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Find free fun and challenging games for young children through high school teenagers to play on the web at home or in school on Including arcade web games, action games, RPG adventure games, entertaining sports & car racing games, interesting interactive puzzles, brain teasers, strategy games, and more.. Enjoy!

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Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters is a super-stylish 3D fighting game where you win by throwing your opponents over the edge. This full-on simulation game has some super-slick moves and some seriously awesome fighting action! You have to be quick and devious if you want to win. Once you get the hang of the game, you’ll be glad you started playing and won’t ever be able to stop! This is proper three-dimensional fighting action! Enjoy!

The aim of the game is to be the last person standing in the ring of doom, with steep drops over the side. The mission is to throw everyone else off and avoid being thrown off yourself! To make this possible you need to have a particular set of skills! These include: excellent spacial awareness, so you know and can react to what's around you, confidence, bravery and also a nifty hand on the mouse to react quickly to incoming danger.

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Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is an interactive game for young kids, teens, adults and seniors that requires quick-reaction skills and super-fast mouse-clicking action. This game can turn into an eye-spinner if you are not up to speed, and provides non-stop brain tingling excitement and frustration! Anyone can play it.

The aim of this game is to flip the bottle as successfully as possible. You must reach the end finishing table with the bottle, flipping it between the individual tables. This game takes extremely good judgement, nerves and bottle - literally. Have you got what it takes? Can you flip your way to victory in this game?

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Vex 5

Vex 5 es la quinta entrega de la serie Vex, ¡y sin duda la mejor y más divertida hasta la fecha! Gráficos geniales y misiones adictivas hacen que sea tan divertido jugar que no podrás despegarte de la pantalla durante horas. Trepa por cuerdas, esquiva cuchillas giratorias, salta sobre pinchos y vuela por las tirolinas... ¡las oportunidades de pasarlo bien son infinitas! ¡Ven y comprueba si tienes las habilidades necesarias para ganar!

El objetivo del juego es llegar al final del recorrido. Está dividido en diferentes zonas para que puedas hacer pequeñas partes a la vez. Completa todas las zonas en el menor tiempo posible para ganar. Evita caer en los pinchos, morir en las caídas o ser cortado por el hacha. Todas estas cosas, entre otras, te llevarán a reiniciar en el punto de control más reciente. Este juego desarrollará tus habilidades de resolución de problemas, ya que algunas de las zonas son bastante complicadas y deberás idear el método correcto para superarlas sin problemas.

Cómo jugar: Utiliza las flechas del teclado del ordenador para controlar y dirigir al personaje. Pulsa la flecha derecha para correr hacia la derecha, la flecha arriba para saltar, la flecha izquierda para correr hacia la derecha, y mantén pulsada la flecha abajo mientras corres para deslizarte por el suelo. Pulsa la flecha abajo cuando se te pida para iniciar ciertas zonas. Debes utilizar una combinación inteligente de estos movimientos para recorrer con éxito las fases. Alcanza la zona verde para completar el área.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Buggy Simulator

Buggy Simulator - Play the role of a buggy driver & let your imagination take hold as you free roam around the vast world. Spin round the path of go fully off-road in this addictive simulator game! You will never get bored of endlessly spinning and sliding around! Choose from numerous buggies to drive, and even a monster truck! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to simply have fun! Blast around for hours on the expansive world and just let your hair down and enjoy yourself. This game will develop your keyboard control as this is how you control the vehicle. React quick to dodge trees and obstacles, and keep the wheels spinning by constantly being on the top of your game!

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Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

Try your hand in the service and culinary industry as you help Finn realize his dream of running his very own machine operated restaurant. Yes, that’s right, in Finn’s Fantastic Food Machine, all the cooking, preparing, and plating is done by Finn’s brilliant food machine. All that is left is to catch and serve all of the orders as they come out. But keep in mind that Finn’s restaurant is very young, meaning if you make more than 3 mistakes (not catching a meal/order or serving a meal to the incorrect guest) will cause you to lose the game.

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Mango Piggy Piggy Hero

Mango Piggy Piggy is an Avengers themed catapult puzzle, where you launch pigs dressed like your favorite superheroes to destroy bad guy robots. On the way, you can use special abilities (like Thor’s smash and Captain America’s shield) to help you. Work out the most strategic way to use the pigs’ abilities to complete each level in as few shots as possible, unlocking three stars for every level!

