Free new science games for kids online with no download required: Play the latest interactive physics learning activities, fun chemistry, biology games for kids to play on PC, Mac, iPad, tablets. Science games for kids in grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th graders to play, for middle/ high school students.
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This page lists the newest science-based games added to our Learn4Good Games site for kids & teens to play for free at home or for use as a fun interactive learning & teaching tool in the classroom. Our games area presents easy-to-play games for elementary school children, to more challenging and difficult exercises for middle school/ junior & high school students. Discover awesome physics-based games, cool brain-teaser thinking puzzles, chemistry & biology games, engineering problem-solving games and more.

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Utilize the effects of gravity, and strategically transform blocks in order to rid the game screen of all purple characters! Playable on Android and iOS mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Transforming Blockies is a fun, physics, gravity and timing-based puzzle (for elementary school age kids, middle & high school students) where you must use the special transformative power of each shape character to logically alter the game environment in order to eliminate all purple shapes from the platform-based levels. Some colored shapes change from round to block-like and vice versa, while others double in size when you click or tap on them. You must cleverly use these transformation actions to your advantage in each of the 40 increasingly-difficult levels. Remember: Eliminating the purple characters is your goal, and if you accidentally get rid of other colors, you fail the level!

This online, multi-level, HTML5-based, physics-based engineering puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include fast and tactful reactions as some levels require multiple transformations in quick succession. An appreciation for the effects of physics is also needed as you must use gravity to get shapes moving in many cases. Good old trial and error determination, common-sense logic, sharp analytical thinking, and creative engineering skills also come into play as you attempt to alter the game environment successfully in all 40 levels. 

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Combine your artistic drawing skills with creative engineering know-how in a fun physics-based puzzle in order to guide a bouncy red ball into a U-shaped target basket! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Physics Drop is an interesting and very enjoyable, multi-level, problem-solving, construction-based puzzle game (for elementary age kids through high school students & adults) where you must alter the game environment by drawing bridges and pathways using magic blue ink. Utilize your imagination, freehand-drawn creations and the effects of gravity to push and channel a small red ball into the light-blue basket in the 50 increasingly-difficult levels! Some levels require the drawing of a simple one-line bridge or pathway, while other levels need much more complex drawings in order to propel or deflect the ball towards the U-shaped goal.

This HTML5-based, interactive, multi-level problem-solving brain teaser and construction puzzle game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include high levels of concentration, good hand-eye coordination, simple drawing ability, logic-based problem solving skills, analytical thinking and creative engineering skills, and a general appreciation of the basic laws of physics and gravity. Good patience is rewarded here, while dogged determination and a willingness for trial and error are essential traits of a real problem solver. This is especially true in later levels when you must create large webs of bridge and pathway drawings.

Tip: Don't waste too much time trying to make a busted drawing work out. When needed, simply click or tap on the circular arrow at the top of the play area to start over from scratch. A fresh mind can do great things on a clean slate!

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Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills in a fun environment, and use the effects of gravity, and good timing, to get your pig hero into a basket of candy! Piggy Roll is a challenging, interactive, physics-based problem-solving puzzle game for elementary school age kids through high school teens where you must strategically and tactfully transform a pig from a square block into a rolling ball (or vice versa, and often back again) in order to guide it into a basket of delicious candy! 

Each of the 15 increasingly-difficult levels is filled with tricky obstacles, awkwardly-placed platforms, and other hindrances. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, your task is to carefully and clinically combine the natural, gravitational descent of your pig with the platforms and features of each level in order to bounce or drop little piggy happily into the candy box.

This HTML5, physics-based brain teaser game with both touch and mouse controls should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (It currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. An efficient combination of physical and mental attributes are required here. On the physical skills side, you must exhibit good hand-eye coordination skills, judgment and timing (via tactful mouse clicking or finger tapping - depending on which medium you are playing the game on). On the mental skillset side, smart strategic planning, sharp analytical thinking and logic skills, creative problem-solving determination, good anticipation skills, high levels of concentration, and persistence are all important.

