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Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milan:
Study photography in Italy with Istituto Italiano di Fotografia (IIF)! Conveniently situated close to the center of Milan, IIF is a leading European photography school providing quality training courses to international students from around the world, as well as students living in Italy. IIF offers an academic 2-year Professional Photography Course and evening lessons taught in Italian, as well as short, summer photography courses taught in the English language.

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Photography Courses in Milan:

Summer Photography & Fashion Course - Taught in English:
Photo of Year-Round & Summer Photography Courses in MilanCourse Duration: 2 weeks / 60 hours. Held 5 days per week

Where photography meets fashion. Taught in collaboration with the Instituto di Moda Burgo fashion institute, this course combines the key concepts of both fashion and photography to equip you with introductory technical photography skills and knowledge of fashion photography.

It aims to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the role of the fashion photographer within the industry, as well as an insight into the business of fashion.

In addition, this course includes interactions with established fashion photographers, fashion magazines, modeling agencies, and fashion designers, providing you with a real "insider" perspective.

Course Content:
- Understand the key concepts and styles of Fashion Photography
- Learn shooting techniques and management of a fashion shoot
- Learn lighting and exposure used in Fashion, including studio and natural (on location) lighting
- Conduct a Fashion Shoot in studio and on location
- Learn about fashion collections, the structuring, timing and themes
- Learn about fashion styles and trends
- Learn about products and fabrics
- Learn about hair and make-up for fashion
- Learn about brand charter and what this means for the photographer
- Learn about model casting for a fashion shoot
- Interact with established fashion photographers, designers and magazines

Kickoff Photography Evening Course - Taught in English:
Image of Year-Round & Summer Photography Courses in MilanCourse Duration: 10 weeks. 1 evening per week (Tuesday), plus 2 outdoor lessons on Saturday or Sunday.

This 10-week course is aimed at students who want to have a first approach to the world of digital photography, both indoors and outdoors.

Starting with the basics of photographic technique, participants in the Kickoff course address portrait, landscape and reportage through exercises in the field. An introduction to topics of photo editing is also included.

Topics / courses include:
• Small and medium-format cameras
• Lighting equipment for shooting
• Light metering systems, digital photography
• Elements of composition,
• Shooting technique and equipment
• Critical reading of the images
• Shooting technique
• Street photography
• Critical reading of the images
• Introductory elements of photo editing
• Digital imaging and archiving

We also provide One-to-one / Private Photography courses and Personalized Photography courses for individuals or companies on request. Contact us below for more information. 

Photography Courses - Taught in Italian:

Full-time Professional Photography Diploma Course - Taught in Italian
Photos of Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, MilanCourse Duration: 2 academic years

If you would like to make photography your profession, this course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.

It is stimulating and advanced studies course for a limited number of participants, that includes practice and theory, tests and a final exam consisting of the presentation of a personal Portfolio.

The school issues a photographer's diploma on successful completion of the course. 

We ensure that our comprehensive educational programs are constantly updated. Taught by qualified and experienced professionals, classes are enriched by events and collaboration with the photography field.

Course Content:

- Year 1:  Visual Communication 1; Landscape 1; Photographic Technique 1; Photographic Projects 1; Still life; Portrait 1; Self Portrait 1; Post Production 1

- Year 2:  Visual Communication 2; Photographic Technique 2; Self Portrait 2; Portrait 2; Landscape 2; Photographic Projects 2; Post Production 2; Fashion in studio and location; Video acting; Beauty; Artistic nude; Cinema and Photography; Reportage; Photo editing; English for photographers; Professional world

Direct Entry to Year 2:
It may be possible for experienced photographers to enter the second year of the Professional Photography Course. To be accepted, you need to submit a portfolio that includes still life and portraiture, to allow IIF to evaluate the quality of the images and the level of preparation.

Photography Evening Classes:
Picture of Year-Round & Summer Photography Courses in MilanOur evening classes are taught by the same teaching staff as the Professional Photography course. The teaching methods and educational structure are also identical to those of the professional course. Evening classes are offered at three levels: Basic, Full, and Full Advanced.

- Basic Photography Classes: 
Ideal for those who want an introduction to digital photography. Covering both indoor and outdoor photography, this course starts with the basics of photographic technique, and goes on to cover photo editing, landscape, portrait, and reportage photography.

Held on Mondays and Wednesdays for a total of 22 lessons with a teacher, plus two didactic excursions with a teacher.

- Full Photography Classes: 
Taught over an 8-month period (2 evenings per week), this course is specifically designed for those who want to learn the theory and practice of photographic techniques in a short time.

Images of Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, MilanUsing new digital technologies as well as traditional cameras, you will cover: Visual Communication, Photographic Technique, Portrait, Photographing objects, Tourist-geographical reportage, Landscape, Photographic Projects, and Digital Post-Production.

- Full Advanced Photography Classes: 
Designed for those who already have advanced photography skills, or who want to improve the level they achieved in the Full evening course, this course is taught over an 8-month period (2 evenings per week).  You will receive an excellent and thorough preparation of the different languages of photography, essential to move securely into the world of photography.

Subjects: Visual Communication 2, Photographic Technique 2, Personal Style, Portrait 2, Fashion in studio and location, Artistic nude, Reportage, Photographic Projects, Photoediting, Professional Encounters.

Student Testimonials:

“I learnt the main techniques of shooting which was my first goal. I liked outdoor sessions most”- Arzu, Turkey - Student on Kickoff Photography Course

“This shoot gave me even more experience, because we have to deal with a lot of different situations”
- Mana, Thailand - Student on Photography & Fashion Summer Course

“Great experience overall."
- Elena, Russia - Student on Photography & Fashion Summer Course

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