Free puzzle games for PC, Mac, iPad/ online puzzles for kids (girls & boys) to play on the internet at home/ school with no download. Block puzzle games, fun picture games,...
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Free Puzzle Games to Play on the internet

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Free online puzzle games for children, teens & Big Kids on Play funny puzzles and thinking games in one area. From classic-style to newest, from easy-to-play to more challenging brain-teasers. Play online with your friends and family!

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Get ready to put your problem solving skills to the test with Paused! In this game, your mission is to help a duckling and his bunny friend reach the end of each level by manipulating time. Use one animal to strategically jump, stop or move blocks, press buttons, and more to help each other get to the end.

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Collect donuts by changing the gravity field or your Donutosaur's shape, also use the help of it's friends who can pull, push and destroy objects in this fun physics-based, problem-solving puzzler playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Donutosaur is a visual puzzle where you need to feed your character and collect as many stars as you can to get the top score.

Skills required: This tricky online brain teaser game requires problem solving skills and desire to carefully study the environment, visualize scenarios (to predict which way the objects will roll or move), and to think outside of the box when necessary. Good strategy, analytical thinking skills are essential.

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Money Movers 2

Experience even more prison mayhem in Money Movers 2 the sequel to the successful first Money Movers game. Continue the story of the red-haired criminal duo as they navigate through even more prison mazes, only now with the additional goal of finding and breaking out their father. Navigate through 20 more levels of puzzle-like prisons armed with motion detectors, guards and automatic security guns as you push forward. Money Movers 2 can be played by yourself or with a friend on the same screen, mobile unfortunately can only be played by one player.

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Royal Ranch Merge & Collect

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Royal Ranch Merge & Collect, a captivating game that combines the thrill of discovery with the satisfaction of creation. Step into the lush gardens of Royal Ranch and merge plants to create a majestic collection of flowers, fruits, and even animals. Watch as your garden grows and blooms under your fingertips, transforming from a humble patch of land into a vibrant, thriving ecosystem.

Playing Royal Ranch Merge & Collect is not just a delightful pastime, but also a fantastic way to enhance your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. As you progress through the game, you'll need to plan your merges carefully to maximize your garden's growth and complete quests. The game also helps improve your motor skills as you navigate through the garden, merging plants and collecting items. It's a perfect blend of entertainment and cognitive development.

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Are you smarter than a new-born? Brainstorm puts that to the test in this interactive puzzle game that will have you questioning your education level constantly. Challenge yourself as you’re faced with tricky puzzles that will span an entire lifetime. Start off as a new-born with some basic questions that wouldn’t require much thought then level up to infant. Climb higher as the steps grow steeper, make your way up to adolescent level and adult level and prove your mental prowess.

Skills required: Puzzles require sharp analysis skills and critical thinking, push your brain to the limits. A determined mind set and high IQ will get you through some of the gruelling puzzles that would make Einstein twitch.

Flex your brainpower and work your way to the top in this thrilling puzzle game.

How to play: This single player puzzle game is compatible with Notebooks, Laptops and desktop PC as well as mobile devices (IOS/Android). Make your way through all the major stages of life; New born, infant, toddler, preschooler, school-aged, adolescent and adult. Each stage has a set of challenges of increasing difficulty to test your knowledge capacity. Answer correctly to advance to the next level. Good luck!

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Undead 2048

Undead 2048 offers you a new take in this addicting, adventure game where you must create new monsters! The year is 2048 and things have got out of hand to say the least. You must create new, scary monsters using the maze to combine monsters. Once combined they will not only earn you points, but become something much cooler and scarier! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to match up monsters so they combine to create new monsters. Once a match has been found it will create a new monster and earn you higher points! This game will develop your critical thinking skills as you must decide which way to shift the square. Shift the square the most efficient direction to maximise matching opportunities for you! Get it wrong and you will end up filling the square making it difficult to have any movements available.

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Desafio Gamer 2

Desafio Gamer 2 is a sequel to one of the internet's most frustrating challenges - a sideways based take on the popular flappy bird genre. Helped by your virtual assistant Viki (who you can choose to talk to you in either Spanish or English), your aim is to make your way as far as you can through the puzzling path, avoiding obstacles on the screen, as if you touch them you will lose and return to the main menu! The longer you survive, the more coins you will earn, which can be spent in-game to unlock new differently shaped avatars.

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Amigo Pancho

Amigo Pancho an easy-to-understand, easy-to-play game that will have you so happy you will feel like you are floating - because you are.

