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Fish Rain

Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of Fish Rain, a captivating multiplayer fishing simulator that transports you to real-life fishing locations around the globe. From the tranquil lakes of Canada to the bustling fish markets of Japan, you'll experience the thrill of the catch as you reel in a variety of fish species, each with their unique characteristics and behaviors. But it's not just about the catch; it's about the journey. Navigate through changing weather conditions, learn about different fish species, and compete with other players in this immersive and realistic fishing adventure.

As you dive into the depths of Fish Rain, you'll not only be honing your fishing skills but also enhancing a range of cognitive and motor abilities. The game encourages strategic thinking as you decide where to cast your line and what bait to use, while the act of reeling in your catch tests your hand-eye coordination and reaction times. Additionally, with the game's rich educational content, you'll be expanding your knowledge about different fish species and their habitats, fostering a sense of curiosity and a love for learning.

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Hot Dog Bush

In a bizarro alternate reality, the former president of the USA, George Bush, has decided to open and run a hot dog stand of his very own. In Hot Dog Bush, you need to help the former president with preparing hotdogs and drinks for each customer that comes to order. The faster you can finish their order, the bigger the tip you will get. Play across 5 different locations with New York City, unlocking more food items and drinks along the way.

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Exercise your brain with Shapez io, a fantastic management and production style game that even professional engineers would love to play. In, you will be placed in charge of the development of a distant mining and production station. Your job will entail harvesting alloys of various shapes, constructing conveyor belts to collect resources and build paint stations to recolour them. But more than that, is also there to challenge your ability to think and plan, to come up with creative delivery systems that offer the most efficiency. is a perfect game to relax with over a long weekend!

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Quack, quack! is a novel and interesting take on the resource and base building genre. Here you play as a father duck whose job it is to collect as many ducklings as you can and return them to the nest. The more ducklings you collect, the bigger and bigger the nest will become! Collect funky hats by collecting ducklings, face off against AI ducks or friends all in; just remember to watch out for boats!

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Cafe Paris

There’s a swanky new cafe on the block, and you’re going to be serving some demanding customers real soon!

In Cafe Paris, you play as their one and only waiter who has to keep the guests happy. That means getting them seats, getting them menus, picking up their order, their food and giving them the bill. Simple right? Up until there are more people than tables in the restaurant. The little cafe isn’t big enough to serve all the customers, so some will have to wait, meaning you’re going o have to work double-time to get them some seats before they decide to leave! Let’s hope they leave a tip for all of your hard work!

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Rail Blazer Runner

In Rail Blazers Runner you have to move and move quickly unless you want to get caught. You will be running straight ahead, hoping to avoid getting nabbed by police, aliens and other foes. Do not stop moving forward on the track and do not miss the lucrative diamonds that will help you get upgrades and run even faster.

A game like this is replayable again and again, you will never tire of trying to outdo your last run. So strap in and put on your best tennis shoes and keep moving!

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Archery Mania

Ready, aim, fire!

Archery Mania is a great 3D first-person archery game where you assume the role of a budding new archer taught in Japan. In Archery Mania, you will face all manner of challenges, starting with simple stationary targets to spinning and moving targets, with each level getting progressively harder the further you go. Archery Mania will entertain and challenge you every step of the way!

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Get ready to put your reflexes to the test with Numbers! This fast-paced game is all about clicking numbers as they appear within the game screen. With two different game modes - Race and Survive - you'll be challenged to improve your reaction time, finger dexterity, and concentration.

In Race mode, your goal is to click the numbers as quickly as possible until you run out of numbers. The clock is ticking, so you'll need to be lightning-fast to set a new high score. In Survive mode, the game is endless - you'll need to click the numbers as they appear before the timer runs out. You have 5 lives to start with, but be careful - one wrong click and you'll lose a life. With several difficulty levels to choose from, you can tailor the game to your own skill level. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's a challenge waiting for you!

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Corporate Overlord

Infinite power and riches are waiting for you. Corporate Overlord will allow you to create an empire, where you can research all crazy kinds of technologies and earn all the money you want.

