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Interesting, fun and challenging games for kids (girls & boys), high school teens and nostalgic adults to enjoy on Cool 2D & 3D games to play now online on your own when bored or with friends and family members. Find top action games, fun arcade games, classic-style platform games, RPG adventure games, awesome sports, football & car racing games, interactive brain teaser activities, logic puzzles, hard strategy games, and more!

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Banana Running

Enjoy a cool and wacky endless running game where you guide Mr. Nanners through the tricky obstacles it runs into. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nanners is missing, and your quest is to find her. Slide left, right and under obstacles while collecting Mrs. Nanners dolls. Don't forget to collect banana balls and use them to upgrade your gear!

Banana Running is a fast-paced, one-level, 3D survival game where you must use really quick reactions to dodge and weave around obstacles as you pilot Mr. Nanners through the hectic streets filled with cars and road barriers. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, you must keep your friendly hero out of harm's way by quickly moving him from side to side in order to avoid oncoming hindrances and dangers. Collect as many balls and dolls as you can along your crazy journey, and try to beat your top score with each new effort!

This wacky online, HTML5-based, infinite running / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Key playing skills required here include alertness and high concentration levels, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, sharp reflexes, a sense of fun and adventure, and dogged determination to protect your free-spirited, bear-like buddy. A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you learn from your mistakes on trickier parts of the course, for better distance gains in subsequent attempts! Enjoy the hilarious hike!

Controls: For PC / laptop / notebook players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control movement. For mobile / tablet players, simply tap or slide your finger on the game screen to control your character.

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In Bloom

In Bloom is a fun and addicting puzzle game for kids. Get your green fingers working in this challenging garden game. Rearrange the plants in so that they sit in the correct colour and position in relation to each other. Simple! But it is not as easy as that, you must connect the plants together and could end up moving four plants at once all in a big chain! Good luck gardener!

Your mission is to tidy the garden and align the plants together in the correct coloured part of the garden! This game requires a good attention to detail to be able to spot where the flowers need to go. On top of this, a logical mind and a quick hand is needed to get the changes made in time and in an ordely manner!

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Zorb Battle

Zorb Battle: In this fun game for children, your mission is to find your opponents! Face them if you are older, if you are young, escape from there as soon as possible! Collect growth balls to grow, power balls to get stronger and win the game! Battle it out to see who has the higher score! 

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Touch Fishing

Experience the joys of undersea fishing with Touch Fishing, an enjoyable family-friendly tap focused fishing game. Touch Fishing is a simple game with a simple premise, catch as many fish as you can before the 30-second timer runs out. While it may sound too easy for some, Touch Fishing is still a great and fun resource to use for those who want to improve their reaction timing, be they adults or children.

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Ball io

Ball io Game is an amusing and challenging game, where your objective is to help the ball reach the end of the level. You control a suction hole that can clear the path for your ball and achieve the win. Don’t let anything touch the ball, be fast and calculated, clear the path ahead.

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Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a radical and gorgeous skating game that puts you on the board and will send you flying down the road. But be careful because there are many dangers in your way looking to knock you down.

This endless runner has all the fun features that make the genre so popular. But playing as a hip skater makes it feel cool and new in exciting ways.

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Snake Fruit

Snake Fruit: In this fast-paced, quick-reaction game, the snake is very hungry and you need to feed him. The snake needs to gobble up all the fruit to grow. Happy gobbling!

Collect and eat as much fruit as you can to see your snake grow bigger and bigger. As the snake gets bigger and bigger it will become harder to move around and will be slower to react, and the key is not to eat yourself! It sounds silly but it is easily done! Eat yourself three times and it is game over! This game requires a smart approach to you can maximise the amount of fruit eaten but go about it in such a way that you dont start turning too quick and eating yourself!

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Help The Hero

Welcome to Help The Hero, an exciting physics-based puzzle game where you must use your problem-solving skills to save the hero in each level. With simple and challenging tasks, you'll need to strategically pull out flaps in the correct order, mix water and lava to create stones, and release gas at opponents to stay alive and collect all the gold. Each level presents a new challenge that will test your abilities to think creatively and solve problems. Can you be the hero and save the day? Play now and find out!

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Mini Switcher

Mini Switcher is a fun and challenging game where you control a character that is affected by gravity changes in the world. Change gravity to help him clear the levels to get to the goal and don't let him touch the spikes or get shot. How to Play: Time the changes in gravity to the character movements. The character moves on its own, and you simply help him by changing the gravity to move around the levels. It's easier to wait until the character is facing the direction you want him to move to change the gravity and move through the platforms while avoiding the obstacles. You can only change the gravity when touching a platform, otherwise, your move has been decided.