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Horik Viking

Journey to the mythical lands of the ancient Norse as you join the heroic and brave Horik on his quest to find all of Odin’s stars! In Horik Viking, you will need to help Horik in his quest by helping him to jump over platforms, traverse strange lands, and sly any dragon that stands in his way! Horik Viking is an excellent 2D side-scroll that is sure to keep you entertained throughout its 10 incredible levels!

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Nballs: Come and play this all time classic arcade game! Grow your collection of balls and fire them off at the blocks that move ever closer towards you after every shot. Aim your shot so your balls bounce off multiple blocks, increasing your chance of destroying them! This is a very addictive game and will have you battling for hours with friends to see who can survive longest. Keep the blocks from hitting the bottom to stay alive. Collect bonus balls to increase your chances too!

To win, destroy the blocks by firing balls at them. Each block has a number on it and this number relates to the number of times the block needs to be hit for it to be destroyed. So a 50 block will take 50 hits from a ball before it gets destroyed. This game requires a very steady hand with the mouse, as you must have excellent aim to place your shot in the most effective place. Try hitting your ball off the wall to increase the number of bounces and contacts it makes with the blocks! There is no limit as to how many times the same ball can hit the blocks! Good luck!

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Protect Red Indian Man

Step into the shoes of a brave tribal hero in Protect Red Indian Man! This captivating game takes you on a thrilling journey where you must protect your character from a rain of fire. With its vibrant graphics and immersive gameplay, Protect Red Indian Man is a test of agility and quick thinking, where your goal is to dodge the falling fire and rack up as many points as possible. It's a game of survival, strategy, and swift movements!

Playing Protect Red Indian Man is not just about fun, it's also a great way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game encourages strategic thinking as you must constantly plan your moves to avoid the falling fire. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes as you swiftly move your character left and right. The game's increasing difficulty level ensures that your skills are constantly challenged, making it a great tool for cognitive development.

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Makeup Studio Halloween

Step into the world of the supernatural and the glamorous with Makeup Studio Halloween. This game is a bewitching blend of creativity and style, designed to bring out your inner makeup artist. As Halloween approaches, it's time to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. With the help of a professional makeup artist, you can create unique, sassy, and witchy looks inspired by three famous influencers. From villain-inspired makeup to Monster High ghouls, the trendiest Halloween aesthetics are at your fingertips.

Playing Makeup Studio Halloween is not just about creating stunning looks, it's also a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement. As you navigate through the game, you'll develop a keen eye for detail and color coordination. Your creativity will be challenged as you mix and match different makeup elements to create the perfect Halloween look. Additionally, the game helps improve motor skills as you apply makeup with precision and care. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and enhance your skills in this thrilling makeup adventure.

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Conduct This

Conduct This is a great planning and strategic focused game where you take on the role and duty of the safety conductor. Your objective is to ensure that each of your trains. and their passengers, reach their destinations safely; one accident and it's game over. To do this, you will be responsible for changing train tracks and giving instructions to each of your trains on where to go and when to stop. Get all the passengers safely to their destination as fast as possible to earn a higher rating for completing the level. Conduct This is a welcome addition to the puzzled-planning genre, offering a family-friendly game that will entertain for days.

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Bingo Gamepoint

Set down, relax and play a classic game of Bingo in Game Point Bingo, classic Bingo only now playable online and with some pleasing visuals and designs. Game Point Bingo keeping true to the spirit of Bingo has a fleshed-out social hub where you can talk to friends or make new ones.

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Happysharks is a multiplayer game where you compete with other players to see who can be the biggest and strongest shark in the ocean. Eat everything that's lying around to grow, and begin hunting smaller sharks. Don't touch the end of the map or bigger sharks or you will die.

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Treasure Hunter Jack

Jack is not your typical run of the mill treasure hunter, Play as jack in Treasure Hunter Jack and get into his shoes and get a taste of the treasure hunter life, go out on wonderful adventures with jack as he embarks on this quest to collect the rarest and most sought after artifacts and treasure that the world has to offer.

Dig deep into the ground with your specialist treasure hunter gear and reel in beautiful never before seen artifacts in this addictive arcade game. Aim your claw to reach out and grab loot avoiding bones and rubble which are of no value to our treasure hunter, after acquiring the treasure you may head out and sell the findings for a hefty profit. Jack really does have the best job in the world

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Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper:  The object of this game is to find the locations of all of the mines without stepping on any one of them! This is an all time classic no available to play again! The pressure will be on as you tremble along using the numbers in the squares to guide you! Can you handle the heat and the tension?

