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Play good fun yet challenging puzzle games and brain teasers online on Learn4Good Games. Enjoy cool online games for young children, tweens, teens & Big Kids on one free site. From classic-style, old-school PC puzzlers to new, interesting, interactive game ideas. Challenging PC games that require deep thought, creative & analytical thinking skills and smart strategy. Cool new brain games and problem solving activities for elementary school age children, middle school students and high school teenagers, as well as fun loving adults & seniors. Play as a team with or against your best friends and family at home in 2 player games.

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Adam And Eve Go

Adam and Eve Go is an eccentric animated story and highly interactive puzzle game for small kids and middle school kids where you have to guide charming little Adam on an epic journey to find Eve and give her the red flower!

The aim of this game is to reunite Adam and Eve and give Eve her red flower on each level! This enchanting RPG adventure requires a lot of patience, determination, a very alert and open mind with good analytical and creative problem-solving skills, the ability to "think outside of the box", an inquisitive nature, and a desire for discovery. Be prepared to explore each and every minute detail in order to progress through each brain-teasing challenge. Can you navigate through this beautiful and fascinating world, and find & give Eve her red flower? Let's hope so. Happy adventure!

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Fuzzy Maze

A game like Fuzzy Maze seems so simple at first, like something you will be able to master in seconds. However, it is a lot trickier than it seems.

You are given a series of puzzles and a piece to move around them. There are prize tokens that you need to slide over with your piece to pass each level. Things get complicated when you pass through a green block, though. Once you pass through those translucent blocks, they become solid so you can not pass through them more than once. This wrinkle changes the difficulty in a major way.

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Pool Buddy 4

Take a break, and make a splash in Pool Buddy 4, a simple to learn obstacle and thinking game that is great for all ages! The goal of the game is to help your friend fill up all of his pools by directing the flow of water into the awaiting pool all the while as you navigate your way through obstacles and traps. Pool Buddy 4 is a great casual game to relax with and learn from.

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Candy Blocks

Candy Blocks is a fun and addicting puzzle game. You must place the blocks given to you into the empty spaces up above. This is a puzzle game so it is not as easy as it might first look. The levels get progressively harder, and on some levels you will be given further blocks for you to complete the piece, once you have placed your original blocks. So place them carefully! Have fun and good luck!

You are given a selection of blocks and you must use them in the right pattern and order, to fill the space above. This is game where you will need to use your problem solving skills in order to succeed. Do not rush into it and think logically where best to place the blocks!

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Sliding Blocks

Sliding Blocks is a unique and simple puzzle game to test your problem-solving skills!

All you have to do is get the blocks into their designated exit. Sounds easy enough, right? There are a few things you should know, however. Blocks don’t just go exactly where you want them to. You pick a direction and they move until they are stopped! No slowing down or stopping on command for these guys. The levels get harder as you progress too! There are even some that require you to get multiple blocks to their own exit, increasing the difficulty and thought you need to put into this game! Identical colored blocks will bind together once they touch, so keep that in mind before just moving them around each other! Differently colored blocks won’t connect but can block each other and still move around for you to get them to their own color exit. Can you beat all of the twenty-four levels? Try it out and test yourself today!

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Escape Out

In Escape Out take the role of a criminal mastermind as you help breakout your prison buddies. The other prisoners are not the smartest bunch, so it’s up to you to help get them out. Help them by digging underground tunnels leading to the getaway car outside of the prison fences. Escape Out is just a fun casual game for when you want to unwind or if you just need some entertainment in between waiting.

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Rope is an interactive, logical, problem solving game. You must wrap your rope around the points on the screen and you can only progress when the rope is in contact with all the points simultaneously! To make it more difficult, some points have restrictions which mean you can only go around one side of the point, for example the inside may be blocked off forcing you to wrap around the outside. Good luck!

Wrap your rope around all points on the screen to progress. This game may sound easy but it does require good logical sense and application of problem solving skills. These restrictions block off the obvious route of progressing so think outside the box as to how you can get the rope around all points! Have fun!

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Catch The Apple

Catch the Apple is a simple but challenging puzzle game where you are required to control an excitable hedgehog and guide it through some tricky levels. Collect the apples to win and don't forget to take your time! This is no race! Let's go!

The aim of this game is to complete the level. You do this by collecting the apples and the stars...try and aim for 3/3 stars on each level to show everyone that you are a pro! This game will test your judgement skills as you need to decide when the best moment is to use the aids...too early and you may not reap the full benefit of using that item! Also, you will need determination because sometimes the only way to learn and improve is to get it wrong and then learn from your mistakes...a very valuable skill in life! Enjoy!

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Rope Slash 2

Rope Slash 2 is a simple yet challenging puzzle game for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills!