The goal of the game is to build the biggest corporation to make money and research. You name your corporation and start creating, with every construction you do, a new floor is added to your building. The more advanced the room is, the more prerequisites it needs, so you have to build several of the same types to unlock better ones. You can research new technologies, and invest in them to make extra profits. Start building your corporate empire.

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Draw Joust

Let your creativity run wild with Draw Joust, an addictive design and paint game that allows you to design and create your jousting vehicle. Come up with stranger and stranger designs as you battle against other jousters, charging your creations against each other to see who will be the victor. Each victory will award you gold coins, which you can use to purchase need weapons and shields.

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Sand Balls 2

Get all of the balls into the back of the waiting truck by digging a path through the sand in Sand Balls 2. Sand Balls 2 is a vertical tap/clicker game with the simple objective being to create a line in the sand allowing physics to do its job and pull the colored balls down towards the truck. Create a clear path and get most of the balls into the truck to win and move on to the next level.

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Bottle Flip Challenge 2

Play a bottle flipping simulation game inspired by the dab-tastic viral phenomenon where you flip a partially-filled water bottle in the air and try to get it to land upright on its base! Playable on Android devices, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Bottle Flip Challenge 2 is a straight-forward and fun online skill game (for kids, fun loving teens and family) with two separate game modes. In Challenge Mode, you begin by flipping a standard 500ml drinking water bottle, and slowly progress to bigger and more awkward containers. In Random Mode, you spin a giant wheel and must try to flip whichever bottle you randomly land on! 

Background info for unaware parents and guardians! "Bottle flipping" has become a hugely popular activity in schoolyards and sports team dressing rooms around the world! It has undoubtedly been one of the most shared viral video phenomena of the last couple of years! Now, this fun activity has been immortalized in online game format (This HTML5-based, skill game should work on Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac) – and players can virtually test their bottle-flipping prowess! 

Skill is definitely required here combined with a bit of luck! Drag and release the bottle with your mouse or touch and release with your finger. Good coordination skills, judgment, determination, persistence and stamina all come in handy for bottle-flipping success. Stand up you bottle!

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Gold Miner

Gold Miner - Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth in this fun, challenging mining rpg game for kids. You must extract as much gold from the gold mine as possible. Pick and choose which material you want to dig up but but careful, some is worth more than others and some takes longer to pick up! Have fun!

Advance to the next level by earning a set amount of money (or more) in the time limit. Good timing is the key to your success! If you throw your claw just a moment too early or too late, you may either miss the object you were aiming at and this will be a wasted attempt at the cost of your precious time or you may grab a heavy piece of almost worthless rock or ore instead of a nice piece of gold. When you hit an object with the claw, there is no way of releasing it and whether you like it or not – you must start reeling it up towards you. Heavy objects such as ore or huge chunks of gold are slower to reel in and use up a lot of time.

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Craft World - Building Games

Enter the world of unlimited possibilities with Craft World - the new builder simulator where everything is limited only by your imagination! With over 300 unique blocks to choose from, you can build a variety of houses and structures, and decorate the rooms with various decor and furniture.

You have the ability to customize your character by picking from a variety of skins and choosing the type of world you want to play in - whether it's an island, flat world, standard, snow tundra, or high mountains. This game is based on Minecraft and is a great online version of it, offering endless hours of gameplay and exploration.

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Charm Farm

Charm Farm is an immersive MMORPG set in the enchanting Magic Forest, a realm that eagerly awaits your magical touch! Here, you'll find charming Shmoos, intriguing creatures, and unique plants, all requiring your care and enchantment. From creating spells to commanding the delightful Shmoos, the Magic Forest is your mystical playground.

Become a guardian of the adorable Shmoos in this fantasy-rich environment. Your journey will take you through a multitude of quests, each serving to enhance your magic skills and deepen your understanding of the forest's secrets. Engage in alchemy, craft spells, and uncover the magic that lies within the Magic Forest.

