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Aiming & Accuracy
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Air Fighter

Air Fighter is a challenging game that will give you a battle-field like experience. With amazing graphics and themes, all you have to do is swing with your fighter and kill the enemies travelling your way. Whilst the jet will be constantly shooting, just manoeuvre your aircraft inline with oncoming enemies to dispatch them quickly! Experience what life was like as a fighter pilot in the War and show everyone what you are capable of!

Stay alive for as long as possible by dodging the fire and destroy as many aircrafts as possible! A top tip would be to decide a strategy early on, either go for the offensive and kill as many as possible to maximise your score, or act on the defensive to stay alive for as long as possible. This game definitely puts your strategizing skills to the test, pick a strategy and stick to it! You will develop this skill and then you will be able to learn from it afterwards. Think what went well and what could be improved?

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John The Pirate

Únete al siempre escurridizo, carismático y audaz capitán pirata John mientras explora densos bosques selváticos y salta sobre rápidos embravecidos en busca de tesoros en John, The Pirate. Pero su exploración no será tan fácil como crees, ya que los bosques están repletos de esqueletos y monstruos que guardan los tesoros que buscas. John, The Pirate, es un emocionante juego saltador de plataformas que trae de vuelta la nostálgica jugabilidad de esos viejos clásicos como Mario.

Cómo jugar: Tu objetivo es buscar en cada nivel la llave dorada que necesitarás para abrir el cofre del tesoro y pasar al siguiente. Por el camino, tendrás que atravesar el entorno, saltar ríos y disparar a esqueletos. Para moverte, utiliza las teclas WAD/flecha (con W/flecha arriba para saltar) y la barra espaciadora (o K o Z) para disparar en la dirección en la que esté John. Para usuarios de móviles, toca los controles en pantalla.

John, The Pirate, se puede jugar en navegadores móviles y de escritorio.

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Vegas Clash 3D

Elvis Presley is back in the building…sort of. In Vegas Clash 3D, you will join the infamous Sassy Elvis gang as they plan to break into the Las Vegas casino and make off with all their money! Pick a gun and join the rest of the gang as you fight through dozens of armed cops and make your way to the vault. The side with the most points by the end is the winner! While this is a fun game, it is definitely not appropriate during school hours!

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Castle Defender Saga

Sharpen your steel, don your armour, and ready the defences for Castle Defender Saga awaits you! In Castle Defender Saga, you will take up the role of the castle’s commander and lead its people, warriors and mages to victory as you defend the castle from waves of savage raiders and undead horrors. Castle Defender Saga is a great casual defence game that will keep you playing for hours upon hours!

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Mr Superfire

Mr Superfire is a thrilling running and shooting game where you are the commando Mr. Superfire! What are you waiting for? Take up your powerful guns, jump and shoot hundreds of enemies. Do not give up, try again and your skills will improve with every game. Only a MASTER can take them down and save the world! Various weapons and upgrades available as you progress throughout the game. Mr Superfire has 4 stages with 50 different levels!

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Zombie Idle Defense

In Zombie Idle Defense, it’s your job to protect your base by shooting waves of zombies. Surviving all the zombies in one level unlocks the next, and also awards coins that can be spent either on new characters, upgrades to your defenses or a variety of special weapons and items that’ll help you make it through trickier levels. Face many different types of opponents, from normal zombies to riot shield armored ones!

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Battle Area

Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the most epic and detailed battle games online. Battle Area is a hugely popular game on Learn4Good where it is you against the rest of the world (or so it might seem). You have to singlehandedly take down a whole army of troops...can you do it? Let's find out!

The aim of the game is to defeat all the enemies and stay alive in the meantime! This is not as easy as it sounds as there is a lot of enemies...and only one of you! This grand-scale, mouse-clicking battle activity is packed with fun-filled explosive action, awesome weaponry, and a series of challenging missions that take place all over the world. This is an all-guns-blazing battle – you don't need to be subtle, using your expert knowledge of military skills, your composure and your bravery to conquer all! Ok Commander, it’s time to gather your gear. Attack is the best from of defense! Good luck.

