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Play good fun, brain teasing and challenging online games for supervised kids (girls & boys) at home, high school teens and game-loving adults. From simple 2D arcade-style games to cool new 3D games to play online on your own when bored or to play with school friends & family - games for iPad, tablet, Android mobile phone, iPhone, PC / Mac. Find fun action games, platform games, tricky RPG adventure games, awesome football & sports games, car and bike racing games, very good puzzle activities, logic games, difficult strategy games, and more!

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Space Jumper

Space Jumper is a classic-style, platform jumping game for kids where you have to guide a stranded astronaut through a series of challenging jumps across the asteroids! Space is no playground, so take this seriously! Let's see how far you can get! 

The aim of this game is to complete as many missions as possible, collecting the stars along the way as you jump from one side of the screen to the other using the moving asteroids as platforms to jump on! This fun online space adventure game is reminiscent of iconic platform titles as you have to leap from ledge to ledge, carefully timing your jumps so you don't fall into deep space! Fast finger work and quick reaction skills are all important – Ok Space Jumper – good luck!

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Avoid Crash

Brain Teasers Avoid Crash is a traffic manager style multitasking game, in which you need to keep blobs from crashing into red rectangles that pass through a circuit. Blobs move through doors, which you can close or open to control them. Time this well to prevent big stacks of blobs piling up (as then the blobs will pass through anyway), and to avoid the blobs crashing into the rectangles. Once all the blobs have passed, you’ll unlock the next level and be awarded 1,2, or 3 stars for the level based on how many crashes there were. See if you can get three stars awarded on all 20 levels!

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Wave Drifting 3D

Drifting is a colorful and fast-paced racing game that takes you on a wet and wild ride against other playful animals. It moves quickly so be prepared to ride and ride fast. Buckle up!

This game is a blast. It is quick and easy to understand and the controls are responsive. But it is all challenging and you will definitely feel the pressure to succeed after every failure.

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Extreme Balancer 3D

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Extreme Balancer 3D, an exciting ball navigation game developed by team. Your goal is to guide the ball through various traps and obstacles to reach the final platform. Surrounded by water and ice, the entire platform hovers above a perilous environment, and you must skillfully maneuver the ball across narrow wooden pathways to succeed. Beware, the level will be considered a failure if the ball falls off the bridge!

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Shortcut Run

The shorter route is not always the better route, but in this fast paced runner it very much is. Shortcut Run puts you dead last at the beginning of a race with the main goal being finding your way to the front through various shortcuts throughout its twisty race course.

Zoom past your opponents by picking up planks and stacking them to create your own shortcuts through the course, the opportunities are endless. Think quickly to identify shortcuts and manage your resources efficiently to reach the finish line on top.

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Ball io

Ball io Game is an amusing and challenging game, where your objective is to help the ball reach the end of the level. You control a suction hole that can clear the path for your ball and achieve the win. Don’t let anything touch the ball, be fast and calculated, clear the path ahead.

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Fearless Driver

Fearless Rider is an exciting but challenging driving game where you must reach the end of the track whilst avoiding obstacles and not falling off the sides. Drive the buggy as fast as you can and try to get the best time possible for each level avoiding blades, hammers, moving platforms and much more! This game wil ltrain your hand-eye coordination as well as your timing skills and reaction time - it is very difficult so be careful as you speed your way to the finish line!

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2048 - Legend

2048 Legend is an entertaining puzzle game where your goal is to merge blocks with numbers on them, to create the biggest number that you can. Avoid filling up all the levels with blocks and running out of moves, otherwise, you will lose. Get as many points as you can while merging the blocks.

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Hot Dog Bush

In a bizarro alternate reality, the former president of the USA, George Bush, has decided to open and run a hot dog stand of his very own. In Hot Dog Bush, you need to help the former president with preparing hotdogs and drinks for each customer that comes to order. The faster you can finish their order, the bigger the tip you will get. Play across 5 different locations with New York City, unlocking more food items and drinks along the way.

