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Play fun, free, online action games for older kids / teens on Learn4Good Games. Some very good online action games in one area - classic style 1-player Flash games, fun platform games, crazy adventure games, fighting strategy-based games, awesome car racing games, cool 3D HTML5 games and more. 

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Spartacus Arena

Spartacus Arena is an exciting simulation game where you have to fight for life in an arena. You will have to face many opponents at a time and should defeat them all to survive. Choose your weapons at the beginning and prepare yourself to fight the waves of enemies that come into the arena to defeat you.

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Stickman Army The Defenders

Stickman Army The Defenders is a fun strategy game for kids where you have to use various weapons and characters to defend your tribe from being over run by approaching stickmen. This fast and furious and colorful little action game requires high-speed mouse clicking abilities and super-sharp management skills! These nasty stickmen are relentless in their pursuit – they stop at nothing! Only you can save your beloved tribe from this full-on invasion. It’s scary mayhem! Get clicking and destroy these stickmen!

The aim of this game is to defend your base from incoming stickman attacks. This will develop your management skills as you must look after multiple aspects of the battlefield at once. You have to manage the battle so you have enough firepower at all times to defeat the incoming attacks. 

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Aeroplane Escape

Aeroplane Escape is an extremely challenging and addicting spaceship flying simulation game where you have to navigate a difficult-to-handle aircraft away from incoming missles and rockets. Meanwhile you must collect boosts to increase your score. You could have many rockets locked onto you at any one time so the pressure will be on. Can you handle the heat and outrun the missiles? Lets find out?

Outrun the missiles and collect as many boosts as you can to increase your score! The game will end if the rockets catch you. This game requires seriously skillful movement of the plane. One wrong move and you could be blown to pieces! Also, remaining calm under the pressure and sticking to the job in hand is important! Use your mouse skills to effectively evade and dodge all the missiles and lead your aircraft to a safe journey! Gear up, its time to fly!

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Space Conflict

Space Conflict is a fun shooting/flying game in which the user must navigate a spacecraft and keep it out of danger from all the astreroids flying about. One hit from one of these asteroids and it is game over! Luckily you do have weapons on your side. Fire your bullets at the asteroids and they will burst open with some coins inside. Do your best to collect as many of these coins as possible! Good luck, and stay safe out there Captain!

Stay alive for as long as possible and collect as many coins as you can to get a high score. This game requires exceptional control as the spacecraft is difficult to control on the PC. One slight error in movement and control and you are as good as dead! So be careful! You will also need good reactions to react to a quick danger coming your way. Make sure you are always on the ball!

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City Hero

City Hero - Protect your city against alien invaders in this fun shooting game for kids! You are the city's only defence against these nasty enemies and it is your job to keep everyone, and everything, safe and well. Use your gun to shoot at the enemy and you can hop and jump over and avoid danger too! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to protect the city by eliminating the invaders! Use your weapon to shoot at them to dispose of them one by one. The best tactic is to constantly blast away as you have unlimited ammo! That way, you stand the best chance of defeating some of the bigger heavier enemies that take more damage. This game will develop your multitasking skills on the keyboard as you must hop and shoot simultaneously to stand a chance at eliminating all the enemies. Eliminate as many as possible to get as high score as possible!

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Stickman Team Force 2

The dead have awoken in the old lands of the Pharaohs, an army of the dead that is now bent on conquering the living world. In Stickman Team Force 2, you will join the deadly three-man squad of stickman mercenaries who have been sent to stop whoever is behind raising the dead. Make your way through 16 mummy-filled levels as you switch between characters and send the dead back to their graves.

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Team Kaboom

Join a ragtag group of mercenaries as you shoot, slash, and blast through endless waves of enemies in Team Kaboom. Dispose of the enemies in different ways as you switch between 5 characters each armed with their own unique weapon and strengths. Make sure not to let any of the enemies get past you and reach the exit; if they do, they will just come back again, but this time stronger and more dangerous. Kill as many as possible to set the highest score you can, just make sure to watch yourself as each time an enemy makes contact, you will lose a life, lose all 3 and it’s game over.

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Stealth Hunter

Blend in with the shadows and take on the role of a master ninja in Stealth Hunter. Play as the master of stealth as you make your way through dozens of levels, assassinating any guard that is foolish enough to stand in your path. Stealth Hunter is a casual and addictive stealth game that is sure to be hit with any age, made suitable for most ages thanks to its playdough-like art style.