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Drunken Duel 2

If you ever wanted to duel your friends while drunk, and with weapons while on top of a building. Then Drunken Duel 2 is the game for you. Shoot your gun or throw shurikens to get the other player off the building. Whoever wins five rounds is the winner of the game.

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Shooting Range Simulator

Shooting Range Simulator is an arena-based platform shooter game where you have to shoot the plastic cut outs on the range. It involves running, jumping, aiming, shooting as well as picking up various weapons - while having tremendous fun along the way! This challenging and stimulating RPG Maze Game requires quick thinking and razor-sharp hand-eye coordination. It is perfect for anyone looking for some intelligent high-octane entertainment!

The aim of the game is to enjoy yourself on the shooting range, fully equipped with a vast array of weapons to choose from. You can use machine guns, shot guns and even grenades to have fun with, see how much damage you can cause. This game will develop your aiming skills with the mouse as you try to score a headshot on the plastic target. Treat it as if it was real, you must eliminate these cut outs to survive!

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Clash of Armour

Take to the field in search of glorious battle and victory as you wage armed war against all who would oppose you in Clash of Armour. In Clash of Armour, you take the role of the commander as you call down a variety of different tanks to defend your base and destroy that of the opposing player. Clash of Armour is an online game, face and conqueror people from all other the world, show them you have what it takes to be a true commander.

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Armour Crush

Armour Crush: Welcome to the ultimate battleground! Here is your chance to control an army of soldiers, tanks and whatever else you decide to deploy. You must conquer the land but first, you have to defeat the army standing on the other side to you. They will come at you with all kinds of weapons so make sure you are prepared for all out war! Do not get caught short otherwise, you will lose vital ground and eventually be defeated. So come on Sergeant! Let's go!

The aim of the game is to defeat the enemy army to claim victory. You must do this by destroying their base. Deploy a variety of weapons from your base as you do everything you can to win! This game is all about speed and strategic power! Be quick on the mouse to deploy multiple tools and stay one head of the opposing army! Take one look away from the action and you will be suffering massively, this game requires constant attention! 

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Zombie Mayhem Online

Zombie Mayhem Online is an intense and fast-paced zombie apocalypse shooting game. Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Find out! Run, aim, and shoot your way out of the zombie infested map. Improve your hand-eye coordination and mouse accuracy with this fast-paced high-precision game. Run around the map and explore the hidden tunnels, but be creaful! The zombies are lurking.

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Farm Clash 3D

Farm Clash 3D is a fast-paced shooting game that will test your abilties to the max! Test your observation, reaction and keyboard control skills in this addictive, fun and exciting game. Show off to your friends and family who would make the angriest farmer! Upgrade your health and weapons as you gain experience and gain more points! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to eliminate as many of the other farmers as possible. This is a team game so you will be playing with other players, but these are computer controlled. This game will test your keyboard skills as you need to be a pro pressing all the different buttons to successfully move around the map and dodge incoming attacks. React quick to being attacked by crouching, jumping and moving out of the way! This will take some practice as you get used to the controls but the key is to be confident and be on the aggressive against the opponents!

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Moon Clash Heroes

A fast-paced third-person shooter, Moon Clash Heroes is an intense shooter, that makes for a lot of fun!

As the name suggests, the game is set on the moon where two teams are battling to the death - or to the respawn. You select one of four heroes, grab your gun and get to shooting. You're either on the red team or the blue team and if you like Quack Arena you should enjoy this little number. Chaotic, exciting, and excellent responses make you run and dodge like a master, shooting your enemy to bits before moving on the next. No one dies, it's a consistent respawn, the team which cranks up the most kills in the allotted time, wins the game!

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Battlefield Elite

Journey to an abandoned island and see if you have what it takes to survive in Battlefield Elite 3D! Battlefield Elite 3D is a battle royale survival game where you have to face multiple adversaries as you all vie to see who can score the most kills and be crowned the winner. Unlock powerful weapons and bonus with each kill you make, making you more powerful with each kill. Win matches to level up to unlock new characters and earn prize money for upgrades. Battlefield Elite 3D is an enjoyable game to relax with.