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Flap Cat

Flap Cat is a fun and unusual online puzzle game for kids where you have to maneuver an amazingly cute cartoon cat through a barrage of small gaps. This is similar to the hit game Flappy Bird so if you were a fan of will love this! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible through the game. If you go above the game screen, hit the barriers, or fall down to the bottom of the game will be game over! This tricky mouse clicking brain-teaser requires quick thinking and even quicker reactions. To carefully guide the cat through, you need a delicate hand on the mouse and expert judgement skills! Have you got what it takes?

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Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush is a funny game where you play a bird trying to evade falling boxes!

Having a bad day? Not as bad as this bird! Move around to get out of the way of these random boxes falling from the sky! You can’t jump, but don’t worry, this bird can climb up the side of the boxes quite well. Pick up grains and see how long you can last before a box lands on you and ends the run!

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Golden Scarabeaus

Golden Scarabaeus is a unique puzzle game with all kinds of blocks and devices!

With so many different kinds of blocks, any kid will learn something in this game! Get all of the scarabs in the level and use the unique blocks to get you there! Some blocks defy gravity, transform, jump, and more! Devices that either push or pull you away, switches and buttons to be pushed, and scarabs to get! Can you figure out every puzzle? Will you be able to climb the pyramid of twenty levels? Play today and find out!

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Square Jet

Travel through mysterious caves as you collect shiny stones and jump over beds of molten lava as a… jumping square block with a jetpack!? Square Jet is just that, play as a thrill-seeking block as you make your way across multiple underground levels, using your jumping skill and trusty jetpack to stay alive. This premise on its own should be enough for anyone, however, Square Jet also users a gorgeous minimalist style and colors, creating a very pleasing aesthetic. Enough of that, go and experience it for yourself and have fun!

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Raymans Incrediballs Dodge

Get ready for a really bizarre and weird survival game. Raymans Incrediballs Dodge is not only a wacky game, but it is also an incredibly enjoyable one. In this survival game, you will compete against other players as you dodge all manner of dangerous threats from fireballs, thunderstorms, and more. To make things even more exciting, the game map will progressively keep shrinking the longer you play, making things a bit more challenging near the endgame. Collect golden icons to purchase and unlock other fun characters, each with their own stats and passive abilities.

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Fast Hotdogs & Burgers Craze

Experience the thrill of working behind the stoves as you rush to prepare and cook all the customer orders in time in Cooking Fast Hotdogs and Burgers Craze. Prepare the meals as you receive them from the waiters, making sure to not burn anything in the process or taking too long. Taking too long will cost you customers and profits, both of which will be needed to upgrade your kitchen.

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Push Block

Push Block is a fun and simple game where you have to collect blocks at every level to reach a goal and drop them in the hole at the end of the level. You collect the white blocks by touching them and guide them through the level while avoiding obstacles that will detach your block from each other.

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Millionaire is a fun virtual quiz game for kids, teens and adults who enjoy quizzing and testing their general knowledge. Answer all the questions correctly without getting one wrong and you will beat the game, and earn yourself a lot of money!

The aim of this game is to answer the questions correctly and leave with one million! You start off with no money and you try to answer questions to build up your money...all the way up to 1 million hopefully! This will test your general knowledge and your ability to focus and work under huge pressure...both because of the time but also because a lot of (virtual) money could be at stake here! Let's see if you can reach the jackpot!

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Super Pork

An army of alien robots is invading the earth, hell-bent on destroying anything and everything in their path! But not to fear, for in Super Pork, you will take control of the porky superhero as he does battle with the aliens as he upholds his task of defending the planet! Join Super Pork as he destroys aliens with power bolts and other cool attacks!

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Formula Drag

Formula Drag - Are you ready for some fast racing action and high pressure driving situations? If so, this may well be the game for you. Formula Drag was created with consideration of the physical factors affecting real Formula cars which makes the game more fun to play. Feel the heat of a real F1 car as you fly around corners at high speeds, but only using science as your method of propulsion. Swing around corners and stay in the centre of the track to win. Lets see who can get the highest and most impressive score!

The aim of the game is to get as high a score by lasting as long as possible swinging around the corners via the ropes. The longer you can stay on the track, and the more corners you manage to pass, the higher your score will be. This game will require you to have excellent timing skills as you must time your swing to perfection. You must also understand the physics of whatever angle the swing begins at, it will stay constant as you swing around the corner. Use this knowledge to your advantage as you try to aim for the centre of the track every time, giving you maximum chance of being successful.

