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Play fun, accuracy-based, aiming and shooting games for free in one playing area on Blow off some steam, awaken your reflexes, and try some straight-forward aim and shoot arcade games, easy to play mouse-only games, challenging hand-eye coordination & reactions skills games, to more action-packed shoot 'em up-style games for older kids and teenagers. Enjoy your favorite games with your best friends & family.

Aiming & Accuracy
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Perfect Sniper 3D

Perfect Sniper 3D is a super fun shooting game, make sure to eliminate all of your opponents and save your fellow blue people! The game involves sniping opponents with headshots, body shots or even by exploding vats of acid and gas near to them. The opponents will sometimes be after your friends, who you have to save!

The game is tricky, the opponents move around and you have to time your shots just right. With a bit of practice, you will get there though. The shooting also has to be done quite fast, meaning you have to plan a few shots ahead to get them all - and remember to look at how much ammo you have! The game has lots of cool maps, in cities, deserts and way more, making for endless fun.

How to Play: On the computer, use your mouse to use the scope of the sniper to take out opponents. Release the trigger by clicking. On mobile devices, use your thumb to drag the sniper to aim at opponents.

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Maze of Infection

Get ready to fight for your survival in Maze of Infection! You are the last survivor in a secret lab where mysterious experiments were conducted on innocent people. Now, you must fight your way out by running through and eliminating dozens of zombies!

In this top-down shooter game, you will face 12 floors of creepy monsters that want nothing more than to feast on your flesh. You will need to defend yourself with any weapon you can find, and run towards the exit as fast as you can.

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Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters

Aliens and zombies have taken over the world in Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters, and it is up to the lone stickman survivor to defend the last fort shelter of mankind. Join this brave soldier as he shoots back as many monsters as he can using his trusty gun, automatic torrents and airstrikes. Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters is an insanely challenging 2D defence game that pushes you to the limits!

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Bazooka and Monster Halloween

Shoot to eliminate googly-eyed green monsters with well-placed bazooka missile shots in confined playing levels! Bazooka and Monster Halloween is a straight-forward yet crazy aiming and accuracy-based shooting game and physics brain teaser set in the jungle, and playable on your Android or iOS mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC. In each of the 18 increasingly-difficult levels, your goal is to completely clear the play area of all alien monsters by firing accurate bazooka missiles at them. This is made all the more difficult by moving walls and platforms, awkwardly-positioned obstacles, and other wacky hindrances! Earn extra Gold Star credits by completing levels in as few shots as possible. 

This fun, online, HTML5-based aiming & accuracy / alien shooting game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include steady hand-eye coordination, accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping, some analytical thinking and problem-solving logic skills with a good appreciation for of angles, trajectory, and the laws of physics (Some of the later levels represent more brain teasing challenges where you must figure out how best to ricochet your missiles in order to reach hidden monster positions). Good judgment and timing are also important, as tactful bazooka shooting is vital in levels where moving platforms come into play. 

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Shoot Watermelon

Play a fun, shooting game packed with different setups with a quirky farmyard twist! Shoot Watermelon is a fast-paced online arcade game. Here, you have to shoot at watermelons which are static, moving ,rotating which makes it easy to miss a shot.

Aim right at the watermelon by moving your mouse and mouse click to shoot. Try to shoot as fast as you can and miss no shot.

Meet your shooting ambition and improve your focus by shooting watermelons quickly and accurately. Gun simulator game helps you improve your focus and shooting skills. Enjoy the real smash and bursting out of it. Shoot The Watermelon is the best shooting practice game where you can shoot freely without any fear of damage. The game is time limited, so don't waste much time aiming, trust your eyes and feeling of "about right".

Once you reach the level 5 - next level selection will appear on the right, use your mouse to click and hold on any of the levels shown on the screen and drag them to the left in order to see further levels available.

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Skeleton Defense

It is up to you to hold the line as the last defender of humanity in Skeleton Defense. A deadly virus has gripped the earth, killing and turning most of the human race into walking skeletons who hunger for human flesh. You are the only defender left, and it is up to you to keep the few remaining people alive using an arsenal of lethal weapons at your disposal.