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Endless Survival Shooting

Endless Survival Shooting is a very challenging arcade-style platform game where you need to use your survival instincts to be able to succeed and thrive here! This simple easy to play game will have you playing for hours trying to better your score each time! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to survive for as long as possible and eliminate all the enemies that are coming for you! This fun, skill-based game requires super-quick reactions, doubly nifty fingers and a cool head. It should be ideal for fans of old-school retro platform activities, and any gamers who love high-octane survival games. Good luck!

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Parmesan Partisan Deluxe

Step into the world of cheese warfare with Parmesan Partisan Deluxe! In this thrilling game, you are the last line of defense for your cheese-loving community against the relentless Mice People. As a brave and solitary cheesy partisan, your mission is to protect your people and their precious cheese reserves from the rodent invaders. With your trusty shotgun in hand, it's up to you to liberate your nation from the clutches of the Mice People!

Playing Parmesan Partisan Deluxe is not just about fun, it's also a great way to enhance your skills. The game is designed to improve your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities as you devise the best ways to defend your cheese. Your reflexes and hand-eye coordination will also be put to the test as you aim and fire your shotgun at the fast-moving rodents. Additionally, the game encourages patience and perseverance, as you'll need to stay vigilant and resilient in the face of the relentless rodent onslaught.

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Goldblade Water Adventure

Guide the courageous Princess Goldblade on a noble quest through side-scrolling platform worlds filled with wacky enemies, ledges, and numerous other hindrances! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Goldblade Water Adventure is a fun yet challenging, platform-based skill game where you must conquer a series of side-scrolling, baddie-filled levels.

Skills required: To succeed in this action adventure game, you must exhibit fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, savvy judgment, tactful jumping skills, stamina, and great determination. Each level features a range of challenging obstacles – from steep drops to leaping bad guys and more.

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Deep Worm

Things get a bit crazy and scary in Deep Worm. The goal of the game is to destroy as much as possible to gain points. That's right, you are playing as the Deep Worm in this game. Let's see how much damage you can do.

This game is a wonderfully bright and wild time. There is so much destruction that it can almost feel like sensory overload but there is a lot of fun in the chaos too.

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Tom Clancy's Shootout

Tom Clancy's Shootout is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed shooting game that plunges you into the heart of a thrilling training ground. Show off your mastery of weapons by shooting targets with lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint precision. Outshoot your competitors, unlock superior weaponry, and select an elite operator to achieve the world's best score!

Playing Tom Clancy's Shootout not only provides an exhilarating gaming experience but also helps to enhance a variety of skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities as you strategize the best ways to outscore your opponents. Your motor skills are put to the test as you aim and shoot with precision and speed. The game also fosters decision-making skills as you choose the right moment to strike and the best weapons to use. It's a game that challenges your mind and reflexes in equal measure.

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Green Man Smash

Green Man Smash is a nutty Hulk action game for kids, teens and Big Kids where you (the Hulk) have to smash as many enemy robots as you can by jumping and landing on them but not letting them touch or shoot you. This fast-paced, bright-green, all-action game involves powerful jumps and strong kicks. It requires nothing more than a healthy desire to smash everything to bits! It’s endless fun! Have a go. The Hulk is raging – you need to channel his rage. Let out that aggression! Get smashing! Upgrade to an even scarier, angrier hulk as the game progresses! Good look Hulkster!

The mission is to protect the city and the streets from the bad guys...simple! OK, so you’re mad, bad and bright-bright green! You are not in a good mood, so things are going to get smashed. Whatever gets in your way is fair game. Don’t let anything touch you as it will reduce your health and once your health gets to zero, it’s game over for the green giant. This will improve your keyboard skills as the faster you can combine attacks the more successful you will be in deterring the enemy! BOOM! Destruction is the objective, remember!

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Ragdoll Gangs

Ragdoll Gangs is a 3D fighting game in which you face six levels of enemies in different parts of the city. You can customise your rag doll, with characters ranging from a balaclava doll to a knight! In single player mode, you punch, kick, and use the objects you find around you to defeat your opponents in a variety of ways, from kicking them off rooftops to locking them in jail with a crane.

In arena mode, you can fight one on one against a series of bosses. See if you find the best strategy to be punching and kicking your way through the levels, or if you prefer opening the mystery boxes to find special weapons to use against your enemies. You can also play two player, fighting against your friends to prove who is the best rag doll of them all!

