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Play free logic thinking games, creative thinking activities and fun, challenging brain-teaser puzzles for children and teenagers on From classic-style computer puzzles to the newest online puzzle ideas. Easy to difficult problem solving activities to play at home with your friends and family. Games for educators to use in the school classroom (for elementary through high school students) as teaching aids and interactive exercises; physics-based games, math games, strategy games, picture puzzles, and more..

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Parking Jam

Let’s see how good you are at planning and organization in Parking Jam, an exciting puzzle slider that is great for the whole family. In Parking Jam, your mission is to unpack the parking lot by sliding the parked cars out in the right order, winning the game once the lot is empty and all of the cars have exited the property. While Parking Jam might not prove a challenge to adults, it is still a perfect game for the kids to play, helping to improve and train their pattern recognition and spatial awareness as they need to figure out how to clear each level. Parking Jam and its dozens of levels will be just what you need to keep your child entertained.

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Belt It

Test your logic and problem-solving skills in Belt It, an exciting knowledge and puzzle-based game. In Belt It, you will help the local delivery drivers ensure none of their items and contents falls out of the truck by stretching and attaching a series of belts to keep them within the truck. The further you make it, the trickier the game will get!

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Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge is a tricky puzzle game, in which you need to get your red square to meet a blue one by passing through a tough maze. You’ll see your route highlighted behind you, and your steps and time are both counted too! Use your planning skills to make it through the tricky mazes as fast as you can and in as few steps as possible.

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Bread Pit

Interact with the game environment in order to guide a slice of bread into the toaster whilst picking up cheese with the help of many objects in the kitchen in this fun, physics-based puzzle game! Bread Pit is a multi-level brain teaser where you must remove obstacles and alter the play area to complete each level! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

Skills required: This stimulating gravity-based puzzler requires sharp analytical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, observation skills, and dogged determination. Smart decision making and problem-solving are key as you attempt to figure out the correct obstacle-removing sequence in each level. Trial and error is also important – You must learn from failed attempts, and adjust your strategy accordingly!

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Shaun The Sheep Stack

Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack is a hilarious game that will test your accuracy and mind!

Put your skills to the test in this puzzle shooter that’s sure to entertain! Shoot sheep out of pants to stack them up! Help them get to the window to win each round. Don’t worry about the ones that miss. Any sheep that fall are fine, and will simply walk away! You have unlimited sheep to use but you get a bonus for using less, so shoot wisely! This game throws a few puzzle-like features in, so you’ll have to think before shooting your sheep towards the goal! How many of the twelve levels can you beat? Could you have used fewer sheep? Play this game to find out!

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Corsair Girl Escape

Corsair Girl Escape is a challenging but highly enjoyable clue and puzzle game where your objective is to help find and free the lost Corsair. An adventurous Corsair gets herself trapped while exploring a mysterious island; free her by finding all the clues and solving all of the puzzles you may encounter. This is truly a thrilling game that all ages would enjoy playing, although it might be a bit too difficult for the younger ones, so this might just be the perfect game to play together for some family bonding.

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Funny Bunny Logic

Free Logic Game - Funny Bunny Logic: Help the bunny to cross to the other side of the tiles by solving the puzzle to eliminate all the hot lava tiles. This game gets very tricky as the number of tiles increases after every completed stage. Try to complete each stage with the least amount of moves and attempt to get as far as possible.

This game tests your logical thinking skills as you attempt to find the solution to the puzzle, some of the later stages could make you scratch your head as it doesn't seem possible to solve, but with great determination, it is achievable, don't give up!

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Asian Riddles

Asian Riddles is a game where you have to guess where the blocks are!

Put on your thinking cap and do your best to complete these brain-teasing puzzles. There are numbers to the left and top of the board. Use these to gauge more or less where the hidden tiles are. You can always cancel an action by holding down your tap and moving to the top left corner. You should still be careful, too many wrong moves will end the level and you will have to start over! Can you beat this intelligent puzzle game? Play to find out!