Controls: Simply click or tap on the pink pig to change it from a circular ball shape into a block shape, or vice versa. If you get stuck, or want to re-start a level, simply click or tap on the squiggly arrow in the top right corner of the play area. Ask a brother, sister, other family member or best friend to add their brain power you if you get stuck on a level. 

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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Defend our planet, and figure out the best way to blast hard-to-reach alien invaders in this aiming and accuracy-based skill and puzzle game! Playable on iOS, Android, notebook, and desktop PC, Cowboy Vs Martians is an interactive, physics-based action game and brain teaser that combines fun problem-solving with accurate shooting skills. Using a ‘Wild West’ revolver, you have a limited number of bullets with which to eliminate all of the slimy Martians – who often have the protection of well-placed obstacles and other deterrents. Can you show True Grit and come out on top in all (increasingly-difficult) 40 levels?

This HTML5, physics-based shooting game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac, laptop, notebook. An understanding of basic aiming, angles and bullet trajectory is important here as many of the levels require logic, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to ensure the aliens are within range. Fast reactions and tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping skills also play a big part in your success or failure to save planet earth from these terrible invaders! In later levels, trial and error becomes more important as there are many obstacles to be removed – and these tasks often need to follow a specific sequence.

Control Tip: For mobile / tablet users, aim by tapping and swiping the target marker anywhere on the game screen, and then shoot by tapping on the red gun button in the bottom left corner of the play area. 

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Pou Adventure Time is a challenging, interactive, physics-based puzzle game for kids and teens where you must interact with the game screen in order to unite two quirky alien blob characters! Tilt platforms, maneuver obstacles, remove hindrances, position teleport devices, and generally do whatever it takes to ensure the male Pou character comes into contact with his beloved female counterpart!

Skills required: Inspired by the wildly popular ‘Pou’ mobile app, this cool, multi-level, interactive brain teaser requires tactful mouse control, smart analytical thinking skills, a desire for problem solving, good anticipation skills, and the ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ when planning your tactics for each level (There are 30 increasingly-difficult levels in total). Trial and error also comes into play – You may need multiple attempts to complete a level, and must learn from your mistakes as you progress.

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Sleepy Heads is a fun yet hard physics-based puzzle game for older kids and teens, and certainly not for real-life sleepyheads, where you must strategically add wooden objects to the game environment, and hope that your additions and placements cause a chain reaction that upends some happily snoozing characters! You must jolt "block-heads" from their sleepy state by interacting with the game screen and adding the wooden blocks to tip the sleepers off of their perch. Utilize the effect of gravity to ensure your cleverly placed pieces help to directly knock the dozing gentlemen off of their ledges, or push other objects chaotically around the play area so that the sleepers cannot get any decent rest!

Skills required: This highly interactive, multi-level brain teaser requires a good combination of analytical and logical thinking skills, strategic planning, anticipation skills, accurate mouse clicking, and determination. General knowledge of the pulling effects of the force of gravity is important as you try to predict where the ledges and wooden beams might move to when you make your additions. Trial and error is really key; you must learn from your mistakes, and make improving adjustments accordingly.

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Send a block home with smart block removals, shrewd strategic planning, and tactful mouse-clicking! Go Home Block 3 is a physics-based, problem-solving puzzle game for kids and teens where you must interact with the play area using your mouse, and cleverly remove obstacles in order to guide a hairy blue block to a wooden ‘Home / Exit Door’. Unfortunately, your block character cannot move of its own accord, and therefore needs your interaction skills to make its journey homeward. Featuring 20 increasingly-difficult levels, you must overcome a range of platform and ledge-based obstacles and hindrances in this ‘escape-the-level’ brain teaser challenge.

