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Top 100 New Games on Learn4Good - 75 to 100

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This games playing area lists the favorite new 100 games currently played by our audience (Top games 75 to 100 added over the last 6 months).

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Alien Transporter is a challenging, spaceship flying and taxi driving-based skill game (for one or two players) where you play the role of an outer space cab driver serving a bunch of friendly green alien customers. Using deft keyboard control skills in each level, you must carefully transport the aliens to their desired destinations in an outer space town (ensuring to avoid any unnecessary collisions with obstacles along the way), and then direct your rocket-powered transport spacecraft to an Exit Portal. Collect coins along your routes, and be really careful not to run out of fuel! If you accidentally incur too much collision damage, your transporter explodes!

Skills required: In this fun, tricky, movement-based arcade game, good hand-eye coordination skills are essential as you try to safely maneuver your alien transport spaceship through each confined level. As with driving any vehicle in real-life, practice makes perfect as you exhibit delicate, nimble finger work throughout your taxi journeys. Multitasking skills are important in later levels when two spaceships operate simultaneously.

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Ever heard of Jack and the Beanstalk? Ever wondered what it was like to climb all the way up that enormous stalk of a bean plant? Well now you can, with Bean Fiend, a fun online platform climbing and jumping game for kids where you play the role of a cute little creature that has to climb up a humongous beanstalk to avoid the rising water level below.

Your goal is to score as many points as you can by picking up beans and other items on the way. However, the water is steadily rising below you, so you’d better get climbing, fast! If you fall into the water, you only have a certain amount of time to get out! Avoid pesky bees, woodpeckers and other creatures that send you tumbling down towards the watery abyss.

This good old-fashioned platformer will test and exercise your quick reactions, as you have to quickly hop from one ledge to the other. You’ll also need a steady hand, as staying on the slippery ledges isn’t as easy as it looks. Ready to scale the heights Jumping Bean Fiend? Ok then, happy hopping!

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Pac-xon is a PacMan type of arcade game. The objective of the game is to fill at least 75% of the empty space with the blue tiles before one of the ghosts catches you. As soon as the necessary percentage of the space is filled, you proceed to the next level. However, this is not as easy as it may seem. The ghosts won't leave you alone; they will follow you wherever you go. If a ghost catches you – you lose one life.

Note, that at first, you are safe whenever you are in the blue area, however, as you progress through the levels, some of the ghosts become more powerful. They start to appear in the blue area as well. There is a way for you to get rid of those creatures. You can trap a ghost in a little jail by surrounding him with the blue tiles, so that the ghost wouldn't be able to escape. Some of the ghosts have super powers – they eat the blue tiles, thus reducing the blue area. Hence, the higher level you reach, the more challenges you face.

There are several power-ups that appear from time to time: 
An Orange – you trade places with the ghosts; now you can eat them!
Cherries – you move faster.
Bananas – the ghosts move slower.
Ice-cream – the ghosts stagnate for a moment.

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Prepare to cut loose and blow off some steam as you embark on a wildly-enjoyable car smashing rampage across a free-roam city landscape! Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn is an intense, crazy, high-speed ‘destruction driving’ game for older kids / teens where you literally have to wreak as much havoc as possible by crashing, smashing, and bashing into specific cars, vans, trucks, amenities, and buildings.

Set in an awesome 3D free-roam city setting, you are given the keys to a set of unbelievably destructive vehicles which, as well as having awesome speed, also feature rocket-propelled missile launchers! Your mission is simple: Search and Destroy!

This action-packed, manic car and truck-driving challenge relieves you from the often stifling oppression of racing rules & lap times, and allows you to freely drive through the city streets - causing complete and utter carnage at will! Good keyboard tapping skills are important as you try to keep control of your super-powered vehicle. Observation skills and strategy are also essential as you often have to seek out specific types of vehicles to eliminate. Ok then, let’s see if you're up for some madcap mayhem! Just remember to keep it virtual; don’t try this at home!