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Missile Command

Take a trip down memory lane with Atari Missile Command, a truly classic game that will evoke some strong nostalgic memories within you. Take on the role of the missile commander as you try to uphold your task of defending the city from incoming enemy aerial bombardments. Allow the city to be completely destroyed and it's game over. Atari Missile Command is playable for all ages, offering a game that is surprisingly challenging yet still enjoyable.

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Tactical Hero

In Tactical Hero, you control two superhero avatars in a side scrolling showdown between you and your opponent. Choose to play against the AI or a friend in combat, and fight to the death with your five lives — the winner will be the last one standing after the other dies five times. Each time one of your heroes dies, they will respawn as a new hero, from spiderman to the Flash!

The catch in this game is that your heroes don’t move independently. You’ll need to use your timing and coordination skills to try to get them in a formation that can do the most damage to your opponent, while trying to avoid their bullets.

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Tank Duel

It is time to go to war in Tank Duel 3D, an enthralling top-down tank battle simulator! Face off against dangerous tank Ais or test yourself against a friend in two-player mode! Manoeuvre behind cover, dodge bullets and missiles, pick up dozens of awesome powerups, and make sure to defeat all in your path! Tank Duel 3D is a fun casual game that is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

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Prison Escape

In Prison Escape, you control a stickman who’s doing his best to bust out of prison! Your job in each level is to collect guns which you can use to kill guards. Guards can harm you, so you’ll need to keep out of their way until you have enough weapons, then kill them quickly before they can harm you to escape!
Choose from two different stickman avatars and get escaping in this fun 3D shooter.

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Zombie Gunpocalypse 2

Oh no, the dead are rising again, and all seems almost lost! It is up to you to assume the role of a lone zombie hunter in Zombie Gunpocalypse 2. Simply blasting at zombies won’t work here as you will only have a certain number of bullets per level, requiring you to plan out each shot perfectly as you try to figure out how to kill the zombies in the most effective manner. Zombie Gunpocalypse 2 combines zombies, guns, and tactical shooting and puzzle solving all into one exciting game that you will not regret playing!

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Skeet Challenge

Play a challenging, quick-fire skeet shooting game where you blast as many clay pigeons as you can (using a shotgun) in a high-stakes competition! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Skeet Challenge is a very hard, reactions-based, aiming & accuracy game where you must act quickly to shoot fast-moving targets (orange clay pigeons) before they zoom out of the play zone.

Skill required: This skeet target shooting range sim game requires really sharp reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination skills, and super-quick decision making. Pinpoint finger tapping / keyboard control skills are essential; each clay pigeon you miss is potentially hundreds of points passing you by! So go all out Hotshot, and smash the points record!

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Bloons Archer

Bloons Archer is an immersing arrow shooting game where you shoot down balloons by popping the colorful balloons that are floating along the path. And a myriad of different types of balloons - all just begging to be popped!

In this archery game you have to use your skills and your smart thinking to get a clear shot and pop all the balloons with as few arrows as possible. You must pop all the balloons to complete each level and you have to destroy the structures that protect them.

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Team Kaboom

Join a ragtag group of mercenaries as you shoot, slash, and blast through endless waves of enemies in Team Kaboom. Dispose of the enemies in different ways as you switch between 5 characters each armed with their own unique weapon and strengths. Make sure not to let any of the enemies get past you and reach the exit; if they do, they will just come back again, but this time stronger and more dangerous. Kill as many as possible to set the highest score you can, just make sure to watch yourself as each time an enemy makes contact, you will lose a life, lose all 3 and it’s game over.

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Tanking Tanks

Prepare to be engrossed in Tanking Tanks, an awesome free to play, browser-based shooter & tank game. This superbly addictive action adventure is one of the most popular type of games. You are immediately immersed in a highly intense shooting frenzy in "full-on" battles against tanks, helicopters and ever trying to outsmart you computer managed oponents. Take part in explosive tank-based conflicts. You have to stay constantly alert and destroy opposition tanks.

