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Prison Escape

Prison Escape - Help the man break free from the prison in this fun, easy to play game. You have money to earn and time ticking against you, so get out of the prison as fast as possible! The faster you get out, the more money you will earn! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to escape from the prison. You must make your way past prison guards to do this and avoid their torchlights. You will have three lives so make sure you dont get caught three times otherwise it is game over! This game will develop your planning skills and strategic thinking, as both of these aspects are vital for success here. You must plan your approach so you do not get caught, and then analyse the guards behaviour so you know when the gaps appear!

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Deep Worm

Things get a bit crazy and scary in Deep Worm. The goal of the game is to destroy as much as possible to gain points. That's right, you are playing as the Deep Worm in this game. Let's see how much damage you can do.

This game is a wonderfully bright and wild time. There is so much destruction that it can almost feel like sensory overload but there is a lot of fun in the chaos too.

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Cool Run 3D

Cool Run 3D is a competitive and exciting game where you compete with others to reach the goal. Play against the computer to see who reaches the end goal first. Earn coins to unlock skins and accessories for your character. Be the fastest and win all levels against an increased amount of enemies every time.

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Chaos has come to the far-off kingdom of Sarens when evil magicians corrupted and bewitched the once peaceful inhabitants, turning them violent and bloodthirsty. But all hope is lost, for the ancient spirits of the elements came to defend the kingdom and bring balance back to the scarred valley. Take on the role of one of these element guardians as you fight back the hoards of warriors bent on destroying the villages of the kingdom. Sarens is an exciting point down and tap focused game that will draw you in with its exciting gameplay and array of awesome spells.

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Cube Ninja

Keep a fast-moving ninja in play for as long as possible in this quick-fire, 1-level, online endless running challenge! Cube Ninja is a fun yet intense, side-scrolling action game featuring awesome gravity switching and fast-paced 3D running action! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC, you must constantly alter gravity in order to keep a dashing ninja on a narrow ledge by avoiding obstacles, ravines, and other pesky hindrances! Keep your ninja hero on the straight and narrow (literally) for as long as possible, and keep trying to beat your best score with each subsequent attempt!

This intense, HTML5-based, endless runner action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Use mouse-clicking or tapping actions to prolong the action and keep your ninja on solid ground. This requires a combination of sharp reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills, and the ability to anticipate upcoming obstacles and changes in the terrain.

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Cat Gunner vs Zombies

Cat Gunner vs Zombies is a fun, side-scrolling game where everyone has turned into zombies… and everyone also happens to be cats! But that's not really stopping you from wiping out your fellow felines.

After a meteoroid hit the earth, all your fellow cat friends have been turned into cat zombies and now you have to stop them before it's too late! Equipped with a gun and a starter hero you're going to be mowing down zombie cats as they storm you. But watch out! Some of these zombie cats are sneaky and will carry bombs or armor to make it that bit more difficult to kill them, and others have turned into alien zombies! With some serious firepower! As you kill the zombies you'll pick up some currency you can use to unlock new guns and new heroes, each of which is stronger than the last.

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Stickman School Run

Run dodge and roll your way through this thrilling 2D arcade platformer Stickman School Run, take control of Stickman our wire frame friend as you sprint your way through complex obstacle courses all in the pursuit of helping him reunite with his girlfriend, Stickgirl.

Timing is everything, your instincts must be razor sharp if you want to make it to the end unharmed. Spikes, nasty crates and huge gaps are just a few of the obstacles that stand in your way of reuniting with your girlfriend, are you up for the challenge?

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Banana Running

Enjoy a cool and wacky endless running game where you guide Mr. Nanners through the tricky obstacles it runs into. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nanners is missing, and your quest is to find her. Slide left, right and under obstacles while collecting Mrs. Nanners dolls. Don't forget to collect banana balls and use them to upgrade your gear!

Banana Running is a fast-paced, one-level, 3D survival game where you must use really quick reactions to dodge and weave around obstacles as you pilot Mr. Nanners through the hectic streets filled with cars and road barriers. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, you must keep your friendly hero out of harm's way by quickly moving him from side to side in order to avoid oncoming hindrances and dangers. Collect as many balls and dolls as you can along your crazy journey, and try to beat your top score with each new effort!

This wacky online, HTML5-based, infinite running / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Key playing skills required here include alertness and high concentration levels, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, sharp reflexes, a sense of fun and adventure, and dogged determination to protect your free-spirited, bear-like buddy. A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you learn from your mistakes on trickier parts of the course, for better distance gains in subsequent attempts! Enjoy the hilarious hike!

Controls: For PC / laptop / notebook players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control movement. For mobile / tablet players, simply tap or slide your finger on the game screen to control your character.

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Snake Attack

Quickly move around, remain safe, and grow a snake hero as long as possible by gobbling up fruit and avoiding large enemy snakes who are out to snip your tail and halt your progress! Snake Attack is a fun, fast-paced, interactive, survival-based reactions game where your goal is to keep your happy and constantly-moving snake out of harm's way in order to dominate a large free-roam grid. Eat available pieces of fruit to increase the length of your snake's tail, and keep out of the way of the baddie snakes who try to gobble up your good guy. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, this is a one-level challenge where you are on a constant quest to improve your best score / snake length with each new attempt.

This online, HTML5-based, survival / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Test and exercise your hand-eye coordination skills, sharp reflexes, anticipation skills, concentration levels, and your ability to deftly dodge and weave around enemies with good keyboard control or finger tapping skills. Determination, patience, and strategic planning also come into play as you carefully and methodically slither your way around the large grid. Use common sense decision-making to keep your snake in enemy-free areas with plenty of fruit to consume!