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Get ready to put your problem solving skills to the test with Paused! In this game, your mission is to help a duckling and his bunny friend reach the end of each level by manipulating time. Use one animal to strategically jump, stop or move blocks, press buttons, and more to help each other get to the end.

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Vector Rush

An earthquake has hit, and the city is doomed; your only hope now is to don the suit of the ninja as you jump through glass, sprint across rooftops and parkour your way to safety in Vector Rush. In Vector Rush, your goal is to make it to safety as you move through a series of collapsing buildings; don't look back, only forward! To do this, you must employ and perform a series of acrobatic and parkour feats as your character jumps from building to building, over gaps and under dangerous debris. One mistake, one misstep and it's game over. Pick up and collect silver collectables and gold coins to earn points which you can use to purchase special trick moves to add some more flavour to the game. Vector Rush is a great platform runner and obstacle navigation game and is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and palms clammy.

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Airport Control

Airport Control is a fascinating simulation game where you play the (very intense) role of a real-life Air Traffic Controller. You are fully responsible for all the passengers on board! This is a really cool game that’s awesome fun and challenging to play! It starts off slowly but quickly builds into a very hectic situation – be prepared! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to successfully manage the skies next to a busy airport. You do not want any crashes...for obvious reasons - there are no second chances with this game. When a plane crashes, it’s game over. You have to get all these big jet airliners to land safely, taxi, board passengers and take off again as efficiently and safely as possible. Collisions can happen both on the ground and in the air. You need to keep your eyes wide-open! You have to be constantly thinking ahead because the traffic can build up FAST! Have you the temperament and technical ability for this high-pressure job?

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Royal Dice

Royal Dice is a multiplayer game where you have to roll dice and compete with others to obtain the highest number of points per game. Keep throwing your dice and gather the numbers you think will give you the bigger score.

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Bomb It 8

Get ready for an explosive adventure with Bomb It 8, the latest installment in the popular Bomb It series. This free action-adventure game takes you on a thrilling journey filled with new characters, challenges, and unlockable bonuses. With its captivating gameplay and vibrant graphics, Bomb It 8 promises an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Playing Bomb It 8 is not just about having fun, it's also a great way to enhance your strategic thinking and motor skills. The game encourages players to think on their feet, plan their moves carefully, and react quickly to changing situations. As you navigate through the game's intricate mazes and face off against opponents, you'll find your problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness improving. It's a game that's as beneficial for your cognitive development as it is entertaining.

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Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout

Fall Boys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun wrestling game, where you fight against other players on bases such as wrestling rings or an island floating on molten lava to try to be the last player standing! You can avoid other enemies, or take them on directly, trying to pick them up and throw them off the level. Every kill you get, you grow a little bigger and stronger, making it easier to pick off final enemies. Survive to be the last player standing to win the game!

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Bubble Struggle 1

Bubble Struggle 1 is an original multiplayer game in which your job is to protect yourself from powerful bouncing bubbles that will kill your character. You can do this by moving left and right and firing a stream from your gun into the air that will pop the bubbles. However, every time you pop a bubble it will split into two smaller bubbles, increasing the difficulty! There are several different levels, each with a different colour and size of starting bubbles, and as you work through you will find several different power-ups which can affect your gun and its line. Work out which combination of these is best for you to protect yourself and make your way through all the levels!

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Trap Craft

Trap Craft - are you ready for this minecraft-like experience? The Hacker is ready to fulfill any desire of a Princess, Noob, Pro, Herobrine and the rest. He offers them to play a game: If you protect the portal from zombies, then the wish will come true! Each character has its own funny ending! Find out all of them! Play together with friendly pets, set traps and fight against the hostile zombies of the cube world. The best Trap Crafting adventure game - defeat zombies, survive, craft traps, tame pets in a cube world.

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Angry Shark Miami

Eat the people, destroy the boats, and drag planes down to your level in Angry Shark Miami!