This amazing online strategy & skill-based war game requires very good decision making ability, and shrewd military tactics. Be a "lone-wolf" fighter, skulking in the shadows and picking off enemies from afar! You definitely need super-fast reactions, hawkish observation skills, and nimble keyboard tapping in order to excel here (where the competition is just so fierce!). Choose your battles wisely, build up your reputation, and become one of the world’s most feared and respected Tank operators! However, will you survive the heat for long enough to wear your medals home with honor?

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Micro Tank Battle

Micro Tank Battle has some intense warfare that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is also super cute too!

The controls are easy to follow, the game is bright and gorgeous. This game is really a quick and exciting way to do battle.

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Super Rocket Buddy

What would you do if you had a canon at your disposal? Chuck your buddies through dangerous obstacles? Well, Super Rocket Buddy is the game for you. Enjoy hilariously satisfying gameplay as you absolutely launch your buddies through the wackiest obstacles collecting diamonds along the way landing right on the bullseye.

Beautiful graphics coupled with ragdoll physics that are sure to leave your ribs aching with laughter. Aim down the sights and blast countless buddies as you burn through the 30 levels at your disposal. Pinpoint accuracy will get you through most of the levels quite easily but a lack of will leave you slightly rattled. Take a shot!

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Christmas Gift Castle Defense

Christmas Gift Castle Defense is an epic tower defense-style arrow shooting and strategy game set in medieval times where you have to defend your castle against wave after wave of enemy troops while also defending your Christmas gifts! This all-action RPG battle adventure will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The aim of this game is to defend your base from incoming attackers with the bow and arrow! Defeat the enemies before they destroy your gifts! Get ready to test and exercise your quick reaction skills, as there are literally hundreds of medieval-style, armor-clad enemies that you have to repel. Your strategic planning abilities are tested under great pressure as you have to attack with brute force but also your brains. Have you got the military know-how and shooting accuracy to defend the base? It’s time to find out what you’re made of – see you on the battlefield General!

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Missile Defense System

Missile Defense System - Unleash the firepower from your turret and wipe out invading rockets before they destroy you in this fast-paced online shooting game. You are awarded for each enemy rocket destroyed and you will need to be on your game for this! This is no game for the slack minded user, you must be absolutely 100% on the ball here! You will have multiple rockets coming at you from multiple directions, and you have to defend your base with multiple turrets! Have you got what it takes? 

The aim of the game is to last as long as possible from the swarm of attacks coming from the sky in the form of rockets. Control your turrets simultaneously to fight back as best you can! This game will test your multitasking skills and the ability to process multiple things at once. You will have a lot of rockets flying towards you destined to cause serious damage until you stop them! Keep calm under the pressure and work methodically, dispatching them one by one.

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Pixel Zombie Die Hard

Pixie Zombie Die Hard has you going head-to-head against some dangerous and bloodthirsty zombies. Are you ready to kill some zombies?

This game has you running around with a variety of weapons laying waste to zombies that come at you in hordes. You will run around the massive levels firing and killing the zombies and racking up new weapons to knock them down. The game is fast-paced, gorgeous and large and you will likely lose hours and hours of time playing.

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Airplane Flight

Airplane Fight is a high-speed plane shooting and strategy military game for kids, teens and adults.This is a full-on aerial assault by the enemy – an explosive action adventure not to be missed! To be able to survive, you will be required to have a very steady nerve, excellent hand eye coordination, expert tactical knowledge of these weapons and their unique capabilities along with super-sharp shooting skills! With superb graphics and epic (true to life) sound and shooting effects, this test of skill and bravery will put you firmly in a war zone – right in the heart of the action and right on the edge!

Your mission is simple. You must survive the attacks for as long as possible and destroy all the enemies that fly towards you. You will need expert aiming skills, precision and good hand eye coordination. All these skills combined should stand you in good stead when attempting this game. Do you think you can beat the rest of your friends and family and get the highest score out of everyone? Well lets find out! 

