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Play free online skill games for girls and boys, teens, best friends and families to play now at home on Learn4Good Games that require skill, thinking and fast reaction speed. Exercise your fast reaction speed and reflexes, hand-eye coordination, determination, stamina and brain power. Find skill games for elementary school age kids through high school students, grownups & seniors. Enjoy lots of different and interesting game concepts, action games, sports and car racing games, board games, card games, math puzzles, analytical thinking activities, and more.

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Lock Challenge

Play a highly-addicting and challenging, multi-level, timing-based skill game where you must simply click or tap at the correct moment in order to unlock a virtual padlock! Lock Challenge is a very hard, reactions-based action game based on a simple concept where you must stop a rotating the white marker on a green (not red!) dot in order to break through the defenses of a standard padlock. The catch is that the locks become more complex as you progress – corresponding with the number of the level (For example, on Level 5, you must break through& 5 times in a row in order to fully pop the lock and move to the next level). Another difficulty is that the rotating marker increases in speed as you progress, so this becomes a very testing exercise to unlock!

This online, HTML5-based, timing skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Becoming a master locksmith in this game requires strong focus, patience, discipline, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, nimble hand-eye coordination skills, sharp reactions, perfect timing, great determination, persistence and stamina. Have you got all of those key skills in your locker?

Absolute precision is required here – as even the slightest miss means you must begin the level again. But take your time! Wait for what you feel is the perfect moment to make your unlocking move each time.

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Chaotic Ball

Chaotic Ball is a challenging avoidance and collection game akin in style to classic arcade games like Snake. In Chaotic Ball, you need to collect as many stars as possible while trying to control the chaotic ball which, will move in erratic and haphazard patterns. Time the moment right when the ball is aligned in the desired direction to get the stars and avoid the other balls; you will only have 3 lives, so try not to get hit!

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Space Cord

Space Cord is unlike any other game you’ve played in that it employs a unique concept that traces the movement of your cursor and puts you through a stunning but challenging fast paced obstacle course that will put your reflexes and reaction speeds to the ultimate test.

It’s very easy to get addicted to its fun arcade style gameplay as you envision yourself being in control of a hypersonic spacecraft zooming through space avoiding deadly obstacles that are placed to stop you from reaching your goal while exciting electronic music plays in the background.

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Twisty Lines

Test and exercise your reaction speed with this fast-paced skill game which increases in difficulty after every completed level! Playable on a mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC, Twisty Lines is a challenging, gravity switch-based, retro arcade game where you must get to the finish without touching any red lines by constantly altering gravity to keep your ball safe.

This online, HTML5-based, one-click / one-touch action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp concentration, hand-eye coordination and reflexes, good anticipation skills, and expert timing. Try to collect all the green squares for a maximum score.

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Doodle Drop

Doodle Drop is a captivating and whimsical game that takes you on a delightful journey with a doodle kitten. This game is not about high-speed chases or shooting, but about mastering the art of timing and precision. Your mission is to guide the adorable doodle kitten down through a series of descending platforms, avoiding dangerous obstacles like laser lines and spikes. Along the way, you can use power-ups to freeze and slow down platforms, making your descent a bit easier. Keep your doodle kitten happy and safe as you navigate through this charming and visually appealing game.

Playing Doodle Drop can help enhance a variety of skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities as you strategize the best ways to descend the platforms and use power-ups effectively. The game also improves your motor skills as you need to time your drops perfectly to avoid obstacles. Additionally, it fosters patience and perseverance as you navigate through the increasingly challenging levels. Doodle Drop is not just a game, but a fun and engaging way to develop and enhance important life skills.

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Halloween Island Running

Survive for as long as possible running away from the people that kidnaped you in this fun endless-running obstacle course which is based on the very well known game: Temple Run. Halloween Island Running is a one-level, run and jump action game where you must keep running and avoiding many obstacles and characters along the way. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC.

This online, HTML5-based, endless running game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include sharp focus & concentration, quick hand-eye coordination & reactions, and good anticipation skills. Tactful mouse movements or finger swipes are really important as you must carefully time your actions to coincide with the treacherous obstacle course. Showcase your determination and stamina while attempting to improve your top score with each new run. Collect coins along the way to purchase new characters for more fun!