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Angry Sharks

Angry Sharks is a fun game in which your hungry shark needs to chase down fishes to feast and become the biggest shark it can be! And, yes, fishes, not fish as there are tons of different fish species around to feast on! Beware though, as on the way you’ll have to avoid eating hazardous materials such as toxic waste and pufferfish…
Unlock cool bigger sharks as you munch your way through the whole ocean!

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Fight The Virus

To say the world has been a weird place for the last two years would be an understatement. All we do know is things would be a lot worse without our brave nurses and doctors, who you can join in Fight the Virus. Fight The Virus is a quick reflex and multitasking focused medical game where you are in charge of keeping the local hospital safe and healthy by killing any germs and viruses that pop up. Fight The Virus is a thrilling game that will have you tapping away furiously as you try to fight back the virus!

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Fishing is a fun and colorful arcade game for kids where you have to catch all of the fish in a boat. This fresh and challenging fish game (with clever graphics) requires good hand eye coordination, expert rod handling skills and a healthy appetite for fish destruction! Have a blast!

Okay fisherman, your aim is simple. Catch as many fish as you can! This will test your angling skills as you must keep up with the rod as it exists the water. Keep up with the pace and using your skills on the mouse, direct the hook into the fish's mouths as the hook starts to come up. It sounds easy but it really isn't!

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Traffic Manager

Don’t let them crash! Traffic Manager will let you flex those wits and strategy skills, even though it seems so easy. In this game, you will have to make sure that the cars on the road don’t collide with each other. That’s so simple, right? Press play and see for yourself. Think fast! Tip: This game is great on both computer and mobile.

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Cube Tower Surfer

Cube Tower Surfer is a bright and colorful and fun racing game that has you building blocks to ride on - and then knocking them back down.

The game looks unlike any other. It is vibrant and truly different. And loads and loads of fun, too. You will race around the course and every time you ride across the right colored block, your moving tower will grow taller. But obstacles will also cut it down and pose a great risk to you so make sure you have enough blocks to continue on without hitting the ground.

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Snowball Dash

Snowball Dash is a fun and fast-paced game set in a beautifully-rendered winter landscape. You'll need to steer a growing snowball left or right to avoid the pine trees scattered across your path. As you progress, your snowball grows larger, adding an exciting challenge to your gameplay. With its enchanting Christmas theme and engaging gameplay, Snowball Dash offers endless fun and a healthy dose of challenge.

The game helps enhance your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and decision-making skills as you dash through the snow-laden pine trees, aiming to outdo your previous score. It encourages competitive spirit as you strive to beat not only your own best score but also challenge your friends.

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Logical Theatre Six Monkeys

Logical Theatre Six Monkeys is a classic puzzle where you have to move all the monkeys from one side to the other. While it sounds easy there are limitations and you will be challenged to complete the puzzle. Move all the monkeys to the opposite side of where they are at the beginning.

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Crazy Dentist

Crazy Dentist is a dentist office simulation. Use a wide variety of dental tools to get your clients’ pearly whites in tip top shape before they leave your surgery! In this game you have a huge selection of methods to choose from, from simple tooth brushing to X-rays and dental fillings. Apply as many treatments as your patients need to get them fixed up with healthy mouths ready to flash their shiny smiles! 

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Laser Overload

Laser Overload - Prepare to fire off lasers in all directions! The direction of your intial laser is key here, as this will be the difference between winning and losing. Spend hours of fun playing this game as you compete with friends and family to see who has the best sense of aim and can power the laser to victory! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to bounce your laser off every shape on the screen. After one shape has been hit it will disappear, allowing the laser to pass through onto the next shape. The laser will bounce off the shape at the same angle to that at which it hits, just in the opposite direction. Bare this in mind when encountering tricker situations! This game will develop your knowledge of angles as it is vital to understand where best to hit the intial shape as this is the only control you have over the laser's direction.

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Get ready for a fast-paced game of skill and determination with Escape! In this game, your goal is to keep the ball within the circle for as long as possible while avoiding escaping the circle. Use your quick decision making skills to keep it moving within the circle.

