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Play all kinds of fun free games online without downloading - for supervised kids (girls & boys) at home, high school teens and game-loving adults; e.g. entertaining action games, platform acrade games, RPG adventure games, cool puzzle games, challenging brain teasers, simple 2D arcade-style games to cool new 3D games, 1-player games to play on your own when bored or good fun 2-player games to play with school friends & family. Enjoy!

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House Paint 2

House Paint 2 is a fun painting simulation game where you have to paint a number of houses. This is the second installment of this game and there are countless improvements over the predecessor. You will be enthralled by the smooth graphics and the addictive nature of this game. Perfect for anyone who likes working and playing with colors, this game is a must! Good luck and enjoy!

You must paint all the walls of the houses to succeed and progress onto the next level. This interesting activity combines good spatial awareness, strategic planning, and quick reactions as you try to paint the houses as fast as possible. Pick up that paintbrush and get some overalls on! It's about to get dirty!

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Snake Challenge

Snake Challenge is a modern twist on an old classic. Navigate your snake through the course, picking up apples and bonuses and making sure you don't grow too large and run into your own tail!

This is a game you know and love and one that doesn't need an explanation. It has been updated and looks brighter and better than ever.

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Logical Theatre Six Monkeys

Logical Theatre Six Monkeys is a classic puzzle where you have to move all the monkeys from one side to the other. While it sounds easy there are limitations and you will be challenged to complete the puzzle. Move all the monkeys to the opposite side of where they are at the beginning.

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Roll Color

Roll Color is a relaxing and fun game, where you need to match the image shown, with the color rolls that you are given. While the game is simple and relaxing, you can get stuck on some levels if you don’t look well at the image.

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Jewelry Match

Jewelry Match is a fun puzzle game for kids of all ages to match colors and get the jewels to win!

This game is super fun and easy to play! Match the colors to help the jewel get to the goal. Watch as you use different items and power-ups to help you achieve victory! There are more than just colors to deal with here. Locks and keys, special big items, multi-color orbs, and more! There are also special booster items that you can buy with coins to help you! Do whatever you can to get all the jewels in the level, but be careful… You only have a limited number of moves! Choose which items you get rid of carefully so that every jewel is accounted for. Failing a level means you lose a heart but don't worry, you automatically get more as time passes. Put on your thinking cap and get ready to have some fun!

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Line Color 3D

Line Colour 3D is an exciting game in which you control a series of lovable children’s characters, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Brum the racing car, as you attempt to color in a long line. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and fun characters, though, as this game isn’t easy! You’ll work on your coordination and timing skills as you try to avoid obstacles that revolve in your path. Crashing into these will send you back to the beginning of the level!

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Heroes of Match 3

Play a fun match-3 puzzle game for kids against the clock on your iOS or Android mobile device, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! Heroes of Match 3 is a straight-forward matching strategy game and visual puzzle for children where you must sweets and beat opponents. The medieval atmosphere and amusing characters will not leave you sleeping. Match three sweets in a line and create many delicious combinations to help King Donuttan The Third regain his throne. Show your three-in-a-row puzzle skills and challenge other players in tournaments. Constantly earn bonuses by completing daily tasks. Play with your friends or other players around the world.

This online, HTML5-based, match 3 / puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp focus and concentration, good observation skills, strategic planning, logical thinking, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently under time pressure. Go through the game alone or challenge your friends and players around the world. Automatic saving of progress allows you to continue the game on any platform. You can start playing at home on your computer and continue on any mobile device with the same game progress. The game has plenty of ways to get extra coins, such as bonus games, rewards for tournaments, helping friends, and much more.

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Pacman Revenge

Pac Man will finally defend himself in Pacman Revenge. This fun and colorful twist on the classic arcade game has your lead hero shooting his way to victory, protecting himself like he always should have. Pac Man isn’t just eating his way out of trouble!

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Cannon Shot

Cannon Shot is an addictive and amazingly fun game that has you firing balls into a basket. But it isn't as straightforward and easy as it seems. Instead, you are actually firing balls at targets that then bounce the balls to another target and then into the basket. It requires a lot of bank-shotting and planning ahead. You must be accurate, you must be precise and you must nail your every shot.

