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Summer Courses in Rome - Italian University Programs

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Link Campus University, Rome:
Link Campus University offers a range of study tours, open to foreign and Italian students of all ages. What’s a study tour? With us you can study and live an unforgettable holiday, immersed in unique locations for their beauty, history and magic. Enjoy the privilege of choosing a complete study tour. Something unique, like you. The summer courses organised are held from June to September in the following locations: Roma, Città della Pieve(Umbria), Montescaglioso (Basilicata).

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Photo of Summer Courses in Rome - Italian University ProgramsGrumentum: a tour in Roman Art and Archaeology
Through the lectures and the training the course proposes to provide the knowledge and the basis of Roman civilization (arts, architecture, town planning) from the origins to the Middle Ages considering also the relations with other cultures (in particular with the Greeks). And of course including the social, political, economical and cultural backgrounds in which the art expressions (historical and plebeian reliefs, portrait, monuments, mosaics) are developed.

The Knights: on the trace of Ancient Conquerors
The course offers lectures and a series of multidisciplinary visits that illustrate the close connection between architecture and history on the Italian territory. The course introduces students to the evolution of medieval architecture in Italy, in chronological order from the early Christian era and the Gothic period up to the study of the major architectural works built in the early Christian period, in the Barbarian kingdoms, in the Carolingian era. The courses are schedules, overviews and analysis of the main medieval monuments in Italy to identify the changes and the persistence of the architecture models during the Middle Ages and will enhance the knowledge of architectural forms based on the original intended use.

During the second part of the course there will be visits some of medieval architecture in the city of Basilicata, both civil and religious, especially the Abbey of the Trinity of Venosa and the Cathedral Acerenza. The visits will enable students to understand those monuments or a works of art that can best embody the spirit of a certain age. For each period presented, in fact, it will be taken into consideration one or more works within the most representative pathways in Basilicata: Frederick route of the castles (Melfi, Lagopesole and Acerenza), route of Norman knights (Miglionico, Irsina and Banzi), route of historical nucleus “Le Rabatane (Tursi, Tricarico and Pietrapertosa).

Image of Summer Courses in Rome - Italian University ProgramsEve’s Temptation: Rupestral Art in Basilicata
The main purpose of the course is to provide the basis of knowledge useful to improve the historical- artistic- architectural culture of the rocky civilization in the Middle Age period, typical era of the Rocky Civilization in Murgia Materana and Tarantino areas. Moreover the course will be important to study the rocky art, improving the knowledge through the study of the territory and the expression of the prehistoric populations.

Heraclea and Siris: a tour in the Magna Graecia
The training course sees theoretical and practical lessons, including guided tours to monuments, excavation areas and museums in the Basilicata region; the aim is to develop the knowledge of national and local archaeological heritage. Through the direct study of historical testimonials, students will acquire the understanding of the main historical eras which lead to colonial expansion of the Greek Empire in Italy. Students will focus their attention on specific issues such as Metaponto and Policoro with guided tours to the necropoli of Magna Grecia and to urban areas in order to get a knowledge of the historical and topographic development of Greek cities of southern Italy and Greek art and civilization also through the study of coins, jewels, sculptures etc.

Itinera Acquae: Aqueducts of Ancient Rome
The course will focus on the aqueduct system of ancient Rome, made up of 11 aqueducts built in the period between the republican and imperial periods. Students will learn about the techniques and main characteristics used to build the aqueducts in lectures and visits to archaeological sites in Rome and nearby. The names of the sites to be visited will be communicated during the lectures as they can change due to the bureaucratic difficulties to access most archaeological sites in Rome.

Averno: ancestors worship in ancient Rome
Historically, both inPhotos of Link Campus University, Rome the republican and imperial periods, worshipping ancestors has always been a common practice and a very important one, both culturally and for the different types of underground tombs that hosted the body of the ancestors. The course will analyse both columbarium and catacombs. The names of the sites to be visited will be communicated during the lectures as they can change due to the bureaucratic difficulties to access most archaeological sites in Rome.

The undergrounds of Rome: spelean archaeology
The module will focus on the reasons why Rome is so full of underground constructions and will also give a brief outline of the different types of hypogeum and their main characteristic. The course will be structured in a theory lectures of 3 hours and two full day visits to archaeological sites open to the public. Students will be informed on which sites they will visit during the theoretical lectures, as they can change due to the bureaucratic difficulties to access most archaeological sites in Rome.

Acrobatics Workshop
The course will be of a practical nature and is designed to recognize the level of muscular elasticity and the individual difficulties. Some of the practical exercises will include: patè, flic-flac, falls, comic entrances, cartwheels, all aimed at using acrobatics within the spectrum of comedy gags.