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Bubble Shooter Candies

Bubble Shooter Candies is a bubble shooting game where you have to shoot as many bubbles as possible and eliminate them all! It is devilishly good fun! This game is perfect for the kids and the family, and can have you playing for hours since it is so simple and easy to play! Come and have a go!

The aim of the game is to destroy and eliminate the bubbles. Use your colored cannon to create matches and then this will eliminate the bubbles. This will take some clever aiming, good selection of shots and a brave attitude - you will get nowhere if you be cautious! Be brave and bold and you will be successful! 

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Adam And Eve: Astronaut

Adam & Eve: Astronaut is a vibrant and brain-tickling puzzle game that will have you moving objects and running around as a little caveman. The game is challenging, unique and ultimately a lot of fun.

The game has a look and feel that is straight out of a cartoon. It is easy to play and the animation is smooth and impressive.

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Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge is a tricky puzzle game, in which you need to get your red square to meet a blue one by passing through a tough maze. You’ll see your route highlighted behind you, and your steps and time are both counted too! Use your planning skills to make it through the tricky mazes as fast as you can and in as few steps as possible.

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Kill The Spy

Kill The Spy is a puzzle game, where you need to eliminate the spies in each level and save the hostages. You need to shoot at structures to make them fall and eliminate the enemies. Make sure you don’t waste your shots!

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Shaun The Sheep Stack

Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack is a hilarious game that will test your accuracy and mind!

Put your skills to the test in this puzzle shooter that’s sure to entertain! Shoot sheep out of pants to stack them up! Help them get to the window to win each round. Don’t worry about the ones that miss. Any sheep that fall are fine, and will simply walk away! You have unlimited sheep to use but you get a bonus for using less, so shoot wisely! This game throws a few puzzle-like features in, so you’ll have to think before shooting your sheep towards the goal! How many of the twelve levels can you beat? Could you have used fewer sheep? Play this game to find out!

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Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

Farm cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine!

Play this never-ending tap game to get rich with pretend Bitcoins! Upgrade your taps to give you more coins every time you farm! This is a great time-waster for when you just want to pretend to make money! This game also has daily rewards for playing at least once a day, random bonuses in-game, and even checklists for more bonus cryptocurrency! How many Bitcoins can you farm? Will you be a millionaire or even a billionaire perhaps?

Play this Game is an exciting, fast paced real time catapult based game. Choose your name, and customize your catapult by choosing different avatars, from recent presidential look-alikes to funky aliens! Your catapult will spawn on a grid with three other players. The aim of the game is to be the first to make it to kill twenty enemy catapults. However, while you’re aiming at others, they’re aiming back at you! If they hit you, you’ll die and respawn in a new random location on the grid.

To be successful in this game, you’ll need to have fast thinking skills, as well as the dexterity and accuracy to make sure your shots are not just aimed at the right opponent, but hitting home every time.

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Golden Snake

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Golden Snake, an action-packed platformer game that follows the daring exploits of a charismatic treasure hunter. Explore lost islands, overcome dangerous creatures, and uncover hidden treasures as you navigate through treacherous tombs and jungles.

Take control of the veteran treasure hunter known as Golden Snake and guide him through a series of platform puzzles, jumping over gaps, climbing ladders, and using both machete and gun to defeat various monsters along the way. As you progress, you'll find more weapons, unlock new areas, and unravel the secrets of the mysterious islands.

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Stacking Challenge

Stacking Challenge is a fun and infuriating blocks stacking game puzzle that will test your hand-eye coordination speed like no other! The game initially seems super-simple but is actually terribly tricky! Some say, it’s the most addicting game since Tetris – Once you start playing, you wont be able to stop! Come and see if you have what it takes!

The aim of the game is to stack as many blocks as possible within the time limit. Try and get the highest score possible. When working with lines of 4/5 blocks, these are more difficult but also more rewarding with a higher score boost each time you manage to successfully stack one. This game tests your timing skills to the limit, and your coordination as well, since you have to be ready to strike at the right moment and just at the right time, so it drops down and lands perfectly. 

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