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221. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Courses / Programs
Learn English in the Rio Grande Valley, just north of the U.S. - Mexico border.

With campuses in Edinburg and Brownsville TX, close to McAllen, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) offers Intensive and Semi-Intensive English language courses year round at beginner to advanced levels. We also offer a 3-week Summer English course.

Our institute has a state-of-the-art audio lab and dynamic instructors. Upon completion of an English program, students will have acquired language skills that will enhance their opportunities for advancement.
English Language Classes:
- Beginner to advanced levels

Intensive English Course:
- Duration: 8 weeks
- 10 language levels

Semi-Intensive English Course:
- Duration: 12 weeks
- Saturday classes

Further Language Programs:
- Summer English Course (3-weeks)
- Spanish, German, Chinese, and Latin language classes
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222. US Accent Coach, NYC
Courses / Programs
Based on Manhattan's Upper East Side, US Accent Coach provides online and on-site accent reduction classes to students from around the world. We make it our job to help you improve your speaking, pronunciation and English language skills with our one-on-one accent reduction classes.

The purpose of our accent reduction courses are to improve our students pronunciation so that they can be more easily understood by native English speakers and feel more confident with their speech. After we discover all of the areas in which you need assistance, we develop a list of target goals made personally for you, and decide which kind of classes you need.

Your Accent Coach will work with you to learn what you need by speaking with you one on one over an internet platform, asking you about your concerns and assessing your problematic areas.

Accent reduction coaching sessions will teach you the appropriate speech modification techniques and the basic sounds and principles of the American English accent.
Online / On-Site Accent Reduction Classes:

Features include:
- Pronunciation
- Word production
- Stress and intonation
- Voice projection & enhancement

- Online classes (3 hours, weekly) taught via Adobe Connect

- On-site classes taught to those living in New York City and surrounding areas (on-site or at agreed location)
223. Boston Academy Of English
Courses / Programs
Learn More, Pay Less. Boston Academy of English wants you to learn more than just English - we want you to experience American culture in the best city for international students in the world - Boston. One of the most academically prestigious cities in the United States, Boston is home to hundreds of outstanding colleges and universities. Whether you need to improve your English to help you get into the school of your choice - or prepare you for the better job that you deserve - Boston Academy of English is your answer. Our Quality English programs are Accredited by ACCET and are the best price value in the Boston Area.
Standard English Program (20 lessons/week), Intensive English Program (24 lessons per week), Intensive English Plus Program (30 lessons per week), TOEFL Test Preparation (24 lessons per week), GMAT, Private Lessons, Corporate English, Summer Program, ESL Teacher Training Certificate Program
224. School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Lehman College
Courses / Programs
• Learn English to get a better job, go to college, take a training course, or just get more out of life in the U.S.!

• Situated on the campus of Lehman College in The Bronx NY, School of Continuing and Professional Studies provide beginner to advanced level English (ESL) courses to students from around the globe.

• Our Intensive Program is authorized under the federal law to enroll non-immigrant students holding the F-1 Visa/status. F-1 Visa holders must take both classes.

• Since 1989, the ESL Institute has offered classes on the full-time and part-time basis to everyone interested in improving their English skills for personal and professional reasons.

• Some features of our programs include dynamic instructors, affordable rates, flexible schedules, opportunities to enter degree programs, and a student-oriented environment.
English Language Programs in The Bronx:
- Beginner to advanced level classes

Intensive English Program:
• Reading / Writing / Grammar Specialization
• Listening / Speaking / Pronunciation Specialization

Further English Course Options:
• Part-Time English Program (Evenings & Saturdays)
• ESL Writing Courses
• Customized ESL Lessons
• Private / One-to-One English Lessons
225. The Rosencroit Elite English Academy
Courses / Programs
Based in Albuquerque NM, in the United States, The Rosencroit Academy is an American English school for non-native speakers who wish to learn or improve their American English. We provide a wide range of beginner to advanced level online English classes, with an all-inclusive Foundation course as well as specialized reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation classes.

At Rosencroit, students learn the four aspects of the English language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), while also enhancing their knowledge of public speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, note-taking, and American culture.

From the faculty to the staff, every team member of The Rosencroit Academy family is passionate about making a positive difference in the world - and they know that making a difference starts with the individual.
Beginner to Advanced Level Online American English Language Classes:

10-week Foundations Course (Divided into three sections, over a ten week period)

- Includes general skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, public speaking, enhanced vocabulary, note-taking, and advanced grammar.

