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Play free logic games, challenging brain-teaser puzzles, and fun creative thinking activities for children and teenagers on From classic-style puzzle concepts to the newest online puzzle ideas. Find easy to difficult problem solving activities to play at home with your friends and family, or fun physics-based exercises for the school classroom with your teacher (for elementary school through high school students). 

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Swipex - A fun, simple puzzle solving game where you must reposition hexagons into their correct place. This addictive game will have you playing for hours as the missions get progressively more challenging and thought provoking. Earn stars based on your performance and try and aim for three out of three stars for each mission! Have fun!

The aim of the game is to place the hexagon shapes within the larger hexagon holes. Essentially sliding one shape into its correct place. This will test your problem solving skills as you must figure out the correct order to slide. If you swipe left for example, all hexagons that are able to move left will move left. So you must be clever in the order so you avoid dislodging a successfully placed hexagon! Good luck!

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Outswipe is a fun brain-teasing physics-based puzzle for kids that demands your full attention. This is perfect for the whole family and it is a good mini competition! See who can get to the furthest level without getting stuck! Think it could be you? Come and have a go then!

The aim of this game is to fill up all the remaining space by swiping left/right/up/down. You must cover all the ground and this sounds simple, but this can actually get quite thought provoking. So are you ready for this challenge? You will need expert analysis skills, a good plan to go out with, and of course, elite puzzle solving skills! Go go go!

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Donutosaur 2

Donutosaur 2 is one of the most unique and innovative puzzle & skill games we’ve had the pleasure to play on Learn4Good! It’s a tricky and challenging physics-based game for kids / teens where you have to guide the Donutosaur to the donuts! Collect stars along the way and move around the level using nothing but gravity and a few ropes to pull/push you about!

The aim of this game is to progress onto the next level. The way you do that is by collecting the donut at the end of the level, and also collecting the stars along the way. Try get three out of three stars if you can! If you’re eagerly looking for an inventive and original brain teaser puzzle, then this could be just that game! It requires very good hand-eye coordination, quick reactions and expert strategy planning as you have to plot a safe route through the increasingly tricky levels. This is a cool activity for gamers who specifically enjoy physics-based puzzles, or players who enjoy testing themselves against a simple concept with an awesome new twist! Some understanding of the rules of physics and gravity can be an advantage here. Do you have the patience, creative thinking and deft handling skills required? Have fun!

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Solve It Colors Game

Solve it Colors is a quick little brain teaser that not only tests your puzzle-solving capacity but also how quickly you can do so!

In the game, you’ll be given a series of simple puzzles to figure out. They are usually ‘one direction’ pieces (no not that One Direction!) which will move only in the direction the arrow is pointing. You have to slot these pieces into their appropriate spots on the board. While you’re moving the pieces, you can push others around, teleport them, or change their direction. As the puzzles progress they do get more and more difficult. Some will have you scratching your head, while others will bring that instant ‘aha!’ moment you’re hoping for.

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Rotating Rubiks Cube

Rotating Rubiks Cube is a perfect game for the ultimate puzzle fanatic. Based on the classic that has challenged and infuriated people for decades now, this game takes block-building games to a whole new level.

If you think this game will be an easy walk in the park, think again. Your brain is about to get a workout.

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Dungeon Fury

Far more intense than it has a right to be, Dungeon Fury takes platforming a whole new level (ha!).

You control a tiny adventurer who is collecting gold coins in the depths of a dark dungeon. However, he can't seem to keep his feet still and will start moving the second you touch the screen. At least he can jump! There are pits of spikes, spikey walls, and spikey roofs all over the place, and gold is filtered in between these impaling hazards. So watch out!

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Puzzdot is a tricky and fun puzzle game that has you sliding and moving bright shining star pieces all over the screen.

Your goal is to move the star piece onto each and every spot on the screen. But be careful because once you move you will not be able to stop until you hit a point. Keep that in mind for each move you make.

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Newtonian Inversion

Newtonian Inversion is a funky physics based puzzle game, where you need to get to level markers by traversing unusual platforms in space! Gravity holds you down to each platform, but jumping between platforms manually or in a cannon can shift you to other platforms with different gravity… Work out the right routes to jump your way to the markers for the end of the level!

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Connector is a challenging strategy puzzle game. This is an excellent online activity for children and grownups to help exercise and develop their creative and logical thinking skills in various problem situations using the experience they gain as they progress through the game. This will push you to your cognitive limits so, are you ready?

The aim of this game is to connect the battery and the lightbulb to create a clear path for the electric to flow and switch on the light. This will take a lot of puzzle solving as the blocks are twisted all different ways. Your job is to turn them so they all connect! This requires an immense amount of patience, talent and brain power to try figure the correct path out! Good luck!

