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Fun 2-player games to play now for free on Learn4Good Games: Good browser-based games to enjoy at home with your best friends and family members - from old school Flash arcade games to cool new PC games, 3D Unity games, HTML5 games for desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet and mobile phone. Find 2-player action games, adventure games, sports, football & ball games, board games, teamwork-based strategy games & thinking puzzles, reaction skills games, battle games and more!

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Old-school arcade game aficionados rejoice! The legendary game of ‘Pong’ has received a modern reboot! Pwong 2 is a classic-style, skill-based game (with 1 and 2-player mode) where you play an intense ping pong match-up against a computer opponent or a friend / family member. And, unlike its old arcade ancestor, this game features cool new modes including high-octane ‘extreme play’ where you could have literally dozens of balls flying around the game screen all at once!

This surprisingly-challenging online game requires really fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and intense concentration as you attempt to quickly move your paddle around the game zone to deflect the balls upward. Patience is also important – your computer opponent is a worthy foe but is definitely beatable! Let's play Pwong!

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Sword-fight your way through multiple minions and beastly bosses in this epic, side-scrolling, beat-em-up-style action game for one or two players! Double Edged is a highly-challenging, ancient Greek-themed, action adventure game where you play the role of a determined sword-wielding warrior who must reclaim the land from the wicked king bosses! Fighting solo presents an extremely-tricky task, so it is recommended that you co-op with a best friend or family member to form a double-edged attack in two player mode!

Skills required: This cool, action-packed, medieval-style arcade game requires high levels of concentration and determination as you face down the multiple enemies and powerful bosses in each level. Sharp reactions and hand-eye coordination, and savvy anticipation skills are essential as you must often contend with a potentially overwhelming number of baddies swarming the area. If two player mode is activated, good teamwork is essential as you and your partner must work in tandem to defeat enemies!

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Monopoly Money Wars is a quirky, jumping-based, platform action game for 1 and 2 players where you must dash around a series of confined, ledge-filled levels collecting gold coins that rain down from the sky above! Set in a monopoly-style, roll the dice board game environment where instead of falling raindrops you have valuable gold coins, you must race around to collect $100,000,000 worth of gold before your opponent! Take on a crafty computer opponent in 1-player mode, or a motivated, gold-collecting friend in the competitive 2-player mode!

Reasons to play this fun online platformer: While the title might give the first impression that this is a very serious, negotiation-based game, it's actually a very simple and enjoyable jumping-based skill game - kind of like Mario-style games. If you enjoy fast-paced platformers and nifty keyboard control skill games, you're in the right place!

Strategy to win: Good reaction speed, observation skills and a competitive nature are essential as you leap around the game screen in search of as many gold coins as you can gather. Nimble arrow key control is important as you leap to higher, more rewarding ledges.

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Help two resourceful prisoners to ‘escape the level’ with a combination of good teamwork, smart strategy, and fast reactions! Money Movers 2 is a fun and challenging, platform-based action game where you must guide a ‘Little & Large’ duo to the Exit Door in 20 increasingly-tricky, ledge and obstacle-filled levels. Use the individual attributes of both amusing characters to your advantage as you leap across ravines, flip switches, collect money bags, avoid security guards, bullets, and more on your quest to break out of prison!

Note: This pair of jailbird heroes were actually framed for a crime and wrongly-imprisoned in the first place, so don't feel bad about helping them to escape to freedom!

Skills required: This entertaining, teamwork-based platform game and brain teaser requires a blend of alert physical skills (sharp reflexes, coordination and observation skills) and mental skills (strategic planning, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, determination, and perseverance). Note the individual attributes of both characters, and then use these strengths to help both guys reach the Exit Door unscathed. Remember – Great teamwork is a hugely important key to success!

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Get the ball into your opponent’s goal area in this 1 or 2 player, quirky neon version of Pong featuring elastic paddles and fast-paced action! Sling is a straight-forward yet very tricky, 2D retro ball game where you must use fast reactions to get a ricocheting ball past your opponent's elastic paddle. Playing against the computer or a best friend / family member, you take part in short, intense, first to 6 goal match-ups.

Reasons to play this reactions-based arcade game: Nostalgic fans of 80s arcade games like Pong and Atari Breakout should appreciate the classic 80s gameplay with a fun twist for added excitement. This challenging game provides a good test and exercise of your reflexes, observation & anticipation skills, keyboard control, focus and determination.

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Indulge in hours of fun pong action! Pong Pong Revolution is a highly-addicting, ball & paddle-style skill game (with single player and 2-player options) based on the classic gameplay of the iconic arcade game ‘Pong’ from back in the 1970s. Featuring 5 cool game modes, you can play against the computer or a friend in a series of wacky, reactions-based challenges centered on the age-old concept of trying to force a ball past your opponent's paddle.