The simple nature of the game is downright addictive. It is all laid out so flawlessly. But the building challenge of level after level will prove addictive in its own way. The challenge is part of the fun!

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Money Movers 1

It’s breakout time, help the red-haired criminal duo knockout guards, avoid motion detectors and bypass trap doors in Money Movers as they try to bust out of prison. Control two red-haired rouges as you navigate through the puzzle-like 20 levels of Money Movers, making use of each of their skills to do so. Play either by yourself or with a friend (mobile version is only playable for one player) as you try to beat the game and bust out.

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Sunset Sudoku

Sunset Sudoku - Sudoku, meaning single number, was invented by an American puzzle maker in 1979, and is often referred to in the US as the "Number Place" number placement puzzle. The rules of Sudoku are very simple: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. There is nothing more to it! Use the Hint button if you get really stuck. click "Use Hint" to fill in a correct digit. This game has potential to give hours of fun intense brain work whilst serving as great maths lessons for beginners!

This game has three difficulty levels, so challenge yourself if you are feeling brave! The idea is to fill the numbers in the grids, only by following the rules. The number will turn green/red depending if it is correct or incorrect! This will challenge your patience and your maths skills! Remember, all rows, columns and 3x3 grids must have 1-9 in them with no repeats! Dont get caught out and always keep your eye on the ball!

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Truck Loader 4

Skilled forklift drivers required for challenging warehouse activity! Truck Loader 4 is a tricky forklift truck driving skill game & online freight management activity where you must transport small crates and boxes around a busy warehouse floor. You play the role of a hard working & attentive forklift driver, and have to carefully raise, lower, and tilt your vehicle’s prongs into various positions in order to shift boxes to specific color-coded areas within each increasingly challenging level. Warehouse forklift work might not immediately seem like the most heart-stopping activity but you’d be surprised how intricate and difficult it is to cautiously maneuver freight around the room. Gravity and magnet forklift is both your friend and your opponent, and one tiny mistake could result in the precious freight toppling from a high ledge! Enjoy this stern test of your indoor driving skills!

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Rummikub is one of the most popular and classic board games throughout the world, which you can now experience online. Rummikub is a number-based tile game that can be played between 2 to 4 players. The objective; place all of your tiles on the board before anyone else in order to win the game. This online version of Rummikub offers you 4 types of gameplay: custom game, single play, play now, and private game. Rummikub is the perfect game for a lazy afternoon with friends and for those who enjoy rummy or mah-jong, as Rummikub is a mix of the two.

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Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks is an addicting physics-based game for kids & teens where you have to use your knowledge of balance and gravity to succeed. This fun game might make you question your own mental stability! Science has never been such wobbly enjoyment! Come and have a go and see if you can seperate the good from the bad block using nothing but gravity!

Your mission in this game is to get rid of the angry blocks, and keep the smiley blue blocks - make sure they survive otherwise you will fail the mission. It is not so straight forward as it seems, as some missions you must really puzzle your brain to figure out a way to eliminate the correct blocks. Use your problem solving skills and your critical thinking abilities to get the better of this game and emerge victorious.

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Wake The Royalty

Everyone is fast asleep in the magical royal kingdom, making it the perfect time to cause a little bit of mischief. In Wake The Royalty, you need to find ways of waking up the royal family by giving them a big fright, using planks and wheels of wood to move platforms, knock them around, or make them fall off. Wake The Royalty is physics focused puzzle game that is sure to entertain you for a couple of hours.

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Bridge Legends

In Bridge Legends Online, the brave adventuring hero needs your help to construct a series of bridges so he can save his bridge, the fairy princess, who is always getting into trouble. The hero needs your help to create a safe bridge or walkway over the watery gap so that he can reach his beloved. Bridge Legends Online is a puzzle-focused game that offers the right amount of difficulty for all ages!

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Cut It

Exercise your brain, logic and analytical thinking skills in Cut It, where you must carefully slice pieces into pieces which would slide or fall or rotate and hit the smiley faces. This is an interesting, slicing-based brain teaser game where kids can learn about geometry in a fun and interactive way, and is playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC. 

Cut It is a straight-forward, geometry-based puzzle game where you slice various shapes using your finger or computer mouse. Here, you have a limited number of swipes / slices to get them hitting smiley faces. You begin in Very Easy mode, and unlock further difficulty levels.