All you have to do is smash all of the cans. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch! You have to cut a rope to release the ball first! It’s not always so cut-and-dry! The levels get harder as you progress Sometimes there are obstacles in the way or keys that you’ll want to pick up. There are even levels with multiple balls! Don’t worry though, this is a forgiving game. You can always retry a level and continue to try and get more keys for bonus items! How to Play: Click or tap and drag across the rope that you want to slash. Remember that some levels will require you to slash multiple ropes or time them correctly to beat the level

This game is available on both PC or mobile touchscreen devices.

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Jelly Ball Escape

Jelly Ball Escape is a puzzle game where you have to collect all the coins and get to the exit in time! Beware of the spikes!

Put on your thinking cap, it’s time to solve puzzles! This game allows you to move in one direction until you are stopped. That means no turning or slowing down. The direction you input is the way you’re going until you hit a wall or obstacle. You have to collect all of the coins in the level to open the door and get to it before the timer runs out! Don’t worry, the time increases with harder levels, but don’t relax just yet! Spikes appear on higher levels making you think twice about the direction you need to go to succeed. Hitting these spikes automatically fails the level, so watch out!

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Blocks Puzzle

Blocks Puzzle: Place randomly shaped blocks on the empty board and fill it up in this fun and addictive puzzle game! Spend hours enjoying yourself trying to get a complete column to improve your score. Compete with your friends by seeing who can get the complete column the fastest! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to get a complete column on the board. Use the randomly shaped blocks that appear at the bottom to fill the board. The skill comes when you consider that these randomly shaped blocks will not automatically fit into a straight column from the offset. You must use your strategic knowhow and shape building knowledge to minimise the amount of moves you need to make in order to complete a column. Decide where your specific shape will best fit on the board and not hinder a full column from being completed! Have fun!

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Real Apple Catcher

Real Apple Catcher is a colorful, skill and risk-based game for kids where you collect apples that are falling from a tree. This easy to play game is so addicting you may find yourself spending hours trying to collect as many apples as you can! Come and have a go!

The aim of the game is to collect as many apples as possible from the tree when it gives way and drops them all towards the ground. You must create a bridge so the apples flow in your basket waiting at the bottom! This will develop your physics knowledge and develop your understanding of how gravity works. Everything must fall down so you must guide it and use the power of gravity to collect the apples in your basket! Enjoy the challenge!

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Bread Pit 2

If you loved the first one you’re definitely going to love this one. Bread Pit 2 brings back our adorable gluten friend in his second outing which takes place in China now. Though the setting is different the premise is still the same, our little delicious friend needs to find his way into the toaster somehow but first, he needs to get all buttered up first.

Guide our adorable friend through a series of fairly challenging tasks in this fun cute adventure puzzle game. The game features rich engaging and addictive gameplay that involves interacting with a ton of neat stuff from kitchen appliances and knives to rats and bombs. All this to get our friend all warm and toasted, can you take the heat?

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Boxes Puzzle

Boxes Puzzle is a fun gravity based puzzle game. Work quickly to knock all the green boxes in each level off the screen, by clicking on boxes to divide them into four parts. You can also use bonus boxes in each level, which can include fireworks or bombs! On each level, you’ll be awarded a score of up to three stars based on your speed and efficiency (use as few clicks as possible…)

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Gravity Soccer

Gravity Soccer is the game that asked the question no one knew they wanted to ask. What would soccer be like if instead of a flat field the balls were suspended in the air, and instead of soccer players there would be bombs and giant springs? Gravity Soccer delivers on all of that as you plan how you will trick shoot the soccer ball from a to b using bombs, springs, and by removing blocks along the way. Prove you are a soccer and puzzle pro by completing all 18 levels and collecting all 54 stars.

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Free The Key

Play a very tricky, multi-level, sliding block brain teaser game on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! Free The Key is a highly-stimulating, ancient Egyptian-themed structural puzzle game and visual problem solving challenge (for elementary age students, high school teens and adults) where you must methodically move sliding blocks around a confined (chamber) grid in order to create a path to ‘free the key’ and guide the Golden Key block out through the right hand side of the play area. All 40 levels follow the same concept where the different slide-able blocks can only either be moved horizontally or vertically, and the working space between blocks is minimal!

This online, HTML5-based, sliding puzzle / maze escape-style game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include alert analytical thinking, common sense logic, visual problem-solving skills, creative engineering skills, great determination, patience, and a willingness for trial and error as you strive to figure out the solution to the increasingly-challenging puzzles. 

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Chess Mania

Chess Mania embodies the classic spirit of chess, but with a twist. Chess Mania, unlike other chess games, is purely focused on developing your analytical skills and understanding of chess by providing you with over 400 puzzle themed challenges for you to solve. The challenges vary from “mate in 1” to “find the best move”, with all of them geared towards helping you to recognize patterns and ways of winning the game.

