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Summer Study Abroad Program in Bonn, Germany

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Academy for International Education (Akademie für internationale Bildung), Bonn:
Located in Bonn, in western Germany, Academy for International Education (Akademie für internationale Bildung - AIB) is a private non-profit organization for higher education. We specialize in providing year-round, semester and summer study abroad programs in Bonn for individual students and groups from US colleges and universities.

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Only through merging academic, professional and cultural elements can we provide this unique learning experience that educates the student as a whole, evoking the importance of intercultural awareness. Our programs can be the first step to becoming a responsible citizen of the world – we consider this to be our contribution to world unity and peace.

SABINA Summer Program (6 weeks):

Photo of Summer Study Abroad Program in Bonn, GermanySABINA is an interdisciplinary, six-week summer program for US students that offer courses in German language and culture, liberal arts and film studies in Bonn. It offers students the choice between three different academic 'packages'. Each track gives students the opportunity to earn a total of six-eight semester credits but with different combinations of courses. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to participate in this program (exceptions can be made).

The SABINA summer program includes cultural activities and excursions. Students taking part on all tracks will have a one week excursion at the end of the program to eastern Germany and Berlin.

Program Options:

TRACK 1: German language & culture:
- Course in German language, German culture and civilization
- Course in German language, German culture and civilization on the next relevant level

TRACK 2: German language & liberal arts:
- Course in German language, German culture and civilization in combination with
- Liberal arts course

TRACK 3: Liberal arts:
- Liberal arts course
- Another liberal arts course

Note: All liberal arts courses are taught in English

Internship Programs / Work Experience Placements:

In connection with the summer programs, AIB offers the possibility to take an intensive language course (consisting of 2 language classes) before starting an internship for 6 - 8 weeks. The language course will guarantee that the student is capable of the basic German language skills that are needed to successfully master an internship.

Internships are a great addition to every resumé. They are a very valuable, praxis oriented way of learning and offer a great opportunity to make new experiences. The AIB offers various formats for internships.  

A possible format for the internship program might be:

- 5 weeks of language courses (2 classes)
- One week excursion at the end of the first part of the program
- 6 - 8 weeks of internship
- It is possible to take a so called "internship class" while doing the internship

The cost and fees for the internship are calculated based on the individual composition of each internship program.

Why Study Abroad with AIB?

Image of Summer Study Abroad Program in Bonn, GermanyWe at the AIB make it our mission to educate students and advance their skills to become independent, self-confident professionals ready to deal with this world’s idiosyncracies old and new. No matter the subject of study, today all students need a greater understanding of the world to help them formulate the role they will play and learn in what they do can impact the rest of the world. Studying abroad has subsequently become a fundamental element of contemporary education.

We assist in developing individual talent and skills through creating a special framework that encourages artistic, social and cultural diversity. Our programs bring challenging academic, professional and cultural components together with European perspectives. The result is a truly international setting for learning and personal experience.

Accommodation Options:

Homestay Accommodation with German Host Family:
AIB strongly encourages students to live with one of our carefully selected host families. Living with a German family offers the unique possibility to fully immerse oneself in the German culture, meet people outside of the program and make friends.

All host families provide students with a single room or more and open the rest of the house to them. Host families live in close proximity to public transportation, so the student can easily reach the AIB. Students in host families receive breakfast and one other meal per day. 

The AIB housing manager selects host families only after a thorough screening process. She makes personal visits to the families to ensure that accommodations meet our standards and regularly checks in with them throughout the program duration.

Student Residence:
The student residence is conveniently located close to a subway station that connects with the AIB in 5 minutes. The apartments in the student residence are doubles. Every apartment has its own bathroom and a kichtenette area as well as a balcony. Laundry facilities are also available, as well as a common large kitchen shared by all apartments and a lounge area. Students in the students residence get a meal allowance to subsidize breakfast and one other meal per day.

AIB provides students with a local public transportation pass for the duration of the program. This pass can be used on all local subways and busses and ensures free transportation between the host family and the AIB.


