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Play free browser-based skill games online on Learn4Good Games that require skill, quick thinking and reaction speed. Fun games for kids and teens - for girls and boys, best friends, school classmates and families to play now at home. Exercise your brain power, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, stamina, and determination. Find good games for elementary school age kids through high school students, and fun-loving grownups & seniors.

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Only Up Parkour

Leap into a world of thrilling vertical challenges with Only Up Parkour. This captivating arcade game will have you scaling towering heights and navigating through a labyrinth of obstacles. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled sport of parkour, this game will test your reflexes and precision as you guide your character through a series of increasingly complex levels. Your mission? To climb higher, faster, and more dexterously than ever before, avoiding pitfalls and crashes along the way.

As you immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of Only Up Parkour, you'll find your skills being honed and refined. This game is not just about reaching the top, it's about the journey and the skills you develop along the way. Your cognitive abilities will be put to the test as you strategize the best routes and react swiftly to changing environments. Your motor skills will be sharpened as you master the precise timing and coordination needed to overcome obstacles and ascend to new heights. And with each level presenting a fresh set of challenges, your problem-solving skills will be constantly engaged.

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Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball Game is a fast paced arcade game that’ll frustrate you for ages trying to rack up new high scores. In this game, you have to return tennis balls that are served at you from the other side of the court. After a certain number of balls (which increases with each level) the speed of the balls increases. Before too long, they fly across the screen and you’ll be on your toes with your fast reflexes! You have three lives and once you miss three balls, it’ll be game over.

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Human Ball 3d

Embark on a whimsical adventure with Human Ball 3D, where the laws of physics bend to your every whim, and the world becomes your playground. In this vibrant and dynamic 3D experience, you'll guide a growing sphere of humanity through a labyrinth of choices, each gate leading to a new fusion, as you roll your way to victory in a cascade of colors and excitement.

Sharpen your decision-making skills and enhance your reflexes as you navigate through this ever-evolving puzzle of people. Human Ball 3D is not just a game; it's a brain gym where strategy meets agility. Watch your problem-solving abilities grow as you choose the optimal path, and feel the satisfaction as your hand-eye coordination reaches new heights with every level conquered.

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Santa On Skates

Guide a brave and spectacular "ice-skating Santa Claus" through 20 fun, side-scrolling platform levels where he must tactfully leap over obstacles, collect candy pieces (for all the the patiently-waiting children), and safely reach the Finish Flag on the far right side! Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Santa On Skates is an enjoyable Holiday Season-themed, jumping-based online action game (for both little and Big Kids!) where you must carefully time Santa's jumps over snowmen, fireplaces, wagon wheels, and other wacky obstacles on a quest to reach the finish line without a fault. Featuring 20 increasingly-difficult, side-scrolling levels, you must also ensure Santa collects as many candy pieces as possible from each course. There is no room for error here – one slightly mistimed jump, and poor old Santa takes a heavy tumble onto the snow, and gets knocked out!

This online, HTML5-based, jumping and timing game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Timing really is everything here as you attempt to bring Santa safely along to the red finish flag in each level. You have no controls other than making Santa jump when needed - with Spacebar, click or tap. Very good reactions and anticipation skills, and sharp hand-eye coordination, and great determination all come into play. 

Control Tip: Santa jumps the same distance each time – no matter how long you hold down your mouse click or Spacebar key / or you tap your touch screen. Use this information to judge when and where you should make each jump.

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Jump Down

Jump Down: This excited little ball needs your help to jump down as far as possible! Each level has a small gap to fall through and you have control! Spin the pole so the gap lines up as you fall down! Be careful though, hitting the red parts will mean you have failed! Good luck!

Reach as far down as possible! This game requires fast fingers on the keyboard and good reaction times. You must react to turn the pole quickly to avoid landing in the red and failing. Therefore anticipation is key as you look what is to come, and act accordingly to keep your ball falling, or bouncing, safely!