Fast-paced and crazy, this game goes all out with its fun factor and doesn't wait for you to get your bearings. You're going to be jumping up and down, chomping up boats, gobbling up the hapless people and all the while destroying the rating for vacation time in Miami. The best part is hands down jumping out of the water and dragging those choppers and planes down to your level. It's a bit of a crazy ride, but a lot of fun!

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Slime Rush TD 2

Ready the defences and hold out against waves of slime monsters and demons in Slime Rush TD 2. Slime Rush TD 2 is a tower defence game where your objective is to keep the slime monsters from reaching the exit, as if they manage to reach it, they will certainly cause great damage to the kingdom. Slime Rush TD 2 with its exciting gameplay, high stakes and variety of deadly tower defences is sure to keep you entertained for a long time; see if you can complete all 24 levels!

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Vex 5

Vex 5 is the fifth instalment to the Vex series, and definitely the best and most fun so far! Cool graphics and addictive missions make it so much fun to play that you wont be able to leave the screen for hours! Climb ropes, dodge spinning blades, jump over spikes and fly down ziplines...the opportunities for a good time are endless! Come and see if you have the skills to win!

The aim of the game is to reach the end of the course. It is split into different areas so you can do little bits at once. Complete all the areas in the fastest time possible to win. Avoid things like landing on the spikes, falling to your death and getting cut by the swinging axe! All these things, amongst others, will lead you to restart back at the most recent checkpoint! This game will develop your problem solving skills as some of the areas are quite thought provoking and you must come up with the correct method to get past safely!

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Millionaire is a fun virtual quiz game for kids, teens and adults who enjoy quizzing and testing their general knowledge. Answer all the questions correctly without getting one wrong and you will beat the game, and earn yourself a lot of money!

The aim of this game is to answer the questions correctly and leave with one million! You start off with no money and you try to answer questions to build up your money...all the way up to 1 million hopefully! This will test your general knowledge and your ability to focus and work under huge pressure...both because of the time but also because a lot of (virtual) money could be at stake here! Let's see if you can reach the jackpot!

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Ninja Run

Ninja Run is a highly challenging maze game where you get to play as a ninja-warrior on a covert mission - using skill and ingenuity to make your way over rugged terrain. This game requires the speed, stealth and agility of a cat, and lots of practice. Ninjas are highly trained mercenaries. The philosophy behind training is to get results - by any means necessary!

Your goal is to reach as far as possible, beating the challenging terrain and the enemies that are out to stop you too! Use anything you can to make sure you survive and continue running! This game requires reaction skills as you will be running quite fast, so therefore being able to react to oncoming threats and then deal with them. This is a very important skill to have as without it, you may struggle! Come on, have you got what it takes to be a real ninja?

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Fishing Frenzy

Catch fish in order to reach a challenging points target against the clock in this high-octane skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Fishing Frenzy is an online aiming and accuracy-based reactions game and fun virtual fishing simulation activity. Here, you must carefully and methodically click or tap to release a hook into the water in the hope of catching some exotic fish! Each fish you snag earns you points toward a specific target – which must be reached before your timer reaches zero!

Skills required: This tricky, interactive hand-eye coordination exercise and action game requires good observation skills, fast reactions, and tactful finger tapping or mouse clicking if you want to become an expert fish catcher. Patience is a key trait when fishing in real life, but in Fishing Frenzy, you're playing against the clock! So a real sense of urgency is needed, and you'd better get used to speed fishing, fast!

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Banana Running

Enjoy a cool and wacky endless running game where you guide Mr. Nanners through the tricky obstacles it runs into. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nanners is missing, and your quest is to find her. Slide left, right and under obstacles while collecting Mrs. Nanners dolls. Don't forget to collect banana balls and use them to upgrade your gear!

Banana Running is a fast-paced, one-level, 3D survival game where you must use really quick reactions to dodge and weave around obstacles as you pilot Mr. Nanners through the hectic streets filled with cars and road barriers. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, you must keep your friendly hero out of harm's way by quickly moving him from side to side in order to avoid oncoming hindrances and dangers. Collect as many balls and dolls as you can along your crazy journey, and try to beat your top score with each new effort!

