Play some of the best free online puzzle games, good puzzle solving brain teasers, logic games to make you think outside the box, with no download: Good puzzle games for kids (girls, boys), teens to play now online. Mind games for PC, Mac desktop, notebook, laptop, tablet, iPad, mobile phone, Android browser.
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Good Puzzle Games to Play Now Online

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Play good fun yet challenging puzzle games and brain teasers online on Learn4Good Games. Enjoy cool online games for young children, tweens, teens & Big Kids on one free site. From classic-style, old-school PC puzzlers to new, interesting, interactive game ideas. Challenging PC games that require deep thought, creative & analytical thinking skills and smart strategy. Cool new brain games and problem solving activities for elementary school age children, middle school students and high school teenagers, as well as fun loving adults & seniors. Play as a team with or against your best friends and family at home in 2 player games.

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Become a real hero, and pre-program the flight path of a rocket ship so that it rescues unfortunately stranded astronauts in this challenging, interactive, logic-based puzzle and timing game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Space Rescue is a tricky online problem-solving game for kids, teens & adults with 15 increasingly-difficult levels.

Here, you must drag and place blue dots within the play area in order to ‘plan out’ the route of your spaceship before launch. Design the trajectory of the journey so that the rocket will safely collect all of the floating astronauts in each level as it flies across the game screen (Some levels have just one astronaut to rescue, while later levels require more complex flight paths in order to rescue multiple astronauts).

This online, HTML5-based, strategy puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. As you cannot affect your spaceship after launch, good analytical thinking skills and logic, creative engineering, smart decision-making, strategic planning skills, and good judgment & timing are all very important to ensure that you optimally set your flight path and launch. Trial & error, good-old problem-solving determination and stamina all come into play as you can re-set your route following failed attempts.

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Play a fun, interactive quick-fire math game (mainly for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade elementary school students) on your android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC! SpongeBob Math is a fast-paced math problem game where you have just 3 seconds to click or tap on the correct answer to a simple addition, subtraction, or multiplication problem. 

There are three potential answers at the bottom of the play area, and you must quickly tap on the correct answer before the clock runs out! The mini math problems keep coming thick and fast, and your goal is to score as many correct answers in a row as possible before you make a mistake, or fall victim to the unforgiving 3-second clock!

This online, HTML5, quick-thinking-based, math puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include very quick thinking, good hand-eye coordination skills, fast reaction speed, and basic knowledge of lower elementary school-level math problems (Most of the early rounds are simple addition and subtraction equations, but it gets trickier as you progress).

Expert Tip: Watch out for ‘repeat’ questions. Sometimes the game will throw up the same sum twice in a row, but jumble up the answers at the bottom of the screen! Try not to get out-numbered by this!

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XO Wars is a fun and fast online Tic-Tac-Toe game where you play against the computer in an ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’ difficulty level. In this animated Flash puzzle game version of the classic ‘pen and paper’ doodling game also known as ‘Xs and Os’ or ‘Naughts and Crosses’, your aim is to place three blue ‘O’ marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on the 3X3 space grid. Naturally, you must also block your opponent from making a ‘three-in-a-row’ combination with his red X marks.

Skills required include accurate mouse clicking, simple logic, and the determination to outwit your computer opponent. Patience and perseverance also play a part, as there are plenty of "Tie games" in Tic-Tac-Toe, and you often need to wait for your PC opponent to make a mistake in order to pounce for victory. Enjoy the fun action!

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Fly Tangle 3 is a very-challenging, interactive visual puzzle game. In each tricky, timed level, you must untangle a web of buzzing flies that have got their flight lines all crisscrossed and overlapping each other! Utilizing good logic and analytical thinking skills, you must carefully maneuver the flies until their lines are all completely free from each other!

Reasons to play this hard, visual brain teaser game: This is a good fun problem-solving and visual skills-based game for children and adults alike. Exercise your analytical thinking skills, strategic planning and hand-eye coordination as you work hard to untangle the complex web of flies!