This online, multi-level, HTML5-based, math geometry activity and visual / logic puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Good spatial awareness, sharp analytical thinking, creative engineering skills, and common sense visual judgment skills are really important as you attempt to cut pieces correctly. A certain knowledge of the basics of fractions and general geometry can come in handy! A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you are given a success rating at the end of each level – whether you have passed or failed.

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Laser Puzzle

Sometimes all we want after a long day of work is to just sit back and relax with a good game. Laser Puzzle is just that game, offering up to 40 enjoyable and creative puzzles levels that are not too taxing or too easy. Move and use reflective blocks to catch the laser beam and light up all the points on each level to win.

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Shapik The Quest

Shapik The Quest is a graphically natural game in a forest where you are a small hero exploring the dense and adventorous forest with your bumble-bee friend. Use strategic thinking and the help of your bee friend to progress through the different scenes. Use your intuition to speak to characters you find along the way to give you clues. Play now to have your socks blown off by this magical forest and all the adventure in it.

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Belt It

Test your logic and problem-solving skills in Belt It, an exciting knowledge and puzzle-based game. In Belt It, you will help the local delivery drivers ensure none of their items and contents falls out of the truck by stretching and attaching a series of belts to keep them within the truck. The further you make it, the trickier the game will get!

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Village Story

Village Story: Help the boat to move the various people/animals from the village to the other side of the river in this challenging and addicting puzzle game. Each level has different people from the village all with specific requirements about how to cross the river. You have to figure out the most efficient way of complying with these requirements and get across the river in one piece with everyone and everything satisfied. Good luck!

Get everyone and everything across the river on the raft. This will test your problem solving skills as some dilemmas that are presented to you require creativity and outside the box thinking to overcome them! Think you have what it takes? Come and have a go!

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Mysterious Forest Escape

In Mysterious Forest Escape your goal is to enter the forest in the dead of night, and the way you do that is with a series of puzzles. Because that is the best security system, no?

Hearkening back to the old point-and-click-style adventures, you are given a series of puzzles you have to figure out before you can enter the park. Although they do seem a little arbitrary, they are quite simple to solve once you understand what you have to do. But that is not to say that they don't give you some serious brain teasers. The art style is simplistic, yet charming, offering a nice backdrop to the spookiness of the forest.

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Pig Escape

Pig Escape is a puzzle game where you have to escape from the maze and also save your fellow pigs! It is not as easy as it first seems, the levels get progressively more complex and difficult, to the point the puzzles are extremely challenging! This means they are lots of fun and addicting too, lets see if you can save your pig friends and escape! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to save your fellow pigs and escape the maze. The maze will have wooden boxes in. You are able to move a single box at a time by pushing it to the next square, use this to help you in your mission! This game will test your problem and puzzle solving skills! Think long and hard about the best way to go about the problem and move the appropriate boxes, since there is no time limit. Moving a box may help you in the short term but you might have moved it into a worse position when it comes to your next move, so think ahead and plan well if you are going to move them.

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In Bloom

In Bloom is a fun and addicting puzzle game for kids. Get your green fingers working in this challenging garden game. Rearrange the plants in so that they sit in the correct colour and position in relation to each other. Simple! But it is not as easy as that, you must connect the plants together and could end up moving four plants at once all in a big chain! Good luck gardener!

Your mission is to tidy the garden and align the plants together in the correct coloured part of the garden! This game requires a good attention to detail to be able to spot where the flowers need to go. On top of this, a logical mind and a quick hand is needed to get the changes made in time and in an ordely manner!

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Happy Christmas Slide

Happy Christmas Slide is a frustrating holiday themed picture puzzle which will have you sliding blocks around for hours to put the pictures back together! Each picture is divided into a grid and your job is to work out a method that lets you get all the squares to their correct places with the fastest time!

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Play a classic, straight-forward version of Tetris - the iconic block building puzzle! Tetris is a refreshingly-simple variant of the original, classic block construction-based brain teaser game for kids, teens and adults where you must maneuver descending blocks into solid horizontal rows that are eliminated from the game screen. There are no fancy power-ups or tricks here - just good old Tetris play at its best!

Reasons to play this awesome 2D puzzler: First released in 1984, Tetris-based games still provide players with a very unique challenge that combines focus, hand-eye coordination, reaction skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving, creative engineering, and pressure!