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As you and your army stand huddled behind your defensive walls, you can hear them coming…. The stomping of inhuman feet, the pounding of an otherworldly drum, the fierce battle cries of an unearthly being… The siege has begun – Now, can you hold out for a final triumphant victory? The Great Siege is a tower defense-style medieval strategy and resource management game for teenagers where you have to combine defensive and attacking battle tactics in order to fend off a ghastly marching army of goblins, ogres, orcs, and other very nasty creatures. As well as firing your own catapult and sending troops onto the battlefield, you have to plan for each skirmish, build up your defenses, and generally take strategic charge of an entire city.

This intense, adrenaline-pumping war strategy game has all the hallmarks of a classic ‘Lord of the Rings-style’ fantasy; with epic battle scenes, inhuman enemy creatures, and a clear case of Good vs Evil. Utilize your cunning intellect and battle-hardened experience to ensure that you come out on the winning side. Are you ready to instill a sense of courage in your troops, stand tall, and face the enemy? The Great Siege is about to begin – can you hold your nerve in the face of such adversity?

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Let us introduce you to a family of surprisingly miserable monkeys that desperately needs some Holiday Season cheer! Monkey Go Happy Christmas is a head-scratching, hidden object puzzle for fun-loving gamers of all ages where you have to investigate scenes in a wintery woodland landscape, and solve intricate point-and-click puzzles in order to find 12 missing Christmas-themed objects! Using your computer mouse as an essential tool for your detective work, you must interact with the various places and items within the game in order to uncover the mystery of the well-hidden items (candy canes, baubles, presents, bells, and more..). Use your best sleuthing senses to try to see the bigger picture, piece together clues and related-items, and make one of this teary-eyed monkey family jump for joy at your success!

Based on the hugely-popular Monkey Go Happy series of problem solving mini-game adventures, this is a fun brain teaser exercise with a cool festive season twist! A really inquisitive mind and willingness to explore are essential attributes required here as you have to carefully and forensically examine each and every possible scene in order to engineer a solution to find all of the hidden objects. Logical thinking, strategic planning skills, a good memory, and dogged determination are also very important (You may have to retrace your steps if you find an interesting item). If you like playing Monkey Go Happy Christmas, see if you can find the original Monkey Go Happy game, as well as other Monkey Go Happy sequels on our Learn4Good site. Happy problem solving, and be sure to play with your family and friends this Holiday Season!

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Have you ever been so bored that you doodled on a piece of paper? Sure you have! However, did those cheeky sketches and light-hearted drawings ever burst into life in the form of an intergalactic shooting game full of slimy creatures and blasting bazookas? Paper Wars is an all-action alien shoot ‘em up game with an unusual twist! Instead of the battle taking place with rocket-powered spaceships in a far-away galaxy, this battlefield is a normal, every-day school copybook gone "completely wild"! Guide your purple-haired hero around the page, in between the lines, and most importantly of all - away from the fast-approaching space aliens!

This fun and addicting shooting activity is a true test of your quick mouse-moving and reaction skills. Your hero fires his weapon automatically – but you have to use some smart wrist action to make sure the feisty little guy evades the ever-dangerous space monsters. Dodge and weave around the paper play area, increase your firepower with special Power-ups, and see if you can survive all the way to the end of this 20-page epic adventure! Let’s turn these troublesome creatures from detailed doodles into proper paper mulch! Opening a copybook has never been so much fun! Can your friends get as far as you?

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Emergency! We've got fires sparking up in locations throughout the city. We need a really competent and focused truck driver to get our firefighters out to the scenes, fast! Time is of the essence! Are you up to the job?

Firefighters Truck 3 is a fun and challenging, online driving & parking simulation game where you play the very-important role of a fire truck driver in a busy city. Taking best care to avoid damaging your truck, crashing into cars and other vehicles, or running over pedestrians, you must race to the scene of a fire emergency in double-quick time, and carefully park in the correct spot so that your firefighters can fight the blaze. This is definitely no drill and practice run!