Strategy to win: High concentration levels, good strategy, problem-solving determination and tenacity are all key attributes for success here. Task completion speed is also very important; you must score at least some points to progress!

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Have you ever witnessed the relief and satisfaction in your Mum or Dad's or other family member's face on successfully untangling a ball of string, or an old set of Christmas lights, or other tangled-up electrical cables at the back of your TV area? Now, you can experience the joys and challenges of such a tricky task here online in Don't Cross The Line – a tough, visual brain-teaser puzzle where you must untangle multiple crisscrossed lines in 27 increasingly difficult levels! 

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must methodically drag circular ‘nodes’ around the play area in order to separate all of the wires from each other. When all of the lines and nodes are green, you progress to the next level!

This tricky, HTML5-based, interactive problem-solving puzzler should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include high levels of patience, good hand-eye coordination, sharp analytical thinking skills, and the discipline and determination to focus on the complex web of lines and visualize where best to begin the operation of untangling them. A willingness for trial and error are called into play as you try out different move combinations and strategies. Happy untangling!

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Unite cuddly red and green fluff balls with their candy counterparts in this physics-based, problem-solving puzzler playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Red & Green 2 is a gravity-based, cannon launching visual puzzle where you must fire cannonballs into a play area in order to propel red and green characters into their matching colored candy pieces. Interact with the game environment by accurately adding cannonballs to the play area, and hope that the fluff balls come into contact with the target candy pieces.

Skills required: This tricky online brain teaser game requires problem solving skills and desire to carefully study the environment, visualize scenarios (to predict which way the ball/s will roll), and to think outside of the box when necessary. Good strategy, analytical thinking skills, accurate shooting, and fast reactions are also essential. Good judgment of angles and trajectory also play a big part in your success.

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Roll up for a tricky, absorbing, head-scratching dice-based puzzle game based on a cunningly straight-forward concept! Endice is an addicting sliding-tile brain teaser challenge where you have to maneuver sets of sliding dice (classic board game-style die) into designated outline zones in each level. Moving the dice around the board is easy – but the catch is that you "must" move each dice a specific number of times (as indicated on the face of each cube), with each dice eventually coming to rest in one of the nominated outline areas. There are no fancy tricks, special moves, or extra bonuses here – just plain, old-fashioned problem solving!

Common sense and analytical-based thinking is the key to success alongside plenty of trial and error. This fun tile-based puzzler becomes increasingly difficult as you progress, and requires a measured ‘step-by-step’ approach. Strategic planning really comes into play, and to ensure success, you need to apply the mindset of a good chess player and think at least two or three moves ahead in advance. Younger players who are ‘cutting their teeth’ in problem solving activities online should enjoy the straight-forward gameplay, while more experienced players should hopefully appreciate the innovative modern twist on a very simple concept. It's time to exercise your brain and play the dice!

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Strategically click to remove obstacles in order to guide a daring yellow smiley face into a cardboard box in 21 tricky levels! Adventure Smiley Box is an online physics and timing-based, point-and-click puzzle game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully and swiftly remove orange blocks from the game screen in order to begin a chain reaction that channels a smiley face character into a waiting cardboard box. Our smiley hero cannot move on its own, and you must use the force of gravity and other items to nudge it toward the box in each level.

Skills required: This highly interactive, mouse-clicking game combines very fast reactions, coordination and tactful mouse-clicking with shrewd problem-solving skills. Your anticipation skills, logical and analytical thinking skills are really exercised here while good old trial and error is vitally important as you attempt to figure out the best way to get fun-loving Smiley into the box.

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Play an online, multi-level, pirate-themed, match 3 puzzle game with a wide variety of level types on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! Pirates: The Match-3 is a challenging, multi-level matching grid puzzle game for kids, teens and treasure-loving adults where each level has a very specific task. Examples include levels where you must reach a specific points target, levels where you must eliminate a set number of colored gemstones, levels where you must clear blockades from the game grid, and many more! 

