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Play fun and challenging action games for older kids / teens on Learn4Good Games. Enjoy old school / classic-style, 1-player action games, crazy Flash platform games, fun adventure arcade games, really cool car racing games, bike games, fighting-based strategy games, 2-player games to play with your best friends and family members online at home, and more.

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Micro Tank Battle

Micro Tank Battle has some intense warfare that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is also super cute too!

The controls are easy to follow, the game is bright and gorgeous. This game is really a quick and exciting way to do battle.

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Homescapes is a visual puzzle game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. It is an adventure puzzle game where you are a middle-aged man trying to rescue your wife. To rescue your wife you need to get past a series of traps, which get very tricky after the first few levels. One wrong move could cost you your life and your wife could be trapped forever. Make sure you make the right decision every time!

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Venom Hero Street Fighting Game

Venom Hero Street Fighting Game - Welcome to the world of superhero fighting. You are acting as venom, the incredibly strong, powerful and talented man in the awesome suit and you are tasked with dispatching the enemies that are coming onto you. You can punch them or kick them, all of which are very realistic and enjoyable. Also, pick up weapons hidden in boxes and dropped by enemies to increase your fire power! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of this game is to eliminate all the enemies that come up to you. Some will be bigger and more powerful than you so you must employ a different tactical approach rather than just all out attack! You can block atttacks so this is a must to ensure you dont lose too much health! This will develop your keyboard skill as usually hitting a combination of punches and kicks will result in the most damage being inflicted onto th enemy! So be quick on the keyboard to maximise power in your attacks!

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Missile Defense System

Missile Defense System - Unleash the firepower from your turret and wipe out invading rockets before they destroy you in this fast-paced online shooting game. You are awarded for each enemy rocket destroyed and you will need to be on your game for this! This is no game for the slack minded user, you must be absolutely 100% on the ball here! You will have multiple rockets coming at you from multiple directions, and you have to defend your base with multiple turrets! Have you got what it takes? 

The aim of the game is to last as long as possible from the swarm of attacks coming from the sky in the form of rockets. Control your turrets simultaneously to fight back as best you can! This game will test your multitasking skills and the ability to process multiple things at once. You will have a lot of rockets flying towards you destined to cause serious damage until you stop them! Keep calm under the pressure and work methodically, dispatching them one by one.

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City Race Destruction

City Race Destruction is a survival race in a city full of obstacles! Find special signs on the streets of the city to participate in insane survival races on the narrow streets of a small city. Collect coins, win races and get large sums to buy even faster and armored vehicles that will easily destroy any opponent!

The aim of the game is simple! Win the races and survive. It really is a battleground out there so you will need to take part in races and collect coins to give yourself a fighting chance! You need to have your wits about you and take no prisoners! Either you destroy, or you will be destroyed! Ready up and prove yourself in this exciting challenge!

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Robot Police Iron Panther

In Robot Police Iron Panther, you will play as the brave robotics pilot Watts, a member of the City Defence Force, as he assembles his trusty Iron Panther mech and defends the city from a mysterious villain. Robot Police is a turn-based combat mech game in which you will need to beat the mysterious villain using a rock-paper-scissors formula of long- and short-range attacks, as well as counters and power shields. While short, Robot Police Iron Panther will definitely be an enjoyable experience for all ages to try out!

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Cars vs Zombies

It’s time to drive over, crash in, mow down, and smash zombies in Cars Vs Zombies, a physics-based puzzle platformer that is just too much fun. Control a couple of cars, making them move and stop when you tell them to, ensuring they drive over all the zombies and stay parked within the highlighted parking spot. They don’t always have to personally drive over the zombies, sometimes they can knock other things over to do the dirty work for them.

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Jump Ninja Hero

Jump Ninja Hero is a breathtaking Ninja-based action game for teen kids and adults alike, where you have to help your sleek ninja character survive in this unusual battlefield. Avoid the danger like a true ninja and come out the otherside without a scratch! This is perfect for anyone who wants a challenge! Is this you?

Your mission is to prove your ninja credentials. Survive as long as possible by dodging, jumping over/under, sliding under and gliding around the incoming attacks. These knife like attacks will end your game if one makes contact, so avoid it at all costs! You will need razor sharp reaction skills as these knife like objects will come at you with ferocious speed. Do everything you can to avoid them.

