Play aiming and shooting games for free online/ accuracy games for kids, teens (boys & girls) without download. Fun point and click shooting games, fast reactions skills games, cool shoot 'em up games to play now- for PC, Mac desktop, laptop, notebook. Good 1-player flash shooter games online, army/ airplane combat games.
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Play fun, accuracy-based, aiming and shooting games for free in one playing area on Blow off some steam, awaken your reflexes, and try some straight-forward aim and shoot arcade games, easy to play mouse-only games, challenging hand-eye coordination & reactions skills games, to more action-packed shoot 'em up-style games for older kids and teenagers. Enjoy your favorite games with your best friends & family.

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Fairy Town is a very addicting, mouse-only, aiming and accuracy-based, match-3 game where you must fire colored balls (orbs) into a 360-degree grid, and attempt to score matches of three or more. Working against the clock, you must attempt to eliminate all of the small orbs from the play area before the timer reaches zero.

Reasons to play this cannon shooting, matching puzzle game: This is a fun online activity for exercising your visual and color coordination skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and tactful mouse clicking. Fans of straight-forward, skill-based matching games should enjoy the action.

Strategy to win: A sense of controlled urgency is necessary here. While keeping close attention on the clock timer, carefully and methodically try to pick out the best area of the grid to attack with your cannon shots. If you get an opportunity, try to attack the central ‘bomb’ orb as often as you can. Grid management is very important – don't just focus on removing one specific color or area, try to spread out your elimination and matching attempts.

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Bubble Tanks: Arenas is a highly-stimulating and interactive shooting adventure game, and exciting sequel in the hugely-popular Bubble Tanks Series (the original Bubble Tanks games feature fluid gameplay where you get to control an upgradeable, missile-firing tank that floats around like a bubble). Here, instead of roaming through an expansive world of limitless ‘Bubblefields’ (battlefields), you have to take on a series of pre-set ‘Arena’ levels with a specific number of enemies and battlegrounds in each. You can attempt to complete all 25 in-game challenges as well as a number of custom-made Arenas designed by other gamers from around the world (Really talented and gifted players can even create their own Arenas and enemies in an awesome ‘Editor’ feature where you can really let your imagination run wild!)

This in-depth and innovative online shooting challenge requires a range of different attributes depending on the game mode that you choose to play. Fans of classic arcade-style shoot ‘em ups should enjoy the fast-paced action of the normal in-game Arenas Mode where you come up against all manner of slippery bubble enemies. Here, your quick reactions, good keyboard control and accurate firing are all-important. However, more technical-minded players may prefer to unleash their creative side as they enter the exciting area of game design in the ‘Create Arena / Create Enemy’ mode.

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There are widespread reports of a multi-level pirate attack! We urgently require a skilled Demolition Expert to take down the pirate structures and knock these bad guys off of their perches with well-placed explosives and missiles! It's a really desperate situation! Can you please help us?

Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage is a fun, physics-based, building demolition and shooting puzzle game where your task is to eliminate all of the pirates in each level by destroying their defensive tower structures in order to disturb the pirate baddies progress, knock them over and eliminate them. Armed with explosives, large boulders, and incendiary missiles, you must carefully and methodically destroy the pirate stronghold, and hope that the tumbling pieces of the building take the pirates down at the same time!

Skills required: This challenging, tower destruction-based brain teaser game requires smart analytical thinking skills combined with creative engineering as you work to bring down the enemy structures with precision missiles and explosive charges. Good problem-solving and anticipation skills are also vital as you attempt to predict where the buildings will fall – and how to use gravity to your advantage. Trial and error is also really important as you shrewdly adjust your demolition strategy when a failed attempt leaves some bad guys still standing!

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Boom Boom Bloon is a challenging, physics-based, cannon-shooting puzzle game for elementary school kids through high school teens. Here, you must safely free up and allow all happy orange balloons to float up and away harm-free from a confined area, while also eliminating (bursting) all of the angry blue balloons. You must carefully and clinically do this through highly accurate cannonball shots that remove obstacles, create openings, unhook chains, propel objects, and more.

This fun, skill-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requires good observation and concentration levels, good strategy, timing, and smart cannon firing skills. If your timing is even a tiny bit off, you can easily burst the wrong balloon! Ok Cannon Commander, let’s see what you can achieve!

