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Play fun, point-and-click, aiming and shooting games, and accuracy-based games for free on Learn4Good Games. Blow off some steam and exercise your reflexes, reaction speed and determination levels with some easy to play mouse-only aim and shoot arcade games, good hand-eye coordination & reaction skills games, to more challenging combat strategy games and cool action-packed shoot 'em up-style games for older kids & teens. Play top online games with your best friends & family at home.

Aiming & Accuracy
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Submarine War

Take to the high and desolate seas and wage war with an endless fleet of submarines in Submarine War! Take command of a lone bombardment ship as you patrol the waters, dropping underwater bombs as the submarines approach. Just make sure to dodge their own missiles when they fire back! See how many ships you can sink and how high a score you can set in this action-packed game!

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Pacman Revenge

Pac Man will finally defend himself in Pacman Revenge. This fun and colorful twist on the classic arcade game has your lead hero shooting his way to victory, protecting himself like he always should have. Pac Man isn’t just eating his way out of trouble!

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Missile Defense System

Missile Defense System - Unleash the firepower from your turret and wipe out invading rockets before they destroy you in this fast-paced online shooting game. You are awarded for each enemy rocket destroyed and you will need to be on your game for this! This is no game for the slack minded user, you must be absolutely 100% on the ball here! You will have multiple rockets coming at you from multiple directions, and you have to defend your base with multiple turrets! Have you got what it takes? 

The aim of the game is to last as long as possible from the swarm of attacks coming from the sky in the form of rockets. Control your turrets simultaneously to fight back as best you can! This game will test your multitasking skills and the ability to process multiple things at once. You will have a lot of rockets flying towards you destined to cause serious damage until you stop them! Keep calm under the pressure and work methodically, dispatching them one by one.

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Sniper 3D Target Shooting

Sniper 3D Target Shooting is a multi-level pinpoint accuracy-based, first-person shooter-style game where you have to hit a series of different targets alike watermelons and glass bottles. Set in a desert environment, you play the role of the trainee sniper, and have to methodically eliminate your targets with precision. Finding & hitting all targets is no mean feat – some of the targets can be literally hundreds of feet away! Achieving the accuracy needed to be a virtual sniping success is all about high concentration, a very steady hand, and confident mouse movement. You can also move around if you want to get a better sniping position if the wind is too strong and you can't hit the target from such distance. Have you got the mental and technical skills to prove yourself as a sniper extraordinaire?

Note: This game is not playable on mobile devices.

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Road Fury

Create pandemonium on the streets! Play a crazy, reactions-based driving and shooting game and survival challenge all rolled into one! Road Fury is a high-octane, explosion-filled car game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and destroy as many other vehicles as you can along the way! Anything goes – you have free reign to destroy any cars, vans or trucks that have the audacity to be in your path of destruction across the 5-laned highway! Collect coins after destroying cars and use these coins to upgrade your car. Collect power-ups to enhance your performance and be careful of the enemy, they try to eliminate you!

Playable on android mobile phone and tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this crazy driving game requires really smart reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills and high concentration levels. Quickly dodging and weaving around vehicles and barriers that you haven't destroyed is the key to survival.

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Pixel Zombie Die Hard

Pixie Zombie Die Hard has you going head-to-head against some dangerous and bloodthirsty zombies. Are you ready to kill some zombies?

This game has you running around with a variety of weapons laying waste to zombies that come at you in hordes. You will run around the massive levels firing and killing the zombies and racking up new weapons to knock them down. The game is fast-paced, gorgeous and large and you will likely lose hours and hours of time playing.

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King Soldiers

King Soldiers is a simple shooting game for teens and adults where you get to “take out” a wide range of fearsome opposition, using skill, cunning and lightning speed! You need to eliminate as many “nasties” as you can. This stylish shooting game is hours of non-stop, fast-paced action and excitement! 

The aim of the game is to eliminate all the enemies from their stands! This will test your aiming skills with the mouse, your hand eye coordination and probably most importantly, your ability to anticipate an enemies movement. As the levels progress and get more difficult, the enemies will be more difficult to hit so this is where you must use your inner soldier to be as accurate as you can and not be wasting ammunition.

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Christmas Gift Castle Defense

Christmas Gift Castle Defense is an epic tower defense-style arrow shooting and strategy game set in medieval times where you have to defend your castle against wave after wave of enemy troops while also defending your Christmas gifts! This all-action RPG battle adventure will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The aim of this game is to defend your base from incoming attackers with the bow and arrow! Defeat the enemies before they destroy your gifts! Get ready to test and exercise your quick reaction skills, as there are literally hundreds of medieval-style, armor-clad enemies that you have to repel. Your strategic planning abilities are tested under great pressure as you have to attack with brute force but also your brains. Have you got the military know-how and shooting accuracy to defend the base? It’s time to find out what you’re made of – see you on the battlefield General!

