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Aiming & Accuracy
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Panzer Hero

You have been called to heed the call of war and face the enemy tanks in glorious combat in Panzer Hero! Panzer Hero is a top-down multiplayer tank war game where your mission is to take out as many enemy tanks as you can before dying. Pick from 1 of 4 different tanks as you battle against endless waves of ruthless enemy tanks. Panzer Hero is a fun casual game to keep yourself busy with for an hour or two.

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Stickman Temple Duel

Get ready for an experience that is both entertainingly addictive yet also challenging. Stickman Temple Duel is an enthralling platform shooter and obstacle game that will keep you playing through its three game modes. Test yourself as you brave the story mode all the way to the end. Challenge a friend in two-player mode across various arenas and a choice of weapons to see who is the best. Or face off against merciless AI-maned bots to see if you have the reflexes to stay alive. Whatever you feel like playing, Stickman Temple Duel has it all!

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Cannon Minimal

Cannon Minimal is a fun accuracy game that combines logic and intuitive skills in order to become a pro at this game. Use your projectile maths skills to determine the perfect angle and power required to make the perfect shot!

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Kogama Mine of Crystals

Hope you brought your mining gear cause Kogama Mine of Crystals will throw you deep into cold dark crystal mines along with your buddies letting you mine away in large expansive mines that seem endless at first try. Connect with your pals and enjoy this 3D multiplayer experience together as you collect crystals and make memories.

Get lost in the beautiful procedurally generated mines as you gather crystals to improve your gear helping you mine more efficiently and successfully. Jump into mines with state of the art gear from bazookas to rail guns that will help you reap greater rewards in this relaxing fun adventure game.

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Vegas Clash 3D

Elvis Presley is back in the building…sort of. In Vegas Clash 3D, you will join the infamous Sassy Elvis gang as they plan to break into the Las Vegas casino and make off with all their money! Pick a gun and join the rest of the gang as you fight through dozens of armed cops and make your way to the vault. The side with the most points by the end is the winner! While this is a fun game, it is definitely not appropriate during school hours!

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Archery Mania

Ready, aim, fire!

Archery Mania is a great 3D first-person archery game where you assume the role of a budding new archer taught in Japan. In Archery Mania, you will face all manner of challenges, starting with simple stationary targets to spinning and moving targets, with each level getting progressively harder the further you go. Archery Mania will entertain and challenge you every step of the way!

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Zombie Mayhem Online

Zombie Mayhem Online is an intense and fast-paced zombie apocalypse shooting game. Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Find out! Run, aim, and shoot your way out of the zombie infested map. Improve your hand-eye coordination and mouse accuracy with this fast-paced high-precision game. Run around the map and explore the hidden tunnels, but be creaful! The zombies are lurking.

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Skeleton Hunter

Get ready for a bone-chilling adventure in Skeleton Hunter! The city has been taken over by skeletons, and it's up to you to save the day. As a brave warrior armed with a bow and arrow, you must be quick and precise to take down these undead enemies. In this thrilling game, your mission is to eliminate as all skeletons in each wave to progress.

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The Last Ninja

Take on the role of a shuriken throwing rouge ninja as you do battle against other ninjas to see if you can become the best in The Last Ninja. Take on other ninjas by shooting them with shurikens before they can shoot you, earning coins in the process. You can use these coins to upgrade your gear, increasing your health and damage. The Last Ninja provides you with a side-scrolling platform game that you will not be able to get enough of!

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Mr Jack vs Zombies

Mr. Jack VS Zombies is a fun shoot-em-all type of game with a couple of twists!

You have to kill all of the zombies! Don’t worry, you have your trusty firearm with you, but be careful… You only have a limited amount of ammunition. Don’t go shooting all over the place just because you can! Your special bullets can also ricochet off of walls a few times too, making it easier to hit zombies around corners or in weird spots. Increase your score by using less ammunition to beat the level! There are fifty flesh-eating levels in this cool puzzle game. Can you beat them all and survive the zombie apocalypse? Play this awesome game to find out!