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Chaos has come to the far-off kingdom of Sarens when evil magicians corrupted and bewitched the once peaceful inhabitants, turning them violent and bloodthirsty. But all hope is lost, for the ancient spirits of the elements came to defend the kingdom and bring balance back to the scarred valley. Take on the role of one of these element guardians as you fight back the hoards of warriors bent on destroying the villages of the kingdom. Sarens is an exciting point down and tap focused game that will draw you in with its exciting gameplay and array of awesome spells.

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Robot Shooting

Robot Shooting is a defence game in which your turret has to hold off attacking robots who want to destroy it! Prioritize your shots to destroy your enemies as quickly as possible, while also collecting power ups with your shots such as x2 bonuses and a bomb that will destroy all onscreen enemies. Survive the whole level to earn stars which can unlock new locations!

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Red Monster

Red Monster is an online RPG action game based on the classic American comic book, TV series and movie character - the Incredible Hulk. In Red Monster you play the role of this Hulk, and the Hulk is angry – very angry! You must work your way through the missions and protect the city! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to follow the instructions given to you at the start of the level. This will most certainly involve eliminating some enemies! This game will test your keyboard skills as you must navigate your way around the tricky controls to be victorious here. Put the practice in and you are sure to reap the rewards! 

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Jungle Dash Mania

Run, run as fast as you can in Jungle Dash Mania. This endless runner game has you in the thick of the woods trying to outrace a hungry bear. The stakes couldn't be higher.

This is a perfect game to pick up and put down whenever you have a few minutes. It needs no explanation and is fun for gamers of any age.

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Shoot Watermelon

Play a fun, shooting game packed with different setups with a quirky farmyard twist! Shoot Watermelon is a fast-paced online arcade game. Here, you have to shoot at watermelons which are static, moving ,rotating which makes it easy to miss a shot.

Aim right at the watermelon by moving your mouse and mouse click to shoot. Try to shoot as fast as you can and miss no shot.

Meet your shooting ambition and improve your focus by shooting watermelons quickly and accurately. Gun simulator game helps you improve your focus and shooting skills. Enjoy the real smash and bursting out of it. Shoot The Watermelon is the best shooting practice game where you can shoot freely without any fear of damage. The game is time limited, so don't waste much time aiming, trust your eyes and feeling of "about right".

Once you reach the level 5 - next level selection will appear on the right, use your mouse to click and hold on any of the levels shown on the screen and drag them to the left in order to see further levels available.

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Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a radical and gorgeous skating game that puts you on the board and will send you flying down the road. But be careful because there are many dangers in your way looking to knock you down.

This endless runner has all the fun features that make the genre so popular. But playing as a hip skater makes it feel cool and new in exciting ways.

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Cat Gunner vs Zombies

Cat Gunner vs Zombies is a fun, side-scrolling game where everyone has turned into zombies… and everyone also happens to be cats! But that's not really stopping you from wiping out your fellow felines.

After a meteoroid hit the earth, all your fellow cat friends have been turned into cat zombies and now you have to stop them before it's too late! Equipped with a gun and a starter hero you're going to be mowing down zombie cats as they storm you. But watch out! Some of these zombie cats are sneaky and will carry bombs or armor to make it that bit more difficult to kill them, and others have turned into alien zombies! With some serious firepower! As you kill the zombies you'll pick up some currency you can use to unlock new guns and new heroes, each of which is stronger than the last.

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Kogama Speedrun Legend

Kogama Speedrun Legend is a 3D parkour based game, in which you need to run, jump and time your way with precision through a series of traps such as flamethrowers and huge gaps to reach checkpoints. To play this game takes timing, precision, and nerve, as you’ll be sending you character into harm’s way, regularly jumping huge gaps and running past flamethrowers and fast enemies!

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Stickman School Run

Run dodge and roll your way through this thrilling 2D arcade platformer Stickman School Run, take control of Stickman our wire frame friend as you sprint your way through complex obstacle courses all in the pursuit of helping him reunite with his girlfriend, Stickgirl.

Timing is everything, your instincts must be razor sharp if you want to make it to the end unharmed. Spikes, nasty crates and huge gaps are just a few of the obstacles that stand in your way of reuniting with your girlfriend, are you up for the challenge?

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TrackMania Blitz

t’s time to put your pedal to the metal in Trackmania Blitz, an extreme 2D racing game that is sure to get adrenaline racing through your body. Test your driving prowess against dozens of other drivers from around the world as you all compete to see who is the king of the driving ring! Beat the competition and race your heart out to collect coins to unlock awesome decals for your speed racers. Strap yourself in and embrace the mania of Trackmania Blitz!

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