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Play fun aim, point-and-click shooting games, accuracy-based games for free on Learn4Good Games. Exercise your reflexes, reaction speed and determination levels with good hand-eye coordination & reaction skills games, and cool action-packed shoot 'em up-style games for older kids & teens. Play best online games with your best friends & family at home.

Aiming & Accuracy
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Robot Shooting

Robot Shooting is a defence game in which your turret has to hold off attacking robots who want to destroy it! Prioritize your shots to destroy your enemies as quickly as possible, while also collecting power ups with your shots such as x2 bonuses and a bomb that will destroy all onscreen enemies. Survive the whole level to earn stars which can unlock new locations!

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Galactic Missile Defense

Galactic Missile Defense is similar to a tower defense game, where you control three missile turrets and have to shoot down enemies before they destroy you. You can upgrade and boost your turrets to have an easier time beating the enemy, but don’t think this will make it extremely easy, enemies become stronger and harder to hit.

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Save Mushroom Garden

Save Mushroom Garden is a fun new game where you must save your garden. The mushrooms have been taken and you must retrieve them, risking your very existence to do so! Have you got the nerve, the skill and the bravery to complete this vicious task? Come and find out!

The aim of the game is to collect all the mushrooms to save your garden. The guards have moved them all and you need to collect them to save them. This will require pace, agility and a cunning plan. You must not be afraid to shoot as well as sometimes this is your only option to escape. If you get shot by the guards and die, you will have to restart.

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King Soldiers

King Soldiers is a simple shooting game for teens and adults where you get to “take out” a wide range of fearsome opposition, using skill, cunning and lightning speed! You need to eliminate as many “nasties” as you can. This stylish shooting game is hours of non-stop, fast-paced action and excitement! 

The aim of the game is to eliminate all the enemies from their stands! This will test your aiming skills with the mouse, your hand eye coordination and probably most importantly, your ability to anticipate an enemies movement. As the levels progress and get more difficult, the enemies will be more difficult to hit so this is where you must use your inner soldier to be as accurate as you can and not be wasting ammunition.

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Crazy Scientist

Crazy Scientist is a high-octane shooting game where you simply have to survive for as long as possible by eliminating endless waves of attacking enemy troops! These troops are gunning for you and they are desperate to stop the crazy scientist! Go get 'em!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible and gain a high score! Stay alive for as long as you can and eliminate all the soldiers along the way! This easy to play yet fast and furious shooting activity requires very good hand-eye coordination and expert reaction times. Your observation skills are also tested to the max as enemy forces approach from without warning. Even a split-second lapse in concentration can result in disaster as the bad guys rain down on you without mercy. Can you survive this punishing onslaught? The odds are stacked against you – but you’ve got the determination to pull through! 

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Neon Invaders

Revive the nostalgia of those classic Arcade space shooters. Pilot one of three spaceships as you shoot down a fleet of alien invaders in Neon Invaders! Take cover and dodge alien blaster bolts as you take them down one by one, taking care not to get hit, but if you do you still have two more lives to try again. A great game reimagined in a pleasing neon design while still remaining faithful to the iconic platform shooter style of its ancestor, what more can be said about it.

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Mango Shooter

Do you like mangoes? Mango Shooter will help you collect them and have fun while doing so. Shooting down mangoes from a tree as fun as it can be.

The goal of the game is for you to collect mangoes at each level, with each level requiring you to collect more. You need to aim and control the strength used to shoot down the mangoes, as you might not make it, or you might miss. Be careful with the birds, as they can take your mangoes, and you might not make it to the goal of the level, shoot them down if possible. If you run out of pebbles before reaching your goal, you will fail the level.

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Fighting Planes

Fighting Planes will see you wage war in the skies and dodge enemy fighter planes to how long you can make it without getting shot down yourself! Fighting Planes is an intense endless flying game that will have you watching out for enemy planes, your health, your fuel and the amount of ammo you have left. See if you have what it takes to beat the competition and rule the skies!

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Fighter Plane Jet Fighting

Fighter Plane Jet Fighting is a challenging dogfight simulation game for teens where you play the role of the Top Gun F22 jet pilot primed to protect the motherland in an intense air battle. This mission is a complete solo run! Set in an intense battle environment, this is as extreme as it gets! You must destroy the numerous enemy fighter aircraft that are zooming menacingly ‘hot on your tail’ in the skies around you.

Complete concentration, good decision-making skills, super-quick reflexes, and keyboard control are essential here as you try to swiftly maneuver your jet around the chaotic combat zone. Whether firing missiles or simply avoiding fire, your aircraft control has to be at its peak if you want to succeed. Even the minutest mistake can result in a disastrous crash, or an instantaneous advantage to the enemy. The question is - Have you got what it takes to become a Top Gun?

This HTML5 game is only Playable on laptops, and desktop PCs.

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Alpha Space Invasion

Alpha Space Invasion is a cool and futuristic space fighting game!

Space never seemed so cool… Or dangerous! Take out your enemies while evading asteroids! Move from side to side to dodge enemy blasters and keep an eye on your ship’s shields and health! Take them out before they do it to you!