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Quarantine Rush

Quarantine Rush is an adrenaline-fuelled game in which your object is to save humanity from a deadly virus by selecting the non-infected to be quarantined. Human avatars walk around the screen at speed, and during the 90 days have a random chance to become infected with the virus. If an infected person crosses paths with a non-infected person, they will also become infected, and if people are infected for long enough they will die! However, you also have the opportunity to fight back against the disease with a series of cure abilities. Collecting coins from successfully saved people allows you to unlock more powerful cures, which can cure more people at once. Use your quarantine powers and cures to see if you can last 90 days (without reaching 100 deaths) to win the game.

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Shadow Trap

Shadow Trap is a bright & bouncy reaction speed game - ideal for toddlers & preschoolers. In fact, this super-simple and fun game is perfect for anyone (young or old) who wants to improve his or her hand-eye coordination skills and timing skills. Come and have a go if you think you have what it takes to avoid the Shadow Trap!

The aim of the game is to avoid the shadows and evade them to get past them and progress onto the next level. The levels get progressively more difficult with tougher shadows to try and bypass. This will test your timing skills as it is absolutely vital you time your move correctly. Too soon or too late and you will be hit by the shadow coming down on you, and then it will be game over! Stay on track, stay focused and give it your best shot! 

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Laser Overload

Laser Overload - Prepare to fire off lasers in all directions! The direction of your intial laser is key here, as this will be the difference between winning and losing. Spend hours of fun playing this game as you compete with friends and family to see who has the best sense of aim and can power the laser to victory! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to bounce your laser off every shape on the screen. After one shape has been hit it will disappear, allowing the laser to pass through onto the next shape. The laser will bounce off the shape at the same angle to that at which it hits, just in the opposite direction. Bare this in mind when encountering tricker situations! This game will develop your knowledge of angles as it is vital to understand where best to hit the intial shape as this is the only control you have over the laser's direction.

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Kill The Spy

Kill The Spy is a puzzle game, where you need to eliminate the spies in each level and save the hostages. You need to shoot at structures to make them fall and eliminate the enemies. Make sure you don’t waste your shots!

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Ship Factory Tycoon

Ship Factory Tycoon is an incredibly-detailed, interactive business management simulation game for older kids, teens and college students where you play the role of a smart ship factory owner. You make and sell ships, and this is how you live. So pick up your spanner and your briefcase and let's get to work!

The aim of this game is to build and sell ships! Churn out lots of ships from your factory as you attempt to make a living out of this! You will need an entrepreneurial brain for this game, have the attitude of a shrewd businessman or businesswoman. This is about simple spending to sell, speculate to accumulate. Be brave, be bold and most of all, don't be afraid to invest in blueprints as this will be rewarding for you in the long run! Enjoy!

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Jelly Escape

Jelly Escape is a fun and exciting game in which you must help our little jelly friend escape out of the room. In this room there are dangers everywhere so you must avoid the spikes at all cost! We all know that razor sharp spikes and jelly do not match! Switch the gravity of the room so you can essentially walk on the ceiling to avoid the spikes, and then switch it again to drop down! All very scientific! Good luck, collect as many stars as you can in each room!

The aim of the game is to escape out of the room, whilst collecting the stars! A maximum of three stars is available per mission. This game requires you to be good with your timing of the mouse. Press your mouse to flip gravity so you must time this perfectly so that you avoid the spikes and you catch the stars at the same time. Also, use your judgement skills to help you in this decision making aspect of the game!

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Minesweeper Mania

Minesweeper is back in a big way with Minesweeper Mania. This game gives an authentic and memorable reboot of the classic computer game that will make you think under pressure. Do you have what it takes to find the bomb?

This game is a classic that feels just as fun now as it did years ago. You will pick up right where you left off, even if you haven’t played the game in ages.

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Penguin Adventure

Penguin Adventure is a fun penguin game where you must be the hero of the day. Can you cross the dangerous terrain...who said penguins can not fly? This is perfect for kids and adults alike, see who can rescue the day in the fastest time and progress onto the next mission!

​The aim of this game is to go on a penguin adventure, quite literally. Collect ruby stones then hit the ice block at the end to free your other penguins! Can you save the day? You will need expert judgement of how far to jump as you will drop through the gaps if you are not careful and this will decrease your health! Buckets of bravery, charisma and courage are also a must for this game too! Come on!

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Mummy Candies

With Mummy Candies, you get a colorful and inventive puzzle game that has gorgeous graphics and wonderful music. Oh, and it's super fun too.

The goal of the game is to collect as many candies as you can during each round. Some candies gain you more points than others and some (like the dreaded explosive pumpkin) can destroy your score. Move quickly as the time ticks down and do your best to score as many treats as possible.