The game can be played on PC and mobile. Use your mouse, spacebar & X key, or touch your screen to change the gravity of the character and be upside down and vice-versa.

Once you load the game press Start and select a level and begin playing. Avoid obstacles and reach the goal.

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and mobile device browsers.

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Missile Command

Take a trip down memory lane with Atari Missile Command, a truly classic game that will evoke some strong nostalgic memories within you. Take on the role of the missile commander as you try to uphold your task of defending the city from incoming enemy aerial bombardments. Allow the city to be completely destroyed and it's game over. Atari Missile Command is playable for all ages, offering a game that is surprisingly challenging yet still enjoyable.

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Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2 is a challenging online frisbee throwing game where you must control the flight of the frisbee. Control the direction to collect the stars and go through the hoops. A successful flight will mean you can progress onto the next mission in that world - there are multiple worlds to choose from! Let's see if you have what it takes to become a champion. 

The aim of the game is to complete the flight with the frisbee! Collect the stars along your way. This game will require good reaction skills as the frisbee moves fast through the air and you need to be alert to swerve to pick up the stars! Also, high levels of concentration and fast hands on the keyboard to operate the controls are a must! Have you got hands fast enough to cope? Let's find out!

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Kogama Speedrun Legend

Kogama Speedrun Legend is a 3D parkour based game, in which you need to run, jump and time your way with precision through a series of traps such as flamethrowers and huge gaps to reach checkpoints. To play this game takes timing, precision, and nerve, as you’ll be sending you character into harm’s way, regularly jumping huge gaps and running past flamethrowers and fast enemies!

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Light In The Dark

Permanent darkness has engulfed the land after the evil sorcerer Notruw captured the Spirit of Light. Help the brave hero, Qualfy in Light in The Dark, as he sets out to battle the minions of Notruw and rescue the Spirit of Light. Battle dangerous creatures, jump over raging rivers and over gaps, dodging rolling boulders, spike pits, and other dangers! Light in The Dark is a 2D platformer that will push you to the limit, and you will love every moment of it.

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Skull Racer

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal in Skull Racer! An adrenaline junkie and daredevil focused stunt racing game, where you hop into the seat of up to 5 awesome monster cars as you speed up rumps, crashing onto cars, and balancing over objects and wacky bridges. Skull Racer is an enjoyable stunt balancing game that is sure to become your new favorite!

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Treasure Hunter Jack

Jack is not your typical run of the mill treasure hunter, Play as jack in Treasure Hunter Jack and get into his shoes and get a taste of the treasure hunter life, go out on wonderful adventures with jack as he embarks on this quest to collect the rarest and most sought after artifacts and treasure that the world has to offer.

Dig deep into the ground with your specialist treasure hunter gear and reel in beautiful never before seen artifacts in this addictive arcade game. Aim your claw to reach out and grab loot avoiding bones and rubble which are of no value to our treasure hunter, after acquiring the treasure you may head out and sell the findings for a hefty profit. Jack really does have the best job in the world

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Extreme Balancer 3D

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Extreme Balancer 3D, an exciting ball navigation game developed by team. Your goal is to guide the ball through various traps and obstacles to reach the final platform. Surrounded by water and ice, the entire platform hovers above a perilous environment, and you must skillfully maneuver the ball across narrow wooden pathways to succeed. Beware, the level will be considered a failure if the ball falls off the bridge!

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Traffic io

In Traffic io you control the traffic, or at least you try to, they really don’t like sitting for too long, no matter if the train is coming.

The lights seem to be busted on this crossway, and you need to make sure people are respecting each other and driving in an orderly fashion. Easier said than done. Although they don’t come in at a fast pace, the train on the right side is not making things easy, and these little cars are none too patient with waiting for you - or the train. They will promptly drive off if you’ve been leaving them too long, so be sure to give everyone a fair chance, less you want a fifty car pile-up - with a train.

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Super Rocket Buddy

What would you do if you had a canon at your disposal? Chuck your buddies through dangerous obstacles? Well, Super Rocket Buddy is the game for you. Enjoy hilariously satisfying gameplay as you absolutely launch your buddies through the wackiest obstacles collecting diamonds along the way landing right on the bullseye.

Beautiful graphics coupled with ragdoll physics that are sure to leave your ribs aching with laughter. Aim down the sights and blast countless buddies as you burn through the 30 levels at your disposal. Pinpoint accuracy will get you through most of the levels quite easily but a lack of will leave you slightly rattled. Take a shot!