While your tasks change from level to level, the general "match three" gameplay remains the same; you must swap gems and other treasures around the grid in order to create matching groups of three or more adjacent pieces in a row either horizontally or vertically. Some levels are played against the clock, while in others, you are hindered by a limited number of moves!

This online, HTML5-based, match 3 brain teaser game has 50 levels, and should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. While a sense of urgency and sharp reactions are important for competing against the clock, good strategic planning and visual problem-solving skills are the key attributes required here. 

Cluttered game grids often require smart analytical thinking and creative engineering tweaks in order to create a solution where you can form matching groups more easily. Patience, high concentration, and a willingness for trial and error all come into play, especially in later levels when the grids are larger and more complex.  

Controls: Simply click or tap on the gemstone you want to move, and swipe to swap it with an adjacent gem. If this swapping move results in the creation of a matching group of 3 or more, great! If your swap is invalid (i.e. it doesn’t create a matching group), nothing happens until you go again. 

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Switch on your problem solving radar, get settled in your seat, and gear yourself up for an intriguing brain teaser challenge! Tiger and Monster Hassle is a stimulating physics-based puzzle game where you have to unite two adorable stuffed toys together by removing obstacles, creating pathways, and strategically interacting with the game environment. Tiger and Monster are sadly separated in each level by a complex set of wooden objects and awkwardly-positioned obstacles, and your goal is to connect the two best friends by utilizing your cunning and creative engineering skills. Each time you remove an object from the game area, other blocks (and the cute creatures themselves) react to gravity, and set off a chain of events that hopefully results in the two buddies being reunited at last!

In your role as ‘game changer’, you have to carefully plan and figure out a logical solution that merges the two fun toys together. Suitable for both young and experienced gamers, your problem solving skills, strategic planning ability, great patience and endless determination are vitally important as you try to solve each increasingly difficult puzzle. Good reactions and timing are also important as you try to pinpoint the correct and tactful moment to make your decisive click. You’ll also need to be patient – trial and error is a big part of this challenge. Enjoy the puzzle busting action!

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It's all about balance! Strategically rotate a maze, and alter the environment in order to help your wheel-like hero to escape through the Exit Portal in 18 progressively-difficult levels. Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Box Rotation is a fun yet very tricky, interactive problem-solving puzzle game and reactions-based activity where you must tactfully and skillfully rotate the entire level in order to move a spherical-shaped character toward the glowing Exit Portal. Your wheel-like hero cannot move of his own accord so you need to alter the environment and platforms around him in order to guide him toward the target. Avoid spikes, moving mace enemies, and other obstacles, and try to collect three Gold Stars in each level to earn a maximum score!

This cool, multi-level, environment-altering and gravity-based HTML5 puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Sharp physical and motor skills required include good hand-eye coordination and timing, and fast reactions as you attempt to keep your hero in play. Mental skills required include logic, determined problem-solving skills, strategic planning, and a willingness to learn from your mistakes and use trial and error to your advantage.

Controls: For mobile / tablet users: Tap on the left hand side of the play area to rotate the maze to the left, and tap on the right hand side of the play area to rotate the level to the right. PC / laptop players can use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to rotate the maze (and Spacebar to proceed to the next level). Alternatively, you can click on the left or right hand sides of the play area using your mouse, but this is very tricky! Enjoy! 

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Quad Cop is a really cute, eccentric and challenging interactive physics-based game for older kids & teens on PC / desktop where you must feed hungry cartoon sheriff characters in order to force them into special actions that knock bandito outlaw characters off and out of the game screen area.

These quirky sheriff characters have the ability to roll down hills, fly around the game screen, and create impactful explosions – but only after you feed them specific types of spicy food!

This interesting and clever problem-solving puzzle requires good visual and analytical thinking skills, a fun and creative streak, smart timing, and a cool head with lots of patience when under pressure. Some basic knowledge of the effects of gravity and motion is also important as you try to gauge the exact moment to feed your hero character! Enjoy the wacky action!