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Flood Escape

Flood Escape is a tower building escape game that asks you to climb higher and higher and requires some serious hand-eye coordination.

You need to build your way out of a flood. How do you build? Stand upon the foundation of a building as the next piece of the building moves from side-to-side above you. When your next building plane lines up with the one you're on, tap it so it will stop and your character will climb to the next level. Keep lining up the next platforms to climb higher and higher and avoid the raging flood below.

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Whack A Mole

Whack A Mole is a new twist on an age-old classic. Are you ready to beat the moles and win a high score?

This game has simple mechanics that it seems like everyone knows but feels fresh and original thanks to the modern look and feel.

How the Play: The name says it all. You need to whack every mole who pops his little head up from the ground. A simple click of the mouse will knock them back down underground and score your points for you.

You can play this game only on your PC. Sadly it isn't available on mobile devices. Use your mouse to click through the menu and also to whack a mole. When the game starts, all you need to do is press the play button to start your first round.

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Whack em All

Whack Em All is an age-old game that you already know and love but now it has a wonderful new look and feel that makes it feel original and fresh. Bash the moles on the head and score as many points as possible!

When you see the face of one of the many mischievous moles pop up, all you need to do is give your screen a light tap and you will receive the points from each hit. Keep in mind that certain moles are worth more points and, of course, the dynamite should be avoided whenever you see it. Move quickly, the moles won't keep their heads up for long.

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Newtonian Inversion

Newtonian Inversion is a funky physics based puzzle game, where you need to get to level markers by traversing unusual platforms in space! Gravity holds you down to each platform, but jumping between platforms manually or in a cannon can shift you to other platforms with different gravity… Work out the right routes to jump your way to the markers for the end of the level!

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Submarines EG

Under water adventure awaits you with Submarines EG. The game has you avoiding missiles and submarines that are looking to sink your ship. Move quickly and plan ahead, do not just sail around without a motive or else you are sure to get hit by an incoming projectile.

This game seems simple, and it is. But it gets progressively harder as it goes on. You will need to move your ship around the screen and watch as wave of wave after missiles are shot your way.

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Play a very difficult, shape-folding, brain teaser game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC! Logicheck is a tricky, logic-based, shape-shifting, interactive puzzle game for kids, teens and adults where you must fold (stretch or reduce in size) green shapes to fit perfectly over blue shapes by dragging circular nodes around the play area. Each of the 37 increasingly-difficult levels has a static blue shape configuration over which you must place the movable green shapes as quickly as possible. The level is only complete when there is no green shading hovering over into the white areas, and the vast majority of the blue shapes are sufficiently covered. The faster you complete the level, the more points you earn!

This interesting, HTML5-based, multi-level, logical thinking puzzle & shape folding skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Logicheck provides a stern mental test and exercise of your problem solving and analytical thinking skills, creative engineering abilities, spatial awareness, determination and willingness to use trial and error to your advantage. Patience as always is important – It may take you a while to drag the green shapes into the correct configuration, especially in later levels when the puzzles are more complex.

Controls: Move the green shapes around the play area by mouse clicking or screen tapping on the circular ‘nodes’ that cling to the corners of the green shape areas. Stretch or reduce in size to fold to the required fit (Your transparent green shape must perfectly match the blue shape underneath).  

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High Shoes

If you find normality a bit boring, then High Shoes might be the bizarre game for you. In High Shoes, you will play as one of 9 hindleg walking animals, with your goal being to circumvent obstacles such as wooden fences, lava pools and spinning wheels. You will achieve this by collecting bamboo shoots and strapping them to your feet to get taller and taller, allowing you to safely walk over and through these obstacles. High Shoes simply gameplay makes it an ideal game to keep the kids busy when you just need a moment of quiet.

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Blocky Snake

Relive the old nostalgia of games such as Snake only now in block form, set in a forest and at high speed. That is exactly what Blocky Snake will bring you! Bolt and zigzag through a forested path as you destroy blocks along the way to earn points and collecting building blocks to extend your length and health. This high-speed game will keep you glued to your seat for hours.

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Blue vs Red

Help the Blue character to pass all the obstacles and defeat the Reds in Blue vs Red! There are 15 exciting levels waiting for you, where there will be a lot of dangers. With each level, the difficulty increases, and not every player can pass all the obstacles! Don't forget to collect coins to upgrade your hero. Good luck in passing!

