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This page lists some of the newest online games to be added to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play games on the internet for free. We hope that you and your family and friends enjoy these fun easy-to-play to more challenging games.

Exercise your visual perception, hand-eye coordination, timing and judgment skills: Play an extremely-addicting and challenging, 1-level jumping game where you must use delicate mouse control to help judge the distance a frog must leap between platforms! Jolly Frog is a physics-based, one-button action game where you must survive for as long as possible by guiding an acrobatic frog from platform to platform with well-timed leaps. Navigate your froggy friend through the straight-forward game environment by carefully judging how far and high each jump should be in order to make sure he safely lands on the next platform.

Skills required: Success in this tricky arcade game based on a simple concept requires subtle mouse-clicking and coordination skills, expert timing, and good judgment of depth, launch power, trajectory and angles. A willingness for trial and error is crucial as you get used to the frog's jumping technique and capabilities, and subsequently learn from your mistakes. Focus, determination and stamina also come into play in this repeat-play activity where your goal is to beat your high score with each new attempt!

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Play a fun, 1 button, timing-based action game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. In Valiant Knight, you guide a brave medieval soldier through a series of descending, obstacle-filled, platform levels - and must collect as many Gold Coins as you can along the journey! Your knight hero moves forward at all times – and needs your help to change direction and speed. Avoid spikes, saws, baddies and other dangers as you strive to collect the gold that your knight needs to win the heart of the castle's princess!

Skills required: As this is a straight-forward, 1-button, escape-the-level, platform game, your timing and reactions are very important. Carefully decide when and where to reverse the direction of your knight's movement in order to earn maximum coins and avoid obstacles. Good anticipation skills are also important, especially in later levels when your knight must constantly alter between a walk and a run!

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Play 8 awesome, interactive mini games with retro ‘8-bit’ graphics in this nostalgic, 80s-style compendium game! Retro Redux is an innovative arcade extravaganza offering 8 individual mini-games en masse with simple controls and old-school 2D graphics. Prepare to play as a valiant, Mario-style knight; shoot down enemy fighter planes; blast robots in confined mazes, collect coins ‘pacman-style’, and more!

Reasons to play this nostalgia-driven action game: If you were born after the turn of the century, this might be a fun game to immerse yourself in – If even to re-live the types of games your parents and grandparents would have played back in the day! And to nostalgic players of that great era – we hope you enjoy the dejavu graphics and classic game play. Exercise and test your reaction skills, focus, anticipation skills, and determination! Play all 8 – and find your favorite mini-game!

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Mine as many precious gems as possible in this fun, upgrade-based skill game where your goal is to become a millionaire by digging in your backyard! Independent Miner is an interactive, underground mining simulation and strategy game where you must venture underground each ‘day’, and try to discover as many precious gemstones as possible – subsequently using the income earned from the gems to improve your mining equipment as you progress.

Skills required: Use fast reactions, sharp observation and anticipation skills, and good decision making skills to carefully maneuver your way through your soil toward the best quality gems.

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Win matches by a target number of goals in this quirky, table foosball-style soccer game with a tricky, magnetic twist! Magnetic Football is a highly-challenging, mouse-clicking sports simulation game where you control static robotic soccer players that attract the ball through magnetic power! Using this unique skill, you must direct the ball into the opposition's goal, and win each match-up by a set number of goals in order to progress.

Skills required: This eccentric soccer action game provides a fun twist where rather than hectic and chaotic play, you must strategically map out your route to goal with carefully-positioned shots. Accurate mouse-clicking is also important – especially with the strong magnetic field around all of your players as well as the opposition’s players.

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Play a cool platform puzzler, and strategically make stone duplicates of an orange blob character, and use these newly-created stone blocks to help one of your clone characters to reach the exit door! Next, Please is a fun and innovative ‘escape-the-level’ platform game where you must use well-positioned stone duplicates of an acrobatic orange blob family in order to reach awkward ledges and otherwise inaccessible locations in 24 increasingly-difficult levels. The catch is that you have a limited number of duplicates in each level – so they must be used wisely!

Skills required: This eccentric, interactive brain teaser puzzle game combines classic platform skills (fast reactions, nimble keyboard control, smart anticipation skills) with problem-solving concentration and determination. Use strategic, analytical thinking skills to figure out the best way to guide your orange hero to the exit door. This involves advancing and placing duplicates in clever positions, and making sure these new objects work to your overall blob family's advantage (rather than blocking off areas). Good old trial and error is really important as you attempt to learn when and where to initiate your cloning powers in each level.