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Down The Hill

Embark on a thrilling journey with Down The Hill, an exhilarating endless runner game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Guide your character through dynamic landscapes, dodging sharp objects and avoiding lava pools as you race downhill. With its clean, Minecraft-inspired graphics, this game offers a visually appealing and engaging gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Playing Down The Hill is not just about fun and excitement, it also helps to enhance various skills. The game requires quick reflexes and sharp decision-making abilities, helping to improve your cognitive skills. It also enhances your hand-eye coordination and motor skills as you navigate your character through the challenging terrain. The game's unpredictable nature encourages strategic thinking and adaptability, making it a great tool for cognitive development.

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Tiny Blues VS Mini Reds

Tiny Blues vs Mini Reds is a strategy war-game packed with fun-filled explosive action guaranteed to separate the best from the rest! You play the role of a general of an elite mercenary force. Your goal is to destroy the oncoming enemy before they attack and infiltrate your base. You need to use your expert knowledge of troop deployment, military hardware and air strikes to take out this fearsome and unconventional enemy. Enjoy! Ready up!

The aim of the game is to survive the wave of enemy attacks coming towards your castle! Assemble your army to fight them off. This will test your strategic mindset and your organisation skills. You must ensure all eventualities are covered for so you are fully protected against anything. The onslaught of enemy attacks will get pretty intense so use your leadership and team working skills to assemble a solid defense! Good Luck General!

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Bomber IO

Bomber IO is an online multiplayer version of the classic arcade game bomberman. Whereas the original is just two players, here you’ll take on as many as ten in the same map, causing hectic mayhem as you all try to make each other explode! You can choose to play online (on several different servers for different continents), or play in offline mode if you prefer. You also have a range of customization options for your avatar before they enter the arena! Explode the walls and collect the range of powers hidden within (from extra lives to extra bombs) to give yourself the best chance of reaching the highest scores and becoming the best on your server.

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Aeroplane Escape

Aeroplane Escape is an extremely challenging and addicting spaceship flying simulation game where you have to navigate a difficult-to-handle aircraft away from incoming missles and rockets. Meanwhile you must collect boosts to increase your score. You could have many rockets locked onto you at any one time so the pressure will be on. Can you handle the heat and outrun the missiles? Lets find out?

Outrun the missiles and collect as many boosts as you can to increase your score! The game will end if the rockets catch you. This game requires seriously skillful movement of the plane. One wrong move and you could be blown to pieces! Also, remaining calm under the pressure and sticking to the job in hand is important! Use your mouse skills to effectively evade and dodge all the missiles and lead your aircraft to a safe journey! Gear up, its time to fly!

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Parmesan Partisan Deluxe

Step into the world of cheese warfare with Parmesan Partisan Deluxe! In this thrilling game, you are the last line of defense for your cheese-loving community against the relentless Mice People. As a brave and solitary cheesy partisan, your mission is to protect your people and their precious cheese reserves from the rodent invaders. With your trusty shotgun in hand, it's up to you to liberate your nation from the clutches of the Mice People!

Playing Parmesan Partisan Deluxe is not just about fun, it's also a great way to enhance your skills. The game is designed to improve your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities as you devise the best ways to defend your cheese. Your reflexes and hand-eye coordination will also be put to the test as you aim and fire your shotgun at the fast-moving rodents. Additionally, the game encourages patience and perseverance, as you'll need to stay vigilant and resilient in the face of the relentless rodent onslaught.

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Soldier Legend

Help your hero to combat the attacking aliens which are trying to overtake the world. Soldier Legend is a fun survival-based action game for kids and teens.

Skills required: This intense, adventure game requires sharp reflexes as you have these monsters coming at you at fast speeds out of both sides and the sky. Control your nimble character through the game zone at pace. Decision-making skills are also key as you have to decide which monsters need to be eliminated first, as some of them are can cause more damage than others. Collect coins to upgrade your weapon as it gets more tricky the further you get into the game.

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Speed Boat

Speed Boat is a fast-paced and high-intensity game where you have to get past all the other boats in the water!