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Elite Ghost Sniper

Elite Ghost Sniper: Test your aim, patience and observational skills in this realistic 3D shooter thriller. You are acting as a lone wolf in a battleground and you must eliminate all the targets one by one. Luckily for you, they do not know you are there so you must use your sniper marksmanship expertise to succeed. Stay hidden, be patient and use your eagle eyed vision to take control of the battlefield! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to wipe out all of the enemy soldiers. You are stationary so you must look around with your scope and then find and dispatch the enemy! This game requires very good observational skills! Some of the enemies are very difficult to spot either due to them being far away, or camoflauged with their background. You will also develop your patience skills playing this game. Finding the last one or two can be very difficult and may take some time!

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WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942

The tide of war has come again! See what part you will play in it as you do battle against other players in WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942. Join other players in team matches or deathmatch battles with dozens of weapons choices or in tanks or warplanes. WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942 is a great multiplayer game that is sure to keep you entertained.

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Stick Archery

If you love archery and stickman games, then Stick Archery is the game for you. Control your character’s bow to shoot at the enemies and eliminate them to complete the levels. Once you draw your bow you will be able to see the direction of the arrow.

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Bowmastery Zombies

Bowmastery Zombie combines some of the favorite game styles you love and remains fun no matter how many times you play. Don't you hate zombies and want to shoot them with arrows? Then this game is right for you!

The game is simple: you have a bow and arrow and zombies waiting to be shot. That is the entire premise. But it is harder than it seems. You will have to aim accurately and sometimes shoot around obstacles and use them to your advantage. Stay aware of your surroundings and get creative - it isn't always an arrow that can kill a zombie.

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Shooting Range Simulator

Shooting Range Simulator is an arena-based platform shooter game where you have to shoot the plastic cut outs on the range. It involves running, jumping, aiming, shooting as well as picking up various weapons - while having tremendous fun along the way! This challenging and stimulating RPG Maze Game requires quick thinking and razor-sharp hand-eye coordination. It is perfect for anyone looking for some intelligent high-octane entertainment!

The aim of the game is to enjoy yourself on the shooting range, fully equipped with a vast array of weapons to choose from. You can use machine guns, shot guns and even grenades to have fun with, see how much damage you can cause. This game will develop your aiming skills with the mouse as you try to score a headshot on the plastic target. Treat it as if it was real, you must eliminate these cut outs to survive!

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Line of Defense

War has come to the doorstep of your country, and they need you to man the defences and beat back all the enemies in Line Defense! In Line Defense, you will take command of the anti-artillery weapon station and blast apart the growing waves of enemy tanks. However, things are never that simple, for you will need to match the cannon shell with the colour of the approaching tank. Only cannon shells of the same colour are acceptable, firing a wrong-coloured shell towards a tank of a different colour will result in you losing the game. Line of Defense is an enjoyable tap focused game that will put you through a real challenge the further you make it.

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Battle Area

Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the most epic and detailed battle games online. Battle Area is a hugely popular game on Learn4Good where it is you against the rest of the world (or so it might seem). You have to singlehandedly take down a whole army of troops...can you do it? Let's find out!

The aim of the game is to defeat all the enemies and stay alive in the meantime! This is not as easy as it sounds as there is a lot of enemies...and only one of you! This grand-scale, mouse-clicking battle activity is packed with fun-filled explosive action, awesome weaponry, and a series of challenging missions that take place all over the world. This is an all-guns-blazing battle – you don't need to be subtle, using your expert knowledge of military skills, your composure and your bravery to conquer all! Ok Commander, it’s time to gather your gear. Attack is the best from of defense! Good luck.

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Gunslinger Duel

Gunslinger Duel is a game that requires quick reactions as you participate in duels and have to shoot only when you see Bang! on the screen. Otherwise, you will miss your shot and won’t have another to defeat your opponent. Be patient but fast, it's a duel to the death.

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Robo Battle

Robo Battle: Come and play this incredibly fun shooting game. You play the character of a mini robot, desperately trying to get to the end of the track. There will be many obstacles in the way. Some of which need shooting and blowing away. Others need to be jumped over or around so make your decision on how to deal with the problems. You will have limited energy and if you shoot, this will reduce your energy so do not waste it! Good luck and have fun.

Get to the end of the mission through the exit door to progress. This will require a mix of good reactions and a good sense on when and how often to fire your weapon. Too much firing will result in no energy and you may find yourself short when you most need it! React quickly and concisely to deal with the enemies!

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Warzone Sniper

If you're in the mood for some calculated FPS fun, then Warzone Sniper will scratch that itch perfectly.