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A cute yet difficult puzzle suitable for elementary through high school age students & grownups who enjoy a tricky thinking challenge: Age Manipulation is a clever, gravity-based game where you must remove bad guys from the game screen by ‘manipulating’ the age of your good guy blocks in order to make them larger or smaller. Your careful, strategic block transformations should (hopefully) create a chain reaction that knocks bad guys off of their ledges and into the abyss / spikes below! This is no easy task as you must contend with awkwardly-positioned obstacles, precarious scenarios for your ‘good guys’, and a restricted number of ‘age manipulations’ in each level.

This highly-stimulating, interactive brain teaser puzzle activity should prove a fun test for fans of physics-based puzzles with an unusual twist. It also makes for a very good analytical problem-solving challenge. Strategic planning, smart decision making, fast mouse-clicking and a determination to learn from your mistakes are all important skills and attributes required if you want to be a success here. Enjoy the brain work!

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Inversed is a clever and challenging, interactive maze-based puzzle game for kids and teens where you control a little red ball that moves in the mirror opposite way (inversely) to your computer mouse cursor. Using this fact as your starting point, you must navigate your way through a series of tricky mazes where you literally have to think outside of the box!

This fun and quirky brain teaser and skill-based game provides a very different problem solving challenge because you always have to be fully ‘switched on’ and moving in the opposite direction to your natural instincts. Good hand-eye coordination, sharp mouse control and smart strategy are important skills required here as you try to figure out the often complex solution to a level. So let's get your creative thinking cap on, and make some inverse plays!

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Strategically and tactfully remove blocks in order to deliver a delicious piece of candy to a hungry yellow block! Playable on Android mobile devices, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC, Catch The Candy is a multi-level, interactive physics-based, block removal puzzle game where you must carefully alter the game environment in order to guide a candy swirl into the mouth of a static yellow block hero. Both the candy and the block cannot move on their own, so you need to remove concrete blocks in order to create momentum and get the candy moving using a combination of the effect of gravity and the contours of the level.

This HTML5 physics & gravity-based brain teaser game should work on Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp analytical thinking and problem solving skills, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, good anticipation skills, and fast reactions to quickly figure out and create the best route for the candy to reach the hungry block. Trial and error also comes into play, especially in later levels when the obstacles are more complex, and actions must be executed in a specific sequence.

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Play a very difficult, shape-folding, brain teaser game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC! Logicheck is a tricky, logic-based, shape-shifting, interactive puzzle game for kids, teens and adults where you must fold (stretch or reduce in size) green shapes to fit perfectly over blue shapes by dragging circular nodes around the play area. Each of the 37 increasingly-difficult levels has a static blue shape configuration over which you must place the movable green shapes as quickly as possible. The level is only complete when there is no green shading hovering over into the white areas, and the vast majority of the blue shapes are sufficiently covered. The faster you complete the level, the more points you earn!

This interesting, HTML5-based, multi-level, logical thinking puzzle & shape folding skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Logicheck provides a stern mental test and exercise of your problem solving and analytical thinking skills, creative engineering abilities, spatial awareness, determination and willingness to use trial and error to your advantage. Patience as always is important – It may take you a while to drag the green shapes into the correct configuration, especially in later levels when the puzzles are more complex.

Controls: Move the green shapes around the play area by mouse clicking or screen tapping on the circular ‘nodes’ that cling to the corners of the green shape areas. Stretch or reduce in size to fold to the required fit (Your transparent green shape must perfectly match the blue shape underneath).  

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Christmas Bugs is a very tricky, visual brain teaser puzzle game that could well remind you of trying to untangle the Christmas tree lights from last year! In each challenging and timed level (of 24 increasingly-difficult levels), you must untangle a web of buzzing bugs (large-eyed flies) that have gotten their lines overlapped and crisscrossed! Can you carefully maneuver the flies until all of their lines are free from crossing over each other?

Reasons to play this hard, visual problem-solving game: As well as being a good fun, family-friendly activity online at home over the holidays, this game is also a hard, interactive skill-based game for younger children, teens and grownups to play year-round.