Skills required: Fast reaction and mouse-clicking skills are needed, with an emphasis on timing and pinpoint accuracy. Analytical thinking skills must be combined with focus, concentration, stamina, and determination. Some later levels require deep thought and strategy.

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Strategically click to remove obstacles in order to guide a daring yellow smiley face into a cardboard box in 21 tricky levels! Adventure Smiley Box is an online physics and timing-based, point-and-click puzzle game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully and swiftly remove orange blocks from the game screen in order to begin a chain reaction that channels a smiley face character into a waiting cardboard box. Our smiley hero cannot move on its own, and you must use the force of gravity and other items to nudge it toward the box in each level.

Skills required: This highly interactive, mouse-clicking game combines very fast reactions, coordination and tactful mouse-clicking with shrewd problem-solving skills. Your anticipation skills, logical and analytical thinking skills are really exercised here while good old trial and error is vitally important as you attempt to figure out the best way to get fun-loving Smiley into the box.

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Push cute animals toward an exit door by removing stone obstacles and altering the game environment with tactful and accurate mouse clicking! Zoo Escape is a cool, multi-level, physics and timing-based, problem-solving puzzle where you must help motionless zoo animals to ‘escape-the-level’ by pushing, propelling and guiding them toward the exit. Your principle action here is clicking to remove stone blockades – which causes objects to fall and subsequent chain reactions that (hopefully) push the animals to their Exit Door.

Skills required: This fun yet challenging, interactive point-and-click brain teaser game requires tactful mouse clicking, good coordination and anticipation skills, shrewd analytical thinking and problem-solving determination. Some later levels require great patience, stamina, and the key ability to learn from your mistakes (through good old trial and error).

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Play a balance and weight-based, problem-solving, visual puzzle game with a simple concept! Out of Balance is a stimulating and thought-provoking, multi-level brain teaser for younger kids through elementary school students where your task is to simply identify the heaviest object in each level. Random items are placed on one or more see-saws (teeter-totters), and you must work out which object is the heaviest using careful consideration, analytical thinking, and problem solving methods.

Skills / strategy required: In this straight-forward, physics-based, visual puzzler of 20 levels, good focus and concentration skills are combined with deduction skills and analytical thinking to find the correct answer. A good strategy is to take your time to carefully study the relationship on each see saw individually, and work to come up with a logical solution regarding which object is the heaviest.

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Strikey's Revenge is a challenging, "street golf"-themed, physics-based puzzle game where you must shoot a golf ball into a waste basket in a series of 18 progressively-difficult, obstacle-filled levels (which play like a wacky game of mini golf combined with the intricate science of power, angle, and trajectory!). You play the role of Strikey, a fiery golfing prodigy, and must use his incredible skills and aiming devices to figure out the best way to engineer a solution that deflects the ball into the urban waste basket (bin) in each tricky level.

Skills required in this multilevel golf, aiming and accuracy game: Creative engineering and analytical thinking skills are very important in this environment – There are multiple ways to get the ball into the basket depending on the angle and power used in your shots. Trial and error is also part of a smart strategy as you test out how the ball reacts against the various obstacles and unusual objects in each level. Good observation skills, a steady hand, a cool head under pressure, and expert mouse control all play a part in your chances of success.

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The Other Half 2 is a challenging, platform adventure game and multilevel physics-based, brainteaser puzzle for older kids, teens and grownups where you must guide a small stick figure character and his identical ‘reflection’ through a series of tricky ledge and obstacle-filled levels. Featuring 24 progressively-difficult challenges that require plenty of thought and smart strategy, you must carefully leap from platform to platform, discover invisible objects, use teleport devices to your advantage, combine the skills of the mirror-image characters, and more!

Strategy / skills required: Utilize fast reactions, good observation and memory skills, a cool head, sharp analytical thinking and creative engineering to find a solution to each tricky puzzle level. Some levels feature invisible ledges that you can only view for a split second, so your perception and picture memory skills really need to be accurate.