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Minio Stars

Minio Stars is a quick-fire concentration game for kids, teens and Big Kids and also works as a good online hand and eye coordination exercise activity. It’s a simple fast-paced action game that might just drive you bonkers – and going mad has never been such delicious fun! 

The aim of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible. Stay away from the nasty space troopers. The longer you survive however the more aggressive the troopers will be. This game requires good hand eye coordination to avoid the danger. Keep bouncing out o the way of the trooper and you will be well on your way to a high score! Your timing of the clicks is important too, can you time them just right in order to keep yourself alive?

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Cube Tower Surfer

Cube Tower Surfer is a bright and colorful and fun racing game that has you building blocks to ride on - and then knocking them back down.

The game looks unlike any other. It is vibrant and truly different. And loads and loads of fun, too. You will race around the course and every time you ride across the right colored block, your moving tower will grow taller. But obstacles will also cut it down and pose a great risk to you so make sure you have enough blocks to continue on without hitting the ground.

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Family Barn

Family Barn is a farming simulator game, where you take care of your family’s farm. Plant crops, flowers, feed the animals and even make products like honey and flour. Complete achievements and milestones, and earn rewards to improve your farm.

You can try out the game by registering as a guest, if you like the game and would like to keep playing and save progress then you can sign up.

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Tripping Balls

Tripping Balls is a bright, colorful and loud racing game that is intense and in your face and will make you want to play again and again.

The game is easy to play and has simple rules so you will quickly get the hang of things. But the longer it goes on, the harder the course is and the game will soon be going at a breakneck speed you can hardly keep up with.

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TGet ready for a high-flying adventure with Grappler! In this challenging game, you'll need to use your creative problem-solving skills and quick reflexes to navigate through each level. Your goal is to get across the levels using platforms and jumping between them, while avoiding the hot lava below.

To do this, you'll need to use your grappling gun to attach to black hooks and pull yourself towards them. Timing is everything in this game - swing yourself forward and backward to gain momentum and reach platforms while hanging off a hook with your grappling gun. But be careful - one wrong move and you'll be toast!

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Formula Drag

Formula Drag - Are you ready for some fast racing action and high pressure driving situations? If so, this may well be the game for you. Formula Drag was created with consideration of the physical factors affecting real Formula cars which makes the game more fun to play. Feel the heat of a real F1 car as you fly around corners at high speeds, but only using science as your method of propulsion. Swing around corners and stay in the centre of the track to win. Lets see who can get the highest and most impressive score!

The aim of the game is to get as high a score by lasting as long as possible swinging around the corners via the ropes. The longer you can stay on the track, and the more corners you manage to pass, the higher your score will be. This game will require you to have excellent timing skills as you must time your swing to perfection. You must also understand the physics of whatever angle the swing begins at, it will stay constant as you swing around the corner. Use this knowledge to your advantage as you try to aim for the centre of the track every time, giving you maximum chance of being successful.

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Viking Dragon

Viking Dragon is a fun, colorful adventure game for young kids that you control with the keyboard. Your mission is to get to the end of the tricky path. You are flying on a dragon and you are constantly attacked by Viking Esque enemies. Some of these enemies are a lot bigger and more resistant to damage than others. Use your array of weapons carefully and selectively to maximize your chances! Good luck!

Your aim is to get to the end of each mission still in one piece. You will be against the clock and against lots of enemies too. You can try and dodge them but this is a poor tactic, ideally, you need to eliminate them as this not only gets rid of them but also gains your XP and coins! This game will develop your keyboard skills as you must press multiple buttons at once to be successful here. You must move the dragon, select your weapon and shoot simultaneously! Have you got what it takes?

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Flap Cat

Flap Cat is a fun and unusual online puzzle game for kids where you have to maneuver an amazingly cute cartoon cat through a barrage of small gaps. This is similar to the hit game Flappy Bird so if you were a fan of will love this! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible through the game. If you go above the game screen, hit the barriers, or fall down to the bottom of the game will be game over! This tricky mouse clicking brain-teaser requires quick thinking and even quicker reactions. To carefully guide the cat through, you need a delicate hand on the mouse and expert judgement skills! Have you got what it takes?

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Fishing Day

Fishing Day makes fishing all sorts of fun it never was before. Do your best to catch some of the biggest fish under the sea but be careful floating bombs that could cause your ship to sink.

The game is colorful and fast-paced with lots of variety, not two rounds are the same.

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Airplane Missile Escape

Airplane Missile Escape is an exhilarating warplane game set over the bright blue sea. Get a grip on the easy-to-learn controls and then dive into the action! You'll be chased by missiles and rockets, and your task is to employ swift maneuvers to evade them.

The game enhances your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking as you fly at high speeds, attempting to make the missiles crash into each other to secure your survival. 