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Cricket Hero

In Cricket Hero, live out your dreams of becoming a Cricket superstar! Your job is to protect your wicket by hitting away the balls that are bowled towards it. However, balls can be bowled with a bounce, spin or extra speed. You’ll also need to avoid hitting eggs (which will mean that your screen is almost covered in egg for the next ball) or bombs (which will make you lose a life). Three strikes (failing to protect the wicket or hitting a bomb) and you’re out!

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Cut It Fair

Cut it Fair is a fun puzzle game where you have to cut the fruits in equal parts to fill the glasses below. Cut the fruits in any direction you think it's best to have equal parts and wait for the result after finishing your cuts. You will have a fairness scale at the end of the level, see if you can reach one hundred percent.

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Extreme Jet Ski Racing

Are you feeling hot and in need of an ice cold thrill ride? Get yourself ready for Extreme Jet Ski Racing! You have to play a role as a Jet Ski Driver to drive a crazy Jet Ski Boat. Thrash your way round the tracks, either competitively or by yourself to practice. Earn money to upgrade your jet ski, and to improve your outfit and go faster as a result! What is not to like? Come and see if you have what it takes, come and take on the ultimate high speed water challenge!

The aim of the game is to win, it is that simple! Take part in different races and different modes to earn your reputation as a top tier jet ski racer! Earn coins to upgrade yourself and your jet ski, and dominate the water. You will need a good understanding of how the jet ski behaves in water to succeed at this game! It is not the same as driving a car! Turning takes longer and slowing down takes longer as well! Bare this in mind when you hop on board and try to reach the top of the racing world!

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Drift Mini Race

Drift Mini Race is a car game that, although simple, is challenging and addictive enough to have you playing for hours! In this game, you drive your car around the screen, avoiding both the extra cars that appear and the edges of the screen. The extra enemy cars have a limited lifespan, so if you outlive them they will explode. Your score is the number of cars that have exploded. Keep alive long enough to beat your high scores!

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DodgeBall Battle

Catch the ball with your hands, and throw it back to them. DodgeBall Battle - Can you win this duel? Use your reflexes and stamina to defeat the opponent. Throw the ball at your opponent. Don't get hit!

Play using your mouse or tap with your finger on a screen. You can move your character by tap and drag left/right. Catch incoming ball with hands (not your head) and call will be sent back at your opponent. When Supercharge is full at the bottom of the screen and you catch the ball and it is your turn to throw - wait for Supercharge to be at the peak and then tap to throw the ball. The ball will be send to your opponent at maximum speed. Don't forget to collect coins when it's raining golden coins!

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Two Neon Boxes

Are you ready to jump? That is exactly what you will do - a lot - in Two Neon Boxes. In this game, you are in control of two bright, moving neon boxes that are running along duel tracks. When obstacles present themselves, you need to leap up and avoid running into them. If you jump too fast or too late, your turn is over.

How high of a score can you create?

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Cheese Hunt

Rat and Cheese: This game for kids is a fun adventure game with cute little rodents and nice animation. Not all rodents should be hated! This is a cute little rat and its your job to look after it and make sure it gets its cheese by the end of the adventure. Climb up multiple levels, escape danger and navigate your way up the twisty corridors. Be careful of the slicer! This will hurt you! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to enable the rat to eat the cheese located at the end of the level. You must climb up and pass the obstacles to get to the cheese. This game requires good strategy, planning and of course execution. Have you got what it takes?

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Impossible Platform Game

Impossible Platform Game is a wacky retro puzzle-platform game for kids and teens, where you gain points and pass levels by playing the role of a peculiar little robot to reach the green box over the other side of the platform. In order to do this, you need to get through a series of demanding levels that require planning and patience.

Your mission is to get yourself placed within the little green box, usually on the other side of the platform. You must use your skills and your initiative to reach that green box - this is your way out. This game will test your puzzle solving skills as you must figure the best way/correct way to reach the green box. You may get stuck at first but do not give up, be persistent and you will be rewarded.

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Hit The Glow

Hit The Glow is a colourful reflex based game that will have you using all of your senses of timing! Your objective is to destroy coloured rings at the centre of a circle, after first destroying protective rings round its edge. You do this by firing a red ball, which can destroy red rings around the centre. You’ll need to be careful though, as hitting other colours will lose the level.
This game has four exciting modes each with more than 20 levels!

