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Play free skill games online on Learn4Good Games. Exercise your interactive skillset and brain, and test yourself against some of the best "quick reactions" games, as well as good fun, interesting and challenging brain-teasers & hand-eye coordination activities for elementary school age kids through high school students & grownups.

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Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D is a straight-forward online water-skiing game for kids where you have to guide the character as far as possible down a slippy water slide on a board. Watch out for the obstacles designed to make it difficult for you, as well as the dummy pads you need to bounce off on the jumps! Make sure the pad you are bouncing off is sturdy and bouncy! Good luck!

Get as far down the slide as possible to gain a high score! This fun sports & skill arcade game will really test your quick reactions, as the slide comes toward you at super-fast speeds. Your prediction skills will also be tested, as you have to try and guess what the safe path will be through the oncoming objects. Have you got the ability to make a splash and help the character stay on the slide for the whole journey? Only one way to find out.

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Go Up Dash

Go Up Dash - Get ready for a fun, hectic and addicting action and skill game where you have to progress through the levels and prove that you are the champion at this game! Take a seat and concentrate for this, it is not as easy as it sounds!

The aim of this game is to reach the end of the level having not been hit by any of the spikes! You can progress onto the next level if you are good enough and you will be glad to hear that the levels get more and more challenging! This all-action adventure requires fast fingerwork and a steady hand, as you need to time your side changes to perfection! One second too late or too early and you will be hit! Good luck!

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Island Survival 3D

Come and test your skills with this simple, fun and addictive game, Island Survival 3D! Guide your ball across the tricky environment whilst dodging and overcoming a wide variety of obstacles, put in place to challenge you and put your brain to the test.

Your mission is to get the ball from one side to the other! Do not let the ball fall in the water or get crushed by the obstacles you come across! This fun and addicting arcade challenge tests your observation skills, problem solving skills, decision making, and quick reactions. Timing is everything as you attempt to methodically manoeuvre the ball through the pathways toward the end of each mission. Have you got the dexterous ability and determination to make it through this challenging 3D environment? It’s time to roll the ball, and find out!

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Baseball Hit

Ready to swing? You will need to - a lot - when playing Baseball Hit. This bright and explosive game has you swinging your baseball bat at a bunch of different objects from fruits to balls. But do not swing at the bomb or else your game is over!

This game is expertly made and is a lot of fun. You will want to play again and again. It is pretty much endless as long as you keep swinging and hitting.

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Duel Hit

Duel Hit is a challenging game where you have to shoot some balls towards the spinning structure at the middle of each level without touching the other balls already there. You have to land a certain amount of balls before clearing the level and be able to continue.

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Tomolo Bike

Tomolo Bike is a balancing bicycle game set in the sky! Yes, literally set in the sky. Carefully control and balance the bicycle as you ride down, up, and over suspended bridges to reach the finish line. One mistake, such as falling or even just overturning the bike, is an immediate game over. See if you have the patience and skill to complete all 20 levels without having a meltdown.

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Snowball Dash

Snowball Dash is a fun and fast-paced game set in a beautifully-rendered winter landscape. You'll need to steer a growing snowball left or right to avoid the pine trees scattered across your path. As you progress, your snowball grows larger, adding an exciting challenge to your gameplay. With its enchanting Christmas theme and engaging gameplay, Snowball Dash offers endless fun and a healthy dose of challenge.

The game helps enhance your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and decision-making skills as you dash through the snow-laden pine trees, aiming to outdo your previous score. It encourages competitive spirit as you strive to beat not only your own best score but also challenge your friends.

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Enchanted Waters

Enchanted Waters is a thrilling maze runner game where timing is everything. Navigate through the complex labyrinth and time your jumps perfectly to avoid falling into the endless lake. A single misstep could lead to a watery doom, requiring you to maintain high levels of focus and precision throughout the game.

Enchanted Waters aids in developing your reflexes, timing skills, and ability to make quick decisions under pressure. The challenge grows with each passing second, urging you to strategize your movements carefully.

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Mini Bowling 3D is a delightful and colorful way to play bowling on your touchscreen devices. The rules are simple, the controls are easy to follow. All in all, this is a wonderful and charming way to bowl.

The simplicity of the game is what makes it so fun. It doesn't need much explanation or instruction. All you need is a desire to bowl and the rest is easy to do.