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Underwater submarine-piloting skill and upgrade game with treasure plundering action! U-Boat is a straight-forward arcade game where you must reach a target number of points against the clock by collecting special colored treasure chests from the sea bed. Utilizing your vessel's retractable grabbing arm, you must scoop up specific colored boxes while dodging and weaving around dangerous creatures such as sharks, squid, and sea horses!

Skills required: In this easy-to-play, online submarine-based upgrade game, fast reactions and tactful movements are paramount. Keeping in mind your boat's oxygen levels and the threat of hull-destroying collisions, you must decide when and where to dive down for the special treasure chests. Decision making skills are also important; you must calculate the risk of going for an awkwardly-positioned box versus searching in other areas. Try to remain cool under pressure – but remember, the clock is ticking!

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Play a cool tower defense-style strategy game with missile-firing plants to defend your base! Keeper of the Grove is a fun, high-octane game of defense where your task is to stop advancing hordes of baddies from entering your sacred grove, and stealing your precious gems! You must use strategically-positioned plants and flowers to defeat the marching army of spooky creatures! Be pro-active as you upgrade, switch and swap your defensive forces in order to stop the bad guys as quickly as you can!

Skills required: Interactive tower defense activities require fast in-game reactions combined with shrewd decision-making skills. You need to play with a tactful mind and carefully place each defensive plant along strategically advantageous points of the path. When the bad guys are advancing, you need to use sharp awareness skills to spot weak points in your defenses – and then be swift in your actions.

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Play an excellent, old-school board game challenge comprising 16 separate puzzles - easy, medium, hard and extremely difficult: Solo really is a fun yet challenging, 1-player, logic-based visual puzzler (for young kids through adults and seniors) that follows the rules of Peg Solitaire (also called Solo Noble and BrainVita) – a classic jumping board game similar in concept to Chinese Checkers.

The aim of the game in Solo is to reduce the number of circular pegs to just 1 solo remaining peg (Pegs are eliminated when ‘jumped over’ by other pegs – exactly the same as you would capture an opponent's piece in checkers). Solo features 16 increasingly-tricky mini-games (levels) with more pegs and fewer available grid spaces as you progress.

Skills / strategy required: Peg solitaire games are difficult problem-solving brain teaser puzzles where sharp logic and analytical thinking skills are required to find out a solution. Complete focus and concentration, great determination and stamina are essential here – You really need to be ‘in the zone’ to solve the Solo puzzles, especially in later levels. A good strategy is to take your time, and visualize a few moves ahead. There is no clock pressure, so carefully plan out your jumping moves in advance.

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Exercise and test your steady hand, coordination skills and calmness under pressure in this highly-challenging, side-scrolling wire loop-style buzzer game! Red Wire is an extremely-tricky, mouse control-based skill game where you must carefully and deftly guide a gold ring around an electrified red wire – ensuring that the ring doesn’t come into contact with of any part of the "buzz" wire. Similar in concept to classic, hand-held wire loop games, this deft, online skill-based activity features 20 incredibly challenging levels.

Skills required: You must exhibit a very high level of hand-eye coordination skills, subtle wrist & finger actions, sharp reflexes, and peak concentration. A very steady hand is the key to your progression, but you must also be patient, and willing to learn from your mistakes. Take your time – especially in early levels when you are getting used to the controls.

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Kaboom is a light-hearted, mouse control, reactions-based skill game for kids, and is based on a simple concept that becomes very tricky to handle! In Kaboom, you control a fast-moving trampoline with your computer mouse, and must safely guide (bounce) falling black bombs out of the play area - while avoiding any red bombs entirely!. Utilizing speedy mouse movement and skill, you play the role of ‘chief bomb disposal expert’, and must react really quickly to chaperone the black-colored bombs away from the danger zone.

Skills required: This fast-paced, survival-based action game requires sharp observation skills, really good hand-eye coordination, peak concentration, quick reflexes, and expert timing to catch the falling black bombs while dodging the red ones. Multitasking (juggling) skills are also very important, especially in later levels when there are multiple bombs in play simultaneously!

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Global Player is a fast-paced, reaction time challenge, and logistics and package-sorting visual puzzle game (played with mouse only) where you must carefully manage a large conveyor belt of packages in each level, and ensure that each color-coded crate reaches the correct distribution vehicle. You play the role of Logistics / Supply Chain Manager at a large cargo distribution center, and must quickly and repeatedly change the direction of arrows (switches) on increasingly-complex systems of conveyor belts in order to direct packages to their corresponding planes, trucks, and ships.

