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Free browser-based educational games online for children (elementary & middle school students, high school teens) & families to play now on the Learn4Good Games site. Fun interactive learning games, math, science & physics-based games, construction games, engineering puzzles, hard brain-teasers that require thought, and more.

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Kitty Scramble

Feel like playing a good old game of scrabble, but don't feel like losing to grandma again? Well, why not try Kitty Scramble, it has the fun of scrabble but mixed with a word searching puzzle design, where you need to find all the possible word combinations in each level to win. But that's not all, as you play you will be guided and accompanied by the very charming and friendly ginger cat. Kitty Scramble is a great game to play when you just want to unwind after a long day.

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Super Stacker

Super Stacker is the big game concerning balancing! You must balance the objects given to you to win. It may sound simple, but this is a really fun and interactive game which could have you playing for hours as you make your way through the missions. No two missions are the same with each one providing a different challenge! Have fun!

The aim of the game is to place all the items given to you on the screen and make them balance on the initial stand provided to you. The missions will increase in difficulty as you progress, with more awkward shapes to balance and less to actually balance them on. This will test you knowledge of how balance works in science, as this game is very realistic. Bare in mind the shape, size and weight of the object to make sure you dont topple your structure! 

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FireBoy and WaterGirl 3: in the Forest Temple

Effective teamwork is essential in almost all work and home environments. So, let's practice some good teamwork management! FireBoy and WaterGirl 3: in the Forest Temple is a very engaging, maze escape-based, platform game where you must utilize efficient teamwork to guide two acrobatic characters to the Exit door in each ledge and obstacle-filled level. Fire Boy and Water Girl are quite adept at leaping from platform-to-platform, but need each other's help to flip switches, open doors, lower drawbridges, and more. You play the role of the dynamic duo's clever guide, and must figure out the solution whereby both characters can reach their respective Exits unharmed.

This cool, interactive, problem-solving puzzle adventure game requires fast reactions skills, deft keyboard control, analytical thinking skills and smart strategy to suit the skill-sets of both characters. There's no benefit in racing to the Exit with one character alone, and leaving the other behind – Good team coordination is simply the only the order of the day here! Let's see what Fire Boy and Water Girl can achieve under your management!

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Defuse It

Defuse it! An extremely hard game where you have to defuse a bomb without blowing yourself up. There are different difficulties and practice modes to learn the game and its rules. Make sure you read the manual, as it's probably impossible to complete the game at any level without doing so.

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Millionaire Quiz

Millionaire Quiz HD is an entertaining game where you participate in quizzes with different topics to win a million dollars. Choose the topic you feel most comfortable with, and answer all the questions that you are given in every stage of the game to win. Choose between four options for each question, and use your help buttons to get you through hard questions.

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Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search is a fun educational game where you must find the words within the table, which is full of jumbled up letters. There are three challenging levels to choose from so try and complete them all! The words you need to find are given to you on the left hand side of the screen and it is your job to fish through the table of letters to find them!

This game requires excellent observational skills. You must really scan hard to see if there are any of your words within the table. One tip is look for the first letter of your word, and then once found look at the surrounding letters of that letter within the table. Do not forget you can have a word going up, down or diagonal! Good luck!

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FireBoy and WaterGirl 2: The Light Temple

Teamwork is the secret! FireBoy and WaterGirl 2: The Light Temple is a fun and challenging, teamwork-based, platform adventure game where you must guide two brave cartoon buddies through a series of tricky maze-like levels with ‘escape’ as the main objective. Set in a dark, underground temple, you must carefully maneuver the characters (Fire Boy and Water Girl) up and over obstacles, above treacherous pits, and more. Great teamwork is the key to success here as both characters help each other progress by flipping switches, building bridges, activating moving ledges, and solving a range of mini-problems in each level.

This very cool arcade game requires good observation skills as well as nifty keyboard control (The playing style is reminiscent of classic platform games ). Good problem-solving, strategic planning and team management skills are really important as you work simultaneously with both characters to create a practical solution to each level. Ok Fireboy and Watergirl, let's see your interactive teamwork skills in action!

