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French Pastry, Baking & Culinary School in Paris

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Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts, Paris:
Located in the heart of Paris, Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts provides quality education in the fields of French Cooking and French Pastry to local and international students from around the world - from secondary vocational education to continuing education for professionals. We offer intensive cooking and pastry programs taught in English that include internships. In addition, we provide week-long training courses in specialized areas of French Cuisine and French Pastry / Breads, half-day pastry courses, and customized cookery courses for professional cooks, pastry chefs, bakers and caterers.

Intensive Professional Culinary Programs with Internships:
Taught in English

French Cuisine:
Program Duration: 5 months (660 hours) + 3 to 6 month internship
Taught in English, this intensive training course is designed for international students considering a career in a food-related business. It is followed by an internship in a professional kitchen to give you the opportunity to apply what you've learned and to gain hands-on experience that will provide you with an edge in your resumé. 

Topics cover:

- Fundamental Techniques: knife skills, sauces, stocks, forcemeats & stuffings, preparation & cooking of meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, contemporary recipes & presentations.
- French Regional Cuisine (8 regions covered): focus on a different French region, its products, wine and food pairing, specialty preparations, ending with a group meal
- French Pastry (1 day per week): basic doughs and creams, entremets, plated desserts
- Wine appreciation
- Professional French (beginner and advanced beginner levels)

French Pastry:
Program Duration: 5 months (660 hours) + 3 to 6 month internship
This intensive course is for those who are interested in a career as a fine pastry chef. You will learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques to become experts in pastry: desserts, cakes, tarts, sweets, ice creams, and the basics of French breads and viennoiseries.

The course is followed by an internship in a patisserie, hotel or restaurant. You will leave this program with the skill-set to start your career in a professional kitchen and for some, to start your own pastry business.

Topics covered:
- Pastry Techniques: Doughs, puff pastry, tarts, creams, traditional cakes, petits fours, entremets, chocolate, ice creams and sorbets, frozen desserts, plated desserts, presentation and decoration.

- Bread Baking: Yeast breads, country and specialty breads, brioche, baguettes, rolls, viennoiseries (pains aux raisins, croissants…)

- Wine-Dessert Pairing 

- Professional French (beginner and advanced beginner levels): You will be taught basic grammar and the vocabulary, action verbs and expressions used in the professional lab.

French Bread Baking:

Program Duration: 10 weeks (340 hours) + 2 month internship (optional)

The 2-month optional internship is a unique experience to observe and to gain a better understanding of the workings of a professional bakery. Students will be placed by their chef-instructor in a bakery in France. 

Topics covered:

- Fundamentals of Breads and Viennoiseries: 
- Traditional breads and production methods
- Grain-based breads (rye, bran…)
- French regional breads
- International breads : focaccia, cornbread, pretzels, naan, pita
- Special breads: Roquefort, chorizo, herbs, Beaujolais; 
- Organic breads
- Festive and party breads : pain surprise, sandwich breads, rolls …
- Viennoiseries : croissants, chocolate bread, brioche, Danish...
- Professional Excursions: Rungis International Wholesale market, walking boulangerie tour, flour mill
- Professional French (Beginner to advanced beginner levels): basic grammar, vocabulary related to gastronomy (equipment, techniques, action verbs …) 

Training Weeks:

Pastry and Bread:

- French Breads and Viennoiseries
- Classic Pastries
- Chocolate and confiserie
- Introduction to the Macaron (course for beginners)
- Advanced French Macaron
- Advanced Pastry with World Champion Marc Rivière
- Tarts and entremets with World Champion Marc Rivière

French Cuisine:

- Cuisine bistronomique
- Cocktail buffet

Half-day Pastry Courses:

- Choux pastry: sweet and savory variations
- Introduction to the Macaron

Other French Cooking Courses:
Customized courses for professional cooks, pastry chefs, bakers and caterers.

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Address: 28 rue de l'abbé Grégoire, Paris, France
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Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture
Courses / Programs
Conveniently located in Central Paris (11th Arrondissement), Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture provides a range of year-round and summer art, drawing and painting courses to students from around the world.

Courses are taught in English and French for adults, art students, part-time artists, and children from beginner to advanced levels.

Mediums include drawing with colored pens & pencil/ ink, sketching with pencil, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, mixed media & oil painting.

We teach you how to make your own "travel sketchbooks", how to illustrate stories, how to develop painting and creative skills in a fun and pleasant way.

Subjects and themes include traditional French architecture, modern architecture, modern life, real life, still life, motion, imagination.

Some classes take place at the studio, while most are outdoor workshops taking place in different areas of the city each time.
Art Classes in Paris for Adults & Children:
- For beginner to advanced level

- 4-hour workshops in Paris, throughout the year
- 3-hour workshops in-class and throughout Paris
- Regular 1-day "Drawing and Writing around Paris" workshops
- Private classes / Customized lessons for adults, professional artists, art students, families..
- Private classes at the Louvre (unavailable in July & August)
- Customized Classes for groups of 1-3 children
- Painting day-trips in Giverny (home of Claude Monet in northern France)
- Corporate / Team Building workshops
Gentle Gourmet Institute
Courses / Programs
• With two locations in the heart of Paris and one in Normandy, Gentle Gourmet Institute offers short, intensive courses in vegan gastronomic cooking for individuals and professionals from around the globe who are looking to raise their culinary expertise or join the professional world of vegan cooking.

• We offer a 4-week Certificate Course in Vegan Pastry as well as a 4-week Certificate Course in Vegan Cuisine.