Skills required: In this high-intensity, point-and-click, reactions-based skill game, sharp observation skills must be combined with fast brain work, reflexes and hand-eye coordination in order to create an environment where packages are delivered smoothly and quickly to the correct mode of transport (The clock is ticking in each level!). Color coordination skills also play a main role – Each colored package must be moved to its corresponding colored vehicle station. Focus, concentration, great discipline and being ready for fast-approaching tasks are required skills of any good manager and operator.

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Pop floating bubbles in Boomshine, an addicting timing-based skill and chain reaction game and visual puzzle where you must set off an initial ‘core’ explosion, and hope that it catches and illuminates a required number of moving bubbles in the blast radius. Set in a confined grid featuring constantly-moving bubbles, you must carefully observe the play area, and then execute your explosion at the exact time that you think will cause the optimal chain reaction, and envelop the maximum number of colored bubbles.

Reasons to play this fun, bubble popping, brain teaser game: This is a cool timing-based, problem-solving puzzle where you must use your creative thinking skills to figure out the best moment to fire your explosion and any subsequent chain reaction. Test and exercise your patience and timing as you try to encompass as many bubbles into the blast radius as you can.

Strategy to win: Patiently observe the scene, and wait for a very good moment to strike! However, this could be almost as soon as the play starts so you must be alert from the off! The bubbles float randomly around the play area – but often form into a tight-knit cluster… And that's your best time to strike!

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Flappy Gravity Falls is a supremely-challenging, hand-eye coordination and timing-based skill game for 1 and 2-players, very similar in concept to Flappy Birds, but with characters from the popular Disney animated show Gravity Falls! Here, you must guide Dipper or Mabel on a tricky survival-based journey through a side-scrolling gauntlet of oncoming green pipes. Your goal is to prolong your flight for as long as possible by tactfully leaping through the gap in each set of pipes!

Reasons to play this very difficult, reactions-based skill game: Experienced gamers know exactly how tricky these types of games are. This particular flappy-style version is probably even more difficult because you are controlling human cartoon characters rather than little birds! So, if you love a real reactions-based and timing skills challenge, you must play this game. Go it alone in a one player test, or play against a friend or family member on the same computer in the competitive 2 player mode.

Strategy to win: Due to the really high level of difficulty, you must remain very patient with a cool head, and engage in a serious amount of ‘trial and error’ to progress to becoming a survival master. Good reflexes, tactful mouse and keyboard control skills, and dogged determination are all vital attributes in your quest to become a true flapping success!

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Showcase your table soccer talents with this fun online version of foosball for 1 and 2 players! Foosball Multiplayer is a fun, fast-paced, reactions-based skill game where you play against the computer or a friend / family member in a hectic game of table football, "foosball". In tricky first-to-five-goal matches, you must control all 4 rows of ‘foosmen’ simultaneously, and must combine defense and attack to score past your opponent's goalkeeper. Happy goal scoring!

Reasons to play this virtual table football arcade game: This is a very realistic simulation of real-life foosball action. Test and exercise a range of attributes – Your fast reactions and reflexes, hand-eye coordination, visual awareness, anticipation skills, strategy skills, accuracy, and more. Go on a solo run through a tricky 1-player cup competition, or play in a showdown match against a friend, classmate or family member!

Strategy to win: An ‘all-out attack’ attitude is a sure-fire way to get sucker punched by your crafty opponents. Instead, you must strike a good balance between defending and attacking. Pay particular attention to your goalkeeper – Try to make sure he's in the best position to save any snapshots from the opposition. Move the ball quickly from your defense to the midfield and attacking lines.

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Play a straight-forward online version of the classic ‘four-in-a-row’ puzzle game! Connect 4 is an interactive visual puzzle and turn-based, strategy game for kids, teens and nostalgic adults where you drop colored discs into a grid in the hope of creating a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of four before your opponent! With fun 1 and 2 Player modes available, you can play against the computer or with a friend, classmate or family member!

Reasons to play this 4-in-a-row puzzle game: Also known as Plot Four and Four Up, ‘Connect 4’ games are a very popular test of your strategy and analytical thinking skills. If you enjoy simple, no-frills puzzle activities online, this game offers further enjoyment with the two-player option.