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Slide Block Fall Down

Slide Block Fall Down is a fun 2D puzzle game with beautiful wooden graphics and addictive gameplay. Slide and stack wooden blocks in this Tetris-style game where the goal is to form straight lines that get destroyed before the screen gets filled with blocks.

A Sharp and keen mind is required to identify openings that may lead to the formation of straight lines in the blocks earning you points and prolonging your game time. Gather as much points as you can and test your skills in this captivating puzzle adventure.

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Neon Ball

Some could argue that modern games can be too easy at times, that they don't offer enough of a challenge. If you agree with that sentiment then why don't you try Neon Ball a fast-paced puzzle game with a 360-degree angle, yes, a literal 360-degree angle! Your goal? Get the little neon ball into the white hole using and manipulating physics as you do so without letting the ball fall into space. Rotate all the platforms as far as you need in order to navigate your way through barriers and traps in your search for the white hole. Neon Ball provides a surprising amount of challenge and is sure to keep even the most veteran of players entertained and impressed for many an hour.

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Brain Out

Brain Out is going to give your mind a workout. Are you ready to be challenged? This game will have you answering a series of very difficult, inventive and fun questions that will get you scratching your head but still wanting a lot more.

Even when this game is hard, you are going to want to continue to play because when you do figure out an answer, you will feel so accomplished and smart. What a feeling!

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Jungle Plumber Challenge 3

Jungle Plumber Challenge 3 is a challenging puzzle game where you have to connect the pipes to guide the water to all the sites to uncover the statues, animals, and shrines. Find the best path for the water to reach every single one of the spots. There are various game modes so choose the ones that you like the most and have fun.

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Puzzle Ball Rotate

Puzzle Ball Rotate is a game that can be played to have a relaxing time and to enjoy a classic. Guide and drop the balls.

Simple and fun. This game required you to take all the balls from the center of the structure to the outside into the green pipe. You have to rotate and find the correct way through the maze for the balls to go and reach their destination.

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Braindom is a challenging and unique puzzle game that presents you with a series of challenges that aren't so cut and dry. The solutions aren't obvious but they are inventive and different. This is a game unlike any other.

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Prison Escape Master

Use problem-solving skills and good strategy to help Jack escaping in this challenging, online blockade puzzle game! Playable on mobile, tablet, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC, Prison Escape game will keep you busy. Jack is an innocent person, who has been a victim of justice. In the restricted prison, it's tough to find any tools to escape! But smart Jack manages to plan out a perfect jail break in just 14 days. Draw a road map for Jack to be able to escape. Stay away from security guards!!!

Test and exercise your problem-solving determination, logical and analytical thinking skills to figure out where the immediate chance of escape lies! Patience, stamina, and a willingness for trial and error also come into play. Keep trying to go as far as you can with each new attempt! 

How to Play: Use your mouse or finger to draw the road map and tap to GO! carefully time the run for all 3 inmates. Begin to draw from the starting circle and finish the line at the X. Get all 3 inmates to the finish in order to complete the level.

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Circus Words

The circus is known as a place of entertainment, absurdities and acrobatic shenanigans, but that does not mean that it cannot also be educational. Come and play Circus Words, a fun and addictive letter searching and word-forming game that is suitable for all ages. At each level, you will be present with a number of letters that you need to join in the right order to correctly spell out one of the mystery words given to you. Find all the words to win prizes and move on to harder and harder levels!

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Wizard vs Orcs

Wizard vs Orcs is a game that requires precision to get the best possible score. Have fun looking for ways to complete the levels with a single shot and get all three stars. You have a limited amount of shots you can take at the orcs, so don’t waste them.

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Volcano Escape

Take on the role of an omniscient helper in Volcano Escapes as you aid the Stone Age hero in traverse dangerous lava lakes, moving stone walkways to help him get to the other side. You must also help defend him against the dangerous cannibal who will be patrolling the stone walkways from time to time. Volcano Escapes is a great puzzle and planning game, great for those who want to exercise their mind.