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Build It: Wooden Bridge is a multilevel construction game and hard, physics-based, online puzzle for elementary school, middle and high school age players where you must display creative engineering skills and problem solving determination to construct sturdy wooden bridges that support a car's journey over a river. Featuring 35 increasingly-challenging levels, you must carefully and methodically drop the construction materials into the focus area, and hope that the awaiting car can safely travel across your structure without toppling in.

Reasons to play this tricky, logic brain teaser game: Solve physics-based problems in a fun, interactive way. Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills, creative mindset, and basic appreciation of physics as you attempt to build sufficiently strong bridges in each level.

Strategy to win: Good old trial and error plays a very important part toward your success here. If you fail with an initial attempt, try to figure out where you went wrong, and adjust your bridge structure accordingly. Think about and use gravity to your advantage in the construction process. Be observant of the car's progress across your creation – This can give you clues about where your bridge might need fine-tuning.

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Rolling Football is a very challenging, soccer-themed, physics-based puzzle and ‘environment altering’ brain-teaser game where you must add / move blocks and other items in order to ensure a soccer ball rolls into the open goal. Methodically and tactfully add the building block objects to the level, and then release the ball, and wait for gravity to complete the job! Scoring a goal has never been so intricate and complex!

Reasons to play this hard, interactive, science-based puzzle: Sternly test and exercise your analytical thinking and prediction skills, creative engineering, problem-solving determination, timing and stamina to figure out a solution in each of the 18 increasingly-difficult levels. This challenging soccer ball-based, environment altering game could be used as a fun gravity / momentum science lesson reinforcement aid in the school classroom or at home.

Strategy to win: Good old trial and error combined with your determination plays a big part in your success here. You must try to learn from your mistakes, and make alterations in your next attempt. Visualize (predict) what you think will happen, use good judgement in placing the blocks, and try to use gravity and the building block tools in each level. Remember that it does not matter how the ball gets in the goal but that timing is everything!

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Basket Ball 3: A Great Challenge is a tricky, physics-based puzzle and skill game for kids and teens that combines aiming, accuracy, power control, trajectory and rebounding judgement with fun basketball hoop shooting action. Featuring 25 increasingly-difficult levels, you must use good strategy and prediction skills to launch the ball toward and into the basket.

Reasons to play this fun, basketball-themed physics puzzler: Enjoy a simple aiming and accuracy-based challenge with no frivolous distractions – this is just you VS the basket! Test and exercise your prediction skills, analytical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, mouse control, and determination while trying to conquer all 25 levels.

Strategy to win: Learning from errors and missed shots is a great way to progressively improve your shooting accuracy. You can study and note the numerical values of your angle and shot power, and adjust your next effort accordingly. There is such a small window for error here, and even a fraction more / less power or a touch of angle change can make all the difference. Good concentration levels are also vital. Each level has various blocking obstacles, so you need to remain focused, and smartly adjust your shot after each miss.

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Exercise your creative engineering skills, talent for physics-based problem solving, and flair for the spectacular as you create your very own awesome rollercoaster tracks! Rollercoaster Creator 2 is a highly-interactive, theme park construction game and physics-based puzzler (with fun sound effects) for older kids and teens where you must design working rollercoasters in each level. Your ride creations must follow a certain path to collect a set number of green crystal gems, and deliver your fun-loving patrons safely to the end of the ride, especially after some interested and wacky features!

Reasons to play this challenging, virtual building activity: Stimulate your creative engineering side, analytical thinking and strategy skills as you attempt to create fully operational rollercoaster rides with deft use of your computer mouse.

Strategy to win: Each level features a unique set of construction-based tasks. Drawing with your computer mouse is a key part of the game, so you definitely need a steady drawing hand, accurate mouse-control coordination, and a cool head to complete each challenge. A willingness for and acceptance of trial and error is also essential – You won't build a top quality rollercoaster on the first attempt each time – So learning from past mistakes is key to your success here. You must identify the areas of your coaster that need altering, and tweak your building work accordingly. Happy rollercoaster creation!