Clear the board containing hidden mines without stepping on any of them! This will test your patience skills as you must not rush into anything here. This is a game definitely all about planning and having a clear approach. Your puzzle solving skills will be developed too, using the numbers in the square as a guide you must rack your brain and figure out the safest way to proceed.

How to Play: You can change the difficulty level to suit your level of skill. If a square containing a mine is revealed it is game over. If the square revealed does not have a mine under it, it will instead show a number which relates to how many adjacent squares contain bombs. Use this as a guide to help you navigate. Use the left click on the mouse to unveil a square, and on mobile tap the screen to unveil the chosen square.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Tenkyu Hole 3D Rolling Ball

Tenkyu Hole 3D Rolling Ball is a casual and entertaining game, where you have to guide a ball through each level to reach the goal. Carefully move the platform to guide the ball and make it move, but control your speed, and move at a good angle, otherwise, the ball will fall.

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Royal Story

Experience a fairy tale, farming and city builder in Royal Story! Play as the noble and beautiful princess as you defend your kingdom, help out the little folk with growing crops and feeding animals, and invent.

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Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2 is a challenging online frisbee throwing game where you must control the flight of the frisbee. Control the direction to collect the stars and go through the hoops. A successful flight will mean you can progress onto the next mission in that world - there are multiple worlds to choose from! Let's see if you have what it takes to become a champion. 

The aim of the game is to complete the flight with the frisbee! Collect the stars along your way. This game will require good reaction skills as the frisbee moves fast through the air and you need to be alert to swerve to pick up the stars! Also, high levels of concentration and fast hands on the keyboard to operate the controls are a must! Have you got hands fast enough to cope? Let's find out!

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Mini Switcher

Mini Switcher is a fun and challenging game where you control a character that is affected by gravity changes in the world. Change gravity to help him clear the levels to get to the goal and don't let him touch the spikes or get shot. How to Play: Time the changes in gravity to the character movements. The character moves on its own, and you simply help him by changing the gravity to move around the levels. It's easier to wait until the character is facing the direction you want him to move to change the gravity and move through the platforms while avoiding the obstacles. You can only change the gravity when touching a platform, otherwise, your move has been decided.

The game can be played on PC and mobile. Use your mouse, spacebar & X key, or touch your screen to change the gravity of the character and be upside down and vice-versa.

Once you load the game press Start and select a level and begin playing. Avoid obstacles and reach the goal.

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and mobile device browsers.

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Magic Cup

Magic Cup is a game with 4 paper style cups and a small ball. This is a concentration tester, there will be a little ball hidden underneath one of the cups and then these cups will be mixed around in stages, each stage getting progressively more difficult to follow. Can you follow the ball and then reveal the correct position come the end of the mixing? Let's find out!

The aim of the game is to remember where the balls is, and follow it as it moves around within the cups. Do not take your eye off the specific cup otherwise you will lose its position. As it gets faster and faster, it will become more and more difficult to follow so ensure you have your eagle eye vision on! Stay focussed and concentrated as you follow the correct cup. Your observation skills will be developed here! Try not to get distracted and choose the correct position come the end of the stage!

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Fish Resort

Dive into the vibrant underwater world of Fish Resort, an immersive and free online game that transforms the concept of a fish tank into an exciting adventure. As the caretaker of a diverse array of fish, each with its own unique colors and characteristics, you'll dedicate your attention to your aquatic companions, shielding them from the menacing shark. Your fishy friends will become your steadfast companions, providing countless hours of enjoyment as you navigate the challenges and rewards of Fish Resort.

Not only is Fish Resort a delightful escape into an aquatic wonderland, but it also offers a unique opportunity to enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. As you manage your fish tank, you'll need to make choices about which fish to care for, how to protect them from threats, and how to create the most harmonious underwater environment. The game also encourages patience and perseverance, as you'll need to dedicate time and attention to your fish to see them thrive. It's a fun and engaging way to develop important life skills while enjoying a captivating game.

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In Bloom

In Bloom is a fun and addicting puzzle game for kids. Get your green fingers working in this challenging garden game. Rearrange the plants in so that they sit in the correct colour and position in relation to each other. Simple! But it is not as easy as that, you must connect the plants together and could end up moving four plants at once all in a big chain! Good luck gardener!

Your mission is to tidy the garden and align the plants together in the correct coloured part of the garden! This game requires a good attention to detail to be able to spot where the flowers need to go. On top of this, a logical mind and a quick hand is needed to get the changes made in time and in an ordely manner!

