Play free puzzles, online games to make you think outside the box, games that require logical thinking, brain exercise games online for PC, Mac desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, iPad, mobile phone. Cool strategy games, fun new brain-teaser games for kids (girls & boys), teens to play now, no download.
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Online Puzzle Games that Make You Think

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Play free online games that require thought, logic-based puzzles that make you think outside the box, fun brain-teaser activities for elementary / middle school students and high school teenagers, as well as for adults & seniors to enjoy.

Play hard puzzles, interactive problem solving games, challenging thinking games that involve and help to promote and improve critical thinking, creative / analytical thinking skills. Find physics-based games for the school classroom as a fun science lesson reinforcement, and to play at home with your best friends and family members.

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Ready for a fun, rope-cutting physics and skill-based game? Boom Balloon is a tricky, interactive mouse-clicking puzzle game to really get your "spikes" into. Here, you must pop three helium-filled balloons in each level by successfully manipulating the game environment, and carefully freeing and guiding the balloons toward a set of spikes! You play the role of the ‘game-changer’, and have to meticulously plan out a sequence of actions and reactions in each level that results in all three balloons being mercilessly popped (no matter how cute the balloon designs are, they’ve simply got to go if you want to progress).

This challenging gravity-based brain teaser activity can prove to be a tricky test for even the most experienced of gamers. Each level requires careful analysis, logical thinking, good strategy, great patience and determination to figure out the correct course of actions that will result in the balloons’ demise. Once you are ready to set your cunning plan in motion, well-timed swipes of your computer mouse, and fast reaction skills are essential. Beginners beware – later levels feature extremely complex step-by-step solutions that can only be achieved through rigorous trial and error. We hope your enthusiasm for problem-solving doesn't take flight - Remember that only the balloons need to get ‘deflated’ here! Challenging yourself is what it's all about:) Good luck and enjoy!

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Orange Gravity 2: Level Pack is a fun and addicting, interactive ‘cut the rope-style’ game as well as a brain teasing, physics-based puzzle challenge for older kids, teens and grownups! Playing the role of a hungry little orange fruit character, you must intricately use various tethering ropes along with the effects of gravity to gobble up yellow apples, and then escape through a special hatch in each level.

Cut the rope type games have sky-rocketed in popularity over the last few years, and provide a real test of your problem-solving skills combined with your quick reactions. You must exhibit great patience, concentration, and the willingness to learn from your mistakes (as lots of trial and error is required) in order to progress. Enjoy the quirky action!

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Play a highly entertaining, clever and difficult platform puzzle adventure game! Pursuit of Hat 2 is an awesome problem-solving platformer challenge where you must simply pursue and capture (make contact with) an elusive hat in each level! However, you must contend with a vast array of quirky challenges, obstacles and hindrances along your determined pursuit.

These difficulties include steep ravines, appearing and disappearing bridges, sensitive door switches, and the hat's uncanny ability to scamper away from your elastic, lumbering little character! For good measure, your quirky "chaser" character has the ability to temporarily leave limbs / body parts behind it as tools! This can be useful when opening doors and creating bridges while the body of the character continues chasing that pesky hat!

This fun and eccentric arcade game should prove a smash hit with interactive puzzle & online brain-teaser aficionados, or any platform game enthusiasts who enjoy playing games that deliver an "outside of the box" experience. Successful player requirements here include strong analytical thinking skills, good concentration and strategic planning skills, creative engineering skills, dogged determination, plenty of stamina, and good keyboard control. Is that you?

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Play a tough, interactive puzzle game requiring good judgement and great determination and stamina: Destroy The Wall 3 is a difficult physics and skill-based puzzler for older kids & teens where you must fling a ball across a confined play area, and attempt to eliminate a certain number of wooden blocks from each level. Featuring complex obstacle formations, teleport fields, awkwardly-positioned blocks, and a ‘one shot’ rule among other challenges, this is definitely a stern test for virtual problem-solving specialists!