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Interact with the game environment in order to guide a slice of delicious salami into the paws of a hungry cat in this fun, physics-based puzzle game! Cat Around The World: Alpine Lakes is a multi-level brain teaser where you must remove obstacles and alter the play area in order to roll a piece of salami toward a motionless cat! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, this is a challenge where feeding a kitty cat is no certainly mean feat!

Skills required: This stimulating gravity-based puzzler requires sharp analytical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, observation skills, and dogged determination. Smart decision making and problem-solving know how are key as you attempt to figure out the correct obstacle-removing sequence in each level. Trial and error is also important – You must learn from failed attempts, and adjust your strategy accordingly!

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Unite cuddly red and green fluff balls with their candy counterparts in this physics-based, problem-solving puzzler playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Red & Green 2 is a gravity-based, cannon launching visual puzzle where you must fire cannonballs into a play area in order to propel red and green characters into their matching colored candy pieces. Interact with the game environment by accurately adding cannonballs to the play area, and hope that the fluff balls come into contact with the target candy pieces.

Skills required: This tricky online brain teaser game requires problem solving skills and desire to carefully study the environment, visualize scenarios (to predict which way the ball/s will roll), and to think outside of the box when necessary. Good strategy, analytical thinking skills, accurate shooting, and fast reactions are also essential. Good judgment of angles and trajectory also play a big part in your success.

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Lever Physics is a challenging, math, physics and equilibrium-based game for upper elementary school / middle school students, high school teens and grownups where you must place and balance weights (fun items and characters) on a ‘seesaw-style’ beam connected to the ground by a pivot (fulcrum). Playing against the clock, you must place any available weights onto the lever (beam), and try to keep it perfectly balanced in the middle.

Some quick physics revision: A lever is a simple mechanical device which consists of a beam or stick or rod, and helps to lift weights with less effort. To be effective (as a lever), it must have a support to pivot on. This pivot is called a fulcrum. Levers can then be used to exert a large force over a small distance at one end of a structure by exerting only a small force over a greater distance at the other end of the same structure (beam). (Physics teachers - Brief correction welcome here if needed..!)

The Law of Equilibrium: A lever is in equilibrium when "the load" and "the effort" balance each other. The effort (weight) multiplied by its distance from the fulcrum = the load (weight) multiplied by its distance from the fulcrum. This law of equilibrium is true for all classes of levers.

For example, 2 pounds of effort exerted 4 feet from the fulcrum will balance 8 pounds located 1 foot on the other side of fulcrum. This effort times (multiplied by) distance about the fulcrum is the "Torque" (rotational force).

Back to Lever Physics Flash game!: Don't be fooled by the fun and playful imagery in this load balancing brain-teaser! It is a tricky, analytical thinking puzzle and logic problem solving challenge that requires good observation skills and hard thinking combined with mathematical and engineering solutions.

This interactive, point-and-click activity allows some trial and error (by quickly placing, removing and re-positioning weights) but you definitely cannot delay your decisions for long as the clock is ticking fast! Ok Balancing Master, can you ‘lever’ yourself to the top of the class?

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Quad Cop is a really cute, eccentric and challenging interactive physics-based game for older kids & teens on PC / desktop where you must feed hungry cartoon sheriff characters in order to force them into special actions that knock bandito outlaw characters off and out of the game screen area.

These quirky sheriff characters have the ability to roll down hills, fly around the game screen, and create impactful explosions – but only after you feed them specific types of spicy food!

This interesting and clever problem-solving puzzle requires good visual and analytical thinking skills, a fun and creative streak, smart timing, and a cool head with lots of patience when under pressure. Some basic knowledge of the effects of gravity and motion is also important as you try to gauge the exact moment to feed your hero character! Enjoy the wacky action!

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