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Castle Siege

Castle Siege is a game where you can use physics to destroy the castles, save the hostages and eliminate all enemies. Shoot at the structure and make it fall to kill enemies and complete the level. Don’t let the hostages get killed or you will have to start all over again.

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Sporos is a challenging and very unique puzzle game that will really make you think. It may look easy and colorful but it sure isn't as simple as you may think.

The game has multiple puzzle boards. On each level, you will have to fill in each piece by placing certain spores on the board. Each spore will spread out in various directions and then fill the pieces around them. You need every piece filled so make sure you lay the spores in the right spaces.

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Cute Penguin Slide

Cute Penguin Slide is a penguin-themed puzzle game that lets you push your puzzle matching skills to see how fast you can piece together three fun pictures. Each picture is split into a grid with each square randomized, and you’ll hurry to swap the squares into their correct positions. This game is cute and family friendly, but don’t let that fool you! It’s a race against time to put the picture back together and get the highest scores.

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Space Rescue

Become a real hero, and pre-program the flight path of a rocket ship so that it rescues unfortunately stranded astronauts in this challenging, interactive, logic-based puzzle and timing game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Space Rescue is a tricky online problem-solving game for kids, teens & adults with 15 increasingly-difficult levels.

Here, you must drag and place blue dots within the play area in order to ‘plan out’ the route of your spaceship before launch. Design the trajectory of the journey so that the rocket will safely collect all of the floating astronauts in each level as it flies across the game screen (Some levels have just one astronaut to rescue, while later levels require more complex flight paths in order to rescue multiple astronauts).

This online, HTML5-based, strategy puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. As you cannot affect your spaceship after launch, good analytical thinking skills and logic, creative engineering, smart decision-making, strategic planning skills, and good judgment & timing are all very important to ensure that you optimally set your flight path and launch. Trial & error, good-old problem-solving determination and stamina all come into play as you can re-set your route following failed attempts.

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Amazing Sticky Hex

Amazing Sticky Hex is a quirky and beautiful addition to the puzzle game genre where you need to fill in all the empty hexagons on the grid board by placing various shiny gems into the right spots. This is also a game that awards careful planning and a more think before you leap mentality, as the few mistakes you make, the more stars you will earn. These starts, in turn, can be used to pay for hints should you really get stuck later on. This game is sure to become a welcome addition to your daily routine!

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Woody Block Hexa Puzzle

Woody Block Hexa Puzzle: Come and try this addicting and challenging puzzle game! You must fill the area with the blocks that you are given. Sounds easy? Think again, this game is extremely tough and will really push you to your mental limits! There are lots of levels to play and different difficulty modes too! Are you ready?

Fill the area with the different shaped blocks. This is a very challenging game as you must use your problem solving skills to figure out the position of each block. This game takes patience as well as it is likely you will need to have multiple attempts. See where you go wrong and learn from it!

Click and drag the pieces into the position you think they go. Once complete, the game will move onto the next level! Remember, don't lose patience straight away, see if you can be persistent and remain focused!

This HTML5 based game works on PC/Mac browsers.

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Saturday Night Linker

Get ready to hit the dance floor with Saturday Night Linker! This challenging puzzle game will put your logic and intelligence to the test as you link the squares of the dance floor with your finger.

But be warned - the difficulty of the game is always evolving, so you'll need to stay on your toes and think fast to succeed. With every level, the puzzles become more complex, requiring you to scratch your head and figure out the best way to link the squares without obstructing any of the paths.

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Pizza Slices

Slices is a fun puzzle game featuring pizza!

Get as many pizzas done before running out of moves! When a piece appears in the middle, you have to choose which pan to place it on. Be careful! You can’t put the same slice on the pan again, you have to make sure you have spaces open for the slice. Try to get as many done to complete the level and progress. How many pizzas can you make?

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