Commedia dell’Arte
The course is based on the Italian “commedia dell’arte” and the use of the mask. There will be a brief amount of work based on Improvisation techniques as used in the similar form of “farsa giullaresca”(a farce based on the commedia characters). There will be research on the history of comedy and an analysis of the different elements which have characterised the different forms of comic theatre. We will discover a theatre founded on the principle of provocation, which becomes self-inventive, thus creating “An industry of entertainment” exploiting the maximum potential of the playful nature of the stage. This means that the dramatic text as used by actors throughout the 16th century is rejected and transformed in a machine able to produce endless shows without the need of a formal playtext. Commedia dell’Arte encapsulated within itself the fascinating secret of having made comedy actors transcend their own time and therefore being able to survive successfully all the way through to our modern age.

Stage Combat with ancient weapons
The workshop aims at exploring, through the principles of biomechanics, the use of the body and the sword. This will happen within the boundaries of a stage where fiction and reality fuse into performance. From the idea of controlling one’s body, we will arrive at the control of a weapon, the sword, which in ancient times was not only used for defense, but also for attacking. Before reaching the sword, the students will have learned other forms of stage combat such as group fighting without weapons and bare fist fighting and the use of the dagger.

Idioma: Language Course and Italian Culture
Learning a language in the country where it is spoken is the best method to learn the language, as well as the culture and history of the country. By studying on our two week ‘Italian Language and Culture’ course you will not only learn and improve your Italian but also have the opportunity to use it, socialize and communicate while taking in the splendors of Rome. For those who wish to study English, we are pleased to offer English lessons taught by qualified mother-tongue teachers as an alternative.

Idioma: Language Course and Italian Culture for Seniors
Link Campus University is delighted to offer Italian language and cultural courses at its central Rome location during summer 2009. The Italian language courses will be conducted in small, same-level groups in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In the afternoon a rich cultural programme has been organised by the university to ensure that participants have the opportunity to practise their Italian language skills and discover the fascinating city of Rome.

The course is structured in both lectures and practice of the language. The lecturer will use materials such as CDs, depliants, maps, papers and magazines, lyrics of songs in Italian and Italian movies. The course aims at showing different aspects of the Italian language, such as the cultural aspect, as well as improving students’ Italian language skills to increase their opportunities in the job market. Each student, excluding beginners, will sit a placement test prior to the start of the course.

Vacanze Romane
Link Campus University is delighted to offer Italian language and cultural courses at its central Rome location during summer 2009. The Italian language courses will be conducted in small, same-level groups in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In the afternoon a rich cultural programme has been organised by the university to ensure that participants have the opportunity to practise their Italian language skills and discover the fascinating city of Rome.

Dress up: Personal Dresser Course
The course of Personal Dresser is useful for those who wish to create a fashion firm: creativity and service to the client who can rediscover the pleasure of the old haute couture in a modern way. Generally the Personal Dresser is a professional figure, usually already inserted in the fashion world. However through the course he/she will achieve a specialized knowledge, necessary for the role of Personal Dresser.

The “Riti Arborei”: Rituals and Folklore in Basilicata
This curriculum offers multidisciplinary courses with the intent to promote the local cultural aspects and particularities of the area. Students will discover the origins of Italian culture by following the historical reconstruction and cultural folklore of the province of Matera and Potenza. The villages of Basilicata will be the place for study in-depth geographical, anthropological, literary, culinary aspects: the narrow streets, the ancient castles, the local food and writers famous throughout the world (as Rocco Scotellaro, Carlo Levi and Isabella Morra). 

Italian Flavours and Cooking
This course is for cooking lovers and it is focused on Italian cuisine, especially local recipes and local products. Every lesson will be divided in two parts: a theoretical part (overview of ingredients and recipes) and a practical part. At the end of every lecture students will taste the food cooked on that day. There could be one or two field visits to local food processing structures and wine cellars or vineyards.

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Private lessons are also available. In addition, we offer a fully-inclusive summer program, which includes accommodation and cultural excursions.

Summer courses are taught in English or Italian. You have the option to study for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

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Study for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 weeks

- Art History 
- Art Management
- Bag Design
- Bag Making
- Ceramics 
- Fashion Business
- Fashion Design
- Glass Art
- Graphic Design
- Interior Design
- Jewelry Design
- Jewelry Making
- Painting & Drawing
- Product Design
- Shoe Design 
- Shoe Making
- Textile Design
- Restoration of Paintings
- Italian Home Cooking
- Italian Language
- Enjoy Italy Course
- English Language

You can combine different courses. Private lessons and intensive courses are also available.
Web Technology Academy, Florence
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Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, Web Technology Academy (WTA) is a fast-paced, 4-week study-abroad summer program designed to help students learn the art of eCommerce. All classes are taught in English. WTA offers three main course topics over four intensive weeks; Choosing products and services to sell online, Build your own e-commerce business from start to finish, and Advertising your website and making money online.

At Web Tech Bootcamp, we believe students learn better when they have real world projects and a limited amount of time to complete them. At the end of four weeks, hard-working students will have the knowledge to take the first step toward financial independence through their own eCommerce business.
4-week summer e-Commerce course, in English:

Topics / modules include:
- Selling on Ebay
- Importing and exporting products
- Inventing and manufacturing your own products
- Social Media for the web
- Internet marketing techniques
- Photo and video production techniques
- Graphics design
- Creating Viral Video Marketing Campaigns
- Crowd Funding
Istituto di Moda Burgo, Milan
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Summer Study Abroad Programs:
- Fashion, Design & Patternmaking Courses 
- Duration: 2-4 weeks (50 hours or 100 hours + a 4-hour seminar)
- 3 Levels of Study available: Basic, Advanced or Professional
- Private / One-on-one instruction
- Taught in English or Italian language

• Study fashion or design in Milan this summer with Istituto di Moda Burgo, an accredited fashion school in Italy founded in 1961, and an international leader in fashion education.

