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Fun Maze Game for Kids - Beetle Ju 3

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Beetle Ju 3 is a fun platform puzzle game where you have to help Beetle Bug rescue all of his children from a series of dangerous mazes. While he was out at the grocery store, all but 2 of Beetle Bug’s 1,341 children were kidnapped, and you have to help poor Beetle Bug to get them back. Maneuver Beetle Bug through each of the tricky puzzles, picking up his lost kids as he goes along. Collect and deliver the little bugs to a portal in each level to progress. Navigate your way through each maze by munching through squares of cheese or dirt, setting off mines (bombs) and moving blocks. Avoid falling rocks and exploding vases as you try to float around rescuing as many little bug-lings as you can. This funny problem solving activity will test your strategic planning abilities, as you have to work out the best way to navigate through the maze and access the lost bugs. It will also exercise your quick reactions, as you have to swiftly change direction in order to save the little guys from danger. Ready to rescue those beetle-babies and save the day? It’s time to show us your maze-mastering skills. Good luck Beetle Ju.

How to Play: There is a long storyline introduction at the beginning. If you want to skip this, Left Click ‘Play’ at the bottom of the game screen to get started. Control Beetle Bug using either your computer mouse or your computer keyboard. He can float / fly around the maze using his beetle wings. Use the Arrow Keys to move him around, or alternatively, click and drag with your computer mouse in the direction you want him to go. The goal in each level is to collect as many of the little bugs dotted around the maze as you can, then deposit them to a portal (a round wooden door). In some levels, there is more than one portal / exit, but you can use any of them to rescue your children. Once you collect the little bugs, they are attached to you so you just have to fly beside the portal and they automatically go through it. In the top right corner of the game screen, you can see how many bugs are remaining in each level. In some parts of the maze, you can automatically munch your way through the cheese (and dirt in the higher levels) to get to the little guys. Other times, they are behind rocks and other objects. You can move certain blocks by pushing up against them and moving away. Other times, you have to use mines (bombs) to blast open a path for yourself. To plant a mine, hit Spacebar (you can see how many mines you have remaining in the bottom left corner of the game area.) Be careful, you only have a couple of seconds before the mine goes off, so fly somewhere else once you plant it. Don’t place mines too close to the little critters, as the explosion can cause them harm. If a mine explodes near a bug or a block falls on top of one of them, they disappear and you cannot rescue them. In some levels, there are green vases that create a huge explosion when they are moved.

Tip: You don’t have to bring each and every bug to the portal to progress. For example: There might be only one bug left and you can’t figure out a way to get to him. Here, you can set off a mine beside him - this will eliminate the bug and bring you to the next level.

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