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Ball Toss Puzzle

Ball Toss Puzzle is a rather challenging and fun puzzle game that will really make you think, take your time and try again. It requires you to fill in puzzle boards but it won’t make things easy on you.

The game looks good and is easy to play with simple controls and a rather simple concept that proves itself challenging again and again. It feels like a new type of puzzle game that can keep you coming back for more again and again. It will push you and test your skills.

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Turn Me On

Here is a fun puzzle game that will keep you moving and keep you seeing just much of a scientist you are. Turn Me On asks that you get a powerful orb from point A to point B, picking up bonus points along the way.

You need to guide the energy orb around a path that is full of some obstacles and dangers that will prove your task quite challenging. Plan ahead, see where you need to go and make sure you take the right steps to get there. While the game is always a bit difficult, it is also always fun. And bright. And colorful. And original too. This game has a lot of fun packed in.

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Roll Color

Roll Color is a relaxing and fun game, where you need to match the image shown, with the color rolls that you are given. While the game is simple and relaxing, you can get stuck on some levels if you don’t look well at the image.

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Asian Riddles

Asian Riddles is a game where you have to guess where the blocks are!

Put on your thinking cap and do your best to complete these brain-teasing puzzles. There are numbers to the left and top of the board. Use these to gauge more or less where the hidden tiles are. You can always cancel an action by holding down your tap and moving to the top left corner. You should still be careful, too many wrong moves will end the level and you will have to start over! Can you beat this intelligent puzzle game? Play to find out!

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Astronaut in Maze

Astronaut in Maze is a rather difficult puzzle game that has you steering a rocket ship through the deep reaches of space. But even with all the technology a space ship has, navigating it through danger is harder than you think.

This game is bright and fun and most especially challenging. The challenge will make it only more addictive, though, and will want you to try again and again and again.

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Castle Siege

Castle Siege is a game where you can use physics to destroy the castles, save the hostages and eliminate all enemies. Shoot at the structure and make it fall to kill enemies and complete the level. Don’t let the hostages get killed or you will have to start all over again.

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Smart Numbers

Smart Numbers is a game that requires forethought, skill and patience. You need to combine blocks with the same number, add them up and then combine them again. Your fingers will keep moving and your brain will get a work out with this numbers-filled game that is never the same twice.

The concept behind this game is novel and incredibly engaging. It is a numbers game that you haven't ever seen before and once that feels remarkably fresh.

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Santa Present Delivery

Santa Present Delivery is a bright, cheerful holiday puzzle game that has you assembling St. Nick and his snow-covered winter wonderland. But

Like all puzzle games, this game is both intense and calming. The added ability to choose your difficulty level makes it even more fun and adds a lot of replayable fun.

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Dream Book Jigsaw

Dream Book Jigsaw is a colorful and fun interactive jigsaw puzzle game that gives you bright and beautiful pictures to put together. Is there anything as fun as a great jigsaw puzzle?

This game is like a typical jigsaw game but the colors and pictures included make it even more fun and perfect for players of all ages. Plus you can decide your difficulty level which is an added bonus.

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Piggy In The Puddle Christmas

Piggy in the Puddle Christmas is an entertaining puzzle game where you have to help the piggy reach the mud in each level. Use the different animals to help the piggy reach the objective, by moving platforms, dragging and pushing the piggy, and even pulling and dropping objects. Solve the puzzles and help the piggy get a nice mud bath.

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Push the Block

Push the Block is a simple puzzle game where you have to push the blocks into the holes in every level. Press the button to activate the machine that will push the block into the hole, or towards other machines. Clear all the levels and have fun doing so.

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Jelly Bomb

With a name like Jelly Bomb, you know you are in for some fun. This game is exactly that: an absolute blast! And when the jelly bears in the game blow up, it will feel like a blast in more ways than one.

This is a puzzle game where you are firing little jelly bullets around a map. Each time you fire, there is a following chain reaction that will then fire away too. You will soon be firing in every direction and destroying both jelly bears and arrow jellies that direct and navigate your bullets.

This game gets intense and fast. It sometimes feels harder than it looks too, so just plan ahead and take a clear look at the map before you get too overwhelmed.

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Rocketate is a unique and entertaining puzzle game where you control a rocket propulsion and how the map rotates. Use both mechanics to help the rocket reach the end of each level. Don’t get confused with the controls and focus on completing the puzzle.

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Space Mandala

Space Mandala is a difficult and unique puzzle game. It is unlike any other puzzle games on the internet and poses a serious challenge. Are you sure you are up for the task?

The game requires that you place certain geometric shapes into empty spaces on an intergalactic puzzle. But you also need to unlock certain pieces. Those pieces can only be unlocked by sacrificing another. It is hard and requires that you smartly decide which pieces to sacrifice and which to keep.

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Connect The Numbers

The name says it all here. Connect the Same Number is all about connecting the same number through a map that has almost too many to keep track of.

