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Play fun and interesting logic games and online puzzles that require thought, discipline and determination, and encourage you to think outside the box. Find problem solving games and brain teaser activities for elementary school, middle and high school students, adults & seniors to enjoy and play now online.

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Marble Balls 3D

Marble Balls 3D is a fun puzzle game with a unique goal!

All you need to do is put all of the marbles in the holes of the board. Sounds simple, right? Well, there are a few things you should know first. You only have control of one marble. Similar to the cue ball in pool, it’s the only ball you can touch. You have to knock into other marbles strategically, making sure that you create a path for this ball to go into the final hole on the board. You also cannot slow down or stop the marbles at all. Once you move it, it’s going until it’s stopped by another ball, the end of a path, or until it goes into a hole. Can you find the solutions to all of the levels?

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Power Light

How many players does it take to power a light bulb? Power light is an exciting puzzle game where the player is tasked with connecting wires to power up a bulb. Though it sounds simple the player will be put through a variety of challenging levels of increasing difficulty that will unleash your inner electrician. Don’t employ the same tactics at home unless you want a nasty shock.

Wires that lead from one end that has the battery to another end that has the bulb are placed in rotating tiles that need to be arranged to create a circuit. Rotate the tiles till a connection is made between the battery and bulb and finally the bulb will light successfully a wrong combination will not light and you’ll have to keep trying till you get it right, Good luck!

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Connect Dots

Connect Dots is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you have to collect the dots in every level. While it sounds easy, you are not able to retrace lines, so you have to find the best solution to complete each of the levels.

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Boxes Puzzle

Boxes Puzzle is a fun gravity based puzzle game. Work quickly to knock all the green boxes in each level off the screen, by clicking on boxes to divide them into four parts. You can also use bonus boxes in each level, which can include fireworks or bombs! On each level, you’ll be awarded a score of up to three stars based on your speed and efficiency (use as few clicks as possible…)

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MLP Elements of Harmony

MLP Elements of Harmony is a puzzle game where you match elements of the same type to destroy them. You match three elements any way you want in order to destroy as many as you can in one move. There is a timer to destroy each type of element, so keep an eye out for that. Three available difficulties, being easy, medium, and hard.

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Love Pin 3D

Love Pin 3D features a whole bunch of fun mini-games that are all about love. Find the bridge, throw the cake, make it through the mazes. There are many different games here and they are all exciting, colorful and related to weddings. How fun!

The game has a lot up its sleeve with many choices and a lot of great character and colors. It is a very impressive looking game and will provide hours of entertainment because it feels like there is always something different to play.

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Adam And Eve Go

Adam and Eve Go is an eccentric animated story and highly interactive puzzle game for small kids and middle school kids where you have to guide charming little Adam on an epic journey to find Eve and give her the red flower!

The aim of this game is to reunite Adam and Eve and give Eve her red flower on each level! This enchanting RPG adventure requires a lot of patience, determination, a very alert and open mind with good analytical and creative problem-solving skills, the ability to "think outside of the box", an inquisitive nature, and a desire for discovery. Be prepared to explore each and every minute detail in order to progress through each brain-teasing challenge. Can you navigate through this beautiful and fascinating world, and find & give Eve her red flower? Let's hope so. Happy adventure!

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Santa's Quest

Help Santa navigate through the North Pole and reach his destination, collecting presents along the way, in the exciting puzzle maze game Santa’s Quest. In Santa’s Quest, you need to help Santa reach each of his destinations by moving around snowy walkway blocks to create a clear path for him to walk through. Santa’s Quest is guaranteed to keep you and the kids entertained as you try to figure out and complete each level, with Santa’s Quest offering a total of 80 levels of puzzle-filled enjoyment!

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Unstackable is a tension filled puzzle game where one wrong move brings the whole thing down! A stack of crates rests precariously in the air, your aim? To remove all of the crates except for the one at the top, that one you need! If the last crate is on the surface at the end you win, if it falls off, you start again. The game gets tough when you have to decide which crates to remove and in what order. You are battling gravity, if you do it wrong, all of the crates come crashing down and the crate you need goes with it!