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Triangle Wars

Brave the vastness of space and wage galactic combat as you try to survive all alone in Triangle Wars. In Triangle Wars, there is no end to space; your only hope is to survive and see how many alien ships you can shoot down before they take you down. This game will keep you playing as you try to master the almost disorientating task of flying in space while blasting up aliens with blasters, bombs and insane powerups. A great game to unwind with after a long day of work.

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Crazy Scientist

Crazy Scientist is a high-octane shooting game where you simply have to survive for as long as possible by eliminating endless waves of attacking enemy troops! These troops are gunning for you and they are desperate to stop the crazy scientist! Go get 'em!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible and gain a high score! Stay alive for as long as you can and eliminate all the soldiers along the way! This easy to play yet fast and furious shooting activity requires very good hand-eye coordination and expert reaction times. Your observation skills are also tested to the max as enemy forces approach from without warning. Even a split-second lapse in concentration can result in disaster as the bad guys rain down on you without mercy. Can you survive this punishing onslaught? The odds are stacked against you – but you’ve got the determination to pull through! 

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Monster Catcher

Monster catcher is a fun action game. Various monsters are moving around the catcher machine and you need to catch required number of monsters to complete a level. To activate the catcher, just tap anywhere on the screen. You can only catch the monster if there is another same looking monster present on the screen. In other words - you have to see two same monsters and then you can catch one, otherwise you will lose 1 of total 3 lives. So first find two identical monsters and then catch one of them. To complete a level you will have to fit in time limit too. You will certainly get bonus score, if you save lives or finish within time.

This HTML5-based, aiming & accuracy-based, arcade action and skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (This game currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

Skills required include good hand-eye and finger coordination, very alert reflexes and anticipation skills as you attempt to catch all monsters. Happy monster catching!

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Acorns Park

Take on the role of a courageous vigilante squirrel as you fight to chase out the local squirrel gangs from the park in Acorns Park. Acorns Park is an obstacle and trick-shoot style of game; you will remain stationary as you try to aim and knock out all the gangsters with your flying acorns, all the while making sure not to hit one of the innocent, but lazy, police cops. Make sure to hit them as you only have so few acorns! Acorns Park is a great game for those who like to explore and play with physics as you attempt to clear out all the gangsters throughout 20 levels of play, utilizing trick-shoots and the environment to knock them all out no matter where they hide.

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Zombie Island 3D

Zombie Island 3D is an immersive, adrenaline-pumping, first-person survival game set on a desolate island overrun by the undead. Your adventure trip takes an unexpected turn, leaving you stranded on this eerie island. Your mission is to outwit and outmaneuver the relentless zombie horde, locate hidden resources, and stay alive in this chilling 3D environment. Will you rise to the challenge and survive the Zombie Island?

Playing Zombie Island 3D not only provides an exhilarating gaming experience but also helps to enhance various skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities as you strategize and make quick decisions under pressure. Your motor skills are put to the test as you navigate through the treacherous terrain, dodging attacks and aiming accurately. The game also fosters problem-solving skills as you figure out how to use the limited resources available effectively. It's a thrilling test of survival instincts, strategic planning, and quick reflexes.

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Neon Invaders

Revive the nostalgia of those classic Arcade space shooters. Pilot one of three spaceships as you shoot down a fleet of alien invaders in Neon Invaders! Take cover and dodge alien blaster bolts as you take them down one by one, taking care not to get hit, but if you do you still have two more lives to try again. A great game reimagined in a pleasing neon design while still remaining faithful to the iconic platform shooter style of its ancestor, what more can be said about it.

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Armour Crush

Armour Crush: ¡Bienvenido al campo de batalla definitivo! Aquí tienes la oportunidad de controlar un ejército de soldados, tanques y cualquier otra cosa que decidas desplegar. Tienes que conquistar la tierra, pero primero tienes que derrotar al ejército que está al otro lado. Te atacarán con todo tipo de armas, así que prepárate para la guerra. De lo contrario, perderás terreno vital y acabarás siendo derrotado. Así que, ¡vamos, sargento! ¡Adelante!

El objetivo del juego es derrotar al ejército enemigo para conseguir la victoria. Para ello, debes destruir su base. Despliega una gran variedad de armas desde tu base mientras haces todo lo posible para ganar. Este juego se basa en la velocidad y el poder estratégico. Sé rápido con el ratón para desplegar múltiples herramientas y mantente a la cabeza del ejército contrario. Si te alejas un momento de la acción, sufrirás enormemente, ¡este juego requiere una atención constante!