Reasons to play this tricky, brainteaser-style arcade game: Combine accurate mouse control with good visual judgement and prediction skills as you attempt to dislodge the wall of wooden blocks, and eliminate them from the game screen. Test and exercise your willingness to learn from your mistakes (through lots of trial and error). Some levels set the bar quite high in terms of difficultly, so you need to be 100% ‘in the zone’ if you want to complete this game. There is a solution to each level – It's up to you to find it!

Strategy to win: With 20 progressively-difficult levels to conquer, you must exhibit high levels of concentration, good hand-eye coordination skills, deft mouse control, and sharp analytical thinking skills as you try to figure out how best to use the height, momentum and force of the ball to your advantage. Great patience and determination are also very important traits required to keep plugging away and testing out different possible ways to solve each level.

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Highly-challenging, general knowledge quiz game for young global fans of movies, songs, music groups, soccer football, and geography! Wordz is a tricky, word-based ‘fill in the blanks’ brainteaser puzzle where you must fill in a blank grid with letters in order to reveal the correct answer (name). Here, you are given a specific clue / category (‘Soccer Teams’, ‘Movies & Actors’, ‘Songs & Artists’, ‘World Capitals’), and must fill in the blanks by clicking on individual letters. Correct letters fill in blank spaces on the word grid – and you must solve the puzzle before you run out of guesses!

Reasons to play: Test your general knowledge of movies, songs, music groups, geography and sport (soccer)! While you might be a soccer football enthusiast and pass the soccer levels easily – you might need help from a more experienced quiz buff to help you find answers to other topics! This game could be played as a good fun teamwork activity for all the family at home where you could try to figure out the various clues together.

How to Play: A Flash-based, word quiz and letter guessing game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). At the beginning of each level, your category is displayed above the blank grid on the left hand side of the play area. General knowledge subjects include World Capitals, Soccer Teams, Movies & Actors, and Songs & Artists. All 26 letters of the alphabet are displayed on the right hand side of the play area. Your task is to fill the blank grid with the correct letters. However, you are only allowed 3 mistakes. If you enter a fourth incorrect letter, it's game over!

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the letter you want to add to the word grid. If the correct answer contains this letter – it is posted in the grid. However, if the letter is not contained in the answer, you score 1 ‘mistake’ in the box below the main grid. If you successfully fill all of the letters into the grid, you progress to the next level. See how many puzzles you can solve in a row!

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Methodically create a jelly-like tower of inter-connected sheep, and connect your structure with the golden sheep high up or at the bottom of the play area in each level of this quirky, physics-based brain teaser! Sheep Physics is a highly-challenging and stimulating interactive puzzle game where you must cleverly use sheep building blocks to create a fluid, tower-like structure that eventually makes contact with the ‘target’ gold sheep at the top of the play area. Your carefully placed sheep act as connectors between beams (horizontal beams, columns, strutting beams and ties) in the structure!

Skills required: This slightly eccentric and creative engineering-based skill game is really a straight-forward tower construction activity at heart, and that requires an amalgamation of smart analytical thinking and problem solving skills, an appreciation of the effects of gravity on a building structure. Good judgment and anticipation of when and where your tower might be liable to fail is very important. Unleash your creative side as you come up with fun structure that work - that get your sheep tower to reach the golden sheep high up or at the bottom of the play area.

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Calling math, engineering and physics game fans who enjoy thinking outside the box - both children and adults! Libra is a multi-level, equilibrium-based physics game and online creative thinking exercise where you must strike a balance on a classic, two-sided scale by adding an equal (or close to equal) weight of Tetris-style blocks on each side.

Featuring a whopping 48 levels, your analytical and lateral thinking skills are sternly tested as you attempt to balance the scales amid some quirky rules and stipulations (for example, complete horizontal rows of blocks on a scale get eliminated from the equation).

This demanding, interactive mathematical and creative thinking challenge requires logic, the ability to think creatively and use your imagination to solve the problems, prediction skills, and the key ability to learn from your mistakes (adding, removing, and re-positioning weights is commonplace).

Engineering enthusiasts and science game buffs should be in their element here, while this game could also be used by teachers as a helpful cognitive development activity and creative thinking reinforcement exercise for elementary school students, middle and high school aged children. Now, are you the one who will finally bring balance to proceedings?