Situated on the Rhine River, Bonn is the former capital of West Germany as well as the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. The city and its surrounding area is filled with medieval towns, castles and natural beauty. Students can explore Bonn’s historic city center, play Fußball in one of Bonn’s several parks or walk, run or bike along the Rhine. Bonn is also an international technology hub, and is the corporate headquarters to Deutsche Post and T-Mobile; the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft & Raumfahrtechnik, the German space agency, is also nearby.

Bonn is centrally located in Western Europe allowing for easy train travel to cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. The extraordinary public transportation system in Germany and in particular in the Rhineland area ensures that you will be able to travel independently and flexibly in your free time. Also, the Cologne-Bonn airport is served by many low-cost airlines allowing for travel on a long weekend to cities like London, Barcelona, Venice, Prague, Budapest and other European locations.

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Address: Aden, Adenauerallee 7, 53111, Bonn, Germany
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Choose to study for 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks or longer.

Our programs can be divided into six discrete and sequentially progressive modules, each of which can be studied from one week to one month or longer. Alternatively, each module can be taken as a stand-alone course.

The majority of our students are adult professionals of all backgrounds and levels - from complete beginner to advanced - who are passionate about Florence, Renaissance, Painting and Drawing.

Students work within a structured environment, under the guidance of an instructor who personally monitors their progress and development for three hours a day, and the remaining time is structured with other activity.

The Studio is situated on Via Ghibellina, only a few steps from the main historic and artistic places of interest in the center of the city.
Intensive Art Program:
- Taught in English, Duration 1-4 weeks

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Verbum Novum GmbH, Berlin
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Verbum Novum is a language & travel operator that provides a 2-4 week German immersion summer program in the center of Berlin for students and adults 18+ years.

Our summer program includes German classes and a cultural program, and is the best way to get acquainted with Berlin while making learning German joyful.

The college residence is centrally located in the former East Berlin borough of "Friedrichshain" in inner city Berlin. The highlight of the residence is a big, green backyard with a beer garden, barbecue, table tennis and comfortable sitting places. When you arrive here you will feel the centennial history of the lovingly restored old building.

For our Summer College students we offer 2- or 3-bedded rooms, breakfast included. WC/Shower are situated in the corridor and will be shared with other students.

Here, you can get many other services as WI-FI, laundry and drying. Also for catering you do not need to go far, as meals are also served in the College Residence.
Summer German Immersion Program for students & adults:
- Duration: 2-4 weeks

Features include:
- 20 German lessons per week
- German speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension
- 15 students per class
- Cultural program
- Native German speaking teachers
- Accommodation in College Residence
- 2 afternoon activities per week
- 1 Full day excursion per 2-week stay
- German Summer Course Certificate
Language and Music for Life, Florence, Italy 2021 & ONLINE Music Classes and/or Language lessons
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• Founded in 1997, Language and Music for Life offers International Summer Music and Languages Courses in Europe for music students and professionals.

• Join us in Florence, Italy in 2021 for an exciting and prestigious Musical Summer Course with optional language programs for adults & teenagers aged 18+ (unless agreed with LMFL).

• Our classical music & jazz program and voice tuition is aimed at students and professionals who are highly motivated musicians with advanced levels of musical knowledge.

• Taught by internationally renowned professors, mostly at master class level, the LMFL program includes instrumental and voice tuition, master classes, chamber music, composition, music theory, choir, & orchestra conducting classes.

• Private music lessons / one on one tuition is available for many subjects / instruments.

• We also offer music tuition for already-constituted chamber music groups.

• All students must be at advanced level in at least one discipline, other choices can be at lower level. Rentals are available for cello, harp, and guitar.

• Quality classes in French, Spanish, Italian & English, taught by native speakers.


"LMFL is a musical experience any musician should go through, whether amateur or professional.

As a student you are challenged in all fronts, from the personal front to the collective one, where not only must you play your instrument or compose with the best of your skills, but also manage to work as a team to accomplish excellence."

Alonso, Mexico
Musical Summer Course 2021 for Advanced:
2 weeks for adults & youth (aged 18+).

• Instrumental Tuition: Piano, Piano Jazz, Violin, Viola, Classical Guitar, Cello, Harp, Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Recorder, Percussion, Brass.
• Master classes in Saxophone & Bass Clarinet
• Vocal tuition: classical & jazz
• Orchestra conducting
• Music composition
• Opera workshop
• String orchestra
• Jazz sessions
• Entrance audition prep
• Music tuition for already-constituted chamber music groups

Choice of Italian, French, Spanish or English language courses.