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Battleship Pirates

Battleship Pirates is an exciting and competitive game similar to Battleships, where you have your fleet of ships and have to defeat your opponent by shooting at random spots on their area to land hits and destroy their ships. Use your special skills or simply attack the enemy on your turn, and hope that your enemy doesn’t defeat you first.

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Alien Shoot Zombies

Alien Shoot Zombies is a game that does exactly what it says on the tin, you will be shooting zombies as an alien. The ultimate battle has finally arrived. You will progress your way through ever more difficult missions as you try to wipe out the zombies and stop the apocalypse. Have you got what it takes, the skills, the courage and the mindset? Lets find out!

The aim of the game is to eliminate the zombies with your weapon. Create the angle to aim using the mouse cursor and then fire, and the bullet will ping around and any zombie it comes into contact with will be gone! This game will develop your sense of angles and their importance. This is because the angle is all that matters since the bullets will need to bounce off the walls and the surfaces to reach some of the zombies. Your angle must be spot on otherwise you will miss and use up all of your ammunition.

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Tank Hero Online

War has broken out, and it is up to you alone to quell the waves of enemy tanks in Tank Hero Online. Climb into and ready your own tank for the battles ahead, using guile and tactics to take out the enemy tanks before they can take you out. Defeat enemies and win levels to earn coins, which you can use to purchase stronger types of cannon shells and different tanks to operate. Tank Hero Online is an easy game to learn and pick up and is sure to keep you entertained!

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Street Encounter

Street Encounter - You have the task of reaching as far down the road as possible whilst avoiding the oncoming attacks from the cars infront of you. They will try to pepper you with bullets and it is your job to out wit them and use your agility skills to dodge it, whilst simultaneously firing back and destroying them! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to reach as far down the road as possible. There will be lots of obstacles along the way. You have limited fuel and health and you will face multiple attacks at once sometimes. Similarly, obstacles such as potholes and roadworks will also damage you. Use your quick reaction skills to avoid the obstacles and react quickly to the oncoming attacks. Use your quick fingers to slide left and right on the road to avoid danger, whilst also positioning yourself to take aim and take the perfect shot, eliminating the enemy in one hit! Have fun!

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Anti Virus Game

Anti-Virus is an action packed space-invaders style arcade game in which you take on levels of foes which are viruses hurtling towards you! Avoid the viruses and destroy them with your guns to complete each level. Collect coins from destroying viruses and use them to level up your spaceship, level up the coins, or to purchase new spaceships with more guns!

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Dodge Action 3D

Take control of a physics bending marksman in Dodge Action 3D as you dodge the speeding weapons of dozens of enemies while you bid your time. Wait for the moment and take your shoot; control the path of your bullet as you shoot through multiple enemies. Dodge Action 3D is an addictive game for slightly older gamers, providing you with 28 levels of danger, each with different mixtures of enemy tactics and weapons.

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Alien Town

Aliens have launched a large-scale invasion against the denizens of Earth and it’s up to Special Agent Briggs to beat them back. Join Briggs in Alien Town as he blasts his way through dozens and hordes of aliens as he keeps the city safe and alien free. Kill aliens to collect special coins that you can use later to upgrade and purchase guns and ammo. Alien Town is a block-isometric alien shooter that is sure to keep you playing for many hours!

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Not One

Not One is a fun and fast-paced game where you are in charge of the defenses against the aliens. You have one shot to eliminate the incoming aliens, so don’t waste it! Time your shot to hit the enemies when they are passing by the middle of the screen, you can’t aim elsewhere.

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Precise Cannon

Precise Cannon: In this fun and addicting cannon-shooting action game, play by yourself or with a friend and you must accurately shoot the buttons to win! Certain buttons give you points, but beware other buttons will take points off you! You have a limited amount of cannons too so be wise, be smart and most of all, be precise! Be prepared for the attack and stay safe. Good luck!

Shoot the correct buttons with your cannon. This game will definitely test your coordination and your timing skills, as you must time your shot with the aim constantly shifting! Have you got what it takes? Come and find out!

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Army of Soldiers Resistance

Army of Soldiers Resistance is a fun family-friendly shooting game where you have to defend your base by taking out all the oncoming attackers. This will have you playing for hours, let's see how far you can get!

The aim of this game is to defend the base from the incoming army of soldiers and monsters! Do everything you can to stop these evil guys! It is them against you! Who is going to come out on top? Well, that depends on your skills. You need to be good at organising, dealing with numerous threats at once and therefore have a calm head when the going gets tough! Good luck!

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Wild West Sheriff

Charge bravely into a perilous town in Wild West Sheriff! You play as a cowboy running while shooting monsters and collecting coins. It's your job to survive as long as possible, both by jumping over some obstacles (such as prickly cacti) and by shooting enemies (such as goblins). You have three lives, which you lose when you hit obstacles. Keep running for as long as possible!

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Carnival Ducks

Take a trip to the virtual carnival and try your luck at the classic game of duck shooting to see how good of a shot you are. Accuracy is not the only thing that matters when playing Carnival Ducks; a keen and observant eye is equally as important. The rules of the game are to shoot as many bad ducks and annoying fish as you can before the timer runs out. Just make sure not to shoot any of the peaceful ducks! Carnival Ducks is a quick game to hoop into and unwind with.

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