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Guide an awesome, Rambo-style cat through an incredibly-difficult, baddie-filled, side-scrolling environment while using your feline hero's firepower and kung fu skills to your advantage along the way! MAC: Madly Angry Cat is a hard, run and jump, Mario-style action game where you must blast enemies with accurate gunfire and bash them with kung fu fighting. Eliminate slimy flower-like baddies, creepy zombies, and other ghouls on your tricky adventure! Make no mistake, this is no ordinary kitty cat!

Skills required: This high-intensity platform game requires fast reactions, slick keyboard control, sharp anticipation skills and great determination as you attempt to predict when and where your enemies might attack. Timing is very important as you carefully choose when to leap over obstacles, and when to take on enemies with aggression.

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Ruthless Pandas is a high-octane, aiming and accuracy-based shooting game and survival challenge where you play the role of a liberated space pirate who must guide a large panda-piloted aircraft through an alien bear-filled, side-scrolling battlefield, defeating the enemy army and boss characters while collecting back the stolen gemstones. Utilizing accurate missile-path-drawing techniques and constant upgrades for your flight ship, you must save Panda Planet from complete destruction by the evil Brown Bear Invasion Force!

Reasons to play this quirky skill-based action game: Exercise your fast reactions, dogged determination and tactical nous as you battle your way through the hordes of invading bears, shooting down as many as you can with each missile-firing effort. Prove your worth as a master alien-defense captain as you upgrade your aircraft with shrewd purchases and awesome new gadgets as you progress through the battle!

Best strategy to win: Improving and perfecting your missile accuracy is the absolute key to victory. Unlike most virtual shooting activities where you have a handy target marker; here, you must actually draw the intended flight path / trajectory of your missiles using your mouse or touchpad. This becomes easier as you progress, adding bigger and better weapons to your aircraft's arsenal of destruction! Patience too is essential.

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Compete in elite-level archery tournaments featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a field of world-class opponents! Hit The Jackpot is a cool, realistic and challenging, aiming and accuracy-based archery shooting game for for older kids and teens where you must fire arrows at faraway target boards. The closer you get to the bullseye (center), the more points you score! Try to qualify for three big tournaments – and then bring home the coveted Gold Medal!

Skills required: This tricky, classic-style, bow and arrow archery game requires lots of trial and error as well as a basic appreciation for the effects of wind, angles and trajectory on the flight path of your arrow projectile. High levels of focus and concentration, very good hand-eye coordination, great patience, and tenacity are all key traits required if you want to prove yourself as an elite virtual archer!

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Clash N' Slash is an intense and addicting, multi-level planet defense / alien blasting game where you must defend your homeland against waves of huge enemy spacecraft approaching from all angles. As the last pilot standing from your fleet of defensive ships, it's up to you alone to quickly orbit around the planet, fending off attacks from on-coming spacecraft.

Featuring more than 60 levels, 19 weapons, 17 power ups, and huge bosses, this point-and-click, space invaders shooting arcade game requires really fast reaction speed and accurate mouse control skills under pressure. Your planet needs you, Captain!

A version of the Clash N' Slash game is also available to purchase and download. Please see this page.

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Play an intense, retro shoot'em up Flash game: BitShift is a challenging, side-scrolling, 1980s space invaders-style, action arcade game that requires very fast reaction speed, good hand-eye coordination, accurate shooting, and super survival skills. Here, you take on wave after wave of dangerous enemy spacecraft, and must dodge and weave around the game screen, avoiding fire, increasing shield power, and eliminating enemies when and where possible.

Good battle strategy is the key to success as you rapidly decide upon the best plan of action to destroy each wave of your pesky opponents. Your survival largely rests on your ability to preserve your energy, and keep your spacecraft from harm. Have you got the cool-headedness, deftness, daring and cunning to become a galactic space pilot legend for centuries to come?

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Play a cheeky, baseball batting, urban demolition game where you score points by hitting the ball into the street while also targeting windows, moving vehicles, trees, bystanders and more! Baseball Smash is a fun and mischievous, timing skill-based action game where you must reach specific points goals by whacking baseballs at all kinds of street targets! Blast the ball with precision, accuracy, and power, but try not to strike out!

Skills required: This wacky, timing and reaction speed-based game requires essential skills required by real-life baseball hitters. Also very important here are tactful mouse-control, sharp hand-eye coordination, good visual skills, high levels of focus and concentration as you attempt to reach the challenging points target.

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Skilled bow and arrow masters required. Blue Archer 2 is a very challenging aiming and accuracy-based skill game where you must fire arrows at objects in a farmyard environment, and try to reach a pre-determined target number of points before your arrows run out. You play the role of the sharp shooting archer, and must judge the angle, power and trajectory (flight path) of each arrow.