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Real Estate Tycoon

Have you got the skills to succeed in the highly competitive world of real estate and property sales? Real Estate Tycoon is a challenging business strategy simulation game for kids and teens where you have to speculate, develop an ever-changing property portfolio, and flip real estate (buy and sell houses) to make a profit. You play the role of a real estate magnate, and have the pickings of all of the new buildings in your local area. Act swiftly yet calmly to sell your assets at exactly the right time to maximize profits.

The aim of this game is to make as much profit as possible, and depending on the game mode...within the time limit! This fun and interesting tycoon game should help to aid your ability to multi-task, give you an appreciation of the intense pressures in the real estate market, as well as test how well you perform under that pressure. Think you’ve got the cool head, savvy business brain and money management skills to land your dream real estate role? The ability to spot a bargain is a priceless skill in this game! Happy investing and success!

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Paint Run

Add a splash of beautiful color to the bland surfaces of Paint Run. Take control of tiny runners with you as the master painter letting them run loose all around the map leaving a trail of color behind in this funny 3D arcade style game.

Each level poses unique challenges as our tiny painters run from end to end making sure to color every part of the surface without running into each other and rag dolling off of the edge. Time your runs perfectly to get your runners across the map safely while spreading color throughout the dull grey map in this casual arcade puzzle adventure.

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Shadow Trap

Shadow Trap is a bright & bouncy reaction speed game - ideal for toddlers & preschoolers. In fact, this super-simple and fun game is perfect for anyone (young or old) who wants to improve his or her hand-eye coordination skills and timing skills. Come and have a go if you think you have what it takes to avoid the Shadow Trap!

The aim of the game is to avoid the shadows and evade them to get past them and progress onto the next level. The levels get progressively more difficult with tougher shadows to try and bypass. This will test your timing skills as it is absolutely vital you time your move correctly. Too soon or too late and you will be hit by the shadow coming down on you, and then it will be game over! Stay on track, stay focused and give it your best shot! 

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Hero Tower Wars Online

Hero Tower Wars Online is an interactive puzzle game where you can conquer all the towers and be a hero by freeing the beautiful princess. A brave hero decided to attack the towers where her beautiful princess is trapped and needs you to free her from the clutches of different enemies. Move the character in each level of the tower calculates the addition, subtraction or multiplication to raise your level and defeat each enemy. Try to obtain the different objects to increase your level, these will add many coins with which you can unlock different skins. This game will improve your mathematical skills and strategy abilities - improve your skills and re-do levels to get the best score possible!

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Stick City

Stick City is a fun, innovative and highly entertaining stick figure animation game where you have to navigate around a small town and find a way to collect and earn money. The way that is decided for you is that you are living the life of a thief! Steal money from other people and pick up their money that they drop when they get ran over by cars! Enjoy!

The aim of the game is to collect as much money as possible, before you get knocked down by a car or another stickman! Set in a city full of stickmen, this hilarious, interactive adventure game requires shrewd decision making above all else. You have to decide when and how you make a move for someones money, keep in mind that you might get hit by a car when trying to collect money in the road and assess if there are any other dangers that could lead to you getting taken out! You also need to exhibit quick reactions and sharp reflexes – avoid the police and the fast moving cars! Do you have the devious imagination and vision of a diamond thief extraordinaire to find a way to make money in this thief's world? Time to make your choice! (p.s. - Of course stealing and robbery in real-life is wrong, but in this light-hearted virtual world, it makes for great fun!)

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Raft Royale

Raft Royale is a funny and eccentric building and shooting game where you must navigate around an open lake to build your raft and battle it out to be the best out on the water. Play with other players around the world to compete to be the best! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to build your raft to be the strongest, most powerful and most feared raft on the water. Defeat the other rafts to remain top of the leaderboard. This light-hearted game requires good skills on the mouse to navigate your way out of danger and also to pinpoint where the pieces of floating wood are. You need to use your observation skills to spot these building blocks and therefore you can begin to start creating a monster of a raft! Enjoy!

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Sheep Party

Sheep Party Jump over or bite a post to be the last sheep standing in Sheep Party! Who can survive the longest before getting knocked off?

Save yourself from falling! A rotating post is trying to knock you down, you have to jump over or bite the post to avoid it! Be careful of your opponents doing the same and be ready. The game is simple, you can always jump or bite the post, but your timing has to be good! Jumping over the post allows it to continue in that direction but biting it reverses it! Up to four people can play or you can go against computer players if you’re by yourself. Computers have three levels of difficulty to give you more of a challenge when you’re ready. You can play with a time limit to see who took the most hits or change it up and play with a limited amount of lives. Pull this game out with your friends and see who’s the best sheep ever!