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Moving Up

Moving Up is a gorgeously designed and addictive game that seems simple at first but is actually quite challenging. The more you play the better you will get so don't be too alarmed if you aren't a master right at the beginning. Keep playing and, most importantly, keep moving.

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Assets  Zrist

Zrist is a fast-paced game that requires speed and quick decision-making where you play as a cube on a continuous track. Avoid touching the red blocks as they will eliminate you. Last for as long as you can and enjoy the different conditions that the game can have for you.

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Flood Escape

Flood Escape is a tower building escape game that asks you to climb higher and higher and requires some serious hand-eye coordination.

You need to build your way out of a flood. How do you build? Stand upon the foundation of a building as the next piece of the building moves from side-to-side above you. When your next building plane lines up with the one you're on, tap it so it will stop and your character will climb to the next level. Keep lining up the next platforms to climb higher and higher and avoid the raging flood below.

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Running Around

In Running Around, you will follow the intrepid and moustachioed explorer Bob Miner as he wonders round and round the never-ending red planet. However, red stone blocks will appear every now and then, if Bob hits them, he will fall off the planet! It is up to you to help him out by moving the blocks upwards for a short time at just the right moment to get Bob past them. The longer Bob manages to circle the planet the faster he will go, and the more blocks will appear, see how long you can go, pushing your reflexes to the extreme!

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Beware The Bridges

Beware The Bridges is an endless runner inspired game but with a twist of its own, which keeps it novel and certainly interesting. Instead of timing the right moment to make your character jump as he rushes ahead, here, you must control when to rotate a series of endless bridges in order to keep him alive. Hone your quick reflexes as you see how long you are able to stay alive, challenging your friends afterwards to see if they can beat your score!

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Copter FI

Copter Fi has you piloting an intense war helicopter and doing battle against a series of rockets and enemies that are looking to take you down.

You will be flying fast and furiously straight ahead, doing whatever you must to fly up and down and dodge incoming danger.

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Groovy Ski

Groovy Ski will have you racing down the slopes in no time. Soon enough you will feel like a true pro, racing along and collecting points and coins and beating your high score again and again.

The challenge to the game is to aim yourself correctly. You need to be careful because you only move in zig-zags. That means that sometimes you have to move back and forth multiple times to keep yourself on target.

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Cyberpunk Ninja Runner

Hextris is an interesting and very difficult problem solving challenge and reaction time skill-based game for older kids, teens & grownups where you must match 3 or more same-colored blocks by catching them as they fall onto a rotatable hexagon. Differently colored blocks both descend and approach from the outer rim of your hexagonal (5-sided) grid. Your job is to quickly and carefully rotate your hexagon so that the falling blocks land in advantageous positions – creating matches of three or more adjacent same-colored blocks in a group (In a group of 3, one of the blocks must touch the other two).

This really clever and fast-paced, Tetris-inspired, matching puzzle requires very good color and hand-eye coordination, decision making and reaction speed skills as you rapidly rotate your hexagon to your advantage. A cool head under intense pressure is also very important here as you swiftly try organize same-colored blocks into ideal placements on the grid. This is arcade-style, block-falling game play as you've possibly never experienced it before! Enjoy the challenge!

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React quickly to avoid falling blocks in this highly-challenging game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Avoiders is an endless, fast-paced reflex-based game where your task is to avoid the black blocks hitting your read and blue blocks. You control the red block and the blue one moves in the opposite direction so it gets fairly tricky as you have to be vary of the symmetrical movements. 

Skills required: This skill and brain teaser game requires very sharp analytical thinking and reaction skills so that you move your blocks out of the way of the falling ones quickly and successfully. Accurate mouse or finger skills are very important as you attempt to reach a new high score in every run. The falling blocks increase in speed as you progress, so top concentration levels and swift reflexes are essential to maintain!

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Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle

Press the Different Shaped Quadrangle is a fun puzzle game where you will be challenged to select the correct figure in each section. The two-game modes have you look for a square or a rectangle. They can be placed on the screen at different angles so make sure you are looking well and consider the different options.

