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Interesting, fun and challenging games for kids (girls & boys), high school teens and nostalgic adults to enjoy on Cool 2D & 3D games to play now online on your own when bored or with friends and family members. Find top action games, fun arcade games, classic-style platform games, RPG adventure games, awesome sports, football & car racing games, interactive brain teaser activities, logic puzzles, hard strategy games, and more!

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Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a radical and gorgeous skating game that puts you on the board and will send you flying down the road. But be careful because there are many dangers in your way looking to knock you down.

This endless runner has all the fun features that make the genre so popular. But playing as a hip skater makes it feel cool and new in exciting ways.

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Open Restaurant

Open Restaurant is a fun fast-paced casual game where you manage your restaurant by attending to customers, table management, taking orders and serving food. Collect the cash and move on to the next level! Earn maximum money by selecting the right table and right action at the right time. Showcase your time management skills.

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Kogama Speedrun Legend

Kogama Speedrun Legend is a 3D parkour based game, in which you need to run, jump and time your way with precision through a series of traps such as flamethrowers and huge gaps to reach checkpoints. To play this game takes timing, precision, and nerve, as you’ll be sending you character into harm’s way, regularly jumping huge gaps and running past flamethrowers and fast enemies!

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Traffic io

In Traffic io you control the traffic, or at least you try to, they really don’t like sitting for too long, no matter if the train is coming.

The lights seem to be busted on this crossway, and you need to make sure people are respecting each other and driving in an orderly fashion. Easier said than done. Although they don’t come in at a fast pace, the train on the right side is not making things easy, and these little cars are none too patient with waiting for you - or the train. They will promptly drive off if you’ve been leaving them too long, so be sure to give everyone a fair chance, less you want a fifty car pile-up - with a train.

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Do you have what it takes to survive alone in the wild beast and zombie-filled woods of Craftmine? Break down raw materials such as tress and stone to gather crafting resources needed to make work tools, weapons and fires. Arm and defend yourself once the sun has set as this is when all the zombies will come looking for you. Prove you are a true survivalist in Craftmine.

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Robots vs Aliens

Robots vs Aliens truly is a welcome addition to the Tower Defence genre. Play as a fearless galactic commander as you ready the defences of your base against swarms of alien invaders. Construct and oversee various robotic defence towers from basic blaster bots to freezing bots, to devastating landmines as you holdfast against the alien invaders. You construct more towers by killing aliens and collecting the coins they drop; more dead aliens equal more towers so keep blasting! Robots vs Aliens will keep you engrossed and committed through its 15 levels of increasing difficultly. Robots vs Aliens is truly a game that anyone would find difficult not to enjoy playing.

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Snowball Dash

Snowball Dash is a fun and fast-paced game set in a beautifully-rendered winter landscape. You'll need to steer a growing snowball left or right to avoid the pine trees scattered across your path. As you progress, your snowball grows larger, adding an exciting challenge to your gameplay. With its enchanting Christmas theme and engaging gameplay, Snowball Dash offers endless fun and a healthy dose of challenge.

The game helps enhance your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and decision-making skills as you dash through the snow-laden pine trees, aiming to outdo your previous score. It encourages competitive spirit as you strive to beat not only your own best score but also challenge your friends.

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Enchanted Waters

Enchanted Waters is a thrilling maze runner game where timing is everything. Navigate through the complex labyrinth and time your jumps perfectly to avoid falling into the endless lake. A single misstep could lead to a watery doom, requiring you to maintain high levels of focus and precision throughout the game.

Enchanted Waters aids in developing your reflexes, timing skills, and ability to make quick decisions under pressure. The challenge grows with each passing second, urging you to strategize your movements carefully.

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Fast Hotdogs & Burgers Craze

Experience the thrill of working behind the stoves as you rush to prepare and cook all the customer orders in time in Cooking Fast Hotdogs and Burgers Craze. Prepare the meals as you receive them from the waiters, making sure to not burn anything in the process or taking too long. Taking too long will cost you customers and profits, both of which will be needed to upgrade your kitchen.

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Idle Farm

Idle Farm is a very inventive and clever farming simulator that also has a pinball element to it. You read that right, this game is about farming and pinball.

It is also incredibly cheerful and bright and is unlike anything else you have ever seen. That is one of the many reasons you will be playing this one again and again.

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Sentry Guardian

Sentry Guardian is one of the most epic, in-depth, and immensely-detailed battleground games that you are likely to play online. This game will have you playin for hours as you battle to wade off the enemy with your seriously impressive amount of firepower! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of this game is to guard the sentry with your life! Do not let the health points drop to zero as the enemies approach, eliminate them with your bow and arrow and bonus shots! Gorgeous graphics and awesome animations only add to the exhaustive detail and playability of this superb strategy game. This game requires excellent aiming skills and a never give up attitude...there is always a way and you must do everything you can to survive and find that way to win! Can you conquer the whole world? It’s time to fulfill your destiny!

