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Free Fun Games for Business Skills / Strategy

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Play interesting, interactive online games that simulate running a business, games that teach business strategy and skills. Fun customer service simulation games, entrepreneur games that teach good money management and general business management skills for children (girls and boys), high school students, college business studies students, and fun loving adults.

Immerse your mind and efforts in cafe, restaurant & diner food service games, retail management games, airport management games, virtual farm management games, and more. These educational online activities can be used in the classroom as a fun teaching aide and reinforcement exercise, or played at home with family members and best friends. Go future tycoons and business owners!

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Pizza Party

Play a tap screen or point-and-click pizzeria food service game: In Pizza Party, you serve delicious pizzas at speed to eager and hungry customers who are very particular about what their specific tastes! Playable on Android and iOS mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, this is an fast-paced, interactive customer service simulation game and restaurant management activity. 

You must earn a target amount of virtual income in each level by serving up perfectly prepared pizzas to customers who order from your popular wood-fired pizza diner. Showcase high levels of focus and discipline, and fast and accurate clicking or tapping skills as you place ingredients onto your pizzas as quickly as you can. If you serve up a pizza that is not to the customer's exact preference, or take too much time to finish making it, the customer storm's out in a huff – and that's certainly not good for business! So the heat is on!

This online, HTML5-based, tycoon / food preparation simulation game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Combine a sense of urgency, good hand-eye coordination skills, and fast reactions with high levels of concentration in order to complete each pizza order correctly. Just like working in a real-life customer service role, you must learn to listen / pay careful attention to each order, and carry out your tasks in an efficient, friendly manner! Accurate mouse clicking or screen tapping is essential here – If you add the wrong ingredient to the pizza, it's impossible to remove it! And trust us from experience, there is no one more disgruntled than a hungry person who has just received the wrong pizza order! Enjoy the fun challenge!

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Busy restaurateur and entrepreneur starts trendy restaurant business in this hectic customer service simulation Restaurant game. This is a fast-paced, interactive business simulation game (for elementary students through high school teens) where you can build more floors in your restaurant and hire a manager for every floor lift and restaurant to expand your business.

There are waiters who deliver food to customers and you have to click on them to let them pick up food from main chef and then deliver to customers. Each order delivered makes money. You have the money displayed at the top of the screen and you can use to hire managers for that money. Managers help speed up business, for example an upgrade (green shoe) can make waiters run faster.

Controls: use your mouse or tap to play the game

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Ship Factory Tycoon

Ship Factory Tycoon is an incredibly-detailed, interactive business management simulation game for older kids, teens and college students where you play the role of a smart ship factory owner. You make and sell ships, and this is how you live. So pick up your spanner and your briefcase and let's get to work!

The aim of this game is to build and sell ships! Churn out lots of ships from your factory as you attempt to make a living out of this! You will need an entrepreneurial brain for this game, have the attitude of a shrewd businessman or businesswoman. This is about simple spending to sell, speculate to accumulate. Be brave, be bold and most of all, don't be afraid to invest in blueprints as this will be rewarding for you in the long run! Enjoy!

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Cafe Paris

There’s a swanky new cafe on the block, and you’re going to be serving some demanding customers real soon!

In Cafe Paris, you play as their one and only waiter who has to keep the guests happy. That means getting them seats, getting them menus, picking up their order, their food and giving them the bill. Simple right? Up until there are more people than tables in the restaurant. The little cafe isn’t big enough to serve all the customers, so some will have to wait, meaning you’re going o have to work double-time to get them some seats before they decide to leave! Let’s hope they leave a tip for all of your hard work!

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Sandwich Baker

Street cart vendor RPG: Learn at the coalface about the importance of a friendly smile, quality customer service and food preparation as you take on your very own sandwich business! Sandwich Baker is a fun and challenging tycoon game and online entrepreneurship activity for kids and high school teens where you start up a busy sandwich business, and must serve customers quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Continuous hard work is essential in this game (remembering that you are not the CEO of a global food conglomerate just yet!) As a self-employed vendor, it's just you, your "reliable" old cart, your eye-catching ingredients, and your hungry customers of course who are not willing to wait around all day for their food!

Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this quick-paced, interactive, fat food / customer service exercise requires alertness, a positive attitude, high energy, and sharp reactions whether using your mouse or finger. Budding young entrepreneurs out there or anyone who wants to practice their customer service skills, or simulate a busy business-style environment should enjoy the action. As you start increasing your revenue, you will unlock more sandwiches and make your menu bigger.

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Beach Bar

You're working as a waiter at the hot and fun Beach Bar, serving delicious cocktails and trying to keep your customers happy!

At the Beach Bar, things are always busy! Customers are waiting to get served and you have to make sure they get a seat, get a cocktail and get a bill before you can clean the table and seat the next batch of thirsty vacationers. Although it seems pretty simple, this bar can get busy fast, and you have to make sure your customers leave with a happy smile on their faces, or your boss is not going to be happy. So get moving and serve those drinks!

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Emily's Christmas Carol

Emily's Christmas Carol is a fun and festive cooking game where you feed all the customers at your little festive shop in the snow! Come and bring the spirit of christmas to the table in this family friendly, addictive game which could have you playing for hours! 

The aim of the game is to feed the hungry customers at your little store. They will come with various meal requests and you must make them up and serve them over. This game requires good skill of working under pressure as you will have multiple customers queueing and you cannot keep them waiting too long. Good hand eye coordination to hit the correct ingredients is key too, do not get muddled up and end up losing the order!

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Mathai's Tea Shop

Welcome to Mathai's Tea Shop. This an amusing restaurant game and food service business management learning activity for children, teens and Big Kids where you have to serve a number of customers their food on time, and make them happy so that your restaurant will become a popular thriving success. This bright and bouncy food game requires quick thinking, a positive attitude and super-fast table service skills! Can you keep the pace? You better! Now get moving!

OK, so you play the role of running Mathai's Tea Shop, and it is up to you to keep the customers happy and keep them returning. This game will  test your management skills as you must deal with numerous things at once, just like a real store. Especially when it gets busy, you need to be really quick and efficient to ensure that the customers do not leave unhappy.

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