This tricky virtual emergency services simulation game features a top-down, eagle-eye view of the streets, and requires quick reaction speed and reflexes, and instinctive keyboard control as you drive at speed through high-volumes of traffic. Good concentration and observation skills are also important as you try to figure out the best route to the fire.

Never forget that firefighters are among the most courageous people on the planet, ready and eager to try their best to risk everything to save people and families in great danger – and taking part in any firefighting simulation activity is indeed a very honorable exercise! Now let's dive straight into action, and get out there to save the day!

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Three bewildered farmyard animals lost in an underground labyrinth filled with tricky platform levels… what could possibly go wrong? Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground is a highly-stimulating and entertaining puzzle adventure and strategy game for kids and teens where you have to guide three different-sized sheep (Shaun, Timmy & Shirley) through 15 challenging brain teaser-style platform levels. Each sheep has its own unique attribute; Shaun can jump very high, Shirley can push large objects, and Timmy can squeeze through small spaces. You have to strategically utilize each sheep’s individual skill in order to engineer a solution where all 3 make it to the end of each level. Teamwork is the order of the day, and our three fluffy companions have to work closely together if they are to escape this perilous underground situation!

This eccentric online problem solving game (based on the hilarious stop-motion animation TV show Shaun the Sheep) requires deft keyboard tapping skills combined with logical and analytical thinking skills aplenty as you have to cunningly create pathways, remove obstacles, flip switches, open doors, and more! Your fast reactions are also important as your may have to quickly hop from one ledge to the next, while you also need to be tactful in your movements. Assigning specific duties to suit each sheep is the key to a successful run. Let’s hope Shaun and his buddies aren’t in for a ‘baaaaaaad’ day! Are ‘ewe’ ready for action? Happy problem solving!

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An intense, speed-based cycle race game featuring some of the wackiest characters and wildest courses imaginable – Cyclomaniacs: Epic is all that, and more! This whimsical sequel to the hugely-popular Cyclomaniacs racing game title offers 10 completely crazy courses of masterful push bike racing. Players can choose to ride as some of the most random characters ever to sit on a bicycle (including Elvis Presley, the Grim Reaper, a penguin, and a guinea pig – yes that’s right, a guinea pig on a rocket-fueled bicycle!). The name of the game here is to complete various challenges on each level in order to unlock further courses, and earn coins that can be used to upgrade your pedal bike.

Propel your rider over ridiculous obstacles and perform outrageous stunts on a journey toward ultimate victory in all 10 races. You need to be really quick with your keyboard tapping to succeed as your computer opponents are no slouches. Quick reactions to obstacles are vital in order to maintain your speed and race momentum. You also need to choose the correct upgrades to outwit your opponents, and get to the top of that podium. Are you ready for absolute push biking dreamland?

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The Flood Runner 2 is a fast-paced running, jumping & flying action game where you get to play the role of a small stickman character on the run from a mega-tsunami of water, slime or lava. You need to run-and-jump for your life, avoid all the obstacles and deadly gaps, stay alive as long as possible and collect as many score multipliers and bonuses as you can. If you’re good enough, you might even achieve a high score! If you fall into a gap, you fail! Things move at lightning speed here and only the speediest of players are able to cope (Note: The runner runs automatically!).

You have three options – run from a wave of water, slime or lava. You decide which one at the start. Your goal is then to outrun the wave coming at you from the left side, and try and survive as long as you can. Multipliers and bonuses are scattered throughout the game screen. Grab as many as you can (You get to perform some awesome jumps and glides through the air as you play). Avoid all the gaps because once you fall into them, it’s a wipe-out, meaning game over! OK Stickman – Run, jump and fly for your life! Good luck!

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Help four high school friends escape their alien overlords by exercising your analytical thinking skills, sleuthing capability, and deduction reasoning skills in this really cool, thought-provoking, point-and-click mystery adventure game! Riddle Transfer 2 is an awesome, RPG-based, problem-solving puzzler for older kids / teens where you must click to interact with, discover and combine random items, and gradually help a team of students evade capture by the dreadful aliens that have taken over their school.