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Paper Flick

Paper Flick provides you with a nostalgic return to those boring days back in school when you and your classmates took turns to see who could throw the most balls of paper into the bin at the end of the room. Only now, you are in an office environment and you have the assistance of a small electric fan to help you make your shoots. Put your accuracy and skill to the test as you try more difficult settings (easy, medium and hard).

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Alien Invaders io

Tired of shooting aliens? How about playing the aliens in Alien Invaders io

In this neat little game, you're going to be flying around in an alien saucer and gobbling up those hapless humans to grow as big as you possibly can. The more you beam up into the spaceship the faster you're going to get bigger and you want to get bigger because the other players are aiming to gobble you up too! It's an intense race to beam up as much as you can before your opponent does. But at first, you're only going to be able to drag up what you can actually fit inside the ship, the bigger you are the more you can gobble up. So start small before you tear into those cities!

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Fishing Day

Fishing Day makes fishing all sorts of fun it never was before. Do your best to catch some of the biggest fish under the sea but be careful floating bombs that could cause your ship to sink.

The game is colorful and fast-paced with lots of variety, not two rounds are the same.

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Stick Running

Experience the sweat-inducing thrill of Stick Running, a platform obstacle runner that will see you roll under blocks, jump over traps and dodge flying rockets. Stick Running has you run through randomly selected map levels, with your objective being to see how far you can run while dodging and avoiding all obstacles and traps. The randomization feature of the game keeps things interesting, as you don't have to keep replaying the same level over and again. Additionally, it will keep things harder for longer, as it makes memorizing the level layout more challenging.

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Airplane Missile Escape

Airplane Missile Escape is an exhilarating warplane game set over the bright blue sea. Get a grip on the easy-to-learn controls and then dive into the action! You'll be chased by missiles and rockets, and your task is to employ swift maneuvers to evade them.

The game enhances your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking as you fly at high speeds, attempting to make the missiles crash into each other to secure your survival. 

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Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush is a funny game where you play a bird trying to evade falling boxes!

Having a bad day? Not as bad as this bird! Move around to get out of the way of these random boxes falling from the sky! You can’t jump, but don’t worry, this bird can climb up the side of the boxes quite well. Pick up grains and see how long you can last before a box lands on you and ends the run!

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Square Jet

Travel through mysterious caves as you collect shiny stones and jump over beds of molten lava as a… jumping square block with a jetpack!? Square Jet is just that, play as a thrill-seeking block as you make your way across multiple underground levels, using your jumping skill and trusty jetpack to stay alive. This premise on its own should be enough for anyone, however, Square Jet also users a gorgeous minimalist style and colors, creating a very pleasing aesthetic. Enough of that, go and experience it for yourself and have fun!

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Blob Giant 3D

Whenever someone asks the question, “how weird can games get?” be sure to tell them about Blob Giant 3D. Blob Giant 3D is a truly wacky game sired from an as equally wacky mind. Take control of a blob-like jelly man as you rush through various obstacle tracks, collecting jelly people of the same colour to grow bigger and bigger, while also making sure to avoid traps. Once you reach the end of each track, you will be able to perform a super jump that will catapult your teammates into the sky. The higher you are able to shot them, the more coins you will earn! Blob Giant 3D is wacky enough to be fun for most people to play.

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Missile Command

Take a trip down memory lane with Atari Missile Command, a truly classic game that will evoke some strong nostalgic memories within you. Take on the role of the missile commander as you try to uphold your task of defending the city from incoming enemy aerial bombardments. Allow the city to be completely destroyed and it's game over. Atari Missile Command is playable for all ages, offering a game that is surprisingly challenging yet still enjoyable.

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Shoot The Duck

Ever played Duck Hunt? Well, Shoot the Duck is exactly the same with a fresh new coat of paint.

It's duck hunting season and you and your trusty hound are out in the field looking for some ducks. The object of the game is to kill enough ducks to move on to the next round. Your faithful mutt will sniff out those ducks and scatter them for you to shoot. With each level they come up faster, so your aim had better be true! Don't think your dog is all that loyal, if you miss those ducks he'll be snickering at you. Don't give him that satisfaction. And don't shoot him either (no matter how tempting it might be)! If you do, it's game over.

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