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Gonna Fly

Keep a flapping penguin out of harm's way in this highly-addicting, endless jumping, sliding and flying arcade game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC! Gonna Fly is a very challenging, reactions speed-based, survival skill game where you must guide a constantly moving, penguin character along various obstacles, confined game environment. Your task is to keep the action going for as long as you can by avoiding hitting any object in front of you

Guide a Penguin, an Ostrich, a Kiwi, a Fish and the Angry Chicken (from 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!') cross roads and fly towards their dream to become the next big champion! Their wings may be weaker than usual birds, but you can help them out.

This online, HTML5-based, infinite flying / survival action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (This game currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

Here you must either "click or tap to flap" and stay safe in flight for as long as possible. Skills required include sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination, good judgment and timing, and alert anticipation skills - as the contours and hindrances within the game environment change every few seconds. Tap on the screen to make the character fly with quick brief taps and avoid the obstacles. You can press and drag down to make the character slide under the obstacle, in case there is an obstacle that blocks from flying.

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Shift Run

Shift Run provides you with a futuristic and sky-bound form of skiing as you travel along floating ski tracks, taking care to avoid all the obstacles along the way and reach the finish line in one piece. Switch between closed feet and wide feet apart positions as you dodge in between track obstacles. Hit just one and you will, unfortunately, have to start from the beginning. Oh, don't worry the game will get harder the further you go.

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Cricket Hero

In Cricket Hero, live out your dreams of becoming a Cricket superstar! Your job is to protect your wicket by hitting away the balls that are bowled towards it. However, balls can be bowled with a bounce, spin or extra speed. You’ll also need to avoid hitting eggs (which will mean that your screen is almost covered in egg for the next ball) or bombs (which will make you lose a life). Three strikes (failing to protect the wicket or hitting a bomb) and you’re out!

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Minigolf Clash

Step into the vibrant world of Minigolf Clash, a captivating and immersive game that brings the fun and excitement of minigolf right to your fingertips. This game is not just about putting the ball in the hole; it's about strategy, precision, and creativity. With a variety of golf balls at your disposal and a plethora of levels to conquer, Minigolf Clash offers endless hours of entertainment and challenge.

Playing Minigolf Clash is not just a fun pastime, it's also a great way to enhance your strategic thinking and precision skills. The game encourages players to think ahead, plan their shots, and make calculated decisions to navigate through the intricate courses. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination as players must accurately aim and control the power of their shots. As you progress through the levels, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at analyzing situations and making quick, effective decisions.

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Tank Hero Online

War has broken out, and it is up to you alone to quell the waves of enemy tanks in Tank Hero Online. Climb into and ready your own tank for the battles ahead, using guile and tactics to take out the enemy tanks before they can take you out. Defeat enemies and win levels to earn coins, which you can use to purchase stronger types of cannon shells and different tanks to operate. Tank Hero Online is an easy game to learn and pick up and is sure to keep you entertained!

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Fun Gravity Ball

Fun Gravity Ball is a challenging, interactive physics-based puzzle for kids and teens where you have to constantly switch the gravity in order for you to survive and avoid danger, and also to pick up rewards! Think you have the concentration levels and the timing skills needed for this? Let's find out!

The aim of this game is to survive for as long as possible and reach as far as possible without getting hit by a box or by the spikes...if this happens unfortunately it is game over! You can collect the gems and these can be used to purchase more cooler looking balls! This would require good reaction timing, a strong focus and concentration and finally a good understanding of the right time to switch sides...too soon or too late and you will most likely have to restart! Good luck!

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Cube The Runners

Race along and jump across the exciting cubic world of Cube The Runners, a welcome addition to the obstacle racer genre. In Cube The Runner, you must jump over gaps, slalom and zigzag along sharp and abrupt corners, and dodge falling trees and other barriers as you see how far you can go! Cube The Runner offers you over 10 different costumes to choose from as well as 4 different maps to play through, with each map harder than the last. If you get bored playing single player, get a friend over and try out two-player mode, see which of you is the better!