Cómo jugar: Utiliza el ratón para desplegar tanques y soldados desde la parte inferior de la pantalla. Las distintas herramientas requieren puntos diferentes para desplegarse y debes esperar a que tu barra haya adquirido suficientes puntos para poder desplegarlas. Por ejemplo, un gran tanque cuesta 12 puntos y un pequeño "destructor" cuesta 3, pero el tanque es más potente y puede soportar más daño. Los puntos se acumulan automáticamente.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Blast The Ball

Ignite your reflexes and strategic prowess with Blast The Ball, a game that transforms the simple joy of ball-blasting into a thrilling journey of precision and skill. Prepare to embark on a quest through 100 levels of dynamic challenges, where your aim is to shatter the targeted number of spheres using a diverse arsenal of 10 different weapons and 4 unique bonuses.

Embark on a cerebral adventure where your quick thinking, agility, and strategic planning are your greatest allies. As you navigate through the increasingly complex levels, you'll hone your hand-eye coordination, sharpen your timing, and cultivate a sense of rhythm that's essential for mastering the art of ball blasting. Each level is a new opportunity to refine your tactics and push your high score to the limits.

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Avoid Dying

Avoid Dying is a bow and arrow shooter with a twist!

How many targets can you get without setting off the trap? One miss and it’s the end! Don’t miss any of the targets or your arrow will cut the rope, dropping a giant spike block on your head! Every shot counts… This is a game about accuracy and precision, not only being able to hit a target but hitting them consistently. Remember that arrows don’t shoot completely straight! Compensate your shots for the arch and make sure you get a feel for it to keep going and land as many targets as you can. Watch out for when targets start to move! You’ll have to time your arrows perfectly to stay on target. How high can you get your best score?

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Run Gun Robots

Join the fearsome space marine as he sneaks through the bases of an armada of alien space robots in Run Gun Robots. Stop the robots and protect the earth by blasting through them and making your way through all 10 levels of this exciting and extreme platform shooter. Earn coins as you blast robots apart to purchase powerups to help you in the fight; just make sure not to waste all of your ammo! Run Gun Robots is a simple to learn and challenging platformer that you are sure to enjoy.

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Kill The Spy

Kill The Spy is a puzzle game, where you need to eliminate the spies in each level and save the hostages. You need to shoot at structures to make them fall and eliminate the enemies. Make sure you don’t waste your shots!

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Tom Clancy's Shootout

Tom Clancy's Shootout is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed shooting game that plunges you into the heart of a thrilling training ground. Show off your mastery of weapons by shooting targets with lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint precision. Outshoot your competitors, unlock superior weaponry, and select an elite operator to achieve the world's best score!

Playing Tom Clancy's Shootout not only provides an exhilarating gaming experience but also helps to enhance a variety of skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities as you strategize the best ways to outscore your opponents. Your motor skills are put to the test as you aim and shoot with precision and speed. The game also fosters decision-making skills as you choose the right moment to strike and the best weapons to use. It's a game that challenges your mind and reflexes in equal measure.

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Farm Clash 3D

Farm Clash 3D es un divertido juego de disparos que pondrá a prueba tus habilidades al máximo. Pon a prueba tus habilidades de observación, reacción y control del teclado en este adictivo, divertido y emocionante juego. Demuestra a tus amigos y familiares quién es el granjero más furioso. ¡Mejora tu salud y tus armas a medida que ganes experiencia y consigas más puntos! ¡Diviértete!

El objetivo de este juego es eliminar al mayor número posible de granjeros. Se trata de un juego de equipo, por lo que jugarás con otros jugadores, pero controlados por ordenador. Este juego pondrá a prueba tus habilidades con el teclado, ya que tendrás que ser un profesional pulsando todos los botones para moverte por el mapa y esquivar los ataques. Reacciona rápido a los ataques agachándote, saltando y apartándote. Tendrás que practicar un poco para acostumbrarte a los controles, pero la clave está en tener confianza y ser agresivo con tus oponentes.

Cómo jugar: Utiliza el ratón del ordenador para apuntar y el botón izquierdo del ratón para apuntar y disparar a los enemigos. Tu cursor está bloqueado dentro de la pantalla, así es como apuntas. Para salir del modo bloqueado, pulsa L. Pulsa clic izquierdo para disparar, y pulsa C para agacharte y BARRA ESPACIADORA para saltar. Usa las flechas o las teclas WASD para moverte. W/Flecha arriba para avanzar, A/D o Flecha izquierda/derecha para moverte a izquierda/derecha y finalmente S/Flecha abajo te mueves hacia atrás. Si te derriban, haz clic con el botón izquierdo del ratón para reaparecer.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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King Bowling Defence

King Bowling Defence is a fun and exciting game where you have to defend your castle from the zombies trying to invade you. Shoot at them and push them into the water to eliminate them, make sure you don’t let too many zombies get through, as you have limited lives. Be careful of the bosses.