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Bounce Balance

Bounce Balance is a fun physics based game, in which you bounce a ball along a track of squares as far as you can. Your job is to rotate the track, to make sure that the ball stays safe from falling off! The further you make it, the higher your score, and you’ll also collect coins which can be spent on unlocking fun new skins for your ball such as a basketball or penguin!

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Angry Chicken Eggs Madness

Angry Chicken Eggs Madness: Race against the crazy Angry Chicken and become an egg catching master! Catch as many eggs as you can, avoid the bad stuff like bombs and use the super power eggs(Freeze, Ninja, Gold). The Ninja egg will let you slice eggs with your finger, so be fast and slice all the eggs before they drop. Freeze egg will slow the Angry Chicken.

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Helicopter Want Jet Fuel

You’ve likely played a lot of online car and bike racing games, so how about taking on the unusual challenge of helicopter flying! Helicopter Want Jet Fuel is a fun and fast-paced flying game where you have to control a cool little cartoon chopper whilst constantly searching for fuel! Swerve your way around the rocks with incredible piloting skills, and give it everything you’ve got.

The aim of this game is to reach as far down the tunnel as possible without crashing or losing all your lives! This eccentric and difficult helicopter simulation game requires a cool head, practice, determination, a will to win – and plenty of piloting skills! You really need a steady hand to maneuver through the tricky rock filled terrain. Let's hop into the cockpit and get flying! Enjoy!

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Flap Cat

Flap Cat is a fun and unusual online puzzle game for kids where you have to maneuver an amazingly cute cartoon cat through a barrage of small gaps. This is similar to the hit game Flappy Bird so if you were a fan of will love this! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible through the game. If you go above the game screen, hit the barriers, or fall down to the bottom of the game will be game over! This tricky mouse clicking brain-teaser requires quick thinking and even quicker reactions. To carefully guide the cat through, you need a delicate hand on the mouse and expert judgement skills! Have you got what it takes?

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Sweet Tooth Rush

Welcome to Sweet Tooth Rush! Dinosaurs have a sweet tooth as well as humans you know! Help this dinosaur collect the sugary snacks it needs! Navigate your way through holes and logs to snap up the treats and the goodies that your dinosaur wants!

To play it is very simple, navigate left and right to avoid oncoming obstacles such as holes, logs and snowmen! If left and right is no good, you can also jump over these obstacles too! Survive for as long as you can whilst collecting sugary sweet snacks. You will need to use your coordination skills in this game to avoid multiple obstacles coming your way and successfully navigate round them on your way to sugary success!

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Bill The Bowman

Bill the Bowman is a challenging and exciting game where you play as a bowman and try to prove your skills by shooting fruits off of people's heads. Aim and shoot at the fruits to get points and a streak with the more you clear in a row. Aim carefully as you don’t want to waste arrows or hit the person in front of you.

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Knives Extreme

Exercise your focus levels and reaction speed to carefully throw the knives without hitting other knives onto the block of wood while it is constantly rotating. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Knives Extreme is a straight-forward accuracy game for kids, teens and grownups where you must fit all the knives onto the wood while the rotation speed constantly changes as well as the direction of rotation. Try to hit the apples as these give you points for you to unlock different knives which improve the speed of your throw which makes the game easier as the levels get progressively harder. Complete all the stages to unlock new worlds.

This tricky, online, HTML5-based, game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include high levels of focus, speed and concentration. Good hand-eye coordination, anticipation skills and sharp reflexes are important to your success in Knives Extreme.

Controls: Simply tap on the screen when you want to release the knife or use your mouse left click if using a PC. 

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Bounce Color Ball

Play a really hard and fast reflex-based game to help exercise and to improve your reaction time and coordination skills. In Bounce Color Ball, you must keep a ricocheting ping pong ball in play by batting it back and forth by hitting only the same color lines on the sides that match the ball color.

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Color Bounce is a very challenging, 1-level, reactions-based skill game. The bouncing ball changes color every few seconds, and your task is to keep it in play by matching the ball to its corresponding side wall at both the top and bottom of the play area. This is a repeat-play challenge, with your task being to beat your top score with each attempt!

This HTML5-based, action / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Use your mouse to control and hold the paddle or use your touch / finger on a mobile device. Skills required and tested includes your concentration, reflexes, anticipation skills, good hand-eye coordination if you want to prolong the action for more than a few bounces! Patience, determination, and a willingness for trial and error also come into play as the game can be very tough to master at first! But, as with most tricky activities based around sharp motor skills – practice helps to makes perfect! 