Reasons to play challenging, virtual ping pong game: Bring your pong ‘A-game’ to the table as you react to the fast-ricocheting ball in 5 interesting game modes. Test and exercise your hand-eye coordination, predication and reaction speed skills in a high-pressure, confined area. Unleash your competitive genes as you take on a friend, classmate or family member in a fierce pong battle!

Strategy to win: Peak concentration levels, sharp reflexes, and nimble finger dexterity are all important skills required here. The lightning-fast movement of the object ball means that one tiny slip could almost certainly prove costly! So, keep your eye on the ball!

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Freewheeling Friends is a very quaint and charming racing and reactions game with 1 and 2 player modes. Racing on an old-timey bicycle or soapbox cart, you must dodge and weave around obstacles on a side-scrolling countryside path, and try to reach the finish line in as fast a time as possible. Pit your wits against the track and timer in 1 Player mode, or play against a friend in a competitive 2 player race!

Reasons to play this fun, push-bike racing game: Exercise your reaction skills and competitive side. If you like showing off how sharp your gameplay reaction skills are in a fun and exciting racing environment, but would prefer to dodge the metal crunching, crashing and fuel guzzling mayhem of most online racing games, then this relaxing game could be right up your street!

Strategy to win: Nimble keyboard and finger dexterity skills, sharp hand-eye coordination skills, and fast reflexes are all vitally important here. Reaction speed is the key to victory in either mode. Be mindful of the many upcoming obstacles on the side-scrolling pathway.

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Guide a stickman-like character through a running trail in a forest. Kawairun is a challenging and addicting, ‘endless running’ skill game where your character must dash through a continuous, side-scrolling obstacle course, and try to avoid hindrances and survive for as long as possible. With 1 and 2 player modes available, you must leap, duck, slide, dodge, and weave around all manner of wild and wacky obstacles from bees to tree branches!

Reasons to play this trick, online running game: Test and exercise your focus levels, observation skills, reflexes and reaction speed, and leave nothing to chance as you concentrate hard on upcoming obstacles. You can also play against a best friend or family member to see who's got the hottest running survival skills! If you're a fan of skill games such as Temple Run or Flappy Bird, you should hopefully enjoy this fun, running side scroller.

Strategy to win: The key to survival and success is a combination of reaction speed, good observation and anticipation skills. The obstacles come thick and fast – Each dash is packed full of quirky objects that try to trip or block your character every few seconds. You must be constantly vigilant and ready to make a react at all times!

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Protect your base. Do everything in your power from top of your tower to ensure that the enemy does not successfully scale the wall! That's the job and mantra of The Towerman!

The Towerman is a straightforward, tower defense-style survival game where you must launch rocks off of the top of your castle tower, and skillfully dislodge the determined enemy warriors constantly climbing toward the top. With 1 or 2-player options, you can choose to take a solo stand against the invaders or enlist the help of a trusted comrade (a good friend, classmate or family member).

Reasons to play this aiming and accuracy-based skill game: While many tower defense games require deep thought and constantly changing strategy, this game features a refreshingly-simple concept: ‘Survive by throwing rocks and hitting the enemy.’ Test your concentration levels and reflexes as you engage in a fierce battle with the hordes of enemy climbers.

Strategy to win: Survival is dependent on your reaction skills, keyboard control, observation skills, focus, accuracy and determination. You must be constantly on the move; there is no time to rest as you repeatedly launch rocks to keep the invading force at bay. Good teamwork - If playing with a defensive partner, communicate with each other to identify key threats and areas that need urgent attention.

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Fun 3D racing and obstacle avoidance game for 1 & 2 players: Burn rubber in a fast-paced, kart racing extravaganza where you play against the clock or against a friend in a blistering split screen race! Racer Karts is a quirky, skill and reactions-based, virtual motor racing and upgrade game where you control an explosively fast go kart-like vehicle in high octane, survival races. Featuring a classic 1 player challenge or a tricky 2 player split screen battle, you must dodge and weave around to avoid various road obstacles and other vehicles while simultaneously collecting power-ups and bonuses. This is karting at its most intense!

Reasons to play this cool kart driving game: If you enjoy more light-hearted or crazy, eccentric racing challenges featuring cartoon-style graphics, huge boosters and fun power-ups, Racer Karts could definitely prove a favorite for you. Exercise your competitive edge, and show yourself, a best friend, classmate or family member who's the Boss of karting action!

Strategy to win: Like most racing / driving games, you must exhibit very fast reactions, concentration and anticipation skills, and good keyboard or mouse control to be a success here. Obstacles and power-ups come thick and fast so you need to be able to dodge around them at a millisecond's notice in order to avoid collisions and point deductions. Decision-making skills are also important in between races as you attempt to upgrade and repair your kart for future races.