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Siege Hero Pirate Pillage

Get ready to unleash your strategic skills and precise aim in Siege Hero Pirate Pillage! In this free online game, your mission is to take down the pirate ships, ransack the caves full of treasures, and free the oppressed. Use your expert precision and strategy to wipe out the pirate mob, protect the innocent, and loot gold barrels. With fun physics-based destruction gameplay, your goal is to destroy the ship and the travelers in as few attempts as possible.

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Heli Battle

Heli Battle is a fast-paced helicopter battle game. Take down the enemy chopper at all costs. Collect bullets to fire missiles. Hold to move up. Release to move down. First to 10 victories wins the match. Heli Battle is a high octane action themed game. Collect bullets to fire missiles and battle enemy helicopters against a beautiful sunset backdrop. Your timing must be exact. Watch out - your enemy can too fire missiles at you and steal your ammo.

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Soldier Legend

Help your hero to combat the attacking aliens which are trying to overtake the world. Soldier Legend is a fun survival-based action game for kids and teens.

Skills required: This intense, adventure game requires sharp reflexes as you have these monsters coming at you at fast speeds out of both sides and the sky. Control your nimble character through the game zone at pace. Decision-making skills are also key as you have to decide which monsters need to be eliminated first, as some of them are can cause more damage than others. Collect coins to upgrade your weapon as it gets more tricky the further you get into the game.

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Reindeer Escape

Follow the story of an overworked and underpaid reindeer as he tries to escape from the North Pole and start a new life in Reindeer Escape. The only catch is that his boss isn’t too happy about it and is sending hordes of snowmen and gingerbread men attack planes after him. Help the reindeer shoot them all down with his Tommy gun as he tries to reach his getaway car to escape. Reindeer Escape is a short but enjoyable game, perfect for when you just want to play a casual game to relax with.

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Battleship Pirates

Battleship Pirates is an exciting and competitive game similar to Battleships, where you have your fleet of ships and have to defeat your opponent by shooting at random spots on their area to land hits and destroy their ships. Use your special skills or simply attack the enemy on your turn, and hope that your enemy doesn’t defeat you first.

Play this Game is an exciting, fast paced real time catapult based game. Choose your name, and customize your catapult by choosing different avatars, from recent presidential look-alikes to funky aliens! Your catapult will spawn on a grid with three other players. The aim of the game is to be the first to make it to kill twenty enemy catapults. However, while you’re aiming at others, they’re aiming back at you! If they hit you, you’ll die and respawn in a new random location on the grid.

To be successful in this game, you’ll need to have fast thinking skills, as well as the dexterity and accuracy to make sure your shots are not just aimed at the right opponent, but hitting home every time.

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Crowd Clash Rush

Crowd Clash Rush is a thrilling, fast-paced action game where you step into the role of a fearless warrior leading a squad of brave fighters. Set in a vibrant and immersive 3D world, this game offers stunning visuals and realistic sound effects that will captivate you from the very first moment. Prepare to command your troops, strategize your moves, and engage in epic battles against waves of opponents!

Sharpen your strategic thinking and quick reflexes as you navigate through intense combat scenarios. Crowd Clash Rush is designed to enhance your cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and decision-making, while also improving your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Each level presents new challenges that will test your ability to adapt and lead your team to victory.

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Mango Shooter

Do you like mangoes? Mango Shooter will help you collect them and have fun while doing so. Shooting down mangoes from a tree as fun as it can be.

The goal of the game is for you to collect mangoes at each level, with each level requiring you to collect more. You need to aim and control the strength used to shoot down the mangoes, as you might not make it, or you might miss. Be careful with the birds, as they can take your mangoes, and you might not make it to the goal of the level, shoot them down if possible. If you run out of pebbles before reaching your goal, you will fail the level.

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Tank Hero Online

War has broken out, and it is up to you alone to quell the waves of enemy tanks in Tank Hero Online. Climb into and ready your own tank for the battles ahead, using guile and tactics to take out the enemy tanks before they can take you out. Defeat enemies and win levels to earn coins, which you can use to purchase stronger types of cannon shells and different tanks to operate. Tank Hero Online is an easy game to learn and pick up and is sure to keep you entertained!

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Rombo is a challenging and adventurous shooting game that is suitable for kids and teens, where the mission is to defend your base and eliminate the enemies that think they can trespass! Have you got the specific skillset we are after here? Come and find out!

The aim of this game is to defeat the enemy and not let them past your defense! This tricky shooting game is made all the more difficult by the fact that there’s absolutely no room for error – if you don’t shoot the enemies in time, then you’re in trouble! You’ll need good hand-eye coordination and timing skills to eliminate the multiple enemies that approach from all angles. Are you ready to blast these bothersome little bouncers away? Grab your gun, it’s time to burst some hearts!

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