Test your patience and exercise your focus & concentration levels, analytical thinking skills, strategy planning ability, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving determination and persistence as you attempt to untangle the complex web of floating bugs! Brain and reaction speed are also important here as you must score at least some points to progress to a higher level. Happy untangling!

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Combine scale balancing and simple math calculations with expert timing and good judgment in this challenging weighing puzzle playable on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! Weigh It is a stimulating visual problem-solving puzzle game for elementary age kids, high school teens and adults where you must mouse click or finger tap to create ball-shaped weights that balance a weighing scales to within a ‘maximum target difference’ (usually 20 lbs or less). 

The longer you hold down your click / tap, the heavier the weight grows – so you must carefully time each ‘weight creation action‘ carefully in order to create a suitable ball for whichever side of the scales needs to be added to! The catch is that you have a set number of weights that MUST be added in each level, regardless of how big or small you create them. 

Concept / Level Example: The right hand scale has 120 pounds worth of weighted balls on it. The left hand scales is empty. You have three weights to create, as indicated by the white ball icons in the center of the play area. Your ‘Maximum Difference’ is 20 pounds. Therefore, you must click or tap to place three weighted balls into the left hand scales, and the total weight of those three balls must be at least 100, or maximum of 140. The ratio of the weighted balls to each other is not relevant. You could have one large ball weighing 100 pounds and two small ones weighing 12 pounds each – but as your total would be 124 pounds, well within the maximum difference, you would pass the level! 

This online, HTML5-based, problem-solving / strategy puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. This game is a good test and exercise of your analytical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills, creative engineering skills, and everyday problem-solving know-how. Good timing and savvy judgment are also important when it comes to the actual time it takes to hold down your mouse or finger in order to create a weighted ball. 

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Bubble Quod 2 is a cool, teamwork-based platform puzzle game where you have utilize levels, push objects and create chain reactions in a physics-based setting to help two brothers encased in bubbles to escape from a dangerous, acid-filled facility! Sam and William were working hard at a rubber duck factory when a huge explosion sent everything into disarray! Now, with chaos raging, and acid leaking everywhere, you must become a hero and help guide the little siblings out of danger through good-old problem solving know-how, smart platform game reactions, fast keyboard skills, and a great amount of teamwork (In some levels, one of the brothers might have to help to release the other from a deep pit, or propel them onto higher ledges etc). The catch is that Sam and William are both trapped inside large latex bubbles which makes their movement relatively difficult to control.

This epic 25-level, interactive solution-finding arcade adventure combines the physical aspects of classic platform games like Mario and Sonic with the mental challenges of ‘boxed-in’ brain teasers such as Cut the Rope. This means that, as well as being fast, accurate, and tactful in your keyboard tapping, you also need to display good strategic planning and level management skills as you attempt to figure out how to escape each scenario. Remember: Never underestimate the power of teamwork!

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Play a challenging, interactive physics-based, brain teaser puzzle game on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! In Hide Caesar: Players Pack 2, you must strategically alter the game environment so that your precious gold ‘Caesar’ coin is shielded from the oncoming hail of rocks! 

Over the 30 levels, you must accurately and methodically ‘drop’ everyday, wooden blockades into each level in order to protect your invaluable Caesar coin from the damaging rocks. Once all of your wooden objects are in position, a barrage of stones are dropped into the game environment – so you must make sure that you have created a suitable barrier or fortress for your valuable coin to hide under.

This tricky, online, HTML5-based, interactive strategy and puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include a generous combination of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, strategic planning, logic and anticipation skills, great determination, patience, as well as tactful, accurate mouse clicking and finger tapping. A willingness for trial and error is also very important in this physics-based puzzler - as you can learn from your mistakes and change your block placement in the next attempt.

Click or tap ABOVE the dotted line in order to drop a wooden object into the game environment. In some levels, you also have to eliminate any dark ‘Bad Caesar’ coins from the level as well as simultaneously protecting the Gold Caesar coins. Enjoy the brain teaser challenge

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