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This fun and highly-challenging interactive visual brain teaser and rotating tile puzzle (for kids, teens and adults) is playable on most mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC browsers. In Illuminate 1, test and exercise your analytical thinking skills to solve a fun yet challenging series of interactive puzzles where you must connect all the lamps on a circuit grid to the main power source (battery) in order to turn on the lights. 

Unjumble, re-arrange and connect the electrical current-carrying wire and circuit parts by clicking your mouse or tapping on the tiles to rotate the wires into favorable positions that create a connection within the circuit in order to ultimately light up / ‘illuminate’ all of the bulbs. Featuring 20 increasingly-complex levels, you must work against the clock and solve the maze-style puzzle before it's too late!

Skills required: In this fun and stimulating problem-solving game for children of elementary school age and Big Kids of all ages, you must use sharp logical and creative thinking skills, engineering skills, visual awareness, concentration, focus, common sense problem-solving, great determination and stamina to rotate tiles in order to get power to all of the lamps before the clock timer runs out. A sense or urgency and willingness for trial and error is also very important here as you imagine and try out multiple different possible routes for the power circuit to take.

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Place Tetris-style blocks into specially-designated outlines in this block-based puzzle game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Fancy Constructor is a challenging, multi-level, visual puzzle game for kids and teens where you must maneuver different-shaped building blocks in order to fill white-colored outlines. Blocks come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Skills required: Like in Tetris and other construction-based brain teaser games, this interactive, problem-solving puzzler requires good analytical thinking and creative engineering skills, sharp focus and concentration, and the ability to zoom out and see the ‘bigger picture’. Good strategic planning, determination and stamina are also important as you must plan your moves in advance, and when and where to place certain troublesome blocks. Trial and error also plays a part; there is no set time limit, and you must learn from your mistakes and adjust your solutions accordingly.

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Kamikaze Blocks is an addicting and challenging physics-based shooting game for kids & teens where you have to topple colored blocks off of midair platforms by firing explosive lizard creatures at them! Hungry cloud monsters lurk just underneath these platforms, and your job is to feed these beasts by blasting delicious blocks down into the abyss below. Needless to say, the blocks are stacked in awkward formations, meaning your kamikaze lizard missiles have to be supremely accurate in order to dislodge them from the platform. While shooting these unorthodox missiles is the key component of the game, some later levels have a distinct brain-teaser puzzle element as you carefully figure out the correct areas to target.

An all-out ‘gung-ho’ strategy won’t get the job done in this fun, skill-based, missile-firing activity. To be a successful kamikaze shooter, you need to be more subtle and precise with your efforts. A simple understanding of the effects of gravity is helpful as you try to figure out the best way to rid the game screen of those pesky blocks. Quick reactions and accurate mouse-clicking skills are important as you may need to fire off two or three lizards in quick succession. Good planning and tactical target shooting skills (just as in pool, billiard or bowling) are key; as you have to carefully target specific blocks and points in later levels. Happy block blasting!

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Fluffies is a fun, unusual and challenging puzzle game for young kids where you have to free up (untangle) a bunch of cute creatures from each other. This unusual brain-teaser activity should help to improve your concentration and observation skills. The Fluffies are a family of adorable, fuzzy little guys, but their Mom has to leave them alone for a little while. She attaches them together with string so that they don’t run off – but the problem is, they’ve got all tangled up with their strings crossed over (and this is not good)! 

It’s your job to help free them so that their Mom can send them off to bed. You've got to free up the Fluffies by making sure their strings don't cross each other at any angle. But be careful because the Fluffies are full of mischief and won’t make it easy for you.

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Immerse yourself in a truly magical world based on charming stories and mythical creatures from New Zealand, a country widely regarded as one of the most stunning and unique places on the planet. Annika’s Odyssey: Land of the Taniwha is an eccentric, 1-player RPG mouse-clicking adventure where you have to guide Annika (a brave, red-headed young girl) on an epic quest to rescue her beloved stuffed toy. After her favorite toy rabbit is snatched by a soaring black eagle, and brought to a nest on the top of a magical mountain, Annika takes off on the long journey to get it back. Set in a mysterious and enchanted world featuring a whole host of bizarre creatures based on Maori Mythology (the Maori are an indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand), this stunning point-and-click animation game activity will provide you with hours of head-scratching, puzzle-based fun!