Reasons to play this wacky online brain teaser: If you enjoy linear, step-by-step sleuthing games, this tricky game provides a good fun challenge.Sharp logical and analytical thinking skills alongside good strategy as you combine various random items to your advantage. The quality animations and witty characters also create a cool storyline.

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Solid Rider is an awesome new dirt bike game for little and Big Kids where you have to navigate your way over-and-under some of the most hazardous island terrain imaginable, in order to clear each level. If you drive super-fast, perform spectacular stunts and don’t smash into the dirt, you pass the level in winning time. This high-speed off-road adventure requires super-sharp reaction times, expert balance, and nerves of steel! Think you can handle the pressure? Well if so, let’s bring it on!

OK, the goal is to get to the finish line in style; get there as fast as you can, performing crazy stunts - aerial jumps, back-flips, front-flips and wheelies, along the way. The cooler they look, the better! Don’t fall off! Keep your balance, or it’s game over. You need to be able to cope with vertical walls/ hills, grueling rocks, narrow mountain tunnels and massive drops to succeed! If you don’t like heights, you’re in for a challenge. Ready for some high-flying adrenaline-pumping action? Oh, Yeah!

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Get ready for the ultimate anti-gravity challenge with Ball Revamped IV, the devilishly tricky skill game where you have to defy the laws of physics, and guide a ball through 100 levels of the most varied obstacle courses imaginable. In this addicting online puzzle, you must maneuver (float) the colorful ball around a number of obstacles and through a special portal to complete each level. There are a whole host of different challenges in each level – you’ll have to squeeze through tight spaces, avoid deadly lasers, smash through barriers, navigate through mazes and more!

If the ball touches any of these obstacles or side walls, you lose a life. Your ball is carefully weighted, and is tricky to control so you’ll need nifty fingers and quick reactions to succeed. Your strategic planning skills will also be tested as you must choose a specific path for the ball in some levels. Dexterity is the key here – controlling the ball is difficult and you’ll need to use natural gravity to your advantage. This fun problem solving activity will also test your quick thinking abilities as there is so much to consider in each level. Ok Pathway Master, show us your ball control skills. Good Luck!

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The Heist is a cool police chase driving and shooting game for teens where you play the getaway driver for bank robberies (heists) across the city and state. In order to successfully pull off these heists (and earn credits), you need to hire specialists and upgrade your van. This all-action game requires awesome driving skills, a shrewd mind and a sense of fun and adventure! Have a blast! See if you have what it takes to pull this off! Go Gangster! Drive that van like it’s just been stolen. Get out of here!

OK, this is the scene; before you start, you need to upgrade your van – so you can out run the cops! Then you need to hire a specialist. They have different skills (surveillance, security systems, hacking etc.) Choose wisely. Don’t get too friendly. This is a job. Remember; keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Now the fun part - choose a mission. Starting off, you have the choice of doing a house mission or a mission involving a jewelry store. The missions get more demanding and exciting as you progress! At the end of each mission, you can see how many credits (the in-game currency) you have scored. You can use these to upgrade your van’s performance. You earn credit by blasting police cars of the road and you lose credits every time you hit civilian vehicles. Keep your eyes peeled!

In this game, you need to earn respect if you want any specialists to work with you. Successful missions will earn you that respect. Gang Power will give you bonus credits at the start of each mission. You increase gang power by hiring specialists. Picking out talented specialists isn't the hardest part; it's getting away with all that gold! Push your management and game play skills to the limit and you might just earn those juicy 5 million credits, which will win you the game! OK, you only have a certain amount of time to complete each mission so make sure you don’t get bogged down in traffic. You need to get in, get it done and then get out of there! Drive like the wind, because if you get caught, you’re going to the Slammer! Good luck Bad Guy!

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FMX Team is a motorbike stunt riding team highly experienced in the art of deadly tricks and astonishing shows. There are 15 levels of freestyle motocross to pass, and it takes time and know-how to do that. Each of the 3 riders has its own stunts and experience. Depending on their bike characteristics, choose the correct rider for stunts for maximum points. Riders gain experience and learn new tricks and stunts with time.