This game is tense, and requires perfect concentration. To succeed, you need to be able to think 2 moves ahead, with a good idea of what will happen when you remove a particular crate. This game requires persistence, as you will almost certainly remove the wrong box at least once. The trick is to remember what went wrong, and improve next time. Crates fall very quickly, but with careful planning you can balance them just right!

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Play Roloong until your world simply turns around! This fun brain teaser of a game will push your logic skills to the limit. You control a hungry dragon which resembles a little block that can only move towards the food by the game screen rotating. It is your job to rotate the board and then let gravity do the rest! You have lots of different missions to play through, each one getting progressively more difficult. Good luck!

The aim of the game is to get your little cube to fall onto the food cube. This can only be done by rotating the game screen with your arrow keys. There is a little tutorial mission at the start which explains how to do this in more detail. The game will test your logical problem solving skills and patience. At first you may be confused as to how to get the dragon positioned correctly. The key is to stick at it, do not lose patience and engage your critical thinking skills to figure a way to reach the food!

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Catch The Apple

Catch the Apple is a simple but challenging puzzle game where you are required to control an excitable hedgehog and guide it through some tricky levels. Collect the apples to win and don't forget to take your time! This is no race! Let's go!

The aim of this game is to complete the level. You do this by collecting the apples and the stars...try and aim for 3/3 stars on each level to show everyone that you are a pro! This game will test your judgement skills as you need to decide when the best moment is to use the aids...too early and you may not reap the full benefit of using that item! Also, you will need determination because sometimes the only way to learn and improve is to get it wrong and then learn from your mistakes...a very valuable skill in life! Enjoy!

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Soft 2048 Puzzle

Soft 2048 Puzzle is a beautiful and addictive puzzle game with numbers from sliding blocks. Combine the numbers, create a 2048 tile, win the game and earn a high score. Your goal is to merge blocks with numbers on them, to create the biggest number that you can (your goal is 2048). Avoid filling up all the levels with blocks and running out of moves, otherwise, you will lose. Get as many points as you can while merging the blocks.

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Jelly Ball Escape

Jelly Ball Escape is a puzzle game where you have to collect all the coins and get to the exit in time! Beware of the spikes!

Put on your thinking cap, it’s time to solve puzzles! This game allows you to move in one direction until you are stopped. That means no turning or slowing down. The direction you input is the way you’re going until you hit a wall or obstacle. You have to collect all of the coins in the level to open the door and get to it before the timer runs out! Don’t worry, the time increases with harder levels, but don’t relax just yet! Spikes appear on higher levels making you think twice about the direction you need to go to succeed. Hitting these spikes automatically fails the level, so watch out!

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Holiday Crossword

In addition to that packed bottle of sunscreen, towels and snacks, no holiday is complete without a good crossword puzzle. Holiday Crossword is just like any other crossword, only digitalized, allowing you to easily play a word or two with just your phone or tablet. Holiday Crossword allows you to pick from 1 of 4 category types to play, from cities, food, celebrations and gift ideas offering something for everyone. Holiday Crossword is sure to be a welcome addition to your unwinding time.

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Basket Puzzle

Welcome to the thrilling world of basketball puzzles! In this exciting Basket Puzzle game, you'll have to use your creativity and physics knowledge to get the basketball into the basket. With elements like fans, trampolines, and conveyors at your disposal, you'll have to strategize and figure out the best way to complete each level.

Simply drag and drop the objects anywhere you like and start the simulation. With a wide range of interesting levels, you'll never run out of challenges to keep you engaged. Put your skills to the test and see how many levels you can complete.

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Links Puzzle

Links Puzzle is a brain teaser skill-based game for children, teens and Big Kids that requires a lot of patience and concentration. This is a harmless perfect way to spend the afternoon with the family, it is time to find out who in the family is the smartest! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to replicate the grid in the top corner with your own grid, by moving the blocks around using the links! This is a real brainteaser of a game, it will challenge your problem solving skills and puzzle solving abilities. Do not give up! This game gets progressively more difficult so do you think you have what it takes?

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Rope Slash 2

Rope Slash 2 is a simple yet challenging puzzle game for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills!