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Santa On Skates

Guide a brave and spectacular "ice-skating Santa Claus" through 20 fun, side-scrolling platform levels where he must tactfully leap over obstacles, collect candy pieces (for all the the patiently-waiting children), and safely reach the Finish Flag on the far right side! Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Santa On Skates is an enjoyable Holiday Season-themed, jumping-based online action game (for both little and Big Kids!) where you must carefully time Santa's jumps over snowmen, fireplaces, wagon wheels, and other wacky obstacles on a quest to reach the finish line without a fault. Featuring 20 increasingly-difficult, side-scrolling levels, you must also ensure Santa collects as many candy pieces as possible from each course. There is no room for error here – one slightly mistimed jump, and poor old Santa takes a heavy tumble onto the snow, and gets knocked out!

This online, HTML5-based, jumping and timing game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Timing really is everything here as you attempt to bring Santa safely along to the red finish flag in each level. You have no controls other than making Santa jump when needed - with Spacebar, click or tap. Very good reactions and anticipation skills, and sharp hand-eye coordination, and great determination all come into play. 

Control Tip: Santa jumps the same distance each time – no matter how long you hold down your mouse click or Spacebar key / or you tap your touch screen. Use this information to judge when and where you should make each jump.

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Reflex Ball

Reflex Ball is a challenging and fast-paced game where you have to rotate two balls to match the color balls coming from both ends of the screen. Match white and black balls with their corresponding colors. Last for as long as you can and practice your reaction speed.

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Gravity Jump

Gravity Jump is a fun and challenging game where you have to jump platforms and columns to reach the end of the level. Perform precise jumps to pass over obstacles and don’t touch them, you will lose if you do so.

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Piano Online

Piano Online is a musical reaction game in which you can play your favourite pieces on the piano. As the piece plays, you will see piano tiles come on the screen marked with letters. Press the letters to keep the music playing, but if you press a wrong letter then it’s game over.
You have many tracks to choose from, from Happy Birthday to more complex pieces by Beethoven!

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Darts Pro

Darts Pro game is a good game to challenge your friends and family members with. The rules are the same as those in the standard 501 darts game. You are able to play by yourself for practice, play against your friend on the same screen or just play against the computer. This is an incredibly fun game and very realistic as well! Also, you can play online against other players from around the world! Enjoy and good luck!

Your aim is to score points in order to reduce your remaining score from 501 to 0. Try to achieve that with as few darts as possible. Do your best and try to hit a double, triple or bullseye. You throw three darts one after another and you must finish with hitting a double. This game develops your aim and depth perception as you learn about the distance and the power needed per shot. After each shot learn from it, was there too much power or not enough? Therefore on the next shot, you will be more accurate.

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Mars Landing

It’s time for an epic Martian adventure that is literally, out of this world! Mars Landing is a fun skill game for kids where you have to fly your spacecraft around on planet Mars. This is a really simple and addictive game that will have you playing for hours!

Your aim is to land your spacecraft on the landing platform on Mars, which will be hidden amongst all the rocks and floating debris! Stay well away from these! The faster you safely land on the platform the better your score will be! You will need expert flying skills for this game, with immaculate control of the spacecraft to succeed at this since flying can be difficult to master.

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Garden Survive

Garden Survive is a fun keyboard skill game based on a simple idea; survive for as long as possible in the garden! Sounds simple? Well, this is definitely not as simple as it seems and it will have you on the edge of your seat! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to survive for as long as possible within the garden. If you drop off the edge it will be game over and you will need to start again! Dodge and weave your way out of harm’s way in this all-action, fast-paced adventure. Concentration, hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, timing and a cool head under pressure are essential skills here! Think you can survive for a long time in this garden of peril? Let's find out!

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The Bowling Club

The Bowling Club is a wonderful way to bowl. With intuitive controls and bright colors and an excellent design, this game is like being on an actual court and playing a real game. Can you make a strike?

The game is easy to use and has controls that are responsive and fun. And the sounds and design are just an icing on the cake of an already terrific game.

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Krishna Jump

Krishna Jump - Play this fun easy-to-play game by yourself, or with your family members or friends and compare your score. The stars are the limit in terms of how far you can rise yourself in this! Jump and jump, higher and higher and build your stance as you climb into the sky! Lets see if you have the skills to get into the dizzying heights! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to jump on the incoming boards to gain height. You must try to jump and land centrally on the incoming board. Otherwise, failure to do this, will make you lose balance and end up tipping over and therefore it would be game over! After a few boards have been settled, they will reset so you have a solid base to build upon again! This game will test your timing skills more than anything! Jump too early and you will possibly miss and get hit by the block, or possibly cause the block to be unbalanced! Jump too late and you will get hit by the block and it will be game over!