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Bazooka and Monster Halloween

Shoot to eliminate googly-eyed green monsters with well-placed bazooka missile shots in confined playing levels! Bazooka and Monster Halloween is a straight-forward yet crazy aiming and accuracy-based shooting game and physics brain teaser set in the jungle, and playable on your Android or iOS mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC. In each of the 18 increasingly-difficult levels, your goal is to completely clear the play area of all alien monsters by firing accurate bazooka missiles at them. This is made all the more difficult by moving walls and platforms, awkwardly-positioned obstacles, and other wacky hindrances! Earn extra Gold Star credits by completing levels in as few shots as possible. 

This fun, online, HTML5-based aiming & accuracy / alien shooting game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include steady hand-eye coordination, accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping, some analytical thinking and problem-solving logic skills with a good appreciation for of angles, trajectory, and the laws of physics (Some of the later levels represent more brain teasing challenges where you must figure out how best to ricochet your missiles in order to reach hidden monster positions). Good judgment and timing are also important, as tactful bazooka shooting is vital in levels where moving platforms come into play. 

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Tunnel Runner

Immerse yourself in Tunnel Runner, the ultimate test of your speed and agility as you race through over 1000 ever-changing tunnels at incredible speeds, dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups! With endless tunnels to explore and a progressive difficulty system to keep you on your toes, you'll need to be at your best to become the top tunnel runner.

In Tunnel Runner, you'll race down tunnels and along pipes, avoiding everything that gets in your way. Mercy shields are scattered throughout the levels, providing a helping hand when you need it most. With a dynamic difficulty system, the challenge never ends!

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Jump And Collect Coins

Jump and Collect Coins is a fun physics-based skill game for kids where you have to propel a small family-friendly character. This tricky test of your jumping abilities and precision aiming skills will put you on the spot (or maybe not!) depending on how good you are. Your job is to aim straight and sensibly - but most importantly, have fun! Enjoy!

Okay, you have to collect as many coins as possible by jumping between the steps. You must judge the jump as best as you can, as one little bit too far or not far enough...and it is game over! This game requires good judgement as a result, also good timing skills to maximise the distance. Do not jump until the very last minute if you have a long distance to jump! 

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Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kick Up is a simple yet addictive game, in which you need to keep a snowball in the air by clicking or tapping beneath it. Although the mechanics sound easy enough, you’ll need lots of patience and dedication to get a good score! Tip: This game is better on a smartphone or tablet, where you can use your fingers to keep the ball flying.

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Tractor Mania

Play as a tractor driver, in Tractor Mania, and your goal is to deliver items from the warehouse to the factory, the more items you bring, the more coins you get. You can use these coins you can buy new tractors and trailers in your garage, as well as improve them. Show everyone who is the best transporter! Balance the need for speed and precision to ensure you do a good job and get the items delivered!

You will get a batch of items, in which you must deliver to the factory! A good idea may be to upgrade your tractor's fuel capacity as soon as possible, you do not want to be running out of fuel! This game will help develop your coordination skills, you need to delicately balance your trailer and then operate the controls to effectively drive and reach the end!

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Connect The Balls

Connect The Balls is a fun and innovative reflex game where you have to spin around a stick with different colour ends to hit their respective colours as they fall. Hit as many of the correct colours before time runs out to fill the paint buckets below to win the level. In addition, Connect The Balls also has three difficulty levels to choose from, each with levels of their own, starting from easy (two stick ends), to medium (three ends) and ending with hard (4 ends and moving). Connect The Balls is a great casual game to relax with while providing just the right amount of challenge and reflex to keep it entertaining.

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Lost In Dimensions The Beginning

Explore the weird and mysterious worlds of Lost in Dimensions The Beginning. Help the little grey block find his way out and back home as you jump from platforms and over traps to reach the exit of each level. Miss and fall, and you will need to try again. Lost in Dimensions plays like other physics shooter platform games, but its true strength lies in its minimalistic and calming visual design. The result is a game that offers a relaxing and calming experience even when challenging you, making this game the perfect choice for when you just want to relax after a long day or before going to bed.

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Colors Pressing

Get your reflexes back into shape with Colors Pressing, a game that is all about focus, timing, and patience. An endless stream of coloured balls will continue to fall downwards towards the conveyor funnel. It is your job to smash the balls of a particular colour that matches the colour of the smashers. Allow more than a handful to slip past and it’s game over.

