Free kids music games online to play without download: Sound making, music producer RPG game for girls and boys where to create funny sounds of horses singing in a band. Manage and produce your own tunes with interactive instrument learning games on PC, Mac, iPad, creating to fun music/ songs.
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Fun Kids Music Making Game - Singing Horses

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Horses are known for lots of things – their powerful racing ability, graceful strides and beautiful coats. One thing they have never been famous for is singing – until now! Yes indeed, you heard it here first folks! Singing Horses is a simple, fun and creative music game for young children where you have to make funny musical tunes from a bunch of cute virtual horses. It’s time to test your music engineering and band management skills, and produce your very own ground-breaking equestrian pop group! Each of your Fab Four emits a cool, rhythmic sound when they sing (with interesting and unusual tones).

You play the role of a hip music producer, and have to carefully create a toe-tapping tune from the different sounds. There are low-pitched percussion notes, and high-pitched castrato sounds. The trick is to blend the right mix of notes to produce a real head-bopper of a tune! This hilarious interactive music game is a good activity exercise for anyone who likes to hum and sing wacky tunes, or any budding little music engineers and recording enthusiasts out there. Are you ready to get your groove on – Horse-style? Play your fun tunes for your friends and family – and let’s hope they give you a ‘Yay!’ rather than ‘Neigh!’

How to Play: (Note: First make sure the sound on your computer is turned up sufficiently for you to hear the singing horses). The controls are straight forward. There are 4 singing horses, and each one emits a different musical sound when you click on it using your computer mouse or touchpad. The first horse on the left creates a percussion-type beat, so perhaps it’s best to use him as your first sound. The other horses produce sounds that increase in pitch, getting higher and higher from left to right. Left Click on any one of them to start them off, and click on them again to stop them singing. Try to get them singing in time with each other to create the most coherent, easy-listening tunes. You can have as little or as many horses singing at any one time – it’s totally up to you.

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