The game has a simple premise that is easy to figure out but there are some obstacles. The largest one of them is the fact that the lines connecting two identical numbers cannot cross. So you have to plan accordingly. Also, if you need to delete a line you are unhappy with, you have to delete them all.

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Hexa Merge

Do you like Match 3, Hexa block and 2048? Hexa Merge is a combination of these games into a single gameplay! Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC. This fun and unusual matching puzzle requires keen observation skills. Try to reach the highest score you can!

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Make Me 10

Make Me 10 is a unique and challenging game where you have to throw balls with numbers in them to make the number they ask you for. The game begins by asking for ten, so you will have to add a three and a seven to make a ten. But don’t throw your balls randomly, because if the bar at the bottom fills up, it means you will lose. The game changes when the top bar at the top is full and will ask you for eleven, and so on.

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Stone Smacker

Join Red, the young adventuring hero on his quest to brave a forested labyrinth in search of valuable gems and gold in Stone Smacker. If that didn’t sound hard enough, all the chests require you to solve a series of puzzles in order to reach them. Help Red solve these puzzles so that he can collect all the chests and bring the wealth back to his village. Stone Smacker is great for all ages, offering easy enough gameplay for the kids while capturing the attention of adults thanks to its classic 2D pixel art style.

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Grenade Toss

Get up to some explosive mischief and combustible fun in Grenade Toss. Try your aim and test your detonation and physics knowledge as you knock out and blow up all the enemies through 30 fiery levels, each harder than the last, each with more obstacles and puzzles to solve. Grenade Toss is a great platform puzzle shooter that anyone could enjoy.

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Blocks vs Blocks

Blocks vs Blocks, a mathematical puzzle game that will test not only your mind and how well you can measure quantities. Your goal for each level is to fill the gird boards with as many green blocks as you can. When you place a green block, it will spread out in every direction around it, provided the space is free. The trick is that you need the green blocks to be the dominant block color within the grid board in complete each level. Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and relaxing game that is suitable for all ages.

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Only 1 Color Per Line

Only 1 Color Per Line is a game that works similar to sudoku but uses colors instead of numbers. Fill the missing spaces with colors without repeating them in any other space of that line, both vertically and horizontally. Fill all the blank spaces and clear the level.

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Slimoban 2

Join our brave little adventurer as she makes her way through even more dungeons filled with slime monsters in Slimoban 2. Slimoban 2 is a puzzle focused game that bears similarities to the Sokoban genre. In Slimoban 2, you need to help the adventurer collect coins scattered across each level to progress deeper and deeper into the dungeon. While exploring, she will come across nasty slime monsters who don’t like her being there; use magic potions to pick up boxes to knock them out with or push boxes into them to force them into corners or puddles of water. Slimoban 2 is the game for you if you enjoy your more puzzle and planning orientated games.

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Sokoban 3D

Strategically push the boxes into highlighted spots in this Sokoban-based, block sliding puzzle! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Sokoban 3D is an interactive, problem-solving puzzle game (for elementary age kids through high school students and fun-loving grownups) where you must methodically move the boxes into designated areas (they will turn green once placed in the highlighted area) in 112 increasingly-difficult levels. The catch is that once a crate touches a wall there is no way for it to be moved back in the direction perpendicular to the wall, so your movements need to be carefully calculated! Levels increase in difficulty as you progress, to make your moves even more limited and challenging!

This multi-level, HTML5-based, Sokoban / block sliding puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include common sense problem-solving, logical thinking skills, analytical thinking, step-by-step situation-based strategy, and an ability to strategically calculate the ‘bigger picture’ in each level. Determination, focus, and high levels of concentration also come into play, especially in later levels when the puzzles are more complex.

Controls: For PC/ laptop use arrows to move the guiding block in the wanted direction. For mobile devices, you have to swipe in the opposite direction of the desired movement, also please turn your device horizontally to get a full-screen view of the game.


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Microsoft Minesweeper

Take on a truly classic logic based game in Microsoft Minesweeper. Here, your task is to clear a grid of dangerous mines by marking them with danger flags. After an initial risky plunge of selecting a random square (unlucky if this turns out to be a bomb), you will see numbers allocated to squares of the grid. These numbers indicate how many bombs this square is adjacent to, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Use your logical thinking skills to calculate where the bombs must be from this information!

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Unblock Puzzle

Unblock Puzzle is a challenging and entertaining puzzle game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Your goal is to slide the other blocks out of the way and create an optimal path to unblock the red block from the board. Use your problem-solving skills to find the most efficient solution with minimal moves.

With 240 levels to play and 4 difficulty levels, ranging from Beginner to Expert, you can enjoy hours of gameplay and keep your mind sharp. And if you get stuck on a difficult level, don't worry! You can use the hint feature to get some extra help.

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