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Vortex is a beautiful fun 2D arcade game that is easy to get lost in due to its simple to learn gameplay mechanics. Fun for people of all ages and can be picked up and enjoyed almost instantly as it relies on one basic but an unbelievably exhilarating concept, Keep the arrow safe.

Aside from being visually appealing to look at vortex employs an easy to pick up gameplay that only requires two clicks. The gameplay is fun and addictive but can become frustrating and challenging at times as your level goes higher and the tensions arise. Precision and sharp reaction times are the key to getting high scores and beating your own personal record.

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Air Hockey

Play a hectic online air hockey simulation game on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Air Hockey is a fun and challenging skill-based game for kids and teens inspired by the popular real-life table top game where your objective is to score goals by shooting the puck / disc past your opponent's paddle and into the empty goalmouth! Here, you take on three levels of computer opponents in high-intensity matches where the first player to score 7 goals is the winner!

This HTML5-based, fast-paced air hockey / arcade game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Just like with playing air hockey in real life, your reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills must be really sharp if you want to combine defending your own goal with peppering the opponent with pinpoint shots. You need a steady hand and the ability to anticipate where the puck is going to end up when it reaches your half of the table. Decision-making skills also come into play - For example, if you are sitting on a large lead, it is sometimes better to play it safe and hope for your opponent to make a mistake (Accidental ‘own goals’ are commonplace in air hockey at all levels!).

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Tripping Balls

Tripping Balls is a bright, colorful and loud racing game that is intense and in your face and will make you want to play again and again.

The game is easy to play and has simple rules so you will quickly get the hang of things. But the longer it goes on, the harder the course is and the game will soon be going at a breakneck speed you can hardly keep up with.

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Shoot The Cannon

Get ready for an explosive and challenging adventure with Shoot The Cannon! In this beautiful 3D cannon shooter game, your goal is to topple the blocks by strategically shooting at them. Aim carefully and shoot with precision to knock down the blocks and progress through the levels.

But be warned, you only have a limited number of cannon balls, so use them wisely and plan your shots carefully. To succeed, you'll need to use your intellect and problem-solving skills to figure out the best angles and positions to shoot from.

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Vex 3 Xmas

Embark on a festive adventure with Vex 3 Xmas, where the thrill of platforming meets the joy of the holiday season. Transform your winter wonderland dreams into a reality as you leap across icy platforms, dodge frosty obstacles, and navigate through a maze of holiday cheer. This special edition of the classic Vex series is wrapped in a bow of snowflakes and sugarplums, ready to challenge your agility and spirit in a merry race against time.

As you traverse the snowy terrains and candy-striped hazards, you'll find that this game is more than just a sleigh ride through a winter paradise. It's a workshop where you can hone your reflexes, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and enhance your hand-eye coordination. Each zone is a new puzzle, a dance of precision and timing that will have you jingling all the way to the top of the leaderboards. Embrace the holiday spirit and let it guide your every jump and dash, as you become a master of the Vex universe.

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Deadly Ball 3D

Experience the sweet-inducing, adrenalin-pumping and disorientating gameplay of Deadly Ball 3D. Race along neon-lit space bridges as a speeding neon rocket ball, taking care to avoid the obstacles along the way, as hitting just one means you won’t be able to reach the finish line. Collect crystals along the way to unlock new skins for either the tracks or for the ball. Deadly Ball 3D is great for those who want to experience some fast-paced and thrilling gameplay.

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Drag Racing Rivals

Drag Racing Rivals allows you to compete in underground street races against your rivals from drag racing clans! Win cash, new amazing cars, and upgrade them to the max! Experience the thrill of taking a car to the very edge, and eventually take over and rule the streets as you defeat the current leaders! What are you waiting for? Come and show the streets what you are made of!

Compete in different categories of races to earn money, over different distances against gradually tougher opponents. If you are struggling to win, complete some easier races to earn cash! Then, go and tune your car in the garage to make it go a lot faster. You will need good timing skills to maximise acceleration with the launch and gear changes. Having good timing will earn you more cash too! Eventually you will be ready to challenge the crew leaders and take control of the streets!

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Pick a Lock

Ever wonder how you would do as a lockpick? Well, if so, Pick a Lock might be the stress and adrenaline-inducing game for you. Pick a Lock relies on fast reflexes and a keen eye as you attempt to pick each lock, make one mistake and its game over, start again. That might sound rough but that’s part of the fun, give Pick a Lock a chance and see how good of a lockpick you are.

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