Reasons to play this tricky archery game: Exercise good hand-eye coordination skills and accurate aiming and mouse control as you attempt to score as many points as possible with each shot. See if you've got what it takes to become the next virtual Robin Hood or William Tell!

Strategy to win: Use good judgement with a steady hand, focus, patience, determination, and a willingness to learn from poor mistakes or near misses. You get a numerical reading of the angle and power of each shot, so learning to deftly tweak these numbers to your advantage is very important, especially in later levels. Naturally, hitting smaller objects such as balloons and fruit earns more points than hitting larger items such as haystacks.

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Play an interesting, physics-based interactive puzzle game, and smash 100 points worth of green blocks off of the play zone in each of 30 increasingly-difficult levels with clinically-fired steel pinballs! Blosics 2 is a tricky, multi-level, ball shooting and skill-based game where you must launch pinballs at groups of stacked green-colored blocks which are perched on ledges, platforms or other stacks of blocks. Cannoning each block out of the confines of the play area earns valuable points toward your 100-point target! However, in most levels, you must simultaneously avoid eliminating precious red blocks!

Skills required: This challenging ball shooting puzzle game requires savvy analytical thinking skills, good strategy and tactful mouse control as you attempt to blast green blocks away with as few shots as possible. A basic understanding of angles, power, and shot trajectory are needed! A willingness for good old problem solving trial and error is important as you often have to repeat levels in order to figure out the optimal way to rid the game area of sufficient green blocks to progress.

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Gallantly defend your treasure maps and ship from plundering, futuristic robots by using your dual swords and dual pistols in this high-octane, tower defense pirate game! Steam Pirate is a very challenging, Flash action game for older kids / teens where you must survive wave after wave of marauding robot thieves who attempt to steal valuable map scrolls from your ship in 20 increasingly-difficult levels! The scurvy robots must be kept at bay by a mixture of well-placed turret guns, and your own swift and accurate sword and gun attacks.

Reasons to play this addicting strategy defense game: Exercise your tactical battle skills and determination as you set up key defense mechanisms against your invading robotic opponents. Fans of classic tower defense strategy games should enjoy the high-pressure action.

Strategy to win: Excellent coordination skills, fast reactions and reflexes are absolutely essential here as you dash around the game screen, eliminating robots as fast as you possibly can. Shrewd strategy is also key – You must cunningly place your turret guns in advantageous positions to slow the fearsome robots down. Decision-making skills also come into play as you choose which items and weapons to upgrade in between levels.

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Pool: Hole in One is a very challenging, accuracy-based billiards game where you must shoot ten red balls into a single pocket located in the center of a cool ‘bumper pool-style’ table.

This tricky, interactive cue-sports game requires good observation skills, smooth hand-eye coordination and point-and-click handling, good prediction skills, the ability to judge the correct angles for your shots, and a cool head under pressure. The clock is ticking, and no mistakes are allowed – If your black cue ball falls into the pocket, it's curtains! Are you ready to take on a unique pool playing challenge?

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The year is 2413; and you’ve just landed a job with the Spaceport Security Service – manning a routine turret gun position on the famously non-eventful Alpha 3 Planetary Colony… Sounds pretty dull, right? Well, that’s because no one in the entire universe could have predicted the explosive mayhem that would happen next! Cyberhorde is an exhilarating and awesomely intense space robot shoot ‘em up game where you have to single-handedly defend a planet against an almighty marching horde of powerful extra-terrestrial cyborgs. Armed with just a single turret gun, you have to find a way to survive against the seemingly overwhelming amount of robot crabs, dragonflies, birds, and more!

This challenging and action-packed shooting adventure is a fun modern take on the classic Space Invaders genre where a movable gun at the bottom of the screen has to valiantly defend against descending enemies. Sharp reactions, pinpoint accuracy, supreme concentration and an ability to stay cool under pressure are all key attributes in this epic battle of humankind versus a terrifying android force. Have you got the ruthless ability to ‘seek, shoot and destroy’, and become the hero of the hour? You’re the last line of defense Captain – it’s time to smoke these alien robots big time!

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Pirates Musketeers is a challenging, pirate-based, platform-shooter game with 1 and 2 Player modes: Play the role of a little pirate warrior defending your seas from invasion, and leap around pirate ships eliminating enemies with accurate missile shots and other innovative weapons. Choose to ‘go it alone’ or team up with a friend to take on the quirky and unusual enemies in each of the 18 increasingly-difficult levels.