This wacky online, HTML5-based, infinite running / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Key playing skills required here include alertness and high concentration levels, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, sharp reflexes, a sense of fun and adventure, and dogged determination to protect your free-spirited, bear-like buddy. A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you learn from your mistakes on trickier parts of the course, for better distance gains in subsequent attempts! Enjoy the hilarious hike!

Controls: For PC / laptop / notebook players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control movement. For mobile / tablet players, simply tap or slide your finger on the game screen to control your character.

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Moto Maniac

Experience some BMXing and stunt motorcycling insanity in Moto Maniac, a stunt racer with a twist. Instead of racing along boring mountains or hills here, you will be performing along a dock. That’s right, test your reflexes and motor control as you hop across wooden planks onto ships and over ramps as you try to reach the finish line of each level without falling in the water or losing control of the bike. Moto Manic is sure to offer you the right mix of relaxing and yet challenging gameplay, a mix that will certainly entertaining you for hours.

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Offroad Forest Racing

Get ready for the ride of your life with Offroad Forest Racing! This 4x4 off-road game will take you on the wildest, most challenging tracks filled with dirt, obstacles, and breathtaking scenery. With extreme difficulties and stunning visuals, you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen!

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Pixel Skate

Pixel Skate: Live every young child's dream! You are a pro skater and now you must face, and overcome some very difficult courses. Have you got what it takes? Avoid all obstacles and get to the end to succeed. You will the power to stop and to jump and you will need both to survive and reach the end in one piece!

Reach the end of the course to progress to the next level. You will need good reactions and timing skills to win at this game. You will need to judge when to stop and when to jump to avoid the obstacles. Stay concentrated too, do not get distracted otherwise it could cost you!

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Crowd City 2

Gobble up normies in this sequel to crowd city where you grow your crowd to double the proportions in Crowd City 2.

Starting as a single person you're going to be running around and turning the normies into your followers. As you pick up more and more your crowd will grow bigger and bigger and soon you'll have an army of followers! However, other crowds are also gathering, grabbing those normies into their clutches, and this is where the real fun begins. If your crowd is bigger than their crowd you can consume their entire crowd into your own. But if their crowd is bigger than yours, even by one, then say goodbye to your followers.

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Bob The Robber 2

It’s time for even more shenanigans in Bob The Robber 2, the sequel to the successful first installment that continues Bob’s mission to protect the city from the greedy. Aid Bob once more as he thwarts the devious schemes of the ruling economic elite who seek to abuse the ordinary people of the city. Bob will need your help to bypass security cameras, knock out guards, and collect vital pieces of information to stop the devious tycoons. Bob The Robber 2 is the modern reimagination of Robbin Hood that is sure to keep you enthralled the whole time!

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Kogama: Haunted Hotel

If you like adventures and haunted houses, then Kogama Haunted Hotel is the game for you. Roam the haunted hotel to collect all the stars while avoiding traps and anything that can kill you.

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ATV Quad Bike Race

How fast can you ride? With ATV Quad Bike Race you are going to have to prove you have what it takes to be the next ATV legend on the track. Avoid crashing and try to achieve your best time.

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Idle Farmer Boss

Idle Farmer Boss is a captivating hypercasual game that lets you step into the shoes of a farm owner. Your mission is to purchase lands, cultivate crops, and sell your produce for profit. But that's not all - you'll also hire farmers to boost your production, optimizing your farming strategy for maximum profit. Whether you're ploughing the fields or counting your earnings, there's always something to do in Idle Farmer Boss!

This game is great for developing strategic thinking, resource management, and planning skills. You'll have to make the best decisions on when to invest in land, when to purchase upgrades to ensure your farming empire explands quickly.

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Millionaire Quiz

Millionaire Quiz HD is an entertaining game where you participate in quizzes with different topics to win a million dollars. Choose the topic you feel most comfortable with, and answer all the questions that you are given in every stage of the game to win. Choose between four options for each question, and use your help buttons to get you through hard questions.

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