Free tycoon games/ business games online with no download required: Business management simulation games for kids to play now online/ entrepreneur games teaching good money management skills for teens (girls/ boys), high school/ college students. New flash games for PC, Mac, iPad..
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Play fun, interactive business strategy games, cool money management games, customer service simulation games, cafe, restaurant & diner food service games, airport management games, awesome virtual farm management games, and more.. These educational activities for older children, middle/ high school students, teens may can be used in the classroom as a teaching aide, or at home to play with family and friends. Practice how to run a successful business or operation, while solving everyday business problems under a lot of pressure. Go Tycoon!

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Do you think you’ve got the entrepreneurial know-how to become a successful business magnate? If so, it’s time to flex your managerial muscles! Shopping Street is a challenging and interactive retail tycoon game for older kids / high school students where you have to create and manage a bustling city street full of shops, stores, boutiques, and more! Starting out with simply your big dreams and a real hunger for success, you must build your empire of attractive high-street outlets in order to hit a virtual cash target in each fast-paced sales level. Attract customers to your store with fancy advertising, cunningly-placed distractions, and the promise of a quality shopping experience.

This innovative urban design and development game and online money management activity proves a great business simulation exercise for any young want-to-be entrepreneurs out there. Solid decision-making and cunning business strategies are a "must" if you want your shopping streets to be a roaring hit with the public. Engage in some of the more professional aspects of business and advertising such as promotional campaigns to attract customers, and other calculated tricks of the trade. There’s always a gap in the market for a new retail tycoon, so it’s time to sharpen your competitive claws and get your brain focused on the forever evolving world of business management. Enjoy your work, and you'll go a long way!

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Celebrate the legendary donut by running a boutique ‘Donuteria Cafe’ where you serve delicious donuts to hungry and eager customers! Create each customer's scrummy dessert treat exactly to their liking, and you'll have them purring “Mmmmmmm…. Donuts!”.

Papa's Donuteria is a fun, point-and-click cooking game and restaurant tycoon simulation and educational activity for kids where you play the role of head chef and owner of a busy donut-themed diner. Following strict customer orders, you must create, fry, and add toppings to each donut in line with the specifications laid out on each ‘order ticket’. You earn ‘tips’ for the quality and care you put into each box of donuts. Enjoy this business simulation challenge!

Reasons to play: Papa's Donuteria is another hit in the awesome and hugely popular ‘Papa Louie’ range from Flipline Studios, the tycoon powerhouses that created Papa's Wingeria, Papa's Pastaria, Papa's Bakeria et al! If you are a fan of interactive cooking and tycoon games, then this fun, food management and organization game should certainly whet your appetite for more. This cool online game exercises your sharp reaction skills, focus, discipline, ability to follow customer orders, desire to provide top customer service skills, management prowess, stamina, and determination to succeed, and more!

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WindFall is a challenging, educational and thought-provoking environmental science and renewable energy tycoon game where you have to build sufficient wind turbines to power a small town and make profit – without disturbing the local residents or sullying the landscape.

Energy consumption and fuel depletion are extremely hot topics in the world today. The general consensus is that we cannot keep harvesting oil and gas from the ground – and that the supply will eventually run out! Instead, we need to rely on more environmentally-friendly ways of generating energy going forward. And, this is where your expertize is needed immediately! As a respected green energy business lobbyist, you have been given a prestigious contract to build a wind farm on the lands of a small town. Within a 3 year time-frame (a month passes in about 30 seconds here), you have to reach a specific Wind Energy Output Goal. You can achieve this by carefully researching the land value, wind speed, and building costs, and making strategic decisions on the optimum areas to build your turbines. Despite what you may have read or heard, saving our planet and good business management can go hand-in-hand with proper regulation!

This highly interactive and stimulating sustainable energy management simulation activity for older kids and teens mainly centers around good business strategy & smart decision making. You also need to consider ethical choices; is it ok to build an enormous power line and wind turbine close to someone’s back yard? Are you ruining a beautiful rural landscape with large steel windmill towers? These are all questions very relevant today in real life, and that need to be weighed-up and acted upon here in a timely, decisive manner. Throughout the course of the game, you also get the opportunity to learn about real-life business management techniques, the value of good research, the importance of good public relations, quality construction administration, and other significant aspects of infrastructure and resource management. Have you got the blend of personality and solid business acumen to keep all parties happy? Or will the wind simply whisk away your dreams of energy business success?

