level, try and learn from your mistake on the next shot.

Controls: On PC / laptop as well as on mobile devices, you shoot using a drag and release shooting action. Drag with your computer mouse cursor on PC / notebook, and with your finger on mobile / tablet. A dotted target line (of basketballs) appears as your aiming and flight guide. Release your click or finger to shoot.

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Penalty Shooters 2

Step onto the pitch and feel the thrill of the beautiful game in Penalty Shooters 2. This immersive football penalty shootout game is a sequel to the classic, now with more leagues and an improved competition system. Choose from 360 football teams across 12 leagues, including the World Cup, Euro Cup, and national leagues from England, Germany, Spain, and more. Experience the tension and excitement of the group stage and knockout phase, where only the best teams will emerge victorious.

Penalty Shooters 2 is not just a game of luck, but a test of your strategic thinking and precision. It enhances your decision-making skills as you choose the right moment to strike or save a penalty. Your hand-eye coordination will be put to the test as you aim your shots and dive for saves. The game also fosters a competitive spirit, pushing you to improve and climb the ranks in the league.

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Real Football

Step into the world of football like never before with Real Football. This immersive, free simulation sports game offers you the chance to build your dream team and guide them to global glory. Whether you're taking on the role of a manager, leading world champions, or striving for a league or cup championship, Real Football provides a comprehensive, realistic football experience all in one package.

Playing Real Football is not just about entertainment, it's also a platform to enhance your strategic thinking, decision-making skills, and team management abilities. As you navigate through the challenges of managing a football team, you'll find yourself developing a deeper understanding of the game, improving your tactical acumen, and honing your ability to make quick, effective decisions under pressure. This game is as much about skill development as it is about the thrill of the beautiful game.

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Football Storm Strike

Play a fast-paced, soccer goal shooting game for mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop players! Football Storm Strike is an action-packed, soccer football-based skill game where you find yourself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and must score as many spectacular goals as possible!

Forget those fancy formations and tactical plans! This boils down to a very simple question; Have you got the nerve, poise, and skill to repeatedly put the ball into the back of the net under extreme pressure?

This highly-addicting, online soccer game requires good hand-eye coordination and fast reactions - whether you're using your mouse or finger to shoot the ball goalward. Smashing the ball in the general direction of the net is not sufficient here – You need a certain amount of creativity and guile to know when to change up your shot trajectory, when to bend the ball around the goalie, and how to respond to a saved effort. You're in the Big League now – It's time to step up and show off that striker's instinct you've been dreaming about!

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If you have a passion for hurdle races then Hurdles is the perfect game for you. Compete in various races to earn points and become the best at it. Select your preferred nationality from the list, and participate as the representative of your country.

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Basketball Slam Dunk

Basketball Slam Dunk is a fun single-player or multiplayer game where you have to compete one on one to score dunks. The characters will jump and you have to guide them to the corresponding hoop. Score three points to win.

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Ice Hockey Challenge

Strap on your pads, guards, and helmets, it’s Ice Hockey time! Hockey Challenge 3D is a fast-paced 1-player ice hockey simulation game where you take control of your very own hockey player and shoot for goal! Perfect for all the family, this game will have you playing for hours!

The aim of this game is to score as many goals as possible with your hockey puck! Ice Hockey is a high-octane, goal-scoring sport where strength, agility, speed, and lots of skill are key to success. Utilize your quick reactions and nifty fingers to get a hold of that puck and shoot for goal. Leave nothing out on the ice – there’s no room for quitters here! Are there any new Hockey Superstars out there, ready to push their team to the next level? We’re about to find out. Good luck!

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Ultimate Baseball

Ultimate Baseball es un divertido juego casual perfecto tanto para los aficionados al béisbol como para los niños. Ponte en la piel del bateador e intenta anotar tantos jonrones como puedas a través de secuencias cronometradas. No te preocupes si fallas, ¡sigue intentándolo hasta que le cojas el truco!

Cómo jugar: Una vez en el juego, y una vez que el lanzador haya lanzado la bola hacia ti, ésta pasará por tres fases: roja, azul y verde. Golpea la bola mientras está roja supondrá un strike, azul un golpe cercano y verde un homerun. Para golpear la bola mientras se acerca a ti, toca o haz clic en una de las tres opciones mostradas: swing alto, medio y bajo. El primer lanzamiento actuará como una especie de tutorial, ralentizando la bola y resaltando la opción correcta a pulsar, esto te dará una buena idea de cómo jugar.

Ultimate Baseball puede jugarse en navegadores de móviles y de escritorio.

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Neon Dunk

Use fast-tapping and reaction skills to keep a floating basketball in play, and maneuver it through ascending hoops! Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC / Mac, Neon Dunk is a very challenging, survival and timing-based skill arcade game for kids, teens & adults where you must keep control of a falling basketball by clicking or tapping on the play area to keep it airborne and consistently dropping through the hoops that are randomly placed along the narrow play area. The rules are simple and strict; the basketball cannot touch the spikes at the top or bottom of the game screen, and it MUST travel through each hoop in order to keep the action going. 

This is a HTML5-based, "one level, repeat play", interactive reactions / skill game where your task is to defeat your own top score with each new attempt (You score one point for each hoop cleared). The game file should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. 

In addition to accurate and tactful screen tapping (or mouse clicking) skills, high levels of focus and concentration are vitally important here. There are no second chances or fancy power-ups – one mistake, and you're done! Great patience and dogged determination are required when you start playing because the controls may take a few attempts to get used to. Enjoy the tricky action!

Controls: Simply click or tap on the play area to ‘jump’ the basketball slightly higher. Click / tap on the left hand side of the play area to jump the ball up and to the left, and click / tap on the right hand side of the game screen to jump the ball up and to the left. You must repeatedly tap the game screen to keep the basketball in play. Don't tap too often however, as the basketball gets punctured by the top spikes if it travels too high. On PC, you can also play using the left and right arrow keys on your computer keyboard.

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Ultimate Boxing

Step into the ring for a highly-challenging boxing simulation game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop! Ultimate Boxing is a very tricky, one-on-one boxing fight simulator game for older kids / teens where you take on a crafty computer rival. Your goal is very simple: Knock out (KO) your opponent! Utilize your jab punches, left and right hooks, uppercuts, and good defensive blocking technique to overpower your virtual opponent. Then, when the moment is right – send him sleeping to the canvas!

This high-octane, interactive fighting game requires many of the attributes of successful real-life boxers: Smart reactions and reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, fast hand speed, a hard chin, and endless reserves of stamina and courage! Smart strategy and decision making are also vitally important. Going out all guns blazing and throwing wild punches might look cool, but your virtual opponent is far too streetwise to fall for that. You must ‘box clever’ as they say – picking the right time to pounce and punish your rival if he lets his guard down or looks tired. Ok Champ, the day has come! Seconds out – Round 1!

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Champion Soccer

Take part and join some of the best soccer playing countries in the world as they compete to see who is the best! Champion Soccer is a casual 3v3 soccer game that allows you to pick from up to 12 countries to play as and against. But unlike normal soccer, Champion Soccer gives you the option of playing with explosive mines and freezing cannonballs! Champion Soccer is a great casual game to keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

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Motocross Hero

Nothing like the thrill of a good old fashioned bike race. In Motocross Hero, you will compete against three other riders as you ride through an endless desert racetrack. Your objective is to stay alive for as long as you can, without exhausting your 3 lives, and to see how high a score you can earn. Take out other players, ride over ramps, and battle to keep your bike in control at all times, all this you expect in Motocross Hero!

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