Reasons to play this ledge-based, action adventure game: Sail into the wacky world of pirate ships that have been overrun by weird blob-like alien creatures, hat-wearing eagles, robotic airships, and other unusual enemies. Exercise your battle sharpness and keyboard control skills as you attempt to rid each pirate ship of the unwanted guests.

Strategy to win: As with most platform-based games, fast reactions and good observation skills are very important. You must tactfully leap from ledge to ledge, conserving ammo, and choosing the exact moment to strike. Defensive strategy is also important here – You cannot be on the attack at all times. If you are playing with a friend, classmate or family member, use smart teamwork to your advantage!

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King Soldiers 4 is a fun, online, physics problem-solving, aiming and accuracy-based shooting game for kids & teens where you must eliminate all of the ice monsters from each level using special projectile-firing weapons such as rocket launchers and snowball grenades! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you play the role of a determined missile-firing soldier who is tasked with ridding each ledge and platform-filled level of your enemies. However, your soldier is fixed to his position, so you must use the angles, objects, and contours of each level to your advantage while launching your projectiles.

This wacky, HTML5-based, multi-level, physics shooting action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include focus, good analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, smart decision making, timing, anticipation skills, determination, and a general appreciation for the collaborative effect of angles, trajectory, and shot power. A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you figure out the best way to get at your elusive ice monster foes. Can you conquer all problem-solving 21 levels AND earn a three-star score in each?

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30k Starfighter is an old school, carefree and enjoyable space invaders arcade game where you take on hordes of enemy spacecraft in a non-stop, missile firing space battle. Utilizing fast reactions and accurate shooting skills, you must maneuver your spaceship around a condensed battlefield filled with swooping enemy spacecraft. Your goals are simple; survive for as long as possible, and score as many points as you can by eliminating enemy fighters.

Reasons to play this fun arcade game: If you're nostalgic for classic, retro space invader games from the 1980s, this is just the treat! Fans of non-stop, high octane flying and shooting games should also enjoy the action here. There are no special tasks to complete. You must simply show the invaders what you're made of!

Strategy to win: Fast reactions, good coordination and observation skills, and a high level of concentration are all important attributes in any battle. There is very little time to react as waves of enemy spaceships descend upon your position. Try to limit your mistakes – one tiny slip, and your ship could go up in smoke!

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Granny Strikes Back is an epic, addicting and wacky tower defense-style strategy and shooting game for older kids / teens. Here, you play the role of a reclusive grandma whose home in the woods is under attack from alien snowmen – but little do the icy attackers know! Granny is in fact a highly-skilled, former special agent, and has more firepower, courage and willpower than you could ever imagine!

Background info: After crash-landing on earth, a band of aliens set out to find the unusual fuel needed to restart their ship – raspberry jam. Coincidentally, Granny makes dozens of delicious batches of jam every year, so the aliens summon an army of snowmen to send Granny packing, and steal her jam. Unfortunately for the aliens, this awesome Granny is more than willing to fight back!

Reasons to play this crazy, action-packed adventure: Chances are you won't play a quirkier or funnier tower defense game very often! Just the sight of Granny barreling around her garden firing cannonballs at snowmen is enough to get you hooked! Fans of classic tower defense games and platform adventures should enjoy the fast-paced action and fluid gameplay. Each level features hordes of enemy snowmen and tons of different weapons, defense styles and more.

Strategy to win: This Granny is as nimble-footed as Mario on a top day! Good reflexes and reaction speed are very important as you move quickly around the play area to fend off snowman attackers. Sharp observation skills are also really important – as many levels feature enemies approaching from all angles, and you need to be aware of where the danger is coming from at all times. Smart strategy / decision making skills also come into play as you select which upgrades to purchase in between levels.

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Help Panik to save the earth by bursting all the cyber bubbles: Panik in Bubble Trouble is a fast-paced, bubble shooting game of skill where you must eliminate dangerous bouncing bubbles by splitting them into smaller bubbles, and then eliminating them entirely! You play the role of Panik (a brave robo-bunny), and must accurately fire your special bubble bursting harpoon gun at the bubbles in order to split and eliminate them.

Skills required: In this fun, high-intensity arcade game, you must dodge and weave around the confined play area, keeping Panik out of danger while also positioning him in areas where he can burst bubbles. Fast reactions, sharp dexterity and nimble keyboard skills all play a part as you try to survive the onslaught of bubbles. Good concentration skills are also important – You must remain focused and ready to capitalize on each opportunity to strike!

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