Online Music Classes option year-round.
Updated: 2020-08-08
Updated: 2020-08-08
Creative Writing Course at the French House Party, Carcassonne
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• Recommended in the book “The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life”, the French House Party in the Carcassonne area of south-west France offers residential, all-inclusive experience holidays, including 6-day summer Creative Writing courses for writers & creative writing hobbyists.

• Located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Carcassonne is 50 miles from Toulouse which has an international airport. Ryanair also fly directly to Carcassonne from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, & Paris Beauvais international airport.

• Run by author and professional tutor Sarah Hymas, our summer creative writing course "Write Like No One's Watching", is designed for complete beginners or for people who have a little writing experience, while our "Pen & Think" - Tutored Creative Writing Retreat"  is designed for more experienced writers.

• Our courses are suitable for those who have attended other writing classes, and for published and unpublished authors. 

• You will not be expected to write in any particular style or genre, except for that chosen by yourself - fact or fiction, prose or poetry. 

• Participants are encouraged to bring with them one or two of their poems or a short story for the one-to-one and another for group discussion. 

• Based at a chic house in Carcassonne, the French House Party offers the ultimate in customer care and personal attention.

• Clients praise our great accommodation, fantastic food and wine, the excellence of our tutors and our exacting attention to detail.
Summer Creative Writing Courses:

"Write Like No One's Watching" (6 days - 5 nights)

• Includes daily 3-hour group sessions, one-to-one tutorials and an after-dinner feedback focus on at least one evening.

"Pen & Think" - Tutored Creative Writing Retreat  (6 days - 5 nights)

• This course is a wonderful opportunity for experienced writers to enjoy time and space to devote themselves daily to a current writing project (novel, memoir, collection of poetry or short stories).
Listing Spot for Photography Summer School in Milan
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Study photography in Italy this summer. Located in the heart of Milan, a leading photography school that provides quality summer photography courses to students from around the world.

Our two-week summer session "Photography and Fashion" is taught entirely in English.

It aims to provide you with introductory technical photography skills and knowledge of fashion photography. You will gain a well-rounded understanding of the role of the fashion photographer within the industry, as well as an insight into the business of fashion.
Summer Photography Courses - Taught in English
- Photography and Fashion

Photography Courses in Italian:
- 2-year Professional Photography Diploma Course
French Summer Classes, Cannes - Summer Camps 2021 + ONLINE French Classes 2020
Courses / Programs
• French Summer Classes is a summer French language school in Cannes, located on the French Riviera in the South of France.

• We offer French language programs for students of all ages: adults (business professionals, university students and individuals), teenagers and children (age 6+) coming as a family or individually.

• We teach students in groups according to their age and ability. This allows student-oriented teaching and the active participation of all the students during each lesson. 

• Our French language program consists of morning language classes allowing the rest of the day for leisure and recreation. In the afternoon, you may take a French intensive course or participate in the various summer activities available in the area.

• Our immersion programs provide a pleasant way of learning French while enjoying your wonderful vacation in France.

• Our French summer course for adults is available to anyone over 16 years of age. It is the best choice if you want to improve your French and have free time to experience your beautiful surroundings and the French way of life. We also offer intensive French courses and one-to-one tuition.

Student Review:
"I was very satisfied with my experience. The teachers took into consideration what I wanted to learn and incorporated my learning needs into the class curriculum.

Small class sizes provided good opportunity for discussion....Overall, this was a great experience and I would strongly recommend the school!"

- Stephanie, Canada
Summer French Courses for Adults in 2021:
• General French course: 20hrs / week
• Intensive French Course: 30hrs / week
• Homestay program with a French host family: 20hrs / week or 30hrs / week
• Private French lessons (also available year-round)
• French for Families: Take French lessons at the same time as your child

Summer French Courses for Children & Teenagers:

• French for beginner students (ages 6-11)
• French for non-beginner students (ages 6-11)
• French for teenagers (ages 11-17)
• Private French lessons (also available year-round)