Strategy to win: Good focus and concentration skills are very important. As well as going on the attack and trying to create your own row of four, you must also be vigilant and try to block your opponent from reaching the same goal. Try to use unorthodox tactics and cunning moves to force your opponent into making a mistake!

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Bubble Invasion is a fun and interesting, chain reaction-based, bubble popping game and visual puzzle for 1 and 2 players. Here, you must try to dominate a large grid of bubbles by inflating them until they burst – causing a chain reaction that changes the color of their surrounding / neighbor bubbles. Your ultimate goal is to gain complete control of the grid by ensuring the entire area is filled with your own colored bubbles.

Reasons to play this quirky, turn-based puzzle game: Test and exercise your analytical thinking and anticipation skills as you attempt to strategically change the color of as many bubbles as possible with each inflation. Play against a friend, classmate or family member in a competitive 2 player mode!

Strategy to win: Good visual and concentration skills are very important as you try to identify the areas of the grid which could yield the most results. There is no time limit, so you can carefully pick out the best option for optimal ‘chain reaction’ results. As well as going on the attack and converting as many bubbles as possible, you must also engage in defensive play as you try to stop your opponent from dominating large areas of the grid.

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Help two sweetheart flappy birds to make it safely to their destination, and to survive for as long as possible while flying through a very tough, pipe-filled obstacle course! Flappy Bird Valentine's Day Adventure is a fun and highly-challenging, 2-player timing and reactions skill game (for kids, teens, brothers, sisters & fun-loving adults) based by the popular Flappy Birds game concept. This really tricky hand-eye coordination activity and cool survival game requires you and a best friend or family member to play in tandem as a team, and try to survive on the side-scrolling 2D obstacle course featuring oncoming sets of pink pipes that seriously hinder your flight path.

Reasons to play this very entertaining, 2 player arcade game: While the controls and concept are simple, this is actually a very difficult game to master. Test and exercise your fast reaction speed, reflexes, timing skills, patience and stamina as you and a friend, classmate or family member attempt to survive the difficult gauntlet-style passageway. Unleash your competitive side as you try to out-flap your playing partner, to be the last bird flapping!

Strategy to win: Flappy Bird-like games require bucket loads of patience as you try to get to grips with the unusual flying (jumping) motion of your bird. Timing is everything here as you try to judge the perfect moment to leap through the pink pipe gateways. High levels of concentration, dogged determination, and smart keyboard control skills are also important as you try to survive for as long as possible on the side-scrolling course.

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Play an old-school, join the dots, copybook-style game online! Dots is a fun, interactive version of the popular, turn-based game where you connect the dots on a large grid, and score points by drawing the fourth wall that completes a square box. With one player and two player options, you can take on a tricky computer opponent, or play against a best friend or family member in a competitive match-up on the same computer!

Reasons to play this fun, visual puzzle game: If you enjoy good old, classic-style classroom games or online analytical thinking puzzles with simple mouse clicking game-play, then you should hopefully relish the action here. Kids, teens, families and grownups can all enjoy the one-on-one competitive challenge.

Strategy to win: Sharp focus, concentration and observation skills, as well as good strategy, patience, and dogged determination are all important here. Remember, your opponent MUST always make a move so try to leave him/her with no other option than to set you up for a fourth wall completion. Keep an eagle eye out for cunning ‘2nd wall’ dot-joining moves, especially late in the game.

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Four Square is a challenging, connect 4-like, interactive puzzle game and analytical thinking activity with single and two player options. Here, instead of making a row of 4 counters like in classic Four in a Row / Captain'’s Mistress games, you must try to outmaneuver your opponent and create square-shaped groups of 4 same-colored gemstones. Faced with a large 10X10-space grid, you must create adjacent 2X2 groups of your gems, and try to stop your opponent from doing the same.

Reasons to play this tricky, strategy-based puzzler: Test and exercise your visual awareness, brain power and strategy skills as you try to pinpoint areas of the grid to exploit. Fans of tactical, 1-on-1 battle games should enjoy the straight-forward, moouse-clicking action. Unleash your competitive side and play against a best friend, classmate or family member in 2 player mode.

Strategy to win: Good players of tactical puzzle games know that you must strike a strategic balance between attacking and defensive play. You must also remain constantly aware of your opponent's moves and likely immediate plans. Blocking your opponent's path to a group of 4 could be just as valuable as creating your own group. This game also lends itself to ‘front runners’ – so if you manage to get yourself ahead, keep the pressure on!

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