• We offer academic year and summer study abroad programs for local & international students in the heart of Milan - taught in English or Italian language.

• Istituto di Moda Burgo offers the opportunity to acquire or improve your technical, artistic and professional skills in these in-demand career fields globally.

• Receive intensive, one-on-one tutoring through our short 2 or 4-week summer courses customized to your individual learning style & level.

• Receive an Istituto di Moda Burgo Certificate on completion of your course.

"The summer course helped me to perfect & learn new skills in creating rafting swimwear. The teachers are very helpful and help you achieve your personal learning objectives. The course is fast-paced which is great for those who like to be kept busy."
- Castaneda, California, USA

"The summer program is very comprehensive and I has been able to learn it in a short time. The teacher was very efficient, always available & her explanations were very clear. I'm glad I attended this school."

- Gong, China
2 or 4-Week Certificate Summer Courses
• Fashion Stylist (Design & Pattern Making)
• Fashion Design
• Pattern Making
• Fashion Photography
• Accessories Design
• Jewelry Design
• Shoes Design
• Underwear Design
• Beach Wear Design
• Wedding Dress Design
• Theatre Costume Design
• Underwear Pattern Making
• Beach Wear Pattern Making
• Theatre Costume Pattern Making
• Wedding Dress Pattern Making
Accademia del Lusso, Milan
Courses / Programs
• Study fashion in Milan this summer with Accademia del Lusso! Conveniently situated in the heart of Milan's fashion district, Accademia del Lusso is a leading provider of year-round and summer fashion-related courses. Subjects include Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, and Visual Merchandising.

• We welcome students from around the world to participate in our 6-week courses. You can choose to study in English or Italian. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 students to ensure that everyone gets the individual attention they need.

• Our 4-week fashion courses are designed for those who already work in the fashion industry, and wish to get advanced, specialist training in a specific area. Our courses aim to develop their skills and enhance their professional profile so that they can progress in their career.
4-week Professional Fashion Summer Courses:

Taught in English or Italian

• Fashion Brand Management

• Fashion Design

• Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising

• Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
Messors Workshops - Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration in Italy
Courses / Programs
Messors Workshops offers 16-day summer Art Restoration Workshops on Fresco and Canvas, based in the rich cultural and historical setting of Altamura in Puglia (Apulia), a region in Southern Italy. Altamura is located in the province of Bari, 45 km / 27 miles south-west of Bari, close to the border with Basilicata.

The Frescoes are part of the rupestrian settlements (underground habitations) located in the Alta Murgia area in the Puglia region of Italy. Canvases are provided by local churches and private collections.

Program director Tonio Creanza encourages a 'hands on approach to restoration', and each participant has the opportunity to work directly on a fresco, statue or painting, experiencing the process of restoration as it unfolds.

Participants will also review the completed and restored works of past projects: 17th century wood statues used in Religious processions, decorative paintings and stone reliefs of Francis Ford Coppola's Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, exterior and interior frescoes, paintings in both private collections and that of the church.
Art Restoration Programs Summer 2018:

* Fresco and Fine Art Restoration Program

The courses provide a practical focus, allowing students ample opportunity for participation in restoration technique, and are complemented by seminars in Art History, Geomorphological Studies and Iconography.

Additionally: Art, Culture & Culinary Italy Summer Program 2018 (in Puglia)
Sarteano Chamber Choral Workshop - Young Adult/teen Division
Courses / Programs
Sarteano Chamber Choral Workshop - Young Adult/Teen Division, is a summer workshop in Italy designed for the singer, conductor or music educator who loves singing and working in a chamber choral setting. We are an intensive music workshop. All of our tutors teach at the University level. The workshop is located in Sarteano, a picturesque hill town in the Siena province of Tuscany, dotted with palazzi and overlooked by a medieval castle. The workshop and final concert will be held in the centro storico (historic center), a pedestrian area of small winding streets, quaint homes, lovely stores, and fine restaurants. With its magical Renaissance ambiance, Sarteano is the perfect place to come to sing chamber choral music. You will be part of a twenty-six to twenty-eight voice group that will perform a capella choral music from madrigals to the twentieth century. Experience the joy of creating music on the highest level, working with other committed and talented young musicians, and learning the inner workings and dynamics of intensive chamber ensemble performance.
Summer Workshop in Italy designed for the Singer, Conductor or Music Educator:

There are three possible tiers of participation:
- Full Conductor,
- Conducting Auditor or
- Singer (serious singers ages 15 – 20, who are looking for a strong chamber ensemble experience).

Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or chaperone. The main language used in the workshop is English.