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Earn a vast fortune running your own gasoline filling station while providing top class customer service to your patrons: Gazzoline Deluxe is a fun and intense, multi-tasking, point and click tycoon game for kids & high school students where you take over the everyday management of a very busy gasoline station! Here, you must exhibit strong all-round business strategy and customer service skills while promptly completing tasks such as filling up gas tanks, serving drinks & snacks, working the cash register, and more in a hectic day's work to make your station a real success!

This fast-paced, customer service and business-building simulation game requires typical entrepreneurial and hard-working traits such as alertness, a sense of purpose and urgency, fast reactions, good decision making skills, and the ability and determination to multi-task all day long without deviation or complaint. You might have a few cars waiting to be served at any one time, so there's definitely no time to dawdle!

Boredom is just not on the menu in this business world. There's really good money to be earned out there, and continuous repeat actions are certainly not a problem when you are backing a winner and making a healthy profit. Now then, are you ready to transform your virtual business from a one-pump stand into a global franchise that has everyone stopping by for a great service?

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Street cart vendor RPG: Learn at the coalface about the importance of a friendly smile, quality customer service and food preparation as you take on your very own street food business! Fast Food Takeaway is a fun and challenging tycoon game and online entrepreneurship activity for kids and high school teens where you start up a busy fast food street cart business, and must serve passing customers quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Continuous hard work is essential in this game (remembering that you are not the CEO of a global food conglomerate just yet!) As a self-employed street vendor, it's just you, your "reliable" old cart, your eye-catching ingredients, and your hungry customers of course who are not willing to wait around all day for their snacks!

Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this quick-paced, interactive, fat food / customer service exercise requires alertness, a positive attitude, high energy, and sharp reactions whether using your mouse or finger. Budding young entrepreneurs out there or anyone who wants to practice their customer service skills, or simulate a busy business-style environment should enjoy the action. Greeting new faces and serving up delicious snacks is only half of the job! You also must decide when and where to restock your items, how to improve your street cart, and how to attract more customers!

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Have you ever been on a train or airplane and taken a moment to marvel at the normally awesome job that the customer attendants do? Often, a team of just three or four people must accommodate the requests and needs of more than 100 passengers! How do you think you'd perform in such a role and environment? Would you rise to the occasion?

Well, Frenzy Train puts you in charge of service on a busy commuter train – so that you can test whether you have the personality, patience, flexibility for a customer-centered career! Yes, customer service can be really hard work, but it is very rewarding emotionally for all concerned when done right!

Frenzy Train is a fun, point-and-click, customer service-based tycoon game where you must reach special targets (points totals) in each level by escorting passengers to their seats, bringing them food and drinks, ushering them to the correct shopping area, and basically catering to their every need! All of these mouse-clicking tasks must be done in a prompt manner – time is ticking by, and no customer likes to be kept waiting!

This fast-paced business simulation game is a good exercise for learning the key virtues of good customer service. Sharp observation skills, smart / attentive reactions, and speedy decision making are all extremely important skill sets here. So, now is your time to shine with your broadest smile and warmest eyes! All aboard the Frenzy Train!

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Build your own hotel empire, and rise from the rank of hospitality novice to a respected, multi-location, hotel chain super-owner! Hotel Baron is an amazingly in-depth, highly-stimulating tycoon game and RPG construction-based activity (for older kids, high school & college students) where you have the opportunity to build, maintain, and control your own hotel business. With three distinct game modes, you can build your company from the ground up, hire expert staff, design the exterior and interior of your hotels, provide top quality customer service, and more!

Reasons to play this incredibly-detailed, business management simulation game: If you have even a passing interest in the hospitality and services industry, or have ever dreamed of owning your own scalable business, this is an awesome free online activity to dive into! Test and exercise your business skills, drive, determination and persistence levels to achieve your vision. Even the most miniscule of details is under your direct control in Hotel Baron – from the height of each floor, the price of each room, to the plant-life in the hotel lobby!

Skills / strategy required: Shrewd business acumen, a willingness for multitasking, strong decision making skills, and fluid problem-solving abilities are some of the key skills of a good hospitality manager. Accurate mouse clicking is quite important here too, especially with very specific details. A good strategy could be to think of the times you may have stayed in a hotel or motel. Weigh up what you really enjoyed and didn't enjoy so much about your real-life experience, and then make improvements to your virtual hotel environments accordingly!