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En garde – It's time for a wacky, 2-player, medieval swordfight battle royale! Turnaus is a fun and competitive, street fighter-style, skill-based action game for 1 and 2 players where you engage in a high-energy sword battle between two master knights – with the ultimate goal of bashing down your opponent's castle door in order to gain entry, and simultaneously capturing your opponent's flag!

Reasons to play this light-hearted, sword combat-based arcade game: Play against a friend, classmate or family member in a one-on-one battle where fast reactions and tactics are key. Bring out your competitive nature as you try to use your opponent’s body weight to crash open the castle door.

Strategy to win: You can't gain entry to your opponent's castle unless you force the enemy knight to fall repeatedly against his own door. This means you must try your best to be constantly on the front foot. Defensively, try not to be pinned back toward your own door, use good strategic moves such as jumping and changing direction. Try to fool your opponents, and force them to miss with their sword swipes. Remember that in any battle, you need bucket loads of determination and stamina in reserve to see your way through! Practice builds skill!

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Showcase your teamwork skills in this fun and interactive, platform-based escape game: Take Fire and Ice Elves Home is a challenging 1 or 2 player adventure game (inspired by the Fireboy and Watergirl game series concept) where you must guide an quirky brother and sister duo to their color-coordinated homes in a series of ledge and obstacle-filled levels. Here, ‘Fire Elf’ and ‘Water Elf’ must collect precious gems to restore their energy, and then come into contact with their respective houses in order to progress. However, you must contend with tricky moving platforms, awkwardly-positioned ledges, door switches, spiky obstacles, and more.

Reasons to play this adventure platform game: Easy to play with one or two players, this straight-forward platformer provides a good test of your reaction skills and keyboard control. Choose to control both characters simultaneously, or enlist the help of a best friend or family member to control one character for a fun teamwork-based game!

Strategy to win: Good observation, fast reactions, savvy keyboard skills, and dogged determination are all important factors here. Teamwork is especially important if you are playing with a friend or family member; look out for each other, give advice about when and where to jump, and generally work together toward your goal of guiding the Fire and Ice Elves safely to their homes!

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Realm of Color Elves is a fun and quirky gem matching adventure set in a Middle Earth-style world filled with unusual elves, magic spells and colorful gemstones! Travel the length of this mysterious land, taking on all opponents you encounter in one-on-one, mouse-clicking, "Match 3" challenges. Defeat your competitors by scoring more points than they do in a series of turn-based matching duels where you have to line-up (and eliminate) 3 or more colored gems in a row on a large grid. Can you go all the way, and defeat the Elf King to become the Ultimate Matching Master? Alternatively, you can take on a friend in a 2-Player Duel!

This eccentric online matching activity requires an alert level of concentration, fast fingers and good strategy planning as you have to pick out the matches that you think will yield the most points return. Utilize Special Magic Powers to increase your score, extend your time limit, throw off your opponent, and more. You also need good color coordination skills as it’s easy to become confused by the dozens of colorful gems that are switching positions and disappearing. Good luck!

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Carefully control a fast-paced cable car through wacky obstacle courses and bring your passengers safely to their destinations! Skywire 2 is a challenging, multi-level, reflexes and timing skills-based game with 1 and 2 player modes where you must guide a sky-high cable car along a wild, hindrance-filled rail track while safely keeping at least one passenger on board until you reach the finish line. Play as a solo cable car operator, or race against a friend / family member in an action-packed, 2-player race mode!

Reasons to play this cool & quirky arcade game: Perhaps think of this fun game as a more structured and motor-driven rollercoaster-like game where you can test and exercise your hand-eye coordination skills, focus, keyboard control, reaction speed and finger dexterity, timing skills and stamina as you try to zip the cable car along toward the finish.

Strategy to win: Although finishing the level quickly is advantageous, you must be careful and methodical in your movements. Sometimes you might have to slow down completely or even reverse a bit in order to avoid obstacles. Remember, your priority is to protect the people on board!

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Play a fun and fast version of ‘Pong’ with a quirky World War 1 military theme! Warpong is a challenging and addicting 1 and 2-player game based on the classic game of Pong where you try to hit an object past your opponent's pad (shield). This time, instead of a ping pong ball, you play with a hand grenade, and the aim is to propel it past your soldier opponent (into his trench)!

This demanding online arcade game requires fast reflexes / reactions, lots of determination and stamina, an appreciation for rebound angles, and good prediction skills to quickly react and move your pad to block the grenade from entering your zone! You can also take on friends and family members in a highly-competitive two-player mode!

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Fire and Bombs II is a skill and survival strategy-based ‘Bomberman-style’ arcade game for 1 and 2 players where you try to be the ‘last one standing’ in a 4-way tactical battle to smartly place bombs to eliminate your all of your opponents. Here, you dash around a confined game screen and attempt to catch your opponents in the blast radius of your carefully-placed bombs.

