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Computer Training for Beginners in Toronto

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Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, Toronto:
Based in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Best 4 Beginners Computer Training is a Computer Training business specializing in providing task-focused, patient, respectful computer training to seniors and all absolute beginners. At Best 4 Beginners, we specialize in people who want to learn how to use a computer but for one reason or another haven't been able to thus far. Although your results can and will may vary, if this reflects what you'd like to learn, we have found most people get the best results by trying as much as possible to stick to a lesson plan. We will ALWAYS be aware of how you are feeling and recognize that we will need to slow down or speed up along the way. We know that different people learn different ways. Some are more verbal. Some are more visual. Some prefer text. Some enjoy and need some theory and points of interest. Some just want to cut to the chase and learn the steps to accomplish a finite list of tasks on their computer.

Technophobia 101 for Seniors:
"Computer-less" Computer Lessons for the Technophobic.

In accordance with our experience in the community and Our Philosophy, we've found that there are many seniors who would love to learn computers but who either have tried before and been disappointed with the results, or who have never been able to get over their frustration, intimidation, or even fear of technology.

First, realize you are not alone! There are loads of people out there just like you who are very intelligent people but who have unfairly been made to feel as less than that simply by virtue of lacking common skills on the computer.

This course will not have you on a computer teaching you where to point and click. In fact, we will not usually even have a computePhoto of Computer Training for Beginners in Torontor in the room. Instead, the aim of the course is to teach you about computing. We will, by speaking more generally about computing and the HOW of things, aim to completely take the mystery and intimidation factor out of using a computer. You will understand WHY things are and HOW they do what they do. That will enable you to more easily and comfortably and with greater confidence sit down at a computer and begin to learn how to use it. This is NOT a computer skills course. It is a computer concepts course which explains HOW things work, in plain English and relating everything along the way to things you will already be familiar with. In other words, it's actually interesting (we hope). In that way, if you do develop and interest and decide to go on to acquire computer skills, you will not be intimidated by either the machine or the teacher and will have MUCH less to remember since you UNDERSTAND what's going on.

At each step of the way, we first try and link the concept behind the technology with things you already know and thus allow for seamless learning of the task on the framework of understanding we create before going on to learn technical details.

Even if you don't want to move onto learning how to use a computer after this seminar, the Image of Computer Training for Beginners in Torontoaim is to be interesting and informative and hopefully even entertaining and a bit "mind-blowing" about the past and current state of technology and computing. We gear this seminar particularly to those with an aversion to technology and our gentle, respectful and fun, background-first approach has worked for many to lead them into the world of computing painlessly when other approaches had failed.

PREREQUISITES: None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. You don't even need to have sat at a computer before. Just come with a curious mind and an interest in learning something more (and cool) about computers.

Absolute Beginners:

Suggested Six-Hour Lesson Plan

Hour One:
Getting To Know Your Computer

Hour Two:
MicrosoftPhotos of Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, Toronto Windows Operating System Basics

Hour Three:
Microsoft Word Basics

Hour Four:
The Internet and Online Security

Hour Five:
E-mail and Attachments

Hour Six:
Cleaning, Securing, and Maintaining Your Computer

Technical Services:
- New Computer and Internet Setup and Configuration*
* on an existing Internet Service such as Rogers High-Speed or Bell Sympatico
- Installation/re-installation of Windows Operating System
- Installation/re-installation of Microsoft Office Suite
- Installation and Configuration of Security Software
- Installation of Printer, Scanner, Fax, or other Peripherals
- Installation of CD or DVD drive
- Installation of Second Hard Drive
- Upgrade of RAM (Random Access Memory)
- Backup of Primary Hard Drive
- Regular Maintenance Tune-Up Package includes...

* Backup of Email, My Documents, Favourites, and Desktop
(on an external medium like CD, DVD, or Hard Drive)
* Configuration of Start Up Programs

* (to speed up your boot and general system speed) Visual Customization of Windows

* (to suit the way you work) Clean Up of Hard Drive

* (improves performance and frees memory) Defragment Hard Drive

* (improves performance) Check Configuration and Run Virus and Spyware Scan

* (to protect your system) Computer Maintenance Lesson as we do the work (optional)

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Updated: 2019-01-25
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