Let your imagination run wild as you encounter all kinds of curious spirits, exotic animals, and friendly beings on your way through the most outlandish environment imaginable. You need to exhibit logic thinking skills, an inquisitive mind, and a desire to ‘think outside the box’ if you want to progress through this wonderful wilderness. Interact with both friendly and not-so-friendly characters as you discover hidden paths, secret doors, enchanted objects, and more. Each brain-teasing, step-by-step task requires patience, determination, and a lot of trial and error in some cases. Enjoy!

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Play an excellent, old-school board game challenge comprising 16 separate puzzles - easy, medium, hard and extremely difficult: Solo really is a fun yet challenging, 1-player, logic-based visual puzzler (for young kids through adults and seniors) that follows the rules of Peg Solitaire (also called Solo Noble and BrainVita) – a classic jumping board game similar in concept to Chinese Checkers.

The aim of the game in Solo is to reduce the number of circular pegs to just 1 solo remaining peg (Pegs are eliminated when ‘jumped over’ by other pegs – exactly the same as you would capture an opponent's piece in checkers). Solo features 16 increasingly-tricky mini-games (levels) with more pegs and fewer available grid spaces as you progress.

Skills / strategy required: Peg solitaire games are difficult problem-solving brain teaser puzzles where sharp logic and analytical thinking skills are required to find out a solution. Complete focus and concentration, great determination and stamina are essential here – You really need to be ‘in the zone’ to solve the Solo puzzles, especially in later levels. A good strategy is to take your time, and visualize a few moves ahead. There is no clock pressure, so carefully plan out your jumping moves in advance.

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Four Square is a challenging, connect 4-like, interactive puzzle game and analytical thinking activity with single and two player options. Here, instead of making a row of 4 counters like in classic Four in a Row / Captain'’s Mistress games, you must try to outmaneuver your opponent and create square-shaped groups of 4 same-colored gemstones. Faced with a large 10X10-space grid, you must create adjacent 2X2 groups of your gems, and try to stop your opponent from doing the same.

Reasons to play this tricky, strategy-based puzzler: Test and exercise your visual awareness, brain power and strategy skills as you try to pinpoint areas of the grid to exploit. Fans of tactical, 1-on-1 battle games should enjoy the straight-forward, moouse-clicking action. Unleash your competitive side and play against a best friend, classmate or family member in 2 player mode.

Strategy to win: Good players of tactical puzzle games know that you must strike a strategic balance between attacking and defensive play. You must also remain constantly aware of your opponent's moves and likely immediate plans. Blocking your opponent's path to a group of 4 could be just as valuable as creating your own group. This game also lends itself to ‘front runners’ – so if you manage to get yourself ahead, keep the pressure on!

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Merrelus is played on a board by two players (you against the computer) who take turns. The players start with three, six or nine different color stones each. To start the game, the players place their stones on any of the available circles on the board. The second part of the game begins when all stones are placed. Players now move their stones. A stone may be moved only from one circle to another along the lines.

Stones cannot be placed or moved to a slot that is already occupied. When a player forms a mill (with three stones in a row), that player can take stone from his/her any opponent that doesn't belong to a mill. If all of the opponent's stones are inside a mill, then an exception is made, and the player can take any stone of the opponent.

You win the game by bringing your opponent (the computer program) to a position where it cannot move, or by leaving the player with only two stones. Click 'Replay' to start from the beginning or 'Menu' to return to the main menu. Before you start playing, select a board from three different variants. Choose the color of your stone as well. Then click 'Play' and enjoy the game!

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Play a highly-strategic version of Tic-tac-toe against a sharp computer opponent or a best friend / family member! Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe is a very good, quirky one or two-player version of the simple ‘Noughts and Crosses’ game where you must line up three Os or Xs in a row on a 3X3 grid before your opponent does. However, in this more complex version of tic-tac-toe, there are nine 3X3 grids in play at the same time! To become the champ, you must prevail in three whole grids in a row!