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Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space

In Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space, you play the role of a stick man who has to save the day. There has been a rebellion on planet NU-2507 and only you can stop it! Go in there either all guns blazing or a tactical approach, the choice is yours! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to complete each mission. Destroy all the enemies, retrieve military and medical staff and retrieve intelligence as well! Think you can do it? Quick mouse-moving reactions and expert timing are essential skills in this space shooting game. With enemies approaching from all angles, you need to be on top of your game in both attack (firing missiles) and defense (hiding behind cover). Can you survive long enough to complete the mission? The world needs you - it’s time rise to this great challenge. Good luck!

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The Last Ninja

Take on the role of a shuriken throwing rouge ninja as you do battle against other ninjas to see if you can become the best in The Last Ninja. Take on other ninjas by shooting them with shurikens before they can shoot you, earning coins in the process. You can use these coins to upgrade your gear, increasing your health and damage. The Last Ninja provides you with a side-scrolling platform game that you will not be able to get enough of!

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Guns & Bottles

Get your aim straight in some bad-ass shooting with Guns & Bottles.

With a rotating gun and a bunch of bottles sliding over a line, you're going to have a tough time hitting that target - which just makes it all the more satisfying. In this game you want to aim to hit the green bottles, if you hit the bottles three in a row you're on a hot streak and every bottle you hit after will give you the money you can use to buy some new guns, that shoot even better! With some excellent art, a bad-ass soundtrack, and some wicked sound effects Guns & Bottles becomes extremely satisfying once you get into it.

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Bottle Shooting

Practice your aim and precision in Bottle Shooting, a nice casual and simply target shooting game where you have to shoot all the bottles in each level before time runs out to clear the level. Make sure to aim well as you will have a limited number of bullets, run out of those and it's game over. Bottle Shooting lets you pick 1 of 3 different handguns to play around with, mix it every now and then as you complete all 45 levels of Bottle Shooting.

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Gunslinger Duel

Gunslinger Duel is a game that requires quick reactions as you participate in duels and have to shoot only when you see Bang! on the screen. Otherwise, you will miss your shot and won’t have another to defeat your opponent. Be patient but fast, it's a duel to the death.

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Dinoz City

In Dinoz City hundreds of devious dinosaurs are taking over the city and taking people hostage! It is up to the renowned duo of dinosaur hunters to recuse the hostages and save the city from the claws of these living fossils. Take out the dinosaurs using a range of modern and state of the art weaponry, all the while making sure to keep your distance from them. Face the dinosaurs by yourself or with a buddy in two-player mode. Dinoz City is a great 2D platformer that you are sure to enjoy either with a friend or by yourself.

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Line of Defense

War has come to the doorstep of your country, and they need you to man the defences and beat back all the enemies in Line Defense! In Line Defense, you will take command of the anti-artillery weapon station and blast apart the growing waves of enemy tanks. However, things are never that simple, for you will need to match the cannon shell with the colour of the approaching tank. Only cannon shells of the same colour are acceptable, firing a wrong-coloured shell towards a tank of a different colour will result in you losing the game. Line of Defense is an enjoyable tap focused game that will put you through a real challenge the further you make it.

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The Spear Stickman

Face your enemies and upgrade your character in The Spear Stickman!

A never-ending amount of enemies can spawn in front of you, all of them trying to take you out! You must use your trusty spears to eliminate them first! Hit enemies multiple times in the body or just once in the head to kill them, but be careful because they can do the same to you. Watch out for enemies with apples on their heads, you get a bonus for accurately hitting them off before taking out the enemy! Go for as long as you can to build up gold and buy upgrades for your stickman! Helmets give you chances to take more damage to the head or even add different abilities to get more gold. Slay to your heart’s content!

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Warzone Sniper

If you're in the mood for some calculated FPS fun, then Warzone Sniper will scratch that itch perfectly.