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QuizLand Lite

Quizland Trivia Game is a truly wonderful way of making learning fun, regardless of education level or age. Play through dozens of levels each with dozens of quizzes of their own covering geography, history, wildlife, pop culture and so much more. Quizzland Trivia Game is the perfect game to play during family game nights or even a better and more educational option for the kids. Quizzland Trivia will certainly make learning fun!

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Scatty Maps Europe

Do you want to test or refresh your knowledge of European geography, or perhaps you are looking for such a tool to help with your child’s learning? If so, Scatty Maps Europe is the perfect game for such needs, making learning and geography exciting with its puzzle-like formula and fun facts. Each time you are asked to place the location of a country Scatty Maps Europe will provide you with some information on the countries population and capital city. Go learn and have fun!

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Cut It

Exercise your brain, logic and analytical thinking skills in Cut It, where you must carefully slice pieces into pieces which would slide or fall or rotate and hit the smiley faces. This is an interesting, slicing-based brain teaser game where kids can learn about geometry in a fun and interactive way, and is playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC. 

Cut It is a straight-forward, geometry-based puzzle game where you slice various shapes using your finger or computer mouse. Here, you have a limited number of swipes / slices to get them hitting smiley faces. You begin in Very Easy mode, and unlock further difficulty levels.

This online, multi-level, HTML5-based, math geometry activity and visual / logic puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Good spatial awareness, sharp analytical thinking, creative engineering skills, and common sense visual judgment skills are really important as you attempt to cut pieces correctly. A certain knowledge of the basics of fractions and general geometry can come in handy! A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you are given a success rating at the end of each level – whether you have passed or failed.

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Are you smarter than a new-born? Brainstorm puts that to the test in this interactive puzzle game that will have you questioning your education level constantly. Challenge yourself as you’re faced with tricky puzzles that will span an entire lifetime. Start off as a new-born with some basic questions that wouldn’t require much thought then level up to infant. Climb higher as the steps grow steeper, make your way up to adolescent level and adult level and prove your mental prowess.

Skills required: Puzzles require sharp analysis skills and critical thinking, push your brain to the limits. A determined mind set and high IQ will get you through some of the gruelling puzzles that would make Einstein twitch.

Flex your brainpower and work your way to the top in this thrilling puzzle game.

How to play: This single player puzzle game is compatible with Notebooks, Laptops and desktop PC as well as mobile devices (IOS/Android). Make your way through all the major stages of life; New born, infant, toddler, preschooler, school-aged, adolescent and adult. Each stage has a set of challenges of increasing difficulty to test your knowledge capacity. Answer correctly to advance to the next level. Good luck!

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Flags Maniac

A national flag is the flag that symbolizes a particular country. How many national flags from countries around the world can you identify? Flags Maniac is a fun, educational geography quiz for middle school and high school teens, as well as college students and grown-ups, that tests and expands your knowledge and memory of global emblems.

The aim of this game is to correctly spot the flags of the country you are asked. For example, it will ask you the flag of USA and then give you 4 possible options. A good prior understanding of foreign nations is helpful in this fast-paced game, as you race against the clock to recognize flags associated with different countries. Save your High Scores and show other players from around the world just how good you are. So, “Geography Genius”, are you ready to take on and complete all 15 levels?

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Pirate Adventure

Arrr ye land luver! Join the peg-legged and swashbuckling seafarer Christopher in Pirate Adventure, as he searches for Blackbeard’s fabled chest of gold! Aid Christopher earn Blackbeard’s respect and a piece of his treasure map by completing a series of mathematical problems and mini-interactive quests. Collect all six pieces of the map to find the location of the pirate lord’s chest. Pirate Adventure is a short but thrilling game, mixing interactive gameplay with problem-solving resulting in an interesting formula. Although, the math problems may be a bit too challenging for the little ones.