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Are you ready to mix it with the big names in the fashion business? Factory Kingdom: Fashion Series is a challenging business management and fashion tycoon simulation game where you take over the running of a fashion ‘start-up’ company. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the new enterprise, you have to hire good employees, build office space, assign duties, manage finances, and generally become the kingpin of a (hopefully) ever-growing corporation. Your goal is to hit various financial targets by expanding your clothing empire.

This tricky and highly-interactive online tycoon activity rewards good decision making and money management, decent multi-tasking skills, and the ability to create a strong, efficient business environment. Staying small time is not an option – you have to THINK BIG as you ambitiously grow your company from a humble, small-scale start-up to a huge global brand name constantly trending on social media. Good business owners and managers can get the best from their team by balancing efficient production and employee satisfaction (for example, your workers won’t get much done for long if there’s no WC in your office building!). So, have you got the ability to make cool decisions, and the tenacity to become a ruthless fashion tycoon no matter what pressure drops upon your shoulders? There’s always a gap in the market for the next big thing – This could be your time!

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Have you heard the wacky story where aliens swoop down from space to abduct our happily-grazing cows? Well in this online game, what happens is actually even wackier – the aliens don’t abduct cows, they instead give them a taxi-cab ride! Moo Cab is a hilarious and addicting spaceship flying game that incorporates elements of skill, timing and virtual money management. You play the role of the alien cab driver, and have to pick up cartoon cows, and fly them to different barns all across the game screen. The quicker you complete the journey without any bumps along the way, the better cab fare you earn (more virtual cash for your upgrades).

You have to be extremely careful though. Farmers generally don’t like alien spaceships landing outside their barn. So, make sure to quietly and carefully maneuver your spaceship so that you don’t knock the cows over. This fun alien adventure will really test your quick reactions as there are cows looking for rides all over the place. You’ll also need nifty fingers because crashing the spaceship off things makes the cows (your customers) unhappy, resulting in less tips (virtual income) for you. There’s a money management and good business practice theme to this game as you have to use the tips you earn to purchase upgrades for your cool taxi-cap spacecraft. Ok Space Taxi Operator, it’s time to make the most of your very interesting career choice! Safe travel out in them there skies!

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If you aspire to one day run your own business and even become a successful tycoon, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! You don't want to miss this opportunity! Coffee Tycoon is a fun, interactive coffee house management simulation game for older kids and high school students where you have to use all of your entrepreneurial talent to run a successful chain of coffee stores. Buy and sell specialized coffee-related products, manage your employees, and gradually grow your business from a single boutique coffee shop to a worldwide powerhouse of a company (maybe you could one day compete with one of the most famous coffee franchises of them all!).

This in-depth and intense game of good organization and business administration is an extremely challenging test of your patience, decision making skills, savvy business acumen, and masterful managerial qualities. You have to make shrewd yet quick decisions to keep your customers happy amid a whirlwind of different coffee menus, franchise options, and commercial opportunities. Fast mouse-clicking abilities and clever multitasking skills are very important as you try to balance numerous stores, fluctuating profits, and an ever-changing marketplace. Have you got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Or is coffee franchise management just not your cup of tea? It is time to practice and find out. Happy business management!

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Are you a savvy young business entrepreneur with an interest in the holistic health, spa and wellness industries? Ever dreamed of opening your very own spa salon & wellness center? Well, now you can virtually make those dreams and business plans come true! Smart Spa Shop is a cute and original customer service-based tycoon game for girls and boys where you must run your very own spa, and attend to your quality customers with facials, massages, sunbeds, steam machines, and more! You operate all on your own, and have a steady stream of lady customers expecting to get all glammed-up and pampered through a quality salon experience!

This fun and fast-paced business simulation game combines the needs of classic customer service skills with good time and money management. You have to ensure your clients are catered for quickly and efficiently, for if they are waiting around too long (in their view), they lose patience and leave. Can you hit your daily money making targets, and make a steady profit while on your way to becoming the most respected spa owner in the city? Good look and keep smiling!

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Have you got the shrewd business sense and entrepreneurial skills to become a successful retail magnate? Multishop Tycoon is a cute, challenging and in-depth retail management game (for kids, high school students & college / business students) where your goal is to make it from a modest street vendor to a business mogul with giant megastores in every area of town!