Strategy to win: Always remember the core principle of the game – to eliminate full horizontal rows of blocks. Players often get bogged down with ‘waiting’ for an advantageous block to appear – avoid this situation! Use the time it takes for blocks to descend to your advantage, and carefully pick out the best possible place for each block to go in order to advance your score. Remember, you can also view the NEXT up block, so keep that in mind too!

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Saturday Night Linker

Get ready to hit the dance floor with Saturday Night Linker! This challenging puzzle game will put your logic and intelligence to the test as you link the squares of the dance floor with your finger.

But be warned - the difficulty of the game is always evolving, so you'll need to stay on your toes and think fast to succeed. With every level, the puzzles become more complex, requiring you to scratch your head and figure out the best way to link the squares without obstructing any of the paths.

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Plumber Game

Quick! The local plumber needs your help urgently if he is to save all of the fish in Plumber Game. Help the fish plumber save all the fish by aligning and connecting a series of pipes from the running water source into the empty tanks of the fish to refill them. However, you will only be allowed to make a certain number of moves at each level; running out of moves before you are able to refill the fish tank will result in a game over. Plumber Game and its aquatic take on the puzzle genre is sure to keep you entertained!

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Caveman Adventure

Turn back the clock to the dawn of the Caveman in Caveman Adventures as you help a rather oblivious and simple caveman wander around platforms in search of foods and caves to explore. Help the caveman reach each cave and avoid falls and traps by using a combination of different foods as powerups, with each item eliciting a different response. Up the difficulty for yourself by setting a personal goal of collecting all 63 stars throughout the whole game. Caveman Adventures and its mix of platform and planning puzzle gameplay offers you a truly enjoyable and addictive game that the whole family would enjoy.

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Stack Blocks 3D

Stack Blocks 3D is a unique puzzle game for people that want to challenge themselves in a simple but intelligent way!

This goal in this game is quite simple: click and drag each stack of blocks to take up the number of empty spaces on it. For example, if a stack has the number seven on it, there are seven more blocks that have to be moved from that stack in a line towards empty spaces. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch! Once you swipe to move a stack, it CANNOT be stopped unless something is blocking it or there are no more empty spaces in that direction. While the first few levels might be easy to complete, the harder levels require you to think about which stacks to move first and which spaces to take up. There are usually only a select few solutions to each puzzle, so take your time and figure it out! How many levels can you complete in this brain game?

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Slime Arrows

Slime Arrows is a unique puzzle side scroller, in which you need to get your adorable little slime monster to a green door by activating and deactivating directional arrows in the environment that guide him. Arrows are either enabled or disabled, and every time you press every set of arrows will alternate, meaning you need to plan a little how to complete each level in advance!
If you become a master of the game, why not try ‘speedrun’ mode, in which you take on all levels in a row to try to get the quickest time?

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3 Mice

Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills in a fun environment, and use the effects of gravity, and good timing, to get your mice down safely! 3 Mice is a challenging, interactive, physics-based problem-solving puzzle game for elementary school age kids through high school teens where you must strategically and tactfully guide the mice down the dangerous drops!

The aim of the game is to safely get the three mice as far down as possible; without falling through the gaps or off the edge! An efficient combination of physical and mental attributes are required here. On the physical skills side, you must exhibit good hand-eye coordination skills, judgment and timing via tactful finger tapping. On the mental skillset side, smart strategic planning, sharp analytical thinking and logic skills, creative problem-solving determination, good anticipation skills, high levels of concentration, and persistence are all important.

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A Maze Race

A Maze Race, as the name implies, is similar to those classic maze puzzles you used to draw in at the back of menus and in magazines, only now with a twist! In A Maze Race, you have to pilot a little green dot, with your objective being to reach the finish line before the red dot does. Be warned, the more levels you complete, the faster the red dot will become. As if having to navigate yourself through a maze was not difficult enough! A Maze Race is a fun and simple game that all ages would enjoy playing.

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Lets Paint Together

Play a puzzle game on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! In Lets Paint Together, the aim is not to hit the little people running of the opposite colour, you need to time it precisely when you let the little  people run to paint their path fully. Be careful whenever there is a loop, they continue running around until all the little people have finished painting their paths. There may also be more than one little person starting at the same point so be alert!  

There are many levels for you to complete, these get progressively more difficult. Try to complete as many as you can or even compete with your friends on each level by choosing which colour you are each going to be!

This online, HTML5-based, interactive strategy and puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include a generous combination of analytical thinking and strategic planning, logic and anticipation skills, great determination, patience, as well as tactful, accurate mouse clicking and finger tapping.

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