Practice, ride and learn by performing various stunts. Do handspring, freestyle stunts, and with time, you‘ll learn new stunts. New stunts will be unlocked when you have sufficient experience. The stunts that the rider can perform are shown and are numbered. At the start, a rider can perform only 3 stunts (using the 1-3 number keys on your keyboard) but with time and experience you can unlock all 5. Points are assigned for stunt difficulty and how clean a stunt is.

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Run 'N Gun Football Game:  American Football game for players with good and fast reactions to a quickly changing situation. You can choose to play PASS or RUN. If you choose PASS - you have to run down the field, find the X mark and stand there to catch the ball. If you RUN - you will have to run down the field with the ball while avoiding the action-craved defensive players.

You may use all 4 arrow keys to find a gap open between the defensive players and run between them. Run very fast when you see a good gap, and run around (or even backwards) from the defensive players if they try to block you. Run and Gun to a touchdown! Go Offense!!

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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Do you possess the inventiveness (or imagination) to take an everyday essential piece of home equipment to a whole new level, and turn it into a flying machine extraordinaire? Rocket Toilet is a wonderfully-eccentric, upgrade-based launching and distance game where you have to fire a rather unusual teenage day dreamer into outer space – while relaxing on a unique toilet that when handled right can fly! Then, when in mid-air, you have to click on our teenage hero to ‘flush’ (boost) your way higher and higher into the sky! The longer you travel, the higher you fly, and the more items you collect on this bizarre journey, the more virtual funds you earn. These funds are used to purchase unbelievably-unusual flying aids such as toilet wheels, a toilet-helmet, rocket-style acceleration boosters, and more!

This very funny and particularly-wacky online launch and flight game is all about choosing the correct upgrade to suit your flying style, and good strategy. If you like to stay low and pick up extra points, the power wheels might be a good option, while those of you who dream of dancing with the stars in outer space will be well-served by upgrading your accelerator boosters. Either way, you have to keep progressing your launch capabilities until you can afford the very expensive final upgrade! Now, enough sitting-on-the-seat talk, let’s get out there where the action is!

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Re-unite sweethearts Jim and Mary in each of 20 increasingly-tricky platform levels using problem-solving skills, timing, and sharp reactions: Jim Loves Mary is a funny, platform-based, puzzle adventure game for one or two players where you must help two lovebird characters to get back together. Control both characters separately, and try to overcome the various wacky obstacles separating the cute couple (including Mary's rolling pin-throwing Mom!).

Skills required: This highly entertaining and interactive teamwork-based brain teaser game requires fast reactions, savvy key control, good observation and anticipation skills, lots of stamina and determination, and the ability to learn from your mistakes (through good old trial and error). Smart problem-solving skills and strategy also come into play in later levels when you must figure out a solution to the obstacle-strewn mazes.

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A game for beginner to advanced level solitaire players to enjoy! Six Peaks Solitaire is a challenging, virtual card game and number sequence activity for kids, teens and adults alike where your goal is to eliminate all of the cards from a large grid by matching them to a ‘Base’ card in a numerical sequence. For those of you not familiar with the concept: If your Base card is a 9, you can eliminate any visible 8s or 10s from the grid, and so on. And for those of you who thought tri-peak solitaire was tricky – get ready to face double the difficulty level!

Reasons to play this fun card game: Seasoned solitaire aficionados should enjoy the highly-stimulating action – this is no walk in the park compared to many online solitaire games. Beginner solitaire players should hopefully pick up the rules quite quickly but finding a good strategy for success might be a bit trickier! This could be a good game for elementary school students learning how to spot number sequences and to help exercise and improve hand-eye coordination.

Strategy to win: Very good observation skills are naturally important as you try to pick out possible sequences. Strategy is also essential here – You often need to be thinking one or two steps ahead, and which cards you might target in your next couple of moves. There is no time limit, but there are extra points on offer for solitaire speedsters!

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