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Boxes Wizard 2

Boxes Wizard 2 is an engaging platformer game that thrusts you into the world of wizardry and puzzles. Take on the role of a wizard equipped with teleportation and box-pushing powers, and navigate through 40 challenging levels filled with intriguing puzzles. The ability to swap places with boxes opens up new paths and helps you overcome obstacles, providing a unique twist to the gameplay. The game's retro-inspired graphics and immersive gameplay elements combine to deliver a thrilling adventure.

Boxes Wizard 2 hones your problem-solving skills, strategic planning, and quick thinking. As you progress, you will need to master new mechanics and face increasingly difficult challenges, calling upon your magical skills to emerge victorious.

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Blob Giant 3D

Whenever someone asks the question, “how weird can games get?” be sure to tell them about Blob Giant 3D. Blob Giant 3D is a truly wacky game sired from an as equally wacky mind. Take control of a blob-like jelly man as you rush through various obstacle tracks, collecting jelly people of the same colour to grow bigger and bigger, while also making sure to avoid traps. Once you reach the end of each track, you will be able to perform a super jump that will catapult your teammates into the sky. The higher you are able to shot them, the more coins you will earn! Blob Giant 3D is wacky enough to be fun for most people to play.

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Raymans Incrediballs Dodge

Get ready for a really bizarre and weird survival game. Raymans Incrediballs Dodge is not only a wacky game, but it is also an incredibly enjoyable one. In this survival game, you will compete against other players as you dodge all manner of dangerous threats from fireballs, thunderstorms, and more. To make things even more exciting, the game map will progressively keep shrinking the longer you play, making things a bit more challenging near the endgame. Collect golden icons to purchase and unlock other fun characters, each with their own stats and passive abilities.

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Soccer Mob

Take football rivalry to a whole other level in Soccer Mob. In this online multiplayer strategy game gather your crew of diehard fans and travel from stadium to stadium country to country and square up against fans of rival teams in real time. Build your crew and take on rival crews from all over the world with ease.

Play a number of mini games in your pursuit of creating the largest strongest mob in the world. Sell tickets to fights, Train and most importantly fight. Take part in fights but make sure your team is strong enough to take the other team or you will suffer a defeat. The game requires a simple login mechanism to save progress to your profile

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Tower Defense

Tower Defense is a magical tower defence game. It’s your job to defend your castle through over 20 levels, from magic creatures such as orcs and walking trees that spawn bats! You can do this by building defensive towers in set places, with four different types of tower to choose from. Balance their different effects wisely — some are slow firing but high damage, while others are fast firing and weak but have special abilities such as stunning. Earn coins by killing enemies, which can be spent on more towers or on tower upgrades.

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Push Block

Push Block is a fun and simple game where you have to collect blocks at every level to reach a goal and drop them in the hole at the end of the level. You collect the white blocks by touching them and guide them through the level while avoiding obstacles that will detach your block from each other.

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Hot Dog Bush

In a bizarro alternate reality, the former president of the USA, George Bush, has decided to open and run a hot dog stand of his very own. In Hot Dog Bush, you need to help the former president with preparing hotdogs and drinks for each customer that comes to order. The faster you can finish their order, the bigger the tip you will get. Play across 5 different locations with New York City, unlocking more food items and drinks along the way.

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Gunner Runner

Gunner Runner is an endless gunpower-packed game where your goal is to use the recoil of the gun to shoot and bounce it as far as you can. The further you are able to send the gun, the more money you will earn; however, use your shots wisely as you will only be able to take so many. Use the money you earn to purchase more bullets or other upgrades for your gun. You will also be able to acquire other types of guns the more you play. Gunner Runner is the perfect game to relax with while waiting or when you just want to let your mind wander for a while.

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Traffic Command

Try the stress-inducing job of a traffic warden as you try to direct busy drivers across multiple lines and streets in Traffic Command. Direct traffic by controlling the traffic lights, timing it just right when to turn them green or red and ensuring that not even one accident occurs. But that is easier said than done as drivers will roar down the street at a frightening speed, furthermore, the cars stuck in traffic will get more annoyed the longer you make them wait. In summary, Traffic Command is a game that expects quick reflexes and decision-making skills. Do you have what it takes to do the job?

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Wake The Royalty

Everyone is fast asleep in the magical royal kingdom, making it the perfect time to cause a little bit of mischief. In Wake The Royalty, you need to find ways of waking up the royal family by giving them a big fright, using planks and wheels of wood to move platforms, knock them around, or make them fall off. Wake The Royalty is physics focused puzzle game that is sure to entertain you for a couple of hours.

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