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Run Gun Robots

Join the fearsome space marine as he sneaks through the bases of an armada of alien space robots in Run Gun Robots. Stop the robots and protect the earth by blasting through them and making your way through all 10 levels of this exciting and extreme platform shooter. Earn coins as you blast robots apart to purchase powerups to help you in the fight; just make sure not to waste all of your ammo! Run Gun Robots is a simple to learn and challenging platformer that you are sure to enjoy.

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Sniper 3D Target Shooting

Sniper 3D Target Shooting is a multi-level pinpoint accuracy-based, first-person shooter-style game where you have to hit a series of different targets alike watermelons and glass bottles. Set in a desert environment, you play the role of the trainee sniper, and have to methodically eliminate your targets with precision. Finding & hitting all targets is no mean feat – some of the targets can be literally hundreds of feet away! Achieving the accuracy needed to be a virtual sniping success is all about high concentration, a very steady hand, and confident mouse movement. You can also move around if you want to get a better sniping position if the wind is too strong and you can't hit the target from such distance. Have you got the mental and technical skills to prove yourself as a sniper extraordinaire?

Note: This game is not playable on mobile devices.

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Rabbit Zombie Defense

Playing as a military bunny holding the line against the invading zombies of the world, you're going to need some sharp shooting in Rabbit Zombie Defense.

The game is basic shooter, and as you kill more and more bunnies, you'll be able to unlock better and better weapons to blow them to smithereens. Or at least slip them up with bananas. Bunnies are an innovative bunch and they have turned their surplus food into some serious weapons. From Bananas to carrots, you'll be shooting those zombies into smoothies! But later on, you can unlock a tennis ball cannon, or even a plunger canon, each weapon is more deadly than the last, so keep shooting and bump up those weapons and show those zombies something truly terrifying!

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Parmesan Partisan Deluxe

Step into the world of cheese warfare with Parmesan Partisan Deluxe! In this thrilling game, you are the last line of defense for your cheese-loving community against the relentless Mice People. As a brave and solitary cheesy partisan, your mission is to protect your people and their precious cheese reserves from the rodent invaders. With your trusty shotgun in hand, it's up to you to liberate your nation from the clutches of the Mice People!

Playing Parmesan Partisan Deluxe is not just about fun, it's also a great way to enhance your skills. The game is designed to improve your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities as you devise the best ways to defend your cheese. Your reflexes and hand-eye coordination will also be put to the test as you aim and fire your shotgun at the fast-moving rodents. Additionally, the game encourages patience and perseverance, as you'll need to stay vigilant and resilient in the face of the relentless rodent onslaught.

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Soldier Legend

Help your hero to combat the attacking aliens which are trying to overtake the world. Soldier Legend is a fun survival-based action game for kids and teens.

Skills required: This intense, adventure game requires sharp reflexes as you have these monsters coming at you at fast speeds out of both sides and the sky. Control your nimble character through the game zone at pace. Decision-making skills are also key as you have to decide which monsters need to be eliminated first, as some of them are can cause more damage than others. Collect coins to upgrade your weapon as it gets more tricky the further you get into the game.

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Real PvP

Real PvP is a multiplayer shooting game where you have to fight other players in a battle to earn the most kills and collect points to level up and unlock new things for your character. You can buy cosmetics as you level up, or when you get coins.

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Bottle Shoot

Put your aim to the test in Bottle Shoot as you try to see how many bottles you can shot down without letting three hit the ground or accidentally shooting a grenade. Allowing three bottles to hit the ground or shooting a grenade will result in you losing the game, so beware! Bottle Shoot is a fun and casual game, perfect for when all you want to do is relax and have some fun.

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Cold Station

In Cold Station, an action packed top-down shooter game, you get to explore a zombie-infested space station in the dark. Your mission is to destroy the station by fighting your way through the many levels without getting eaten yourself! Beware the dark, as it’s easy for zombies to appear from nowhere and gobble you up.

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