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Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle is a logical thinking and puzzle solving game for the whole family. Slide around the blocks to create the complete path for the pipes. You may have to work a while and move lots of blocks around but it will be worth it in the end! Test your brain to the limit as you have hours of fun rearranging the blocks so the path is complete! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to have a complete path and you must do this by rearranging the blocks. This game challenges your logical thinking skills and your problem solving abilities. Some of these puzzles are by no means easy so you will really have to concentrate to figure out what goes where! The time has come, are you up to the challenge? Lets find out!

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Slime Rider

Test your logic and puzzle-solving skills as you brave the treacherous and trap-filled dungeons of Slime Rider. Aid the mysterious slime rider as he makes his way through 15 levels, each with its own devious mix of puzzles to solve. Slime Rider with its quirky premise and classic retro design offers you a nice casual game to relax with as you try to complete all 15 levels. Suitable for all ages.

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Sort Hoop

Sort Hoop is a straight-forward yet highly-challenging, online hoops stacking puzzle game with increasingly-difficult levels - playable on iOS, Android, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

The concept is simple; you must stack all of the colored hoops on top of each other. Solve the game by sorting colorful hoops. Think, strategize and predict every move. Enjoy the mental challenge as you stack the colorful hoops.

Select a hoop and drag it onto another pile in order to organize them in such a way that the piles will all have the same colored hoops. Enjoy!

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Piggy Bank Adventure

Deftly guide a gold coin into a waiting piggy bank in this cute yet challenging ‘cut-the-rope-style’, timing-based skill game and brain teaser for mobile devices, notebook, and desktop PC! Piggy Bank Adventure is a fun and enjoyable, interactive physics-based game and tricky problem-solving puzzle for young kids through high school teens where you must cut ropes that tether a gold coin to the top of the play area, and utilize gravity, obstacles, and the contours of each level to ensure that the coin makes its way down and into the patient little pink piggy bank at the bottom of the game screen.

Piggy Bank Adventure is a HTML5-based game that should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. As this is a timing-based activity, tactful mouse control / finger tapping skills are really important, especially when dealing with moving objects and platforms in later levels (There are increasingly difficult 24 levels in total). Other key skills required include patience, good strategic planning, sharp reactions and analytical thinking skills, and a willingness for trial and error.

Secret Tip: You do not have to guide the coin smoothly into the slot on the piggy's back in order to complete each level. Once the coin drops down and hits anywhere on top of the little piggy, it takes one bounce and lands perfectly into the slot. Gosh, if only my golf balls would do that!

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Tic Tac Toe Stone Age

Tic Tac Toe Stoneage is a new version of a simple and classic puzzle game. The older version of this fun and addicting game required a sheet of paper and a pen. This online version is much more convenient and provides lots of enjoyable entertainment. Play against the computer or against your friend whilst playing off the same screen! Have fun!

Mark three in a row to win. This can either be vertical, horizontal or diaganol. This game neesd you to analyse the situation and react to your opponents move. Do you go on the offensive or the defensive? This is a choice you have to make. Develop your problem solving skills as you look to claim the victory!

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Mow It

In Mow It: Lawn Puzzle, you play as a gardener tasked with moving all the grass on a series of lawns. However the challenge is that you must do so without crossing over the electrical wires left behind you! Navigate tricky grids to make a path that goes through every square of grass exactly once without cutting the wire to complete each level.

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Love Pin 3D

Love Pin 3D features a whole bunch of fun mini-games that are all about love. Find the bridge, throw the cake, make it through the mazes. There are many different games here and they are all exciting, colorful and related to weddings. How fun!

The game has a lot up its sleeve with many choices and a lot of great character and colors. It is a very impressive looking game and will provide hours of entertainment because it feels like there is always something different to play.

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Element Puzzle: Experience hours of fun with this combination of logic and strategy game! You must escape out of the maze by reaching the Exit sign. Travel across water, under water, over burning bridges and through teleportals to reach your destination! The less moves you make to escape, the better your score so be cunning with your decisions! You will also have to contend with elements that if you come into contact with them, it will be game over!

Escape the maze through the exit sign. You can move only one direction at a time so be wise! This will test your strategy and decision making skills. Choose the best and most effective path to get out! Good luck, use the power ups to help you along your way.

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Linking Puzzles

Linking Puzzles is a route planning puzzle game, in which you have to connect numbered blocks in numerical order by drawing lines. The catch is that your lines must not overlap, touch obstacles, or touch the wrong numbers! You’ll need to plan out your routes early to be able to draw them without accidentally blocking yourself off. To get high scores, connect all the blocks while making as few mistakes as possible!

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