All you have to do is smash all of the cans. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch! You have to cut a rope to release the ball first! It’s not always so cut-and-dry! The levels get harder as you progress Sometimes there are obstacles in the way or keys that you’ll want to pick up. There are even levels with multiple balls! Don’t worry though, this is a forgiving game. You can always retry a level and continue to try and get more keys for bonus items! How to Play: Click or tap and drag across the rope that you want to slash. Remember that some levels will require you to slash multiple ropes or time them correctly to beat the level

This game is available on both PC or mobile touchscreen devices.

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Logical Theatre Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi is a classic brain teaser game where your objective is to move the whole tower from the left pole to the right pole. You can’t place bigger discs on top of smaller ones, so you will have to juggle them while transferring them from one pole to the other.

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Sudoku Challenge

With Sudoku Challenge gives a colorful and fun update to the classic game Sudoku. With an easy to follow tutorial and bright look and feel, this is the best way to introduce Sudoku to new fans.

It is a game that you probably know well and is quite easy to figure out. But this game makes it even easier with fun colors and sounds and a helpful tutorial that is perfect for players of any age.

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Word Cross Jungle

Take a stroll across the world of crossword puzzles in Word Cross Jungle. Word Cross Jungle is your standard crossword puzzle game that will have you answering thousands of crosswords as you travel the globe, from the USA to Germany to Jakarta. Test yourself as you answer questions about famous actors, names of countries and sports records. All this and more awaits you in Word Cross Jungle!

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Light Rays

Light Rays is a challenging and bright puzzle game that will have you shooting lasers like you're a true scientist.

The game is all about firing a laser at a light on many different and unique courses. These will not be simple straight shots, they will require you place mirrors along the way to get the laser to its target. It will take some forethought and quick thinking too.

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Rotative Pipes Puzzle

Rotative Pipes Puzzle, as the name might hint to, is a logic-based and pattern-based puzzle game that is enjoyable for both adults and children. In this game, your goal is a simple one; all you need to do is connect all of the pipe pieces by rotating them until they are all connected and not one piece is excluded. The further you progress, the trickier the game will become. Puzzle games, unfortunately, get forgotten about, which is a shame considering how beneficial they are for both adult brains and those of developing children.

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Combo Slash

Combo Slash is a head-scratching, brain teaser puzzle platform game for kids and teens set in a squared off house that houses monsters, arrows, weapons and other dangerous items and it is your job to safely reunite the two girls! Sounds simple? Come and have a go, you will need your thinking cap on!

The aim of this game is to complete each level and then move on to the next. Reunite the two girls without putting either of them in harms way! Look out for the arrows and the animals, among other must be on guard! This innovative and challenging online activity really tests your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills as you try to figure out a solution that allows the threats to be neutralized and the two girls to be reunited safely. Great patience and determination is needed in order to find the solution. Try not to get your brain in a twist – Time travel can be mind-meltingly tricky at times!

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Link Line Puzzle

A good game for fans of multi-level visual puzzles! Link Line Puzzle is a challenging, interactive brain exercise. This multi-level puzzle game is for older elementary school through high school age students (and grownups) where you must link all of the blocks using only one line.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC. This engaging, problem-solving game and addicting brain teaser offers a whopping 800 levels to keep you occupied! Sharp concentration and observation skills are required, as well as good analytical and creative thinking acumen; The ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ is essential. The willingness and determination to use lots of ‘trial and error’ attempts to find a successful solution is key (You won't complete each level in one attempt, and must learn from unsuccessful efforts.) Enjoy!

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Taxi PickUp

Think you can be the most efficient and organized taxi driver in the world? Then Taxi Pickup is the game for you. Create a route for the taxi where you can pick up all passengers and take them to their destinations without overlapping other taxis, customers or routes.

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Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle is a logical thinking and puzzle solving game for the whole family. Slide around the blocks to create the complete path for the pipes. You may have to work a while and move lots of blocks around but it will be worth it in the end! Test your brain to the limit as you have hours of fun rearranging the blocks so the path is complete! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to have a complete path and you must do this by rearranging the blocks. This game challenges your logical thinking skills and your problem solving abilities. Some of these puzzles are by no means easy so you will really have to concentrate to figure out what goes where! The time has come, are you up to the challenge? Lets find out!

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