Controls: For PC / laptop players, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your snake's movement. For mobile device / tablet players, tap on the yellow arrow icons in the bottom corners of the game screen to move your snake around the game environment.

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Airport 3D Clash

Airport 3D Clash is a fun third person shooter game, in which you work with your team to kill your enemies, and capture a bomb for the most time! Choose from either a machine gun or sniper loadout, and head to the battlefield to prove yourself. Winning games unlocks points you can use to upgrade the health and damage of your character, while winning 100 will unlock gold weapons! Fight your way through the airport environment, making the most of trampolines that will launch you high up to get to vantage points as well as to get the spring on your enemies!

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Street Fight

Join the brave and tough red-haired fighter as he punches, kicks, and knockouts scores of city thugs in Street Fight. Street Fight is a game that brings back that nostalgic feel of those classic arcade fighter games with its simplistic but great gameplay and graphics. Keep knocking out thugs to earn coins, purchase upgrades, and see how far you can make it!

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Space Conflict

Space Conflict is a fun shooting/flying game in which the user must navigate a spacecraft and keep it out of danger from all the astreroids flying about. One hit from one of these asteroids and it is game over! Luckily you do have weapons on your side. Fire your bullets at the asteroids and they will burst open with some coins inside. Do your best to collect as many of these coins as possible! Good luck, and stay safe out there Captain!

Stay alive for as long as possible and collect as many coins as you can to get a high score. This game requires exceptional control as the spacecraft is difficult to control on the PC. One slight error in movement and control and you are as good as dead! So be careful! You will also need good reactions to react to a quick danger coming your way. Make sure you are always on the ball!

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Neon Blaster

Neon Blaster is a tough, fast-paced and non-stop shooting game that requires speed, skill and planning. It also requires a lot of precise aiming because just one missed shot can spell certain doom.

The game is a traditional shooter that has you commanding a powerful tank that sits at the bottom of the screen. Shortly after the match begins, falling blocks will come your way. Each dangerous block has a number on it that indicates its strength. You need to hit each block the designated number of times. For example, if there is a block coming your way with the number 2, you need to hit it twice. Sounds easy, right? Well, wait until there are blocks coming at you that say 64. Wow.

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Rome Simulator

“Hear ye, Hear ye – the Day has finally come! Calling all brave Roman Warriors and Gladiators – who among you has the strength, skill, and agility to overcome anything that the Great City of Rome has to offer?”

Rome Simulator is a challenging platform adventure game set in Ancient Rome where you play the role of a valiant Roman Warrior who needs to reclaim the temple and to do this, he needs to eliminate everyone inside using the weapons that are laying around. The Romans greatly valued physical strength and ability so this is where you can show your worth! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to go round and conquer the temple and eliminate as many enemies as possible! This Ancient Rome warrior game should be a good fit for fans of games that require quick reactions, fast finger work, and expert timing. Have you got the mettle to tough it out – and go for gold? As the Romans used to say – ‘Carpe Diem’ – which means ‘seize the day’! Good luck Brave Warrior!

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Shoot Watermelon

Play a fun, shooting game packed with different setups with a quirky farmyard twist! Shoot Watermelon is a fast-paced online arcade game. Here, you have to shoot at watermelons which are static, moving ,rotating which makes it easy to miss a shot.

Aim right at the watermelon by moving your mouse and mouse click to shoot. Try to shoot as fast as you can and miss no shot.

Meet your shooting ambition and improve your focus by shooting watermelons quickly and accurately. Gun simulator game helps you improve your focus and shooting skills. Enjoy the real smash and bursting out of it. Shoot The Watermelon is the best shooting practice game where you can shoot freely without any fear of damage. The game is time limited, so don't waste much time aiming, trust your eyes and feeling of "about right".

Once you reach the level 5 - next level selection will appear on the right, use your mouse to click and hold on any of the levels shown on the screen and drag them to the left in order to see further levels available.

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Skeleton Defense

It is up to you to hold the line as the last defender of humanity in Skeleton Defense. A deadly virus has gripped the earth, killing and turning most of the human race into walking skeletons who hunger for human flesh. You are the only defender left, and it is up to you to keep the few remaining people alive using an arsenal of lethal weapons at your disposal.

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Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a radical and gorgeous skating game that puts you on the board and will send you flying down the road. But be careful because there are many dangers in your way looking to knock you down.

This endless runner has all the fun features that make the genre so popular. But playing as a hip skater makes it feel cool and new in exciting ways.

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Kogama Speedrun Legend

Kogama Speedrun Legend is a 3D parkour based game, in which you need to run, jump and time your way with precision through a series of traps such as flamethrowers and huge gaps to reach checkpoints. To play this game takes timing, precision, and nerve, as you’ll be sending you character into harm’s way, regularly jumping huge gaps and running past flamethrowers and fast enemies!

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Tank Duel

It is time to go to war in Tank Duel 3D, an enthralling top-down tank battle simulator! Face off against dangerous tank Ais or test yourself against a friend in two-player mode! Manoeuvre behind cover, dodge bullets and missiles, pick up dozens of awesome powerups, and make sure to defeat all in your path! Tank Duel 3D is a fun casual game that is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

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Team Kaboom

Join a ragtag group of mercenaries as you shoot, slash, and blast through endless waves of enemies in Team Kaboom. Dispose of the enemies in different ways as you switch between 5 characters each armed with their own unique weapon and strengths. Make sure not to let any of the enemies get past you and reach the exit; if they do, they will just come back again, but this time stronger and more dangerous. Kill as many as possible to set the highest score you can, just make sure to watch yourself as each time an enemy makes contact, you will lose a life, lose all 3 and it’s game over.

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