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Snake vs Balls

Snake vs Balls is a high-speed tunnel racing simulator that is sure to raise your heart rate and slicken your palms. Snake vs Balls is similar to other tunnel racing simulators in that you have to avoid obstacles that you speed towards, turning and rotating around as you attempt to dodge them. That said, this game also has a twist of its own, as this racer is also a mix of classic Snake. Collect numbered balls as you speed through to extend your length and, in essence, lives. These lives will help to break through blocks of lower or the same numerical values on them when there is no time to avoid them. Run out of lives, and it’s game over. Try it out for yourself and see if you can complete all of the challenges!

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Popcorn Box

Play this fun popcorn-making game where your goal is to fill the container full up to the line without dropping any. PopCorn Box is a simple, one-action fun game which tests your ability to judge when enough is enough. You have to be very precise with the amount of popcorn you put as you are only allowed to drop 3, otherwise, you will have to restart the level. You will also have to judge the duration of popcorn loading because if you simply just let the popcorn flow, a lot of it will go overboard.

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Fun Hockey

Fun Hockey is a fast paced online air hockey simulator. It has four different air hockey tables to choose from; classic theme, soccer theme, neon theme and ‘fun hockey’ theme. You can choose to play against opponents online in single player mode, or if you prefer to challenge your friends you can play in two-player mode.

This is air hockey with a twist; there are several power ups that you can collect in a longer point to help you win. The fire power up turns the puck into a flaming jet which moves faster and leaves a streak behind it, and the multi ball power up divides the puck into many smaller ones, any of which can score the point.

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Hard Flap

Hard Flap is an extremely difficult flappy bird style game, which will have you bouncing off the walls in frustration! You control a ball that rolls along the floor and needs to bounce through an open space above a moving barrier to continue. You can lift the ball up, but only a maximum of six times before going back to the floor. This can be a challenge to your timing and coordination to work out the best way to get through! The more barriers you make it through, the higher your score — but beware as the speed of the barriers will also accelerate.

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Jumping Skill Master

Jumping Skill Master is a physics based jumping challenge, in which you have to make your way across a series of floating boxes in a lake of dangerous yellow acid! You’ll need to judge the power you jump with carefully, as it’s easy to misjudge and fall short or overshoot your target. Each box you jump to is only safe for a short while, as it sinks quickly, so you’ll need to work quickly and accurately to keep your character alive and set your high scores!

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Santa Weighlifter

In Santa Weightlifter, you will need to use your best judgment of timing to control a jacked-up Santa as he lifts heavy weights above his head! Time clicking on a red block moving above his head to coincide with the centre guideline to keep him stable. Clicking when the bar is on either side will make him wobble at a rate relative to how far your timing was off!

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Blaster Fruit

Set off a carefully-timed blast within a confined game screen – and try to slide matching fruits and eliminate as many roes as you can as you can in the ensuing chain reaction! Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Blaster Fruit is an interactive, fast paced and addicting, skill game where you must quickly slide the top fruit towards a matching fruit below it in order to clear a row. However, you only have one shot in each level, so observe the moving shapes carefully, and make sure you slide the top fruit to the matching one below as the fruits keep going up squeezing to the top of the game screen. Once it reaches the top - it is game over.

This online, HTML5-based, action game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Accurate and tactful mouse clicking / mobile screen tapping skills are very important as you try to pinpoint where to moving the top fruit to match it against the same one below it. See which level you can reach!

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and mobile device browsers.

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Stack Color

Stack Colour is an addictive tower block stacking game with an intense twist. New blocks that you must add to the existing structure will keep sliding from the left to the right above your starting block. Here is the twist: you have to time the release just right as even if you are slightly off the new block will become smaller, this makes it more likely that you will miss the next release, dropping the block and having to start over. Features like these make Stack Colour a hair-raising but addictive game.

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Jumpy Tile

Dodge obstacles and battle gravity in Jump Tile! Propel a little black tile upwards through gaps and around barriers, all the while you try not to lose momentum and plummet down. Jumpy Tile can offer a great amount of fun as you try to see how far you can go and for how long you can defy gravity.

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