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Word Candy

Word Candy is a game where you get letters and have to match them to uncover the words and earn candies. You will get several letters and have to organize them from three to six to make and discover the word. There are infinite possibilities and every game is different from the other.

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Spell School

Play a fun, word & picture-based, spelling quiz game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! Spell School is an interactive, multi-level and educational guessing game for young children where you spell out a word based on a picture at the top of the play area. Featuring various categories (Animals, Food, Flags & People), you must carefully select the letters that spell out the correct word corresponding to the picture in a number of levels levels!

If you get stuck, you can ‘light up’ for a helpful hint (which automatically fills out one of the letter spaces). However, you must have enough coins earned so you can't use this Hint Feature continuously.

This online, HTML5-based, word & picture quiz game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game could be played as a fun interactive activity and online exercise in the elementary school classroom or at home for improving a child's spelling skills and general knowledge.

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Fishing Guru

Fishing Guru is a fun interactive typing game for kids and adults where you get to catch all the fish! This new learning game is one of the most hilarious typing games currently online. It requires rapid finger movement, eyes like an eagle and endless bravery – in order to save yourself from being eaten alive by fish! Do you possess these heroic skills?

You mission is to catch all the fish that are swimming to your boat. The way you catch the fish is by typing, as fast and as accurately as possible, the word that is attached to the fish. This will test your hand speed on the keyboard, as well as your ability to deal with multiple issues at the same time. As the levels progress, you will have LOTS of fish swimming towards your boat and you must be very quick and precise to catch them all! Ready up, the fish are on their way!

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Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser: Welcome to this educational game where you must pick your brain and think outside the box to answer the questions. Take your time as these questions are not as straightforward as they seem, and they will catch you off guard if you are not careful. Good luck!

The aim of this game is to answer the question infront of you. The questions will be worded in a way, or presented in a way designed to confuse you and make you think twice about what the answer could be. You must use your creativity, analytical, reflex, logic and accuracy skills to excel at this game! Have you got what it takes to outsmart the computer? Come and find out!

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Outspell is an anagram-type of word game where you need to unscramble letters to create new words, and place them on the board. Whether you prefer to call it an anagram-style game or a word scramble or word jumble, or simply just a "mixed-up letters game", you will have fun trying to create words in this addicting and challenging word puzzle for all ages. 

The aim of the game is to complete as many words as possible on the board using the randomly allocated letters to create them. Some squares on the board are worth 2x or 3x more points so try and fit these in when selecting the position of your new word. This game tests your knowledge of the english language, and your anagram skills. The letters will appear jumbled and confusing but work through them and see if you can use one of the letters to add to one letter already on the board to create a new word. Your observation skills will be developed as you must have a keen eye to spot an opportunity! Enjoy.

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Are you mad-about-math? Well Pythagoras, now is your chance to prove it! MathsTest is a fun educational game suitable for the classroom or at home for both young and old. It’s a traditional numbers quiz where you simply answer math questions against the clock. Have a go at this fascinating math learning activity. It’s a great way of staying mentally alert.

The aim of the game is to answer the mental maths questions correctly, as fast as you can. By the end of the time, you should have a nice high score! This will test your mathematical ability, have you got what it takes to get an impressive score? Try and work as fast as possible but remember only correct answers count so make this your priority! Working at speed and doing quick calculations is a skill that will be required here!

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Africa Maze

Africa Maze is a highly innovative and addicting platform puzzle game for older kids and teens where you have to guide a little character around the huge continent of Africa. In your tour of each country, complete a cool maze going around that country's landmarks! Enjoy and good luck!

The aim of the game is to complete each maze as you move through each country, eventually completing a full tour of all Africa has to give! This clever and original maze game requires an inquisitive mind, good analytical thinking skills, and a love of problem-solving as you try to plot a pathway for your character through the different maze panels. This cool game should prove a good fit for those who enjoy maze-based platform puzzles with a twist, or anyone interested in trying new ground-breaking, interactive brain teasers. Be prepared for a real test of your spatial awareness, vision and determination.

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