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Wave Drifting 3D

Drifting is a colorful and fast-paced racing game that takes you on a wet and wild ride against other playful animals. It moves quickly so be prepared to ride and ride fast. Buckle up!

This game is a blast. It is quick and easy to understand and the controls are responsive. But it is all challenging and you will definitely feel the pressure to succeed after every failure.

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Super Pork

An army of alien robots is invading the earth, hell-bent on destroying anything and everything in their path! But not to fear, for in Super Pork, you will take control of the porky superhero as he does battle with the aliens as he upholds his task of defending the planet! Join Super Pork as he destroys aliens with power bolts and other cool attacks!

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Steve Hardcore

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Steve Hardcore, a thrilling adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this game, you'll find yourself in a world filled with green monsters and obsidian pieces. Your mission? Collect all the obsidian pieces, navigate through the black hole, and reach the portal in the cave. But beware, you're in hardcore mode. You only have three lives. Lose them, and you'll have to start from scratch. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Playing Steve Hardcore is not just about the thrill of the adventure, it's also a fantastic way to hone your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. As you navigate through the game, you'll need to plan your moves carefully, making sure to avoid the green monsters while collecting the obsidian pieces. The game also enhances your motor skills, as you'll need to move quickly and accurately to survive. It's a game that challenges your mind and reflexes, making every moment an exciting learning experience.

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Derby Racing

Derby Racing is a horse racing game in which you are a jockey looking to hit the big time! Race your horse in a series of derbies, pushing as fast as you can go to win the race and make it to the bigger events! However be careful, as making mistakes will knock you off your horse and cost you precious time. Keep ahead of your competitors for the whole distance to win the race as fast as possible!

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Kill The Spy

Kill The Spy is a puzzle game, where you need to eliminate the spies in each level and save the hostages. You need to shoot at structures to make them fall and eliminate the enemies. Make sure you don’t waste your shots!

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Snake Fruit

Snake Fruit: In this fast-paced, quick-reaction game, the snake is very hungry and you need to feed him. The snake needs to gobble up all the fruit to grow. Happy gobbling!

Collect and eat as much fruit as you can to see your snake grow bigger and bigger. As the snake gets bigger and bigger it will become harder to move around and will be slower to react, and the key is not to eat yourself! It sounds silly but it is easily done! Eat yourself three times and it is game over! This game requires a smart approach to you can maximise the amount of fruit eaten but go about it in such a way that you dont start turning too quick and eating yourself!

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Ninja Dragon

Ninja Dragon is fun addicting game involving a highly skilled ninja and you must get as high score as possible by ascending the walls! This is an incredibly fun game, which is intense and fast paced and therefore your eyes will not be able to leave the screen! Best of luck to you!

The aim of the game is to climb as high as possible on the run. Run vertical up along the sides of the walls and dodge enemies and attacks along your way. You can either dodge the dragons or slay them for extra points! This game will test your reaction skills and your ability to time your jump to perfection. Timing your jump is key if you want to slay the dragon as you must meet it exactly as you are both in mid air! This will be very satisfying for you as you take down a monster of an animal!

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Penguin Run 3D

Go, little penguin, go! In Penguin Run 3D , you take on the role of a brave, fast penguin who is trying to avoid the pitfalls of the arctic.

In this game, your little tuxedo-dressed friend will run forward with a near-constant onslaught of dangers in his way. Move to the left and right to avoid icy spikes and treacherous snowmen and dangers. Use your snowball powers to destroy what stands in your way and collect as many coins as you can on each run. The excitement and adrenaline build with each run and you will constantly be wanting to outdo yourself and beat your new highest score.

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Wall Fixing

Wall Fixing is a fast-paced game that requires you to stay on your toes and think quickly. One false move and you will fail. Be smart but be quick too.

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Flap Cat

Flap Cat is a fun and unusual online puzzle game for kids where you have to maneuver an amazingly cute cartoon cat through a barrage of small gaps. This is similar to the hit game Flappy Bird so if you were a fan of will love this! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible through the game. If you go above the game screen, hit the barriers, or fall down to the bottom of the game will be game over! This tricky mouse clicking brain-teaser requires quick thinking and even quicker reactions. To carefully guide the cat through, you need a delicate hand on the mouse and expert judgement skills! Have you got what it takes?