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Bullet Jakke Adventure

Boys will be boys. A statement that rings true when it comes to the naughty shenanigans that Jakke and his brother get up to in Bullet Jakke Adventure! Jakke is a daredevil through and through, which is why he wants to see how far you can travel by getting shot out of a cannon! Join the hazardous duo, especially Jakke, as they fire cannons, crash into dinosaurs and get flung into the skies!

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Traffic Manager

Don’t let them crash! Traffic Manager will let you flex those wits and strategy skills, even though it seems so easy. In this game, you will have to make sure that the cars on the road don’t collide with each other. That’s so simple, right? Press play and see for yourself. Think fast! Tip: This game is great on both computer and mobile.

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Crazy Rush io is a fun and competitive game where you control a snake kind of character that can poke or stab your opponents to earn points. Move around the map once you start a game and try to poke people from behind to kill them. But don’t let others poke you.

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Karate Chop Kick

Test your lightning fast skills with Karate Chop Kick, an incredibly fast and colorfully fun game that has you chopping down trees like a master ninja.

The game is quite easy when explained. All you have to do is chop. Chop, chop, chop at the tree in front of you, cutting it down with each hit. But as the tree descends closer to the ground, it will throw a few obstacles your way and can take you out in no time. So you have to chop as fast as you can and keep your eyes on what danger is ahead.

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Stickman Flip

Stickman Flip is an engaging and delightful game that centers around performing backflips. Your goal is to jump as high as you can, reaching new heights and discovering exciting new landmarks like the Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. The more flips you execute, the higher you'll be able to jump, which adds an exciting layer of strategy to the game.

This game is a great way to hone your timing and reflexes. As you progress, the jumps become more challenging, requiring you to perfect your flips and aim for greater heights. 

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Stacking Challenge

Stacking Challenge is a fun and infuriating blocks stacking game puzzle that will test your hand-eye coordination speed like no other! The game initially seems super-simple but is actually terribly tricky! Some say, it’s the most addicting game since Tetris – Once you start playing, you wont be able to stop! Come and see if you have what it takes!

The aim of the game is to stack as many blocks as possible within the time limit. Try and get the highest score possible. When working with lines of 4/5 blocks, these are more difficult but also more rewarding with a higher score boost each time you manage to successfully stack one. This game tests your timing skills to the limit, and your coordination as well, since you have to be ready to strike at the right moment and just at the right time, so it drops down and lands perfectly. 

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Impossible Platform Game

Impossible Platform Game is a wacky retro puzzle-platform game for kids and teens, where you gain points and pass levels by playing the role of a peculiar little robot to reach the green box over the other side of the platform. In order to do this, you need to get through a series of demanding levels that require planning and patience.

Your mission is to get yourself placed within the little green box, usually on the other side of the platform. You must use your skills and your initiative to reach that green box - this is your way out. This game will test your puzzle solving skills as you must figure the best way/correct way to reach the green box. You may get stuck at first but do not give up, be persistent and you will be rewarded.

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Cowgirl Shoot Zombies

Cowgirl Shoot Zombies is a challenging shooting game where you have to defeat all zombies in the levels. Shoot at them and have your bullets bounce to have a chance at defeating extra zombies with the same bullet. Be careful with obstacles that will make your bullets bounce the opposite way.

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Adam And Eve: Astronaut

Adam & Eve: Astronaut is a vibrant and brain-tickling puzzle game that will have you moving objects and running around as a little caveman. The game is challenging, unique and ultimately a lot of fun.

The game has a look and feel that is straight out of a cartoon. It is easy to play and the animation is smooth and impressive.

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React quickly to avoid falling blocks in this highly-challenging game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Avoiders is an endless, fast-paced reflex-based game where your task is to avoid the black blocks hitting your read and blue blocks. You control the red block and the blue one moves in the opposite direction so it gets fairly tricky as you have to be vary of the symmetrical movements. 

Skills required: This skill and brain teaser game requires very sharp analytical thinking and reaction skills so that you move your blocks out of the way of the falling ones quickly and successfully. Accurate mouse or finger skills are very important as you attempt to reach a new high score in every run. The falling blocks increase in speed as you progress, so top concentration levels and swift reflexes are essential to maintain!

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2048 - Legend

2048 Legend is an entertaining puzzle game where your goal is to merge blocks with numbers on them, to create the biggest number that you can. Avoid filling up all the levels with blocks and running out of moves, otherwise, you will lose. Get as many points as you can while merging the blocks.

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