Skills required: This fun and challenging, interactive visual puzzle & brain teaser for kids and teens requires really good concentration, quick-fire analytical thinking skills, and fast reactions. The virtual computer opponent is not the most advanced player – but is certainly quick to capitalize on any errors that you make. Whether you are playing against the computer or in a two-player matchup against a friend, you need to be thinking ahead at all times, trying to out-maneuver your opponent through good strategy - without making glaring mistakes of your own!

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For those who love to grind out solutions to what may appear complex visual and structural puzzles: Gridlock is an extremely hard, multilevel, sliding block-based puzzle game and highly-stimulating, brainteaser activity for older kids, youth and grownups!

In each of the 40 increasingly-difficult levels of this really tough visual problem-solving challenge, you must unlock the puzzle, and find a way to slide the blue block through the opening on the right hand side of the confined playing grid. The catch is that each individual block can only be moved either vertically or horizontally. The solution is achieved using careful thought and methodical maneuvering of the other slide-able blocks that populate the small play area.

Skills / strategy required: Creative engineering and analytical thinking skills are very important in this tricky maze-like escape game. Each level has the same concept and purpose, but all 40 levels require very sharp focus, concentration and deep thought, and provide a stern examination and exercise of your visual problem solving ability.

Great patience and determination are also required - You need a strong temperament to intricately plan and visualize each move toward each solution, and go high into the Gridlock levels. Accept trial and error as an important ally in your quest – You very likely won't complete each level with ease, and must learn from your mistakes in order to progress (so good memory skills sure come in handy!).

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Test and exercise your visual problem-solving skills with 25 blueprint-style mazes that may look simple but prove to be extremely tricky - where swinging doors that govern each maze make reaching your destination a tough task! Open Doors is a highly-challenging, multi-level, maze and strategy-based puzzle game where you must guide a movable square to an X-shaped Exit Portal. However, each maze is filled with ‘doors’ that swing open and closed depending on which way your square hero moves. This means that each of the 25 increasingly-difficult levels presents its own mini door-opening brain teaser – and it's your job to figure out the solution that ensures the square reaches the end point!

Skills required: This quirky, interactive, visual puzzle game requires high levels of focus and concentration - especially in later levels when the brain teasing action is more complex. Smart analytical thinking, creative engineering, determined problem solving, and general multi-tasking skills all come into play as you carefully plan your route through the alternating door openings. The ability to mentally zoom out and see the ‘bigger picture’ is also very helpful.

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Think you’re the Puzzle Master? Well, think again! IsoBlock Madness is a challenging online puzzle game where you have to maneuver a ‘rolling block’ into highlighted squares on a 3D puzzle grid. On each level, you must use the grid to place the Red Block onto the Blue Squares (purplish) before the clock runs out. Sounds simple, but it isn’t! It’s a problem-solving, brain-teasing, puzzle extravaganza!

This fiercely tricky game will really help to get your mind working. You must try to find the solution using as few moves as possible. This game requires some patience and plenty of trial and error as well as an active understanding of physics and shapes. It even helps to exercise your creative engineering skills as you try to figure out which way to position the Block to get it to the part of the grid that you want. Think you can become the Master of IsoBlock Madness? Only one way to find out!

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Play a retro-style, online Tic tac toe game for 1 and 2 players! Tic Tac Toe: Vegas is a simple, colorful version of the classic pen and paper game - Xs and Os, or Naughts and Crosses. Play against the computer or with a friend or family member, and be the first to get three Xs or Os in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on a small 3X3 space grid.

Reasons to play this straight-forward, online puzzle game: Exercise your analytical thinking, strategy and decision making skills as you work to figure out the best way to bamboozle your opponent and get the coveted 3-in-a-row of your chosen symbol. Older players and adults can re-live their classroom days while younger players can experience the fun challenge of a quick-fire, virtual tic tac toe puzzle online.

Strategy to win: As the game grid is very small, ties are a commonplace occurrence in Tic Tac Toe. This means that concentration levels must be high at all times. You must try to come up with different strategies and approaches which might trick your opponent, and force a mistake. Accurate mouse clicking is also important!

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