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Whack A Mole

Whack A Mole is a new twist on an age-old classic. Are you ready to beat the moles and win a high score?

This game has simple mechanics that it seems like everyone knows but feels fresh and original thanks to the modern look and feel.

How the Play: The name says it all. You need to whack every mole who pops his little head up from the ground. A simple click of the mouse will knock them back down underground and score your points for you.

You can play this game only on your PC. Sadly it isn't available on mobile devices. Use your mouse to click through the menu and also to whack a mole. When the game starts, all you need to do is press the play button to start your first round.

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Snake Challenge

Snake Challenge is a modern twist on an old classic. Navigate your snake through the course, picking up apples and bonuses and making sure you don't grow too large and run into your own tail!

This is a game you know and love and one that doesn't need an explanation. It has been updated and looks brighter and better than ever.

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Link It Up

Link it Up is based on a simple idea yet is a very fun and interactive game where you have the opportunity to mess around with links and a line...sounds very simple right? That is exactly what it is! This easy to play game is a must try, test your skills now!

The aim of the game is to complete each mission. You need to get from one side of the screen to the other using the line to help you move across. Lock in the links to allow you to safely travel over! As well as being a great game for artistic kids and for encouraging all young drawing enthusiasts to practice and improve drawing & design skills, and logical thinking, this fun and addicting game will require intelligence on how best to position the line and then which order you change the links! Do you think you have what it takes? Come and have a go!

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Boxes Wizard 2

Boxes Wizard 2 is an engaging platformer game that thrusts you into the world of wizardry and puzzles. Take on the role of a wizard equipped with teleportation and box-pushing powers, and navigate through 40 challenging levels filled with intriguing puzzles. The ability to swap places with boxes opens up new paths and helps you overcome obstacles, providing a unique twist to the gameplay. The game's retro-inspired graphics and immersive gameplay elements combine to deliver a thrilling adventure.

Boxes Wizard 2 hones your problem-solving skills, strategic planning, and quick thinking. As you progress, you will need to master new mechanics and face increasingly difficult challenges, calling upon your magical skills to emerge victorious.

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Prison Escape

Prison Escape - Help the man break free from the prison in this fun, easy to play game. You have money to earn and time ticking against you, so get out of the prison as fast as possible! The faster you get out, the more money you will earn! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to escape from the prison. You must make your way past prison guards to do this and avoid their torchlights. You will have three lives so make sure you dont get caught three times otherwise it is game over! This game will develop your planning skills and strategic thinking, as both of these aspects are vital for success here. You must plan your approach so you do not get caught, and then analyse the guards behaviour so you know when the gaps appear!

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2048 - Legend

2048 Legend is an entertaining puzzle game where your goal is to merge blocks with numbers on them, to create the biggest number that you can. Avoid filling up all the levels with blocks and running out of moves, otherwise, you will lose. Get as many points as you can while merging the blocks.

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Air Hockey

Play a hectic online air hockey simulation game on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Air Hockey is a fun and challenging skill-based game for kids and teens inspired by the popular real-life table top game where your objective is to score goals by shooting the puck / disc past your opponent's paddle and into the empty goalmouth! Here, you take on three levels of computer opponents in high-intensity matches where the first player to score 7 goals is the winner!

This HTML5-based, fast-paced air hockey / arcade game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Just like with playing air hockey in real life, your reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills must be really sharp if you want to combine defending your own goal with peppering the opponent with pinpoint shots. You need a steady hand and the ability to anticipate where the puck is going to end up when it reaches your half of the table. Decision-making skills also come into play - For example, if you are sitting on a large lead, it is sometimes better to play it safe and hope for your opponent to make a mistake (Accidental ‘own goals’ are commonplace in air hockey at all levels!).

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Bomb Prank

Bomb Prank is sure to be your child’s next favourite explosive game! Bomb Prank is a multiplayer survival game similar in concept to musical chairs or duck duck goose, only here a bomb is used! At the beginning of each round, 1 or more players will randomly receive a bomb; the goal is to “tag” someone else to give them the bomb and run away as they try to tag you back. The one still holding the bomb by the time the timer goes off will be eliminated!

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Tripping Balls

Tripping Balls is a bright, colorful and loud racing game that is intense and in your face and will make you want to play again and again.

The game is easy to play and has simple rules so you will quickly get the hang of things. But the longer it goes on, the harder the course is and the game will soon be going at a breakneck speed you can hardly keep up with.

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Shoot The Cannon

Get ready for an explosive and challenging adventure with Shoot The Cannon! In this beautiful 3D cannon shooter game, your goal is to topple the blocks by strategically shooting at them. Aim carefully and shoot with precision to knock down the blocks and progress through the levels.