We’re in a hurry! Be the fastest boat out there and get past everyone else! Control your boat to move around all of the other people in the water, but be careful… There there are some boats that will try to run into you! You have three lives every round, can you make it to the end before losing them all? This game is super fast-paced and fun for anyone who wants to try! There are eighteen levels that get harder every time, so try your best to get through them all without being hit! Show everyone else how it’s done!

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Santa On Skates

Guide a brave and spectacular "ice-skating Santa Claus" through 20 fun, side-scrolling platform levels where he must tactfully leap over obstacles, collect candy pieces (for all the the patiently-waiting children), and safely reach the Finish Flag on the far right side! Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Santa On Skates is an enjoyable Holiday Season-themed, jumping-based online action game (for both little and Big Kids!) where you must carefully time Santa's jumps over snowmen, fireplaces, wagon wheels, and other wacky obstacles on a quest to reach the finish line without a fault. Featuring 20 increasingly-difficult, side-scrolling levels, you must also ensure Santa collects as many candy pieces as possible from each course. There is no room for error here – one slightly mistimed jump, and poor old Santa takes a heavy tumble onto the snow, and gets knocked out!

This online, HTML5-based, jumping and timing game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Timing really is everything here as you attempt to bring Santa safely along to the red finish flag in each level. You have no controls other than making Santa jump when needed - with Spacebar, click or tap. Very good reactions and anticipation skills, and sharp hand-eye coordination, and great determination all come into play. 

Control Tip: Santa jumps the same distance each time – no matter how long you hold down your mouse click or Spacebar key / or you tap your touch screen. Use this information to judge when and where you should make each jump.

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Maze Warrior

Play as a noble and adventurous master swordsman as you brave dungeons with walls of dreadful black stone and filled with sword-wielding monsters, as you search for treasure in Maze Warrior. Navigate your way through passages, striking down enemies as they appear, and make your way to the treasure room before time runs out to complete the level. Watch your health and kill your enemies before they can strike you.

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Defend the Tank

Defend the Tank is a fun, full of action online game,similar in tactics to Bloons Tower Defense games for kids & teens where you must protect your tank from attacks such as rocket launchers, soldiers shooting from rifles and snowball grenades! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you play the role of a determined missile-firing soldier who is tasked to protect the tank at any cost. As time goes new soldiers become available for you to protect the tank - pick them up from 3 squares at the bottom and drop on the tank. As soon as a new one becomes available - drop it on the tank too, the more soldiers you have sitting on the tank - the better protection you have on the tank

Rotate your soldiers to inflict maximum damage on the enemy and fix your tank with mechanic soldiers. Collect coins to upgrade your tank after each battle and unlock special soldier classes. This shooting action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include focus, good analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, smart decision making, timing, anticipation skills, determination, and a general appreciation for the collaborative effect of angles, trajectory, and shot power.

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Green Man Smash

Green Man Smash is a nutty Hulk action game for kids, teens and Big Kids where you (the Hulk) have to smash as many enemy robots as you can by jumping and landing on them but not letting them touch or shoot you. This fast-paced, bright-green, all-action game involves powerful jumps and strong kicks. It requires nothing more than a healthy desire to smash everything to bits! It’s endless fun! Have a go. The Hulk is raging – you need to channel his rage. Let out that aggression! Get smashing! Upgrade to an even scarier, angrier hulk as the game progresses! Good look Hulkster!

The mission is to protect the city and the streets from the bad guys...simple! OK, so you’re mad, bad and bright-bright green! You are not in a good mood, so things are going to get smashed. Whatever gets in your way is fair game. Don’t let anything touch you as it will reduce your health and once your health gets to zero, it’s game over for the green giant. This will improve your keyboard skills as the faster you can combine attacks the more successful you will be in deterring the enemy! BOOM! Destruction is the objective, remember!

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Jungle Dash Mania

Run, run as fast as you can in Jungle Dash Mania. This endless runner game has you in the thick of the woods trying to outrace a hungry bear. The stakes couldn't be higher.

This is a perfect game to pick up and put down whenever you have a few minutes. It needs no explanation and is fun for gamers of any age.

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