You play as a sniper in the war, and your job is to take out all bogies in the immediate area. The game is a bit of a mix between Call of Duty and basic seek and find games. The enemies are spread all over the map. You can turn in circles, but you can't move, so you have to have a keen eye to spot them all. But this is war, no one said it was going to be easy. When going in circles, make sure to scan every building well, the enemy has taken some advanced hide-and-seek courses! Your position has been set, your orders have been given, now get to it, soldier!

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Archery Mania

Ready, aim, fire!

Archery Mania is a great 3D first-person archery game where you assume the role of a budding new archer taught in Japan. In Archery Mania, you will face all manner of challenges, starting with simple stationary targets to spinning and moving targets, with each level getting progressively harder the further you go. Archery Mania will entertain and challenge you every step of the way!

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Tower Defense Kingdom

The castle is under attack and you are needed to help protect it! Take control of a lone archer in Tower Defense Kingdom as you shoot down scores of charging monsters and trolls as they make their way towards the castle. Make sure to leave non-alive, as even if one is allowed to get too close, he will destroy the wall and send you toppling to your death. Tower Defense Kingdom is the perfect game for fantasy and archery lovers.

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Airport 3D Clash

Airport 3D Clash is a fun third person shooter game, in which you work with your team to kill your enemies, and capture a bomb for the most time! Choose from either a machine gun or sniper loadout, and head to the battlefield to prove yourself. Winning games unlocks points you can use to upgrade the health and damage of your character, while winning 100 will unlock gold weapons! Fight your way through the airport environment, making the most of trampolines that will launch you high up to get to vantage points as well as to get the spring on your enemies!

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Doomsday Shooter

Immerse yourself in a world of pixelated chaos and thrilling action with Doomsday Shooter. This game is a captivating blend of 1980's graphics and Minecraft-style visuals, with gameplay elements inspired by the iconic Counter Strike series. Brace yourself for an epic battle against sinister creepers, demonic spirits, and poisonous plants as you strive to defend your pixel world and reach the prince of darkness.

Playing Doomsday Shooter is not just about entertainment, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game's fast-paced dynamics and diverse enemy types require quick thinking, strategic planning, and precise aim. As you progress through the game, you'll find your reflexes sharpening, your decision-making speed increasing, and your multitasking abilities improving. Whether you're dodging kamikazes, outsmarting golems, or taking down creepers, every moment in Doomsday Shooter is a test of your skills and a chance to become a better gamer.

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Mad Truck Challenge

Mad Truck Challenge is an original racing/shooting game for kids; You have to shoot at some other monster trucks whilst racing them at the same time. Use your experience and skills to make sure you come out on top. Collect coins and spend them in the garage to make your truck the most formidable truck the world has ever seen!

The aim of this game is ultimately to have fun! Secondly, complete the objectives set out at the start of each mission in order to progress, which may be 'destroy 5 other trucks' for example. This game requires good aggression and a sense of fun and excitement..sounds easy right? Come on then! 

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Arrow's Adventure

Step in the shoes of a bunny caped crusading adventurer as she explores dark dungeons in search of treasure and monsters to kill. In Arrow’s Adventure, you will be playing as a brave archer adventurer who has made it her life’s mission to rid the dungeons of all the monsters who dwell within them. Take out monsters as quickly as you can and unlock powerful passives to keep you in the fight for longer. Arrow’s Adventure is a great game for most age groups and a sure-fire way to keep you entertained!

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Mr Jack vs Zombies

Mr. Jack VS Zombies is a fun shoot-em-all type of game with a couple of twists!

You have to kill all of the zombies! Don’t worry, you have your trusty firearm with you, but be careful… You only have a limited amount of ammunition. Don’t go shooting all over the place just because you can! Your special bullets can also ricochet off of walls a few times too, making it easier to hit zombies around corners or in weird spots. Increase your score by using less ammunition to beat the level! There are fifty flesh-eating levels in this cool puzzle game. Can you beat them all and survive the zombie apocalypse? Play this awesome game to find out!

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