Background info: After saving the son of legendary retail magnate "Mr. Richie" from a car accident, your character is made the young-faced CEO of Mr. Richie's new "start-up" venture. This is the amazing opportunity you have been waiting for. Now, grasp it with both hands and heart!

Beginning with a single van selling strawberries and coffee at the side of the street, you must exhibit the smart business strategy and savvy expansion policies of a real tycoon in order to slowly grow your start-up enterprise into a city-wide success!

This highly interactive, business-building simulation game should prove a good, fun activity for any bright young minds and budding entrepreneurs out there with a keen eye for making deals and taking decisive action. Learning about and respecting the basic (yet increasingly often overlooked) skill of providing great customer service is vitally important to your future success in most aspects of business and industry.

Good vision, strategic planning, money management, and decision making are also essential traits required if you want to be a success in either this virtual world or in the real business world. Are you ready to take a first step toward tycoon success?

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Play a fun interactive, food business simulation game: Cook and serve authentic and delicious pasta dishes to ravenous foodies in this customer service-based tycoon game with an Italian cuisine theme! Papa's Pastaria is a high-intensity, virtual cooking game and restaurant management activity where you play the role of owner and head-chef of your very own pasta restaurant!

Take customer orders, cook the scrumptious pasta, add the desired toppings and sauces, and serve completed dishes to your hungry patrons! As fun as the dish-building process is, you must not forget that you are running a ratings-based business! This means that you only earn (virtual) cash if your food is up to standard and satisfies each customer’s specific order! Let's hope your customers rave to their friends about their awesome experience at Papa's Pastaria!

Skills Required: If you are a fan of other titles from the fun tycoon game wizards at Flipline Studios (Papa’s Wingeria, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Bakeria…), you should enjoy the familiar customer service-themed action here! Test and exercise your alertness, sharp reaction skills, discipline, ability to follow customer orders, strategic planning skills, organizational and time management skills, determination to succeed, stamina and more! Showcase your multi-tasking skills under pressure as you deal with multiple customers simultaneously. Welcome to the restaurant business where a cool head working under pressure goes a long way!

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Bear Dinner Restaurant is an amusing restaurant game and food service business management learning activity for children, teens and Big Kids where you have to serve a number of small blue bears their food on time, and make them happy so that your restaurant will become a popular thriving success. This bright and bouncy food game requires quick thinking, a positive attitude and super-fast table service skills! Can you keep the pace? You better! You don’t want swarm of grumbling bears barking orders at you – no one likes a scene in a restaurant. Now get moving!

OK, so you play the role of a big happy brown bear with your own restaurant. You are trying to save up enough money to go on vacation, so you need to work as hard possible! Don’t screw it up - it’s already nearly summer! You have to serve the small demanding bears, and turn your restaurant into a successful business. Serve them before they get angry or they might leave and you will lose custom or have to throw the food out and lose money. You need to earn a stated amount of money per day to survive. Time for action. Remember, don’t rush - just move faster! Best of luck Big Bear!

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Play the role of a qualified fitness trainer and manager in your own brand spanking new gym! The big question is - can you make a success out of it? Jenny's Fitness Center is a point and click, business management-based tycoon game for girls and boys where you take over the running of a busy, customer-filled fitness center. You play as General Manager Jenny, and must race around the gym floor directing customers to various stations, planning their workouts, collecting payments, and more in this fast-paced, multi-tasking entrepreneurial environment!

As an online business simulation challenge, this game requires a range of real-life skills and business basics including the importance of great customer service, really hard work, managerial strategy, staff team cohesion, perseverance, and more. Quick reactions and visual awareness are also important here as you try to quickly satisfy each customer's wishes.

This tycoon challenge could also be played as good practice exercise for anyone interested in one day working in the fitness or hospitality industry, or any budding young entrepreneurs out there who think they have what it takes to set up their own unique enterprise. Ok Jenny, you're open for business – so let your best smile and ability shine through!

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Canvasser is a game for environmentalism enthusiasts and older kids & high school students who love a volunteering challenge. Here, your job is to raise virtual money as part of a team to save ‘Evergreen Forest’ from being cut down in this cool and unique point-and-click game of persuasion!

A canvasser is a person who solicits or encourages contributions, donations or votes for what he or she thinks is a worthy cause. If you've ever done some fundraising or similar non-profit work or if you've been stopped on the street by someone canvassing for contributions, you'll know that it is quite a tough job!