But be warned, you only have a limited number of cannon balls, so use them wisely and plan your shots carefully. To succeed, you'll need to use your intellect and problem-solving skills to figure out the best angles and positions to shoot from.

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Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup Messy House

Sweet Baby Girl Clean Up Messy House is a cute and simple game for kids to clean up the house and customize their clothing and house style!

No one wants their house to be dirty. This is an adorable game for any kids that want to play virtual house. Take out pests, wipe everything down and get it nice and shiny! Clean the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and even the car! Throw in playing dress-up and redesigning your house and you have a great and simple simulation for kids that’s sure to entertain! With so many combinations, the possibilities are almost endless!

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Catch The Thief

The life of a security guard is not an easy one especially when you’re in charge of a place prone to robberies, this is the life of the security guard you control in Catch The Thief, A 3D action game with amazing graphics and tight gameplay that has you chasing after robbers in a large open map apprehending them and stopping them from getting away with valuables.

Chase after and grab robbers before they make their escape, once the timer runs out the robbers would have escaped with the loot and you would have lost your job. Catch robbers to earn coins and purchase upgrades to boost your skills.

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Paper.IO 2

Paper IO 2: Este divertido e increíblemente adictivo juego es uno de los favoritos de todos los tiempos. Debes ir con tu avatar, al que puedes apodar y elegir un color/estilo, luego debes recorrer la mayor área posible. Haz esto completando un ciclo cerrado comenzando desde un punto inicial, y luego haz el recorrido que tu quieras pero tienes que dibujar un ciclo cerrado,  ¡haciendo esto habrás reclamado el espacio! Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que no estarás solo en la realización de esta tarea, ¡y tenga cuidado con sus oponentes que intentan cortarle el paso y matarlo! No mastique su propia línea mientras crea su ciclo cerrado. ¡Buena suerte!

Gana el que tenga la mayor superficie posible del tablero con su avatar. Puedes ir por los espacios grandes a la vez. Buscar la gran recompensa te expondrá a que te corten el camino y mueras, ¡o puedes tomarlo con calma y jugar a lo seguro! Por lo tanto, debe tener un plan de juego, usar una iniciativa y estar atento a la situación que esta en constante evolución ¡Juega inteligentemente y tendrás éxito!

Cómo jugar: Para cambiar de dirección, utiliza el ratón del ordenador para moverte en la dirección que quieras que se mueva tu personaje. Gana la mayor superficie posible, roe las zonas ocupadas por otros jugadores y haz que tus zonas sean lo más grandes posible. Para los usuarios de móviles, desliza el dedo en la dirección en la que quieras moverte. ¡Diviértete!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Heli Battle

Heli Battle is a fast-paced helicopter battle game. Take down the enemy chopper at all costs. Collect bullets to fire missiles. Hold to move up. Release to move down. First to 10 victories wins the match. Heli Battle is a high octane action themed game. Collect bullets to fire missiles and battle enemy helicopters against a beautiful sunset backdrop. Your timing must be exact. Watch out - your enemy can too fire missiles at you and steal your ammo.

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Ball io

Ball io Game is an amusing and challenging game, where your objective is to help the ball reach the end of the level. You control a suction hole that can clear the path for your ball and achieve the win. Don’t let anything touch the ball, be fast and calculated, clear the path ahead.

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Pick a Lock

Ever wonder how you would do as a lockpick? Well, if so, Pick a Lock might be the stress and adrenaline-inducing game for you. Pick a Lock relies on fast reflexes and a keen eye as you attempt to pick each lock, make one mistake and its game over, start again. That might sound rough but that’s part of the fun, give Pick a Lock a chance and see how good of a lockpick you are.

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Belt It

Test your logic and problem-solving skills in Belt It, an exciting knowledge and puzzle-based game. In Belt It, you will help the local delivery drivers ensure none of their items and contents falls out of the truck by stretching and attaching a series of belts to keep them within the truck. The further you make it, the trickier the game will get!

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Lucky Vegas Roulette

Step into the glitz and glamour of the casino world with Lucky Vegas Roulette! This immersive game transports you to the heart of Las Vegas, where you can experience the thrill of the roulette wheel from the comfort of your own home. Choose your preferred table, place your bets, and let the wheel of fortune decide your fate. Will you be the one to hit the jackpot?

Playing Lucky Vegas Roulette is not just about luck, it's also a great way to develop and enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game encourages players to analyze patterns, calculate odds, and make informed decisions based on their observations. It's a test of patience, risk assessment, and quick thinking. Moreover, the game's realistic graphics and sound effects provide a sensory experience that enhances hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

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