• The Gentle Gourmet Institute was formed with an experienced team that has been working for more than 15 years in the gastronomic restaurant sector and in the hotel industry.

• With our method of intensive learning, an individual approach, and daily practice in each of our courses ensures that students come out with a complete and successful experience.
Certificate Course in Vegan Pastry:
Duration: 4 weeks

Modules include:
• Introduction to Vegan Pastry
• Miscellaneous Cakes & Cookies:
• Aquafaba & Pate A Choux
• Top Fine Pastry

Certificate Course in Vegan Cuisine:
Duration: 4 weeks

Modules include:
• Introduction to Vegan Gastronomy:
• The Art of the Start
• Classical French Cuisine
• Contemporary World Cuisine
Le Gargantua, Gascony
Courses / Programs
Learn traditional French culinary skills with a cooking holiday in south west France!

Located in the beautiful region of Gascony, just 1 hour drive south east of Bordeaux and 1.5 hours north west of Toulouse, Le Gargantua provides hands-on cooking classes and patisserie classes taught in English to students from around the world.

The owner Marlene Deparis teaches classic French cuisine and French pastry by explaining the interaction of ingredients within each dish, not by following a recipe to the dot.

You can learn about all kinds of traditional French dishes and techniques on our seasonal cooking courses, from stews and sauces, bread to pâtés, quiches, and mousses.

In addition, you can choose to learn to make classic French pastry like macaroons, eclairs, croissants or millefeuilles on our patisserie courses. We even offer to show you how to prepare confit, foie gras, and rillettes on our fat duck course.
Patisserie Courses:
- 5-night Residential Patisserie Courses
- 3-night Residential Patisserie Courses
- 1-day Patisserie Courses
- Half-day Patisserie Courses

Seasonal Cooking Course Holidays:
- Spring; Summer; Autumn; Winter

Fat Duck Course:
- 3-night Residential Course

Cooking Events:
- 3-night Residential Fish Cooking Course
Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art
Courses / Programs
Deepen your knowledge. Extend your reach. Welcome to the PASCA experience.

Welcome to the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art (PASCA), an international fine arts institution located in the historic artists' colony of Pont-Aven, in Brittany, France. Our 15-week semester programs and two advanced summer intensives are designed to encourage artistic expression, personal growth, and a broader understanding of the connection between human history and your life as an artist. In our program you’ll study, work, and travel to the art and cultural centers of Europe.

Join students from all over the world, and take part in a unique opportunity to develop advanced conceptual and cultural skills gleaned from living and working in an atmosphere of lively discourse, guided studio instruction and cultural immersion.
Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Installations, Conceptual Art Courses
Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy
Courses / Programs
Situated in the historic town of Agde on the Mediterranean Coast in the South of France, Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy provides quality culinary arts career training courses to students from around the globe.

We offer French Cooking and French Pastry classes taught in English at one star Michelin level, practical work experience placements (internships), and French language courses.

Students receive a French Gourmet Certificate or Diploma upon full completion of a program. Students from Europe do not require a visa.

We are located in Cap d’Agde, which is in the picturesque Languedoc-Roussillon region on the Mediterranean seaside between Montpellier & Perpignan.

Our ultimate goal is that our students improve both their skills and knowledge of the food, beverage and gastronomy of the region and France, and the French language. The South of France boasts historic cities, varying and beautiful landscapes, and the most productive wine region in the world.

Gastronomicom also teaches French Gastronomy and refined Michelin star cooking techniques at our culinary arts school in Miami, Florida.

"I learned an incredible amount about pastry cooking and improved my level of French, and it is my goal to wrap up that training with one more final month of classes there and an internship working in a pastry kitchen afterwards. I am so looking forward to returning, and am determined to make this new Gastronomicom experience even better than the first."
- Emma
1-Month Gourmet Certificate Programs:
- Pastry & Cooking

8-week or 12-week Gastronomic Certificate Programs:
- French Pastry
- French Cooking

Combined with intensive French language lessons

Gastronomic + Internship Program:
- 12-week Gastronomic Program plus 4-month internship in a French hotel/restaurant

Cooking Diploma Courses:
- 1-Year Diploma Programs (includes 3-months pastry, 3-months cooking & 6-months internship)
- 2-Year Diploma in Gastronomic Food and Beverage Management
Studio M Academy
Courses / Programs
Based in Montpellier, close to the Mediterranean coast in southern France, Studio M Academy is an international media & art school set up to welcome English-speaking students from around the world seeking to learn the arts in France. Studio M provides a wide range of professional Diplomas, Degrees and Short Courses in different artistic domains including Visual Communication, Film Directing, Sound Design, 3D Animation, and more.

Studio M offers not only French state qualifications (BAC Pro, BTS), but also international diplomas, Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Students can continue their studies internationally or pursue a career abroad. Studio M is a member of the European Federation of Schools. The languages and understanding of European culture is central to our ethos, ensuring our students are best prepared for the workplace.

Studio M has schools across France (in Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse), and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and have trained young people to become consummate professionals for more than 20 years. Passion allows each undergraduate to excel in their chosen field, and our school provides them with the tools and training so that they can attain their goals.
Diplomas, Degrees, and Short Courses in Media & Arts taught in English & French:

Course categories include:
- Visual Communication And Graphics
- Design
- 3D Animation
- Photography
- Audiovisual
- Sound and Radio

Degree courses:
- Bachelor of Arts - Multimedia
- Bachelor of Arts - Design
- Bachelor of Arts in 3D Animation
- Master of Arts - 3D Animation and Game Design
- Art Director in Design and Communication (Masters)