Now, how do you think "you" would fare in convincing people to part with their hard-earned money, requesting donations in a high-pressure social setting? Would you have the verbal and personal skills and persuasiveness to successfully raise money for your great cause?

Reasons to play this entertaining RPG game: Feel good about making a difference in the world and to your worthy environmental cause! Canvasser is a highly stimulating and interactive fundraising game where your goal is to raise money by persuading people on the street to donate to your campaign to save Evergreen Forest!

You play the role of an environmentally-concerned canvasser, and must use common sense, friendliness, likeability, rapport building skills, and verbal persuasion techniques to motivate and encourage people to give as much money as they can to your very important cause. Test your decision making skills as you attempt to choose the correct reply to each person's response. Exercise your ‘people-reading’ skills, but try not to bore or annoy people by badgering them! The cool graphics are reminiscent of old school 8-bit games, and this adds to the likeability of the game.

Strategy to win: In addition to using general common sense and smart decision making skills, fast reactions, great determination and persistence are also really important attributes of a successful canvasser. You play against a clock, with only a certain amount of time to raise the target sum of money each day, so dawdling certainly is not an option here! You must also use accurate mouse clicking - as you don’t want to click on the wrong reply and offend your potential patron! Now, let's hit the streets and get canvassing!

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Run a hospital well in this point-and-click, patient health care game featuring timed customer service tasks: Hospital Fun is a fast-paced medical management game for kids where you must click on sick patients, and promptly direct them to various treatment areas in your hospital. As Chief Medical Officer and Hospital Manager, it's your duty to make sure each patient (client) is attended to quickly and efficiently. Playing against the clock, your task in each level is to reach a target number of satisfied, recovered patients.

Skills required: This stimulating and challenging hospital tycoon-style game requires fast reactions, tactful mouse clicking, high levels of focus, excellent organizational skills, and dogged determination. Good multitasking skills are also important as you often have to deal with two or more patients at once. Smart decision-making skills come into play as you choose upgrades for your hospital between levels.

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Run your own successful farm business! Farm Delivery is a challenging, fun 3D farming tycoon and strategy game that combines careful driving skills, a goods delivery service, and good business acumen! In this interactive agricultural business and tractor driving simulation activity for kids & high school teens, you must deliver vegetable crops from your farm to the center of town, and generate a certain amount of virtual income before the clock runs out in each level. As Head Farmer and Expert Tractor Operator, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to ensure that the best goods are harvested and sold, and that the produce reaches the correct destination in good time.

This is definitely no stroll around the farm on a lazy, sunny afternoon – You need to work, work, work very hard to be a success in the agricultural world! As well as displaying savvy real-life business skills by choosing the most profitable fruit and veg, you must also possess decent driving skills (Those juicy carrots just won’t deliver themselves!). Good decision making (time management) and strategy are very important here. For example, do you race at high speed to make that last sale or do you take it slow and steady to avoid possible driving mistakes? In Farm Delivery , there’s simply no time to lose, so let's strap on those overalls, roll up your sleeves, and get harvesting!

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Test your quick multi-tasking skills, and become the world’s first virtual beekeeping millionaire! 30 Days Honey is a fun and unusual bee farming tycoon game for young children and teens where you become an entrepreneurial beekeeper, and have to produce as much honey as you can to sell for a profit! Build beehives, plant flowers and keep your business running smoothly by cleaning your hives, collecting honey, and keeping your flowers well watered.

Be careful not to get ‘stung’ by rising and falling honey prices – try to sell large amounts when the price is high! You only have 30 game-days to do business, so you’d better ‘bee’ quick! This fast-paced, mouse-clicking adventure requires savvy business strategy, good money-management skills, and quick fingers – you may have to tend to dozens of beehives at once. Happy honey and profit making, and Good luck!

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Buy and sell houses, increase your profits, and create a huge real estate empire in this fun and challenging tycoon game! Real Estate Fun is a cool, mouse-clicking, strategy-based, business simulation game where your goal is to create a large real estate conglomerate by successfully buying, renovating, and selling houses. You must purchase supplies, hire construction workers, and generally manage every detail of your real estate business!

Reasons to play: This fun real estate business game provides an in-depth entrepreneurship skills challenge for older kids and teens - middle and high school students (as well as business studies college students and adults) who enjoy online business and management simulation games where you must flip houses and try to earn as much money as possible. Test and exercise your strategic planning and decision making skills, business acumen, determination, and stamina.

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