Short, Individual Online Courses:
- Pronunciation
- Writing
- Speaking
- Reading
- Listening
- American Culture
226. Visions International, Greenville SC
Courses / Programs
Located in Greenville, South Carolina in Upstate South Carolina, Visions International's Find a Language Coach Service connects language learners to qualified language coaches in the Upstate SC area and online teachers in other countries.

Our language coaches teach beginner to advanced level language courses to individual students, managers and executives. Courses include General English, Intensive English, Business English, Executive English, Japanese classes, German Classes and other languages.

We serve students in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Easley, Clemson, surrounding areas and online.
English Language Courses:
- Beginner to Advanced Level
- Students, Stay at Home Mom/Dad, Managers, Executives

- Daily Life English
- English Conversation
- Business English
- English In the Workplace (Vocational Training)
- English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
- English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
- English Proficiency Exam Prep (TOEIC, TOEFL)
- Culture Workshops

Also taught
- Japanese
- Japanese Proficiency Exam Preparation (for Eiken, JLPT)
- German
Updated: 2019-10-04
Updated: 2019-10-04
227. Hills Learning, New York
Courses / Programs
Hills Learning is a language school based in New York City offering group English classes for adults and private English lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our group courses are held at the Chanin Building which is part of Grand Central station (380 Lexington Avenue). Our private English tutors cover all of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and even Staten Island. Some spots of New Jersey and Connecticut can also be covered.

We believe that keeping our group classes small is the key to developing your English conversation skills. We offer two group English classes: Practical English and Business English. In every class, you will develop at least three out of the five language skills (speaking, writing, intonation, reading and listening). Our main goal for English private lessons is to develop conversational skills, but we also specialize in test prep, business etiquette, writing skills, interview techniques, or just general language acquisition.

Hills Learning’s speciality is having English teachers with an international background. If you're looking to learn English from worldly teachers with years of experience and training then look no further than Hills Learning.
- Group English Classes
- Practical English
- Business English
- Private English Lessons
228. Go Travel English
Courses / Programs
Go Travel English is an English language tutoring service offering online ESL lessons through Skype. We specialize in travel or regular English conversation. All English courses are customized to the students ability level, interest, and goals. We offer a free 20 minute interview to meet the student and for us to choose a path that's right. Courses are very flexible to meet the student's needs.

Skype allows for clear video and audio interaction, allowing the student and teacher to communicate effectively. This is a great to get consistent and convenient interaction with a friendly native English speaker. The online classroom is a great way for all types of learners to receive flexible and professional education in their own home or even assistance during their travels.
- English Travel Conversation
- English Conversation Classes
- Other English Services
229. Agape English Language Institute
Courses / Programs
Agape English Language Institute in Greenville & Columbia, South Carolina, in the southeast USA, offers high-quality intensive English instruction at an affordable cost. Our hospitality begins right at the airport when you arrive and continues throughout your stay. We provide free airport pickup, housing arrangements, hospitality, recreational tours, personal counselling, academic advice, help with college and university admissions, social and emotional support, and much more. Our Greenville, and Columbia Centers are both located in the city centers.
Intensive English Instruction:

- Communication Skills, Grammar (Structure) & Writing (composition), Vocabulary Development & Reading Comprehension,
- TOEFL Preparation.
- Vacation study program for summer & winter available

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230. Acadia Center for English Immersion
Courses / Programs
Acadia Center for English Immersion is an English language centre based in Camden in Knox County on the beautiful coast of Maine (a state in the New England Region) in the northeast corner of the USA, a few hours by car from Boston and from Québec. Acadia Center for English Immersion is dedicated to providing the highest quality intensive English language courses and online English lessons to professionals, executives, and adult students from many different countries featuring everything you need to improve your English quickly and enjoy a memorable learning vacation.

Acadia Center for English Immersion was established in 1999 by Brian Boyd and Kathreen (Kit) Harrison. At Acadia, you will gain new self-confidence in speaking, writing, and understanding English, while enjoying the beauty, serenity, and generous hospitality of a small Maine town. Students constantly practice their English, both in class and out of class, at meals and on excursions.

As a result of the small size and friendliness of our program, you will have the chance to meet many people in our community who are eager to get to know you and help you with your English. You can join us at a time that works best for you.
Intensive English language courses offered year-round for adults of all levels from beginner to advanced:

- Combination English language courses: Our combination intensive courses feature one-to-one and mini-group lessons.

- Private English language courses: Our private intensive courses offer fully customized, private instruction.

- Online English language lessons (via the internet): English lessons in conversation and / or writing.

- New intensive courses begin every week.
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