Reasons to play this reactions-based survival game: Bomberman-type games require much more tactical finesse, calculated visual awareness and strategy skills than a regular shooting or explosives-style challenge. Fire and Bombs II exercises and tests your hand-eye coordination and reflexes as you enter into an intense battle for territory and control of the play area. Play against school classmates, best friends or family members in the fun, crazy multiplayer mode.

Strategy to win: Carefully and methodically combine attack and defense if you want to emerge victorious here. Dodging and weaving around the confined game screen is important, but it's no good if you don't have a coherent and cunning plan to blow up all of your opponents. There is no way to hide away and expect victory to fall into your lap – you have to go out there and make it happen!

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Play a high-octane, reactions-based, rugby simulation and survival game with 1 and 2-player options! Try Hard: 2015 Rugby World Cup Combat is a fun and highly-challenging, ball sports-based skill game where you must dodge and weave around opposition players out to smash you with crunching tackles! Your dynamic rugby player duo are involved in an epic survival dash through a plethora of increasingly mean opponents, and must quickly toss the ball between each other to help avoid the heavy collisions!

Reasons to play this exciting and addicting, online rugby game: Test and exercise your reflexes and reaction speed as you attempt to skillfully dodge the many oncoming opponents. You don't have to be a rugby union or league fan to enjoy the fun, fast-paced action on display - This is a funny skill-based running survival game at heart for those who enjoy a chuckle or two!

Strategy to win: Use nimble keyboard control, good observation skills, vigilance and an appetite for good teamwork. Keep an eagle eye out for the fast-approaching defense, and pass the rugby ball deftly and tactfully to avoid getting smashed! You need to be aware of when your runner is getting tired, and needs a brief rest.

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Backyard Mini Golf is a light-hearted yet challenging, online, multiplayer putt-putt golf simulation game for 1 to 4 players. Play 9 or 18 tricky crazy golf holes and try to get the ball into the cup in as few shots as possible. However, you have to contend with an array of quirky, backyard-themed hazards and obstacles such as hose pipes, rakes, sand traps, raccoons, and more!

Reasons to play this fun, mini golf game: As well as being an addicting golf-based online activity, this game also plays as a physics-based, interactive puzzle where you must decide on the best angle and power of each shot. Play as a solo golfer, or take on a group of your best friends or family members – Up to 4 players can play at the same time on the same computer some some crazy golfing fun!

Strategy and skills required: Just as with golf putting in real life, you must focus hard and keep a really, cool head at all times down on the course. Be smart and calculated in your strokes. Wild, dramatic swings very rarely work out in your favor. Use some creative thinking and sharp analytical thinking skills to figure out a good way to avoid hazards, and get the ball towards and into the hole. Be patient also! Try to carefully guide the ball in the direction of the hole if you obviously cannot make it in one shot. Also, if playing in Multiplayer Mode, carefully concentrate on and try to learn from your opponents' shots and mistakes! Learning from the errors of others is one of the smartest routes to success in any field!

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Alien Transporter is a challenging, spaceship flying and taxi driving-based skill game (for one or two players) where you play the role of an outer space cab driver serving a bunch of friendly green alien customers. Using deft keyboard control skills in each level, you must carefully transport the aliens to their desired destinations in an outer space town (ensuring to avoid any unnecessary collisions with obstacles along the way), and then direct your rocket-powered transport spacecraft to an Exit Portal. Collect coins along your routes, and be really careful not to run out of fuel! If you accidentally incur too much collision damage, your transporter explodes!

Skills required: In this fun, tricky, movement-based arcade game, good hand-eye coordination skills are essential as you try to safely maneuver your alien transport spaceship through each confined level. As with driving any vehicle in real-life, practice makes perfect as you exhibit delicate, nimble finger work throughout your taxi journeys. Multitasking skills are important in later levels when two spaceships operate simultaneously.

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Ten Pin Bowling fans – it's time to hit the lanes and get rolling some strikes and spares! Real Bowling is a fun and challenging, mouse-control bowling simulation game for 1 and 2 players. Play a classic solo game of 10 pin bowling or play against a friend in as competitive a match-up as you can make it.

Reasons to play this virtual bowling skill game: Whether you like to bowl in real life or just would like a taste of the indoor action, this cool and realistic version should whet your appetite to see some pins fall! In the fun, turn-based 2-player mode, you can challenge a best friend, family member or classmate to see who's the current bowling boss!

Strategy to win: Just as in real-life, mastering the action and precision of bowling can be very tricky – so your focus and concentration skills must be at their peak. A steady hand, deft wrist and solid mouse control are also important for the smooth bowling action required to score strikes and spares at will. Trial and error is most likely necessary here – You might roll a few ‘gutter balls’ at first, but keep practicing and those pins will start falling in greater numbers!

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