You play as a sniper in the war, and your job is to take out all bogies in the immediate area. The game is a bit of a mix between Call of Duty and basic seek and find games. The enemies are spread all over the map. You can turn in circles, but you can't move, so you have to have a keen eye to spot them all. But this is war, no one said it was going to be easy. When going in circles, make sure to scan every building well, the enemy has taken some advanced hide-and-seek courses! Your position has been set, your orders have been given, now get to it, soldier!

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Clash of Armour

Take to the field in search of glorious battle and victory as you wage armed war against all who would oppose you in Clash of Armour. In Clash of Armour, you take the role of the commander as you call down a variety of different tanks to defend your base and destroy that of the opposing player. Clash of Armour is an online game, face and conqueror people from all other the world, show them you have what it takes to be a true commander.

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Guns & Bottles

Get your aim straight in some bad-ass shooting with Guns & Bottles.

With a rotating gun and a bunch of bottles sliding over a line, you're going to have a tough time hitting that target - which just makes it all the more satisfying. In this game you want to aim to hit the green bottles, if you hit the bottles three in a row you're on a hot streak and every bottle you hit after will give you the money you can use to buy some new guns, that shoot even better! With some excellent art, a bad-ass soundtrack, and some wicked sound effects Guns & Bottles becomes extremely satisfying once you get into it.

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Empire Island

Realise your dream of running, managing, developing, and defending your very own island kingdom in Empire Island, a fleshed out and rich base defense and expansion game that you have to try out! Develop your island nation by building houses, advancing technologies, and beating back pirates with towers and walls. Use the money you earn from surviving to further the development and expansion of your empire!

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Sniper 3D Clash

Sniper Clash is a fast-action combat shooting game for teens (based on the classic game “Counter Strike") where you play as a mercenary sniper. This high-octane military adventure offers hours of explosive fun and entertainment! If you want to succeed, you need to be insanely fast with the keyboard and mouse! Well, let’s see what you’re made of Soldier!

OK, your mission is simple. You play a rendition of capture the flag, where both teams try and catch their opponents flag and bring it back to their own before their opponents do the same. This requires expert marksmanship as you try and eliminate the enemies. If you get taken down, you will respawn at your will your opponents. You must be a dedicated soldier and therefore that means putting your life at risk to defeat the enemy. Have you got what it takes to make the cut?

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Pinata Zombie Hunter

Get ready to embark on an action-packed zombie hunt with Pinata Zombie Hunter! Armed with a variety of crazy and exciting weapons, you'll take on hordes of zombie puppets in this addictive shooter game.

As you shoot the zombies, their candy-filled pockets burst open, allowing you to collect falling sweets and earn rewards. With these rewards, you can purchase new and even crazier weapons and additional bullets.

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Toy Horror Store

Welcome to the Play Time Horror Toy Store! You will face various challenges here, including survival, finding objects and people, defeating enemies, and escaping through the exit. There are three difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard) and three different maps to choose from. Good Luck!

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Stickman Team Force 2

The dead have awoken in the old lands of the Pharaohs, an army of the dead that is now bent on conquering the living world. In Stickman Team Force 2, you will join the deadly three-man squad of stickman mercenaries who have been sent to stop whoever is behind raising the dead. Make your way through 16 mummy-filled levels as you switch between characters and send the dead back to their graves.

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Dinosaurs Survival: The End of The World

The end is nigh, as the land erupts with fiery volcanoes and swarms of once dead dinosaurs now run rampant in Dinosaurs Survival The End of World! In this action-packed game, you will assume the role of an elite and lethal special agent sent to kill as many mad dinosaurs as you can! Test your aim and skill with the gun as you try to complete all of the game’s six levels! If you find it too easy, then you are welcome to try out multiplayer and its 6 game type modes!

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Commando Girl

Come and show your shooter skills in this realistic, fun game where you are out to eliminate the enemy! In Commando Girl, take your skills to the next level as you fire your way through each mission, each getting progressively difficult with more enemies to dispatch! Choose from a variety of powerful weapons, and arm yourself with the biggest and the best as you earn cash after each successful mission, allowing you to go and purchase more powerful resources to use in your next mission!

Make your way around the map and pick off your enemies one by one! Your strategy, effective mouse and keyboard control and your reaction time will be put to the test here as you patrol the map, looking for enemies and then dispatching them effectively. The more prolific your skills on the computer, the more effective you will be at this game! But have you got what it takes to reach the end, unscathed?

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