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Hit The Glow

Hit The Glow is a colourful reflex based game that will have you using all of your senses of timing! Your objective is to destroy coloured rings at the centre of a circle, after first destroying protective rings round its edge. You do this by firing a red ball, which can destroy red rings around the centre. You’ll need to be careful though, as hitting other colours will lose the level.
This game has four exciting modes each with more than 20 levels!

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Plan 99

Plan 99 is a game all about timing, where you must make two shapes collide. This is a very simple and easy to play game making it perfect for people of all ages. Furthermore, it is incredibly addicting so you will be spending hours of your time trying to get past a certain level! Think you have the skills to beat this game? Come and find out!

The aim of the game is simple. You must make your arrow collide with the floating icon to pass onto the next level. Your arrow follows a set track which changes angle progressively, therefore when you click you must click at exactly the right time so the arrow gets released at the right angle. You must have the patience of a God as you wait for the perfect moment to click, too early or too late and you will miss and have to restart! 

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Moving Up

Moving Up is a gorgeously designed and addictive game that seems simple at first but is actually quite challenging. The more you play the better you will get so don't be too alarmed if you aren't a master right at the beginning. Keep playing and, most importantly, keep moving.

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Jump And Collect Coins

Jump and Collect Coins is a fun physics-based skill game for kids where you have to propel a small family-friendly character. This tricky test of your jumping abilities and precision aiming skills will put you on the spot (or maybe not!) depending on how good you are. Your job is to aim straight and sensibly - but most importantly, have fun! Enjoy!

Okay, you have to collect as many coins as possible by jumping between the steps. You must judge the jump as best as you can, as one little bit too far or not far enough...and it is game over! This game requires good judgement as a result, also good timing skills to maximise the distance. Do not jump until the very last minute if you have a long distance to jump! 

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Axe vs Fruits

Axe vs Fruits is a simple yet frustratingly tricky game in which you have one mission; to destroy a range of fruits by throwing your axe! Fruits spawn one by one, and you’ll have one chance to hit them. Keep a streak going to rack up a good high score.

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Flood Escape

Flood Escape is a tower building escape game that asks you to climb higher and higher and requires some serious hand-eye coordination.

You need to build your way out of a flood. How do you build? Stand upon the foundation of a building as the next piece of the building moves from side-to-side above you. When your next building plane lines up with the one you're on, tap it so it will stop and your character will climb to the next level. Keep lining up the next platforms to climb higher and higher and avoid the raging flood below.

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Running Around

In Running Around, you will follow the intrepid and moustachioed explorer Bob Miner as he wonders round and round the never-ending red planet. However, red stone blocks will appear every now and then, if Bob hits them, he will fall off the planet! It is up to you to help him out by moving the blocks upwards for a short time at just the right moment to get Bob past them. The longer Bob manages to circle the planet the faster he will go, and the more blocks will appear, see how long you can go, pushing your reflexes to the extreme!

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Sheep Stacking

What is Sheep Stacking? It is a weird, hilarious and truly fun stacking game that has you dropping sheep in quick succession. Create a tower of grumpy sheep before time runs out.

The look and feel of this game is truly special and one-of-a-kind, unlike any other games out there. It will have young players coming back again and again.

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Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kick Up is a simple yet addictive game, in which you need to keep a snowball in the air by clicking or tapping beneath it. Although the mechanics sound easy enough, you’ll need lots of patience and dedication to get a good score! Tip: This game is better on a smartphone or tablet, where you can use your fingers to keep the ball flying.

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Copter FI

Copter Fi has you piloting an intense war helicopter and doing battle against a series of rockets and enemies that are looking to take you down.

You will be flying fast and furiously straight ahead, doing whatever you must to fly up and down and dodge incoming danger.

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Street Cricket

Street Cricket is a fun and challenging game where you play cricket and have to reach a certain goal at every level to beat